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  2. Yeah, and kick Troy out (because of his Yoko side) and hire Marcelo as a piper. Ah, and he could play the bandoneon, to give the music of the band an Argentinian flavour. Anyway, I don't think the problems between Tuomas and Tarja are bigger than the ones with Marco, who, as we know, was the one who came up with the idea of firing her.
  3. @whitenoise In principle yes, but I think I'll take a break in 2044. You sound worried........
  4. Now it is the perfect time for NW to kick Tuomas out and hire Tarja to play keyboards/piano and write songs!
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  6. It does indeed warm the heart seeing them both singing together after so many time. These two are classic Nightwish, pure nostalgia. They look very relieved for being with each other. And yes, I guess the fans have the right to wish Tarja, Anette or any other former member of Nightwish collaborating with the band once again in a reunion. People should stop finding problems with everything, stop making the artists look like villains. They are human beings, they can get hurt and heal their pasts. And I can feel it is getting healed within the Nightwish camp. I mean, there are much more strong bonds in this moment in time than some years ago. This is positive, this warms my heart as a fan. We have the right to enjoy this.
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  8. Esto me gusta!!!!
  9. So it's not gonna be released as previous said on March... Shame.
  10. That's actually not bad. Musically it's a cut above "Fires in the North" and "Sign of the Dragonhead" IMO, and Eliina sounds better too. Nice to hear some of the folky sounds back. Alex is the perpetual weak link, but his appearance seems pretty minimal (unless he was in the chorus and just mixed low).
  11. Album version!
  12. I mean on the one hand, yay, that means two albums with Liv next year (solo album and album with Midnattsol), plus increased chance of seeing her live. But on the other hand, I've never really been able to get into Midnattsol, mostly because I can't get on board with Carmen's vocals. I don't know why, they just don't do anything for me on most songs, and the music of theirs that I've heard has never really caught me enough to overcome that. Given that the announcement makes pretty clear that Liv will be the secondary/backing vocalist for the most part, I'm hoping that her solo career will still be her "main" project, and won't end up secondary to recording/ touring with Midnattsol. Purely for my own selfish tastes It'll be interesting to see how the songs sound with the two of them, though, and how they use Liv's voice going forward.
  13. TBH I think they both sounded better in this video than the album version. I mean, I'm not a huge fan of Marco's higher vocals, I think Tarja has sounded better on previous performances of Ave Maria, and I think the vocal arrangements could have been changed up a bit more - had them trade off some lines, or sing more lines together - rather than have one of them stand there awkwardly whilst the other one sings half the song, then swap over... BUT let's be honest, it's more about what the performance represents, and it's lovely to see them able to share a stage, exchange a hug and put the past behind them. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if maybe there was a little nervousness/awkwardness affecting the performances. Hopefully this will be a reminder to the NW/Tarja fandoms generally that whilst we might all have our opinions on who was in the wrong with various events in Nightwish's history, and who needs to be judged and found wanting or whatever- ultimately it's down to the people involved whether they forgive each other/ work together again, and only they can decide what it will take for them to do that. We don't know if Marco or Tarja begged for apology on bended knee, if they offered mutual apologies, or even if they just said "Look, we're older, we've changed, we've grown wiser, let's draw a line under the past and start from scratch"- and whatever it was I'm sure it wouldn't be enough for some people, but it was enough for them. Not saying we can't or shouldn't have opinions on events in the past, but maybe we shouldn't take them more personally than the people who were actually involved? Though all that said, it doesn't even slightly surprise me that we've already got numpties snarking like "Marco looks old!" and "Floor sang it better!" in here Come on guys, get thee in the spirit of the season and all that. As far as a Nightwish guest appearance goes, I imagine that will depend on whether Tarja and the rest of the band (and perhaps even more importantly, their respective managements) can come to a similar understanding. It's possible - I mean, Tarja and Marco have mended bridges, Tarja and Floor are friends, two of the current lineup weren't involved with the band at the time of the split and the rest of the parties are 12 years older with more life experience. Tarja's no longer the young woman who wanted out of the metal scene, the guys are no longer the young men who wanted to party hard and drink every night. It would be quite something to see, though I'm not going to cross my fingers for it happening.
  14. Jukka? He wrote a seven pages complaint for Tarja too?
  15. I agree, in case of Tarja and Tuomas it' seems to be way more personal issue and it's awkward to imagine them together on stage. Maybe in another 10 years... yet seeing Tarja and Marco getting along brings a big smile to my face. Also, I wouldn't say that he sounded weak ;P
  16. You're missing out! Right now you can get this mount exclusively during the current seasonal event in FFXIV: LOL.
  17. Sale a la venta el 20 de abril!!! Tracklist: My Indigo Indian Summer Out of the Darkness Star Crossed Lovers Crash and Burn Someone Like You Black Velvet Sun Lesson Learned Safe and Sound Where is My Love
  18. Heyyy I've come to vote I'll only vote for Memories B) for which I choose Theater of Dimensions from Xandria and Random D) which is imo Jukka's insomnia. (it seems that I am the only one here who thinks The Dark Element doesn't really work)
  19. I think the main obstacle is and always has been between Tarja - Tuomas (+ managers), and to some extent Jukka. I still find it hard to see Tarja singing with Nightwish, because Nightwish is ultimately Tuomas. But who knows ey. I loved the Ave Maria, especially Marco sung really nicely in the video. It does warm the heart somehow
  20. This is a real surprise. I never thought I would see them sharing the same stage again. Ice is melting. Who knows? Maybe some day we'll see Ms Turunen invited to join the band for a song or two, like Sami last year. It would be a good way of healing old wounds.
  21. The planet should be far from the Sun to ensure that there won't be too warm days. Hunebedbouwer, are you going to contribute to this thread for the next 100 years?
  22. Marco and Tarja had short dialogue after the Song "Tulkoon Joulu". I could make sense out of two first sentences, then it is very difficult to hear what they are saying: Marco: "Thank you!" (Hugs Tarja) "... it's been a long time.." (Tarja says something) Marco: "maybe too long, even" Tarja: "Many years (?)" Marco: "Well, quite many" Marco: "We will sing bit more later, but for now... (mumble mumble)..." (Tarja says something) Marco:"(Mumble mumble)... it has been faded." Anyone to fill in the gaps?
  23. Was it Dude who said that Marco's Latin pronunciation sounds awful...
  24. That was a beautiful performance. Maybe both of them had better vocal deliveries of this song, yet the message behind it made this particular one just breath-taking. The only thing that irked me was that they sang it in Finnish, since I got so used to Latin original, that hearing it in any other language just feels weird. But it has nothing to do with the two of them, of course. Wonderful!
  25. Nice. I really hope though, she releases it under her own name. That way she might even boost the sales, rather than going under the new band/project+s name
  26. @GreatEye Only applause when you type down your own nominations! Otherwise:
  27. So........ Indigo is her dog's name. That's gonna be a birthday present for me.
  28. I see many familiar names in the tracklist. I wonder if all of them are intended
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