Nightwish English


- Only post English in the English section. Content in other languages will be removed. 

- When opening new threads, make sure that a similar one does not already exist and use meaningful titles. No "omg this is awesome".

- No aggressive/rude/malicious behaviour towards anyone.

- Keep posts on topic with the thread subject matter and respect other posters' opinions.

- No deleting moderator notices in posts or editing your post if it has a mod post in it.

- No posting links to downloads/torrents of copyright media.

- No posting YouTube links to leaked/unreleased content or leaked/unreleased/authorized full concerts.

- No discussing leaked media. This includes the likes of "Send me a PM for a download link"

- No spamming

- Usernames, signatures, and avatars to be clean: no swearing, pornographic or vulgar themes etc

- No swearing under any circumstances except within Speakers Corner. This includes workarounds, quotes, abbreviations, and self censoring.

- No double posting if the previous post is less than 2 weeks old (Creation threads exempt).
If you need to double post, ie new news, inform a moderator who can merge your posts and have the date showing as new.

- Keep to the original font colour and style. Size may be altered slightly only for emphasis and is not to be used on a full post.

- The bold, italic, and underline options are all allowed for emphasis. Full posts in any of the three are not allowed.

- Keep caps to a minimum. No full post caps.

- No selling. No advertising.

- Drama is always messy. Moderators won't let debates get out of hand..

- Use Contact The Mods or Contact Us to reply or talk to mods. Don't reply in discussion topics.

- No TOR/proxy/one day emails to set up an account.

- Keep obsessive, over the top 'fangirling' off the forum, this includes fan fiction.

Moderators will step in if any of the above are under question. Warnings and edits are subject to the mods' discretion.


Immediate bans will take place in the following situations.

- Hostility to other members

- Ignoring moderators' requests/warnings to stop a certain action

- Deletion of a moderator post

- Knowingly posting links to download illegal content

- Exceeding maximum warning status (forum auto bans when status reaches 5)

The term of the ban is at the discretion of the moderator.