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- The Forum languages are Finnish, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Just write in English in the section in English, Portuguese only in the section in Portuguese and so on. Posts in other languages, or outside the appropriate language section will be removed. There is a list of partner forums in other languages in site.


- When opening a new topic make sure that there is no longer a same topic, or similar, and use titles that make sense. Nothing like, "Oh my God, look at this, that too"

- is NOT allowed aggressive / rude / malicious behavior against NOBODY.

- Keep your publications (threads) according to the topic being discussed and respect the opinions of other users.

- It is not allowed to delete notifications / warnings from moderators in posts or edit your post if there is a moderators text in it.

- NOT allowed posts with links to download / torrent of material that is copyrighted.

- Posts are not allowed to contain YouTube links or any other media cast material / unreleased / or concerts in full.

- It is not allowed to discuss leaked material. This includes posts as "Send me the link to download a message ''.

- SPAM is not allowed in this forum and related posts will be deleted.

- Names for login, signature and profile pictures must be "clean": Ex: no swearing or vulgar content / pornography etc.

- Do not make duplicate posts when the previous publication has less than 2 weeks (creations of topics are exempt). If you need to make a double post (eg no one answered your post 1 week ago and you want to post again on the same topic) inform the moderator, who can merge your posts in just one and leave it with the most recent date.

- Keep the original color and font style. The size can be subtly changed to emphasize something, but is not allowed to change the size for the entire post.

- The options bold, italic and underlined are allowed to emphasize in the sentence. Entire posts these options are not allowed.

- Keep the "Caps Lock" key as little as possible. Entire posts on "Caps" are not allowed.

- Sales or advertisements are not permitted.

- Drama always brings problems. Moderators will not allow debates leave out of control.

- Use the "Contact moderators" section to answer or talk to the moderators. Do not reply within the topic of discussion.

- It is not allowed TOR / temporary proxy / email to create an account.

- Keep the attitudes of hysterical / obsessive / exaggerated out of forum fans, this includes the famous "fan fiction" (stories written by fans on the band).

Moderators will intervene if any cited above rule is violated. Notices and postings issues are subject to review and description of the moderators.



immediate expulsions take place within the following situations:

- Hostility against other members;

- Ignore requests / warnings from moderators to stop certain situations;

- Delete a moderator posting;

- Posts containing download links to illegal content;

- Exceeding the maximum number of warnings (automatic expulsion occurs after 5 warnings).

The duration of the expulsion is at the discretion of the moderators.


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  2. Anúncios e notícias

    Anúncios e notícias sobre a banda.

  3. Nightwish em geral

    Discussão geral sobre a banda.

  4. Mídia (entrevistas, traduções etc.)

    Poste artigos e material visual.

  5. Ao vivo

    Sobre shows/turnês passadas e futuras.

  6. Música

    Para falar sobre outras bandas e artistas.

  7. Fora de tópico

    Para discutir sobre outros temas que não tenham a ver com a banda.

  8. Problemas técnicos / contato com a moderação

    Problemas do fórum, dúvidas e sugestões