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The language in this part of the forum is German. Posts in other languages will be deleted.



- Creating new topics, please check whether there is already a similar topic. Uses meaningful title for the topic.

- No aggressive behavior towards other Mitgliederen the Forum.

- Posts in Topic To Please Topic Title. Respect the opinions of other members.

- No deleting Mod News in post  or to enter a process of contribution, if an Mod Post exists.

- No links to mr undercharged of copyright protected media.

- No You Tube links to unreleased and / or unauthorized material. This is especially true for concert recordings / CDs etc. in full length.

- No discussion on "leaked" Media. This also includes: "Send me a PM for download link".

- No spam posts.

- Usernames, signatures and avatars must be reasonable. No pornographic or vulgar expressions, graphics etc.

- No duplicate posts. This rule does not apply to previous posts that are at least 2 weeks old. If you like to use double posts, including: new information on a subject, informs a Mod The Mod is your contributions merge with the current date..

- No change of forums font color and the font style. The font size can be changed a bit to set an accent. No posts only in uppercase.

- Font in bold, italic and underline are as option allows to set the tone. This does not apply to complete posts.

- Caps Lock please to a minimum. No full posts with caps lock.

- No sales offers and no advertising in the post or in the signature.

- Drama in Forum will not be tolerated.

- Questions to the mods / admins please check out the "Ask the Mods" Topic set. No big discussions within another forum topics ..

- No TOR / Proxy / disposable emails in order to open an account.

- No obsessive, over the top "fan boy / girl -ing. Fan Fiction posts are not allowed in the forum.

Moderators are active, if one is not respected by the above rules. Moderations, Verwarnunen, Bans etc. to contributions are at the discretion of the moderators.


Immediate, permanent bans are pronounced in the following circumstances:

- verbal abuse or threat of Board members.

- Constant ignore moderators instructions.

- Deleting Moderators Posts.

- knowingly post links to illegal download content.

- When reaching the maximum Verwarnungs status (5) automatically by the forum software a
set Forum Ban.

The length of the respective bans is at the discretion of each presenter.


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  2. Allgemein

    Nightwish allgemein

  3. Konzerte

    Alles zu vergangenen oder zukünftigen Konzerten

  4. Nebenprojekte

    Alles über die Nebenprojekte der Bandmitglieder

  5. Musik

    Hier ist Platz für Musik und andere Bands außer Nightwish

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  7. Fantreffen usw

    Hier könnt ihr Forumstreffen oder gemeinsame Konzertbesuche planen und besprechen

  8. Alltägliches

    Gespräche über Filme, Literatur oder sonstige Unterhaltung und alles aus dem täglichen Leben

  9. Kreativ-Ecke

    Hier ist Platz für eure Gedichte, Zeichnungen oder andere kreative Dinge sowie für konstruktive Kritik und Diskussionen

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  10. Spam 'n' Fun

    Alles, was in Spam ausarten könnte, sowie diverse Forenspiele bitte hier hinein.

  11. Technische Problem & Fragen an die Mods

    Probleme, Vorschläge, Beschwerden