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The Moon



The Moon is crying

The Moon is rising

The Moon is flying

The Moon is lying


Does it come to you?

Do you even feel it?

Dont fear, the childhood is always


The lies that you told, are now

following you


Don't you ever feel the pain?

Did you get away from the chain?







Witchard was my name

And now, I'm telling you

the tale


From the fairies

Who flyied in the skies


In my sweet childhood


Did I ever told to you,

I've never felt so good


Did I ever told to you,

that I can really change the mood

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Me and a Boy


I'm walking in a forest

There's swans, how beautiful

are they


There's a boy,

writing a poem

He sends it to the swans

Oh how beautiful

is it


I sit next to him

I'm invicible, so

he can't see me.


I watch the golden sky

But it's evening, so it's

painting to black


I draw a heart

to the lake's water

It's not forever

but this moment is


Don't fear, it's just me.

The boy goes to home

How beautiful this can be.


I'm not afraid to die

I'm not afraid to live

How proud I can be

of that gift he give

to me


It's a gift from a God






I'm awake, a restless soul

But he, the boy, isn't

He sleeps deeply, a

deep, endless sleep


I meet him again

We walk together

It's a beautiful morning


The morning of death


Calmful ocean

Taked us away

from the evilness

of life


Now we can sleep forever...


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