Nightwish Español


- The languages of the forum are only in Spanish. Discuss only in Spanish in the Spanish section. Any content in other languages will be deleted. There is a list of forums associated in other languages:

- When they open new discussion topics, make sure that there is a similar, and use meaningful titles. Nothing: '' Oh my God, this is great ''

- not aggressive and / or rude or malicious behavior against anyone behavior is allowed.

- Keep your publications according to the subject under discussion and respect other opinions.

- No clear warnings moderators in their publications or edit a post that has a message in letter moderator.

- Do not post download links and / or torrent files copyrighted material.

- Do not post links or Youtube with new content filtering.

- Are not allowed to discuss filtered content. This includes publications such as : '' Send me a MP for the download link ''

- do not spam.

- User names, signatures and avatars must be clean, this means; no offensive words, no pornographic or vulgar topics, etc.

- Do not double the previous publication publications itself is less than 2 weeks (the creation of discussion topics are exempt). If you need to post double, ie publish new news,
informs the moderator, who can combine your publications to make it with a new date.

- Keep the original color and font style. The size can be altered only slightly for emphasis and can not be used throughout the publication.

- Options bold, italic and underlined font are allowed for emphasis. They are not allowed full publications with any of these three options.

- Use uppercase letters to a minimum. No complete publications are allowed in uppercase.

- No sales or advertising allowed.

- The drama always creates problems. Moderators will not let things get out of control.

- Use 'Contact the Moderators'' to answer or talk to the moderators. Do not answer in the discussion topics.

- Use TOR / proxy / temporary email account to create an account are not allowed.

- Keep your attitude to "fanatical obsessive hysterical" outside the forum. This includes fan fiction.

The moderators will intervene if any of the above rules are questioned. And issues warnings are subject to the judgment and discretion of the moderators.



Will take place the immediate expulsion in the following situations:

- Hostility towards other members.

- When no attention to orders or notices moderators lends to stop certain actions.

- If the message is deleted a moderator.

- When published consents way links to download illegal content.

- When the maximum is exceeded message (the forum automatically ejects the user when warnings reach 5).

The period of expulsion is up to the moderator.


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