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- Finnish forum provides discussions in this forum in the region. Posts in other languages will be deleted. List of other languages forums can be found at

- Make sure that when you open a similar topic does not exist for new threads. Headline in your chain sensibly.

- Do not behave aggressively, rudely, or maliciously towards anyone.

- Keep the chain, see and respect the opinions of other writers.

- Do not remove the moderators comments your messages, or edit your post if it is moderator message.

- No links to copyrighted material downloads / torrents.

- No links to YouTube leaked or unpublished material, and the whole concert.

- No discussion of the leaked material. This also applies to "Download Link to the private message" -style messages.

- No spam, or junk messages.

- User IDs, signatures and avatar images will be clean. Not swearing, obscene or pornographic topics, etc.

- Not tuplapostausta if the previous post is less than two weeks old (Not applicable Poetry area)
If necessary (eg if the chain needs to be updated with new news.), Please contact a moderator who can combine messages, and update its date.

- Use the default font color and style. To change the font sizes are permitted on a small scale for emphasis, but not whole messages.

- Bold, Italic, and Underline are allowed only for emphasis. Using their whole message is not allowed.

- Use as little as possible unnecessary capital letters. Do not send only written in capital letters messages.

- Not to sell. No advertising.

- Drama is always messy. Moderators do not allow debates to get out of hand.

- Use the Contact Us moderators of the chain to answer or talk to moderators. Do not reply to a discussion chains.

- Do not create your username TOR: in through proxies or disposable e-mails.

- Keep obsessiivinen, excessive 'fanityttöys' out of the forum. This includes fan fiction.

Moderators intervene if none of the above is questionable. Warnings and modifications take place in the discretion of the moderators.


Immediate bans are given in the following cases.

- Hostility toward other members

- Skip the moderators requests or warnings

- removal of the moderator message 

- Knowingly illegal material linking

- Enimmäisvaroitusrajan crossing ( 'Ban platform automatically when the warnings of 5)

Duration of Bann is determined by the discretion of the moderator.


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