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  2. Pero si a vos te gusta todo lo que hace Danette! Jaja.
  3. In Diva case I think this song was included in the album not because how angry she still is with the firing now but simply because it fits in the whole shadow self concept. I believe the song could be written long time ago but she failed to put it in any of the previous albums, just like Love to hate, until recently of course.
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    Mr. H. Those gnomes are my cousins guarding the toxic mushrooms. Some mushrooms you can only eat once.....
  5. I'm pretty much in agreement. I think the thing that impresses me most is that they release albums very frequently compared to other bands in power and symphonic metal (I was genuinely surprised that it took them two years to release another one!), but are somehow still one of the best ones - nothing they've ever done has sounded stale to me. I'll say that "End of Eden" might be my least favorite AD album, but I still quite like it! As I've said before, it might have something to do with the fact that they just don't tour that much so there's more time for them to focus on the music. I think, however, that they should tour a little more...and come to the States. If they did a show near me, I'd probably be like...the only person that showed up, but I'd still be pretty happy.
  6. Siento que soy el único del foro español al que le gustaron
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  8. A mí también me aburrieron. Son muy genéricos.
  9. In Enough I can totally see this NW reference: You drew a (DARK PASSION) play written with my blood In any case, I think in the last video both Tarjas are going to meet like in the teaser. I'd love one of them to be her song.
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    @Whitenoise Yeah, yeah, yeah...........and New York used to be Dutch, so does that give me a 100% Blackfoot Indian heritage? I would love that! Seriously, I think the Finns are one of the few European nations that have a pretty homogenous heritage, because of their rather unique history, geographical place and language. Most Europeans are of mixed heritage due to all these travelling, conquering, adventuring tribes etc. @Suomi USA Mr.Hunebedbouwer (Always capital letter when you're talking to a stranger, my dear) is glad that you are interested in gnomes and languages! Do you have these ones in your DNA too?
  11. The new album "Pacifisticuffs" is going to be out on 8th December 2017 apparently, tracklist below: 1. Knucklehugs (Arm Yourself With Love) 2. The Age Of Vulture Culture 3. Superhero Jagganath 4.Vision Of The Purblind 5. Lady Clandestine Chainbreaker 6. Jigsaw Hustle 7. Pulse Of The Incipient 8. Ode To The Innocent 9. Interruption 10. Cul-De-Sac Semantics 11. Karma Bonfire 12. Climbing The Eyeball 13. Porch Of Perception According to their twitter, it will be preceded by two singles- Knucklehugs (on November 3rd) and The Age of Vulture Culture (on December 1st) I look forward to it!
  12. Yeah, it sucked when Tarja wrote that song with the "You'd be nothing without me" lyrics... ... wait... ... Oh Just to be clear: That was a joke. I don't actually think Slaying the Dreamer is about Tarja, really it could potentially be about anyone Tuomas was particularly annoyed at which makes it a rather more comfortable listening experience than BBB or MPG. It just fitted too well with the post to resist XD As far as the remarks themselves go, I haven't read the book beyond occasional passages posted online, so I don't know what context the whole "I could leave the band at any time" statement was said in. But even assuming the worst possible interpretation, whilst it wouldn't reflect well on Tarja as a colleague at all, it was behind closed doors. She wasn't going around saying to the press how her bandmates were nothing without her, she gave them plenty of notice that she was leaving and she kept it quiet from the press/public at large while they finished out the tour. That's the issue with the open letter I think - most people understand the need for Tarja and the rest of the band to part ways, whether or not they care about what was going on behind closed doors and whoever they blame for it, the result was the same - Tarja was going to leave after one more album anyway, and the working relationship between the parties had broken down. But the open letter was bad not just because it was spiteful, but because it was deliberately released to the public. Firing Tarja with a letter accusing her of being a diva - OK, I could buy that as "payback" for slights, real or perceived, from Tarja's end - but throwing it out there to the press and to the fans to invite them to partake in this fight, yeah, I don't see where that's justified by even the most generous intepretation of events towards the band, and it shouldn't have taken 10 years to admit it was a nasty move. BUT that said, I agree that at the end of the day we can discuss this until we're blue in the face - it doesn't really matter, either Tarja and the guys will make up/ work together again (and only they know what it will take for that to happen - who has to apologise and how much will be sufficient etc.) or those bridges have been burned permanently. With the benefit of 12 years of additional life and career experience, probably all involved are quite different people nowadays. That seems a little unfair in the last case - whilst (as with all other split situations) we don't know exactly what went on in the leadup to the split and the accounts from both sides will be coloured by their own perspectives I don't see that Nightwish turned Anette's firing into a drama play. They released a fairly generic statement that didn't point blame onto either side in particular, they got in a substitute vocalist to finish off the tour with minimum disruption and, with the exception of a couple of somewhat unfortunate statements from Troy (who was not a full band member himself at the time) didn't say anything more detailed on the matter until Anette chose to go public with her version of events. The guys might have been awful behind closed doors, we don't know, but we do know how they chose to break the news and handle the publicity, and in this case they seemed to deliberately choose not to make it a drama play. I think you can certainly interpret it as disrespectful - the chorus could either be read as an impassioned wish to believe that the band/songs etc. HAD meant something to Tarja, or an implicit accusation that she never cared about them. And the lyric "It's not the tree that forsakes the flower, but the flower that forsakes the tree" seems to basically be saying "You caused this, not us". YMMV as to whether that counts as disrespectful. I'd argue that MPG was certainly pretty disrespectful to Tarja not only because of the insults directed at her husband, but she's essentially portrayed as a blind puppet being used. Not to mention the whole "Your Christess was our love" line. Just... ugh. "She was ours first", really? I realise others may interpret the lyrics slightly differently, perhaps we could continue in the NW Lyrics thread if people want to discuss/debate? Looking at the lyrics of Dark Star, I definitely buy that it's a "diss song", I'm not sure I necessarily agree that it's about Nightwish, particularly given that "Enough" and "Diva" have some pretty specific references in them. To give a Nightwish parallel, "Slaying the Dreamer" and "Yours Is An Empty Hope" are obviously angry songs aimed at someone/ several someones or prompted by some event, but as an audience member it's not as obvious who or what that is. Dark Star strikes me more in this way. I think the use of the word "Diva" is the giveaway in the case of that song - it's one of the accusations specifically levelled against her in the open letter, and it's a label that followed her around for a long time afterwards. The other lyrics fit well with the Nightwish situation, and that could be a matter of interpretation, but again, the use of the word "Diva" specifically, in particular to refer to herself, seems like an odd fit for another situation. Regarding "Enough", I think it's a mixture of lyrics and timing. Referring to someone hurting her because she's in love, to betrayal, and specifically to songs/ music/ words. MWS was released a couple of months after DPP, so it's a safe bet that the songs were probably already written and recorded when BBB and MPG were released to the public. Enough was a new song that was added to a later release of this album, probably written later as well. So, Nightwish releases an album with songs about her and her husband, and then Enough comes out at such a time that it could have been written as a response, with lines like "I've had enough symphonies of sorrow" and "You drew a play written in my blood" and "Masterpiece of treachery"... ... Actually, scratch that, describing MPG as a masterpiece of any kind WOULD be a tad unbelievable... The suffering is real But then who will she transform into at the end for the third video??? WizardTarja? SantaTarja? WerewolfTarja? I would guess that one of the single releases will be Tarja's own song, but I could be wrong.
  13. I tell you Whitenoise, if I started doing that I would be SO modoff topically, that Suomi USA wouldn't know if she was Finnish, American, Fijian or Papu New Guinea Piggyean anymore!
  14. Yes, more of this please. I will definitely purchase the album when it comes out (though at this rate half the songs will probably have already been released by then :P). I realise that this was intended as a one off project/release, but I wonder if the two of them might work together again in the future if this is well received? I really, really liked Shine, I think it's a very solid pop album, with good songs and vocal melodies that show off Anette's voice to advantage. I'd be happy to see more releases like that from her BUT I see your point that a ballad heavy pop rock album is probably not the release that many Nightwish fans were hoping to hear from her.
  15. Hm. It'd take 3 songs for each album if the setlist includes 24 songs. That'd be perfect to me. I wouldn't include the last 2 albums, but if there's a chance to get a live version of Our Decades, Sagan and Edema Ruh (once again) that'd be a deal. I wonder if they'll play the songs chronologically or with no logical order at all Anyway, only 5 months left! I'm really looking forward to it.
  16. As of today, this very minute-1838 views not counting the 10 times a day I check to see if there is something IMHO Finland is most interesting to more than just us!
  17. Thanks Eilenna! Emppu is a husband and a dad? I've stopped at his breakup with his girlfriend.
  18. I died a little everytime with each one of these.
  19. DNA

    ^^whitenoise! Thank you for letting mr. hunebedbouwer know the truth ---the real truth! Even today, my accent is Karelian...many mention that to me when I'm in Finland. I'm really glad I took the DNA test. Now I'm learning so much more about Finland and myself! Thank you all for the information you have provided to me and others interested in Finnish genomes and languages.! I am extremely proud of Finland and how it has made it's mark on the world.
  20. Part three Same goes. Did this at my lunch break. T: Soilwork F: Yes T: As we speak. It's an old song. This was the first album where my old keyboard player, he went over to soilwork F: Oh really T: Yeah. So this is the first one where they had this much keyboards on it. When Sven arrived F: That might be why I like it. I'm into melodies T: Yeah! It's an amazing band. I think Actually Björn is one of the best singers Sweden have. I really really like him. F: Me too. He's very diverse too. I only knew him from Soilwork until I came to live here I guess and heard more from the stuff he does. And I'm terrible with names. T: So am I F: But the orchestra? T: was gonna say ELO but it's not F: No T: We're gonna find out and then we're gonna play that later if we have it F: Yeah, it's not metal actually. But it's really T: It's super F: Night Flight T: Night Flight Orchestra F: That's what he does as well. With some other local heroes and super cool T: So how did that come about when you apperaed with them in, it was in Finland, right? On this DvD F: Yeah, they just asked me, which is cool cause I've been listening to soilwork from around this period where As we speak, and that album came out. So to be honest I don't know how they came to me but maybe because they played in Finland and I sing in Nightwish that they were like, hm, maybe T: Because it was during that time right? Already, when you were in Nightwish F: Yeah T: So, now wehn you're away from Nightwish, for this, this was a paus that you planned with the whole band of course. I mean still even that you became a mother but it was already planned because it's such a big band that you hve to plan these things.... so what are the other guys doing, are you in contact now during in between, or it it like total radio silence F: No, no fortunately not, we are in touch, it's very different, Tuomas, the keyboardplayer and songwriter he is doing a project with his wife, and with Troy our fluit guitar eerything player, he's out English bandmember, so they've been writing music but completely diffreent, I haven't heard it yet, and he's been taking it very easy, just living the life out there in the woods in Finland basically, very relaxed, big fan of nature and calmness, so that's , that was the focus for him, and to get to other things than Nightwish, which he's been doing for 20 years straight T Yeah right F: And Emppu, I think he mainly drove through europé with his wife and kid, seeing ... T: Have to be on tour F: Drinking beer here and there, yeah, T: Nice F: And he has Brother Firetribe, his band where they its more of a hobby band in that sense, but really cool music, they released, I think an album, and T : Firetribe F: Brother Firetribe. Kaitsu our drummer he has drum school in Wasa where he's from, and he resumed teaching a lot. Troy was open to be doing all kinds of stuff actually, I don't really remember cause it's so much, he's a multi instrunemtalist, he plays all kinds of stuff but he also writes all kinds of stuff he'll just sit down and write you a , something for a string quartet or something so he's very busy, but also very busy with just taking it easy and enjoying the countryside and baking bread T: Good stuff. That's what you should do when you're on vacation , but that's what 's also hard to do when you're a musicican F: yeah aI think that that difference in life is so big that yeah , to just come home and be home and have a routine there it doesnt relly work like that, its not so black and white, it takes alittle bit of time T: Takes a lot of tme F: I call it my wolf and dog life, where the wolf is the hunter and goes out to play and be out, and the dog is the one that 's at home and like the couch and routines and I need to feed both else one gets really really hungry and uncomfortale and starts to you know bite the other T: Absolutely. I get that. Jag förstår precis. Du har ju varit med på en Evegrey skiva också. På våran senaste skiva. För då frågade jag dig, kan inte du vara med på våran skiva, och då sa du Ja det kan jag va (I understand completely. You've been on an Evergrey record as well. On our most recent album. Because then I aksed you; won't you be on our record please, and then you said Yes I will!) F: Ja gärna! Jag älskar Evergrey, jag har lyssnat på Evergrey för många många år som du vet (Yes abolutely! I love Evergrey, have been listening to Evergrey since many years as you know) T Ja vi träffades, jag och Floor träffades första gången kanske det måste vara 10-15 år sedan, jag kommer inte ens håg, i Holland nånstans. OOch då spelade du med After Forever tror jag. (Yeah we met, me and Floor met for the first time, it must be 10-15 years ago, I don't even remember, in Holland somewhere. And you were playing with After Forever I think.) F: Ja precis (Just so) T: Så jajjamän, we go a long way back. Och det är det här som r så roligt med musik tyvker jag när man lyckas att kkombinera sina musikaliska liv med varandra. It's an honor and a privilege. Det är är - In Orbit, med mej och dej. Och Evergrey! (Yep så we go a long way back. And this is what's so great with music I think when you can combine ones musical lives with each other. It's an honor and a privilege. This is: In Orbit with me and you. And Evergrey! Floor: Hey! Evergrey - In Orbit
  21. Then I'd better not mess with those words until I know what they really mean. I had the image of millions of Dutchies spending several hours every morning and afternoon on the congested bikeways What would be a better way to find out if anyone else including mods is reading this thread!
  22. DNA

    Suomi usa is Karelian. Obviously Northwest Russia refers to Karelia. Finland ceded large part of Karelia to the USSR after the WWII. Nuijamaa was ceded partly.
  23. I understand it may not matter to you (I thought that was established), but there is very many listeners for which it is an important point. I ask that you consider what the band might have been thinking there. Weeeell, I'm sure 95 out of 100 people in my town have never heard of the lady. I'll ready my own stake, thank you very much. Could you pass some logs? Thanks.
  24. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree about how much this matters to us as listeners. Tarja Turunen - sort-of-famous-person *gasp* I'll go and grab some popcorn while we await the inevitable wrath of the Tarjaholics to strike you down!
  25. The part in which the song asks you to fictitiously participate in that particular, well-identified, very real relationship. DPP is almost a unicum in rock music in this respect, with the exception of How Do You Sleep by Lennon and a few select others. That would have been the difference, I suppose (also: I can't completely agree that the songs you mentioned are obviously about Nightwish, to be honest -- the thought didn't even cross my mind until you pointed it out). Getting to choose who to obsess over out of two sort-of-famous-people does not seem a huge improvement over being limited to one. Well, I... respect that you like it.
  26. I don't think there has been a single bad Amberian Dawn album. For me, this is a band that while they may never have released a masterpiece still manages to churn out one stellar effort after another. At least I've never been disappointed by any of them. They're all solid 8/10. Few bands can maintain that sort of quality.
  27. I like Dead to Me as well. I'm happy that this woman has finally made a good decision in regards to her solo career. People who like it should buy and support this so that she and Jani get rewarded for their hard work and motivated to continue. And then she can at last move on from being the bitter ex-Nightwish blog lady. She's struck gold with this and I hope she realises that. This is clearly the album that people who wanted to see her do well and supprt her work outside of Nightwish have been waiting for. And yeah, anyone who likes this should also check out Cain's Offering. This is basically that band with Anette replacing Timo.
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