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  2. There's pictures of it showing the Transmission logo. Something's definitely fishy about that CD version.
  3. So.Freaking.Excited! All the trailers look so epic (I mean, even more epic than usual, if that's possible).
  4. Sorry... One of their weakest albums... Except POTO, TW, BOTB
  5. Bless The Child End of All Hope Dead To The World Ever Dream Slaying The Dreamer Forever Yours Ocean Soul Feel For You Phantom of the Opera The Wayfarer (that's where I place it, deal with it) Beauty of the Beast The last album I love from them. To this day they have not matched an epic as brilliant and as metal as Beauty of the Beast. Crank this and get crunk on Finnish alcohols!
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  7. O el de The Dance de WT El video me dio mucha risa pero el tema me gusta Espero ansioso el EP.
  8. No pude terminar de verlo. ¿Es la misma gente que hizo el video de The Siren?
  9. There's now new song out: Force Majeure - Gemini Rising Give it a spin!
  10. Creo recordar que en una entrevista Tuomas dijo que la banda tenía planes hasta 2020 o 2021 y eso no tendría sentido si no tuviesen en mente sacar un nuevo disco para 2019 (probablemente a finales) e hiciesen una gira para promocionarlo. En 2018 está claro que no sacarán nada nuevo, se limitarán a darle nuevo brillo a viejos temas, lo que tampoco está mal, pero no es lo mismo que un disco nuevo, aunque a falta de pan... Yo estoy seguro de que Tuomas está aprovechando este año para componer. No creo que se abandone a la vagancia absoluta y con lo que pueda aportar en 2018 en las pausas de la gira y lo que aporte Marco o cualquier otro miembro de la banda, en 2019 deberían estar en condiciones de meterse en el estudio. Cualquier otra cosa resultaría decepcionante.
  11. Eu também gosto muito de suas sugestões e adicionaria End of all Hopes, Dead to the World, Cadence e Higher than Hope. Acho que são ideais para a voz da Floor. No que respeita ao próximo CD, tenho a certeza que o Tuomas quer fazer algo diferente; este ano sabático faz sentido se ele quer resetar o seu cérebro. De cualquer modo gostaria muito que eles gravassem uma nova cançao para a turné do próximo ano. Contentar-me-ia com uma só música para fazer mais tolerável a espera. Não é pedir muito.
  12. Maybe the information is just wrong. I don't even remember if the Best of was released as a CD. It would have been on Nuclear Blast for a CD release anyway and not on Transmission.
  13. Earplugs is a must for me. I don't want to gamble with my hearing. There is nothing cool about losing it, or making it worse just because you think earplugs are for chickens or something. It's like kids on bikes without helmets. Yeah, they think it makes them look cooler until one of them has an accident. Not saying skipping the ear plugs on a single show will give you permanent damage. I'm talking about using earplugs at concerts in general here.
  14. You're definitely not crazy. I watched it a month ago or something, I'm sure. But they just re-released it I guess.
  15. The CD release seems to not have been endorsed then? Like, why would they ever let Transmission publish it?
  16. Nyt olisi uutta musiikkia Forsmalta linjoilla: Force Majeure - Gemini Rising Herättääkö mitään fiiliksiä?
  17. Last week
  18. It sounds similar, but don't forget that the actual inventors of that riff are Children of Bodom
  19. Ok, am I going crazy here? Wasn't that video released like a year and a half ago? I have definitely watched that before. What is happening?
  20. I would love it if they would release a similar EP for TQE. Heck, they should just release an awesome compilation CD of all their bonus material from DYU onwards. But for TQE would be the best since those are the hardest to get (aside from the regular version of Twin Flames that is- because I'm American it's not available on iTunes here). As someone who has pretty much all of Epica's other now-rare material - original copies of both The Phantom Agony and Consign To Oblivion (not as important now with the re-releases), We Will Take You With Us, Road to Paradiso, The Score, The 2-disc limited edition The Divine Conspiracy, the South Korean Design Your Universe with 'Nothing's Wrong' on it, etc.- it would be nice to 'complete' the discography/song catalogue so-to-speak and have the TQE tracks (and regular Twin Flames, even though I think the soundtrack version is better, it's nice to have them all, and I feel like there being less instrumentation on the regular version allows Simone's voice to really take center stage and shine). I think unfortunately though the most we can hope for is a release in 2024 for the tenth anniversary, as that seems to be when most bonus material is released- in 2013 we got the Expanded Edition for The Phantom Agony, in 2015 we got the Expanded Edition for Consign To Oblivion, and now in 2017 we're getting a Divine Conspiracy Anniversary Edition at least in vinyl (or so I saw on nuclearblast's site the other day- I can't find the page now with the track listings but the other day I saw both Replica and Higher High on there). I wish we didn't have to wait so long though. Those TQE tracks are some of their best ever, especially Memento. I was hoping that The Solace System would include those TQE tracks just for the heck of it, especially since the cover design has elements of both TQE and THP, but alas! On iTunes it says it's by Nuclear Blast, so I think it is legit and endorsed by the band. They released it a couple years ago.
  21. Floor has said she doesn't feel the need to write anything for Nightwish, although she's confident that if she were to someday present something to Tuomas that she felt suited the band she'd be given a fair shot at it just like Marco. By the way, am I the only one hearing similarities to She Is My Sin in the opening leading up to the first verse in this track below?
  22. One of my favourite songs from the latest album, but the EP seems a bit redundant. She usually has plenty of unreleased or rare material to pick from and we're getting live versions, album versions and an alternate version of the main track? Meh.
  23. Wow!!! New EP!!!
  24. Mirad!!!
  25. No me ha molado el vídeo, pero tengo ganas de oír el EP.
  26. Call me a pessimist, but I don''t think "soon" would be appropiate. She would need to release something this year, which I doubt it, and next year she'll tour with NW, and who knows what will happen 2019 onwards, bu most likely, NW recordings will begin, so if we were to expect something from her it would be 2019 at the earliest.
  27. Yeah. I wish they'd release a deluxe edition with all the bonus tracks from TQE on it, but I think that ship has sailed for now. We might get them in a future box set if nothing else. By the way, does anyone know more about this compilation album? It's apparently put together by Transmission! But I thought they had zero rights to any material from The Divine Conspiracy onwards? I've seen it being sold digitally on iTunes and streamed on Spotify as well, so I'm guessing it is a legit release after all (just not endorsed by the band I guess)?
  28. So are they ever going to release the TQE bonus tracks in one package?
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