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  2. Apocalypse Orchestra!
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  4. El diseño de su sitio para los nuevos lanzamientos se puso todo oscuro y turbio. Ya me está gustando
  5. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Auf jeden Fall fahre ich Im September nach Hannover um Wintersun zu sehen (Whispered + Black therapy sind vorbands) Der Rückweg wird nur ein Krampf... Das Konzert is an einem Sonntag abend, der nächste Zug zurück mach hause fährt dort um kurz vor 4 Montag morgens ab und ich muss zur schule... #rip Schlaf ^^" Wacken 2018 mit einem absolut fantastischen lineup is auch drin (das wird meine abifeier xD) Nightwish auf der decades Tour wird wohl auch drin sein Eventuell schaffe ich es noch arch Enemy im januar in oberhausen live zu sehen... Vorband is Wintersun
  7. Für Wacken hab ich mir die Karte bereits bestellt ^^ das angekündigte Lineup is auch absolut fantastisch... (NW, Epica, Arch Enemy, Amorphis, Doro ...) Ich hoffe dass ich Nightwish neben wacken noch ein 2. Mal erwischen kann... Was hoffentlich kein Problem darstellt Was mich jetzt etwas verwirrt is die Ankündigung der Compilation CD Werden da jetzt einfach alte Sachen zusammen auf eine CD gepackt oder werden die Lieder mit Floor neu aufgenommen? Es wird in der Ankündigung ja von 'New twists' gesprochen
  8. A folk album? Why not?
  9. I hope for some new twists and influences. I think that every year a new album is too much. She must seek new creativity. I would honestly like a folk album
  10. Conquering new ground. Marco will perform with Seinäjoki orchestra, he will sing as tenor in the Lumikuningas ja musta Madonna (lit. translation: Snow king and black Madonna) opera in November. The opera is based on a book by Zacharias Topelius called Välskärin kertomuksia. The peformance at Seinäjoki-sali is a "concert version", costumes will add to the dramaticism of the performance. Zacharias Topeliukseätysnimi-seinäjoen-kaupunginorkesterin-solistiksi-nightwishin-marco-hietala-1.2355342
  11. Miten tämä meni ihan ohi, vaikka on uutisoitu jo elokuun alussa. Siltä varalta että joku muukin missasi: Marco Seinäjoen kaupunginorkesterin solistiksiätysnimi-seinäjoen-kaupunginorkesterin-solistiksi-nightwishin-marco-hietala-1.2355342
  12. I recall Tuomas saying that before he went to that Metallica(/Guns'n'Roses) concert, that made him like metal, the heaviest thing he listened to was Gary Moore. So I guess he is/was a fan to some degree. I also think he mentioned that WWYLN had nice keyboard parts he wanted to play and so they covered it. But probably for lulz too.
  13. Different from what I expected! I thought the idea was that the Synthesis album would consist of music pieces inspired by Evanescence songs. This sounds more like a straight-forward remix/remake. It's not bad though, Bring Me To Life is a very strong song that would work with many arrangements. I don't know if I will listen to it a lot though, but that's mainly I'm not really a big fan of studio remakes of songs that I've known for a while.
  14. Esto es nuevo!!
  15. New!!!
  16. Yeah!!!
  17. No le veo nada raro en la nariz. (he aquí por qué lo comento) Por otro lado...
  18. Not specifically about ALW, but I've found this: (originally in German) (Google Translator) Source: of the opera
  19. It sounds really awesome! A bit strange at first since I am used to the original version, I guess. But it grows in you, it's great. They said the next single is a new track exclusive from Synthesis, and the album is scheduled to be out in the 10th of November.
  20. Last week
  21. Yeah, if they record a cover I'd definitely want it to be b-sides. And just for the lulz as Magnus said. I mean what would be wrong in having a fun cover released in the EFMB single and not just have three versions of the song?
  22. Agreed. Walking in the Air made sense. As did The Heart Asks Pleasure First, even if Tuomas wrote his own lyrics for that one. These were songs that were important to him. I don't know the story behind The Phantom of the Opera but it felt like something they did just because they could. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never seen Tuomas talk about having some kind of special affinity with ALW. Over the Hills and Far Away also felt like a spontaneous cover, a surefire hit for an EP release. Finally there's Where Were You Last Night which they recorded just for the lulz, IIRC. Symphony of Destruction and High Hopes don't really count, since they're just live recordings (and these days they've got fan favourites like The Islander, When Your Lips Are Still Red and Last of the Wilds if Floor wants to have a short break at some point during a show). That being said, if they do record another studio cover I hope it's only a b-side and doesn't take the place of an original track on a future album. That's my biggest pet peeve regarding cover versions by bands I love. I want to hear more of their own material, not someone else's. And just for the sake of it, if they were to cover something I'd cast my vote on Love Never Dies just to come full circle.
  23. @Yanina A few know........nice places........... WINE GLASS BAY LEOPARD'S KLOOF IGUAZU FALLS
  24. Qué horror!
  25. Ahora Rusia!!
  26. Hay que llegar así a los 40. A pleno. ¡Feliz cumple (atrasado), Turunen! Ya falta NADA para noviembre.
  27. Like with Pennywise, did another memory test thing. This time with more realistic style. First I drew the rough position and measurement scetch from the reference photo, then tried to do everything else from the memory. Phew, it was hard... put me in a (cold) sweat! So here it, is - the Hellboy
  28. Muy entristecida con lo que sucedió. Deseo fuerza a todos.
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