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  2. Yo quería ir y de hecho tenía guardado aparte el dinero para la entrada pero tenía otras ocupaciones por las 3 fechas (!) así que desistí de la idea A esperar a la próxima vez que venga. Pero bueno, me alegra que lo hayas disfrutado
  3. Ooooo, yes......we are here to stay.............
  4. Ayer ocurrió en Rosario. Amé ver de nuevo el lado clásico de Tarja, un lujo haber tenido la posibilidad de asistir a ese concierto. Excelentes los 3 cantantes y la pianista la verdad que se pasó. Una genia.
  5. Thank you @Eilenna <3 I haven't been drawing much lately, I'm focusing on reading and writing. But when it's snail season I can't help myself. PHOTO SPREE
  6. @Harvest You mentioned We Accursed, it is also one of the least favorite songs for me (but still a lot better than most i've heard recently, don't get me wrong) but I figured out why I am so fond of it: the main chorus theme sounds to me pretty much exactly like the theme from BBC's Sherlock. I used to be obsessed with that show, so I know the theme by heart and now I hear it when I put We Accursed on. Also, Daughter of Hate is my favorite so far, excluding The Bee of course which we already knew.
  7. They are also releasing a Powerwolf cover in June (I think?) and then the new version of Beyond the Matrix. Can't wait!
  8. Delain is doing the same thing sense Moonbathers it seems. First Moonbathers then there DVD now and EP then a new album. Epica THP, EP and now a new EP this year for the rest of the world.
  9. And I was just reading the site. Thanks, mate. Nothing much to say, actually. That's what happens when you underestimate a team, that doesn't deserve to be underestimated. Canadians did the same and they ended up in a bronze game. The Swedes will be, again, too tough for them, though. But it is fantastic to see how Swiss hockey has grown. Nico Hischier ended up being their first ever nr.1 draft pick , Auston Matthews (the nr.1 pick before Hischier) played his junior year in Swiss league, because he thought it was good learning curve for men's games. They all ready have a bunch of good NHL-players and their coaches know how to coach a team. The Finns just keep whining about tactics and Marjamäki, without seeing the big picture. The Swiss are here to stay. They are what Finnish national team was back in the 90's. They are not bowing down to bigger teams, they will challenge them every time. They are hungry for success. The Finnish media painted them as the "easy free ticket" to medal games. And now they screaming all time catastrophe. What they really are is a good team, they have a good coach. And they should be respected.
  10. The city with the highest metal band density is to be found (no need to be a city actually, any municipality will do).
  11. Unblocking @Harvest.
  12. I'm kind of annoyed the band haven't been doing interviews for this tour. Especially not in America. I really wanted to see Floor, Marco or Emppu on Little Punk People dammit!
  13. Btw why haven't they advertised the finnish shows on social media and such? They always do it for new dates but these just appeared on the website. And these are special dates (Hartwall, last show etc). Any chance they maybe waiting for something more special about these dates to be announced?
  14. Interesting concert trip! Happy(ish) with the gig itself but hard to imagine what band could possibly get me to repeat a trip like this. I guess I´m getting old but I value things like smooth travel arrangements back to hotel after a concert..It seems getting to the venue was easy but getting back not. After we finally got a taxi, we ended up paying Finland prices so we were basically ripped off (pissed but still happy to pay we didn't have to walk all the way back to the city). Shouldn´t complain about the setlist since it is the best they have had for years and contains such jewels! But still, I would be happy to see those "crowd pleasers" go (WIHAA, Amaranth, IWMTB..). But I guess they won´t since I´m sure the audience is full of people who do not even recognise the older songs. Which gets me to the biggest complain about this concert; the audience. I am always amazed when people pay money for tickets and then seem not to be interested in the concert itself at all! It is difficult to fully enjoy the concert when you constantly have to worry about people bumping into you and spilling beer on you. And when Dead Boy´s Poem starts and you are looking forward hearing Floor sing that beautiful beginning, a guy near decides to answer his phone and starts yelling at it. And he was´t the only one, I heard several people talking on the phone or then groups of friends were carrying on conversations (and drinking of course) instead of listening to the music. It was difficult to find a spot where you were able to see the stage but avoid the drunks. Floor was great and the older songs sounded even better live than in the youtube videos. For me, Marco was the weakest link in those songs, his voice just isn´t match for Wilska´s or Ike Vil´s. The Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean was the highlight for me although the 10th Man Down was what I was looking forward the most. I wish the setlist will change a bit for Hartwall but I doubt it will. P.S. Emppu needs one of those higher stage platforms, please build him one!
  15. Well that's different. They also rerecord backing vocals. It would be weird to just have Tarja or Anette singing (or speaking) in the background.
  16. I do find it a little interesting that they didn't want to rerecord any of the songs so as not to rewrite history but they did get floor to rerecord the intro for Elvenpath
  17. I was there yesterday and it was simply magical! The orchestral version of Amity was my highlight of the evening.
  18. I've always thought that art is how humans try to understand the world and themselves, a way for our subconscious to rationalize and analyze. There's no art that's purely thought, even the most instinctual forms of art are still a rationalization, physical or mental, of things boiling inside us. Art, imho, is a human need and there's no point in trying to label and categorize it. Copies of original pieces of art, imho, are not art but technical exercises. Variations, on the other hand, have an artistic value, because they're reinterpretations or expansions of other people's art, which is part of the world we need to understand and analyze. Copies are just study, it's someone taking something in without letting anything new out. Art would be that something new. On the other hand, I hate when people tries to copyright ideas. The copyright laws are, thankfully, aware that different people can have the same idea, but they have to express it differently to claim it as theirs. For example, you cannot claim a dictionary as your intellectual property, because you're just listing words that belong to a culture. You cannot copyright culture, therefore 'cultural appropriation' cannot exist, because culture does not legally belong to anyone and no single person can claim ownership on it. Art is an expression of culture and experiences within a single person, and this is what's right to protect. Still, anything that's closed and sealed is essentially dead. That's why it is important to share art and let others take inspiration, even pieces, of it, to let it evolve. Art is always expression of a given place in space and time, of people trying to understand what they're going through. So, basically, 'art' made for anyone else than its creator is pointless. That's why it doesn't need to be appreciated by anyone to be art. About the involvement of living animals and their killing, I think that's just attention-whoring. What they're doing is just exactly what anyone does when we get hooked by news of murder, mass shootings, disasters and we go hunting for pictures of it because we need to see death, we try to understand death. Those artists are, yes, expressing the fear they have inside them, probably, but if we justify the killing of one animal for this reason, how can we not justify murder, then? 'I was just expressing my rage, it's art'. Imho, art, just like everything, must never overrule anyone's freedom of choice about what happens to their body. Abuse cannot be called art, because if we do accept it, we can't justify human rights anymore. It is censorship aimed to the preservation of civilization, which is what basically keeps all safe and alive, and if a member of any society does not understand that, they're rather dumb.
  19. I am slightly photophobic, so I can't wait to be at their show in december and end up blind with an headache because of all the screens! Yay! I'll bring my sunglasses... they better pull out some Beauty of the Beast before then.
  20. I was listening to Poetry for the Poisoned just the other day and, honestly, even in it's weirdness and occasional blandness it still sounds more interesting than TST. Even the production alone is much less boring and stale. I like all the songs up to House on a Hill which, yes, it's nothing special but it's not that bad as a ballad. I feel PftP is one of those albums that requires a lot of time to be appreciated, because it's gloomy, somehow... muggy. But, honestly, I like most of the songs on it, even if I don't like them as much as I like the songs on the previous records. I still like them better than most of Silverthorn and TST. At this point I don't even know why I like Haven so much, it just sounds so much more interesting than those two, even if still garish and some of the post apocalyptic concept is 'wtf'? If they improve their concept ideas and start to write better sci-fi stuff, I'd be more into the new stuff. The STS concept is quite lame.
  21. I think my favourite would be An Ancient Muse, I love that record so much. The eastern influences are amazing, I especially love Beneath a Phrygian Sky, The English Ladye and the Knight and Never-ending Road. And also The Book of Secrets, with The Mummer's Dance, Skellig, The Highwayman and Dante's Prayer is an amazing record. Even if there isn't an Loreena album where I like all the songs, each one of them has at least one song that I think is wonderful. I still have to give a proper listen to this new album (which, if I got it right, is like a collection of b-sides, pretty much), but I already love Spanish Guitars and Night Plazas.
  22. Kyllä keikkapaikalle pääsi bussillakin hyvin mutta sitten keikan jälkeen busseja ei juurikaan näkynyt missään, ei myöskään takseja missään? Yksi asia mistä en ole vielä maininnut, niin vaimo ei meinannut päästä sisään tuolla ticketmasterin sähköisellä itsetulostetulla pdf.lipulla. Katsoimme jo kotona ettei olla vahingossa tulostettu samaa lippua kahteen kertaan. Itse pääsin sisään ja jäin odottelemaan vaimoa että mihin se nyt jäi? No lippu ei kuulemma kelvannut? Tästä otin sitten hieman kierroksia kun itse olin liput maksanut heti kun myyntiin tulivat. No yksi portsareista otti sitten vaimoni tulostetun lipun ja lähti sen kanssa johonkin asiaa selvittämään. Jonkin ajan päästä palasi takaisin kertoen ettei lippu kelpaa. No minä sitten funtsin että mitä seuraavaksi. Onneksi löysin puhelimestani vielä nuo liput ja näytin ne ovimiehelle ja silloinkin scanneri taisi näyttää punaista toisen lipun kohdalla. No vaimo pääsi kyllä sitten lopulta sisään ja syy ei meille selvinnyt miksei lippu kelvannut. Täytynee vielä ticketmasteriin olla yhteyksissä. Tähän asti on liput kelvannut. Sitten kun saavuimme Katajanokalle jossa auto oli parkissa ilmoitta Parkman että pysäköintimaksu on 92,80 €. Siis kun jätimme auton P3 alueelle ilmoitti Parkman 2-vuorokauden hinnaksi noin 40 euroa. Taisi olla 42 euroa tuo 2 vrk:n parkkimaksu ja olimme sitten kuitenkin vain n.35 tuntia parkissa eli alle 1,5 vrk ja Parkman sovellus ilmoitti hinnaksi 92,80 €. Eli sovelluksen aiemmin ilmoittama taksa sitten suurinpiirtein kolminkertaistui. Jätin reklamaation Parkmanille ja toivottavasti maanantaina asia selviää? Että summa summarum keikka oli ihan hyvä mutta juuri mikään ei sitten sujunutkaan siellä Tallinnassa. Ei taida taksimiehiäkään raha kiinnnostaa vai johtuiko siitä että olivat kaikki ajossa? Turvoksissa olevat bussit pysähtyivät ja pysäkeiltä pyrki lisää ihmisiä.kyytiin. Yksi asia mitä ei kait ole mainittu, niin WC tiloja en löytänyt pohjakerroksesta permantoalueelta. Piti mennä istumakatsomon läpi kerrosta ylemmäs sieltä niitä löytyi samoin jos halusi vaikka syödä jotakin. Pohjakerroksesta permannon laidalta löytyi kyllä anniskelupaikka siitä plussat. Ja kun moni on jo maininnut musiikin katkeilun sekunnin kymmennyksen ajaksi pariin otteeseen, niin kyllä itsekkin sellaista havaitsin. Keikkapaikan akustiikka tuskin on helpoimmasta päästä ja siihen ei voi keikkaileva organisaatio kovin paljoa vaikuttaa. Audio visuaalinen ilme ison screenin kera oli upeaa katsottavaa.
  23. I don't think anyone's thrilled to hear Amaranth.......... But overall, it's an amazing setlist and probably the best we'll ever get so I guess I'll just shut up now. Gotta say about the background screens that I usually hate the screens because they are a distraction don't add any value to the show IMO, but this time the screens were awesomely done. Looked really great.
  24. i remember thinking when I first found out that Anette had gotten her own manager that it was Tarja all over again. So deja vu for sure...
  25. Well, it may not be exactly be a thrill, but this is only the 3rd date of the tour where Amaranth was played, so that's a change we could say
  26. Yesterday
  27. Tallinnan keikalta kotouduttu vihdoin. Ihan alkuun kehut, eli bändi on aivan loistotikissä, ja Floor sekä Kai jaksavat ällistyttää mahtavuudellaan keikasta toiseen. Kaikella kunnioituksella Jukkaa kohtaan, on aivan loistotyyppi ja varmasti on paikka hänellä jokaisen Nightwishfanin sydämessä, mutta kyllä Kai on aivan jostain eri planeetalta, wau! Ja Floorista en edes keksi sanoja millä ylistää. Huikeaa. Sitten ne negatiiviset, mitä oli ikävä kyllä jonkin verran. Ensinnäkin keikkapaikkana tuo Sakuhalli oli aivan järkyttävän paska keikkapaikka. Järjestelyt olivat surkeat (kukaan ei tuntunut tietävän mistä ovesta piti halliin mennä sisään kun ovia ei oltu merkitty mitenkään ja sisälläkin henkilökunta oli melko avutonta). Ja tuo äänentoisto, en tiedä oliko hallin vika vai vaan vehkeissä, mutta varsinkin alussa oli ääni kyllä melko kuraa ja jopa pätki välillä. Yleisö oli vieläkin flegmaattisempaa kuin Suomen keikoilla, toki suuri osa yleisöstä oli kyllä Suomesta ainakin mitä kuunteli puheensorinaa ja katseli känniääliöiden sekoilua, mutta siis oli kyllä surkein yleisö ikinä Nightwishin keikalla, ainoastaan eturivit heiluivat ja riehuivat kunnolla. Paska fiilis jäi tuosta bändin puolesta. Sitten settilista, ei siis mitään uutta ja yllättävää tällä kertaa. En kuitenkaan kehtaa olla hirveän pettynyt kun settilista on jo nykyisellään lähes täydellinen ja bändi on loistokunnossa. Tallinnan joukkoliikenteestä en sanoisi mitään suomalaisena... ei täällä helsingissäkään ikinä osata varautua suuriin tapahtumiin mitenkään. Olisiko liikaa pyydetty tällaisten häppeninkien jälkeen muutama lisävuoro bussiliikenteeseen ja muutama lisävaunu juniin? Vaikka negatiivista tuli noinkin paljon, niin kokonaisuus jäi kuitenkin plussan puolelle. Mutta Saku Suurhalliin en enää ikinä mene takaisin. Onneksi Iron Maidenin liput tuli hankittua Hartwallille eikä tuonne.
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