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___The Moon___


The Moon is crying

The Moon is rising

The Moon is flying

The Moon is lying


Witchard was my name

And now I'm telling you the tale


From the fairies

Who flyied in the skies



___Me And a Boy___


I'm walking in a forest

There's swans,

oh how beautiful are they


There's a boy, writing a poem

He sends it to the swans

Oh, how beautiful is it.


I sit next to him.


I'm invicible, he can't see me.


The swans fly away.


I watch the golden sky.

But it's evening, so it's painting to black.


I draw a heart to the lake's water.

It's not forever, but this moment is.

Don't fear, it's just me.

How beautiful this can be.


I'm awake, a restless soul.

But he, the boy, isn't.

He sleeps deeply, a endless sleep.


Calmful ocean, taked us away.

From the evilness

Of life.


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___What have you done?___


How many times you can put me down

How many times you think it was your own


Only I know what's going on my head

Do you want it living or dead?


She walks through the endless time

He talks through the timeless line


Sorrow- it was yours

Follow- windows and doors


Shadow- it will rule the world

Swallow- it'll lose your sword


___Being Insane___


The sleeping valentine is lost

The weeping wanderer

disappeared into the dust


Who's gonna love me?- when I'm old or young

Who's gonna care about me- when I'm right or wrong


The sinner's night gonna come.


The silent angel

Meets the devil

What's gonna happen?

The night of good and evil



___No Worry___


When all the hope's gone

When all the dreams are done


You can follow me

And cry the sorrow away


You can be with me

And talk the bad feelings astray


Away, away, far away.


You're just a faithful dreamer

A careful wanderer


Who walks to better life.


The time goes so fast.

All for the past.


So be to the glory

Don't tell me another story.


Before you get the key to destiny.


All the miracles have seen,

but there's no place to been


Like in your arms...


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____Lost Love____


This is the end

Remember the letter that I send?


Don't you ever take away this love...


This ends to tears

Remember the love scars?


Don't you ever lost this love

The little love dove


The angel of love

Sent you the letter

Did you lost your love again?

Oh no...

You should love her better


This ends to tears

Remember the love scars?


You felt to wrong love.


The little letter of love...




____ This is for You_____



Did you know

That I love you?

And I do that all

For you


I feel for you.

I have to do it all.


This is the night

When everything disappears.

And go away

If you don't want more tears.


You're my fantasy.

You're my energy.

Wild passion for feelings.


I feel for you.

I'll have to do it all.


I've seen you in the dark,

in the light.

And I'll go away

'Cause I don't want to fight


The play of darkness

I've seen it in your eyes.

I don't know what I'm doing

But I'll do it for You....


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____ Lapsuus tulkoon taas___


Kuutyttö pienokainen

Erilainen, samanlainen


Istuu kivellä varrella puron

Näkee samalla naapurin Turon.


Lapsuus tulkoon taas,

ilo tulkoon taas.


Viattomuus on välttämätöntä.

Onnellisuus on käsittämätöntä.




____Why are you blaming me?______




Innocence, love, wildness

You need them all

Glory, fame , richness

You want them all


Did you ever listen what I told?

Did you got back

The childhood that you sold?


Have you got the secret name to live?


Why did you told lies

To the little bad spies?


Oh dear God, save me, rescue me

From my life!


Heaven queen, bring back me

To my sweet childhood!


Did you ever listen what I told?

Are you enjoying about

The childhood that you sold?


Let this happen only at once.

Bring back me

To my childhood summers


The ship of your life

Is sailing away


No pain anymore...


No cold anymore....


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___ We need Change____


Swans of the lake

Are crying


Trees of the forest

Are dying


The colourful flowers are turning to black.

The joyful cave of miracles is giving in.


No more energies

No more fantasies.


The beautiful nature always wins

But now the bad bad peoples are doing sins.


The war pigs are still doing war

But this time they've gone too far!


Are you still so blind to ask me why?

Do you enjoy the way that something dies?


Peace will come

Love will come...


I watch the sun's last rise

I watch how the things

Are cold as ice


No more war, no more tears

How proud I can be

of how the nature now wears...


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____The Beautiful Sin_____


Walking in a street,

the street of forgotten lies


I see something strange,

it could be the same old spies


There's no reason to die.


But that's the beautiful sin.


Just be alive, this isn't forever

Just don't try to get down


And I'm still wandering in the town.


Don't take this seriously

Though this isn't just a game.

Do you remember the thing

That you tame?


And this is the beautiful sin.

And this is the beautiful sin.


This ends after the dawn.

You must understand

that I'm not just a pawn.


"Don't go to there, it's too dark!",

says the caring mother.


But I'm gonna go there.


Because I'm brave.




___Don't go Away___



Leave one spirit for me.

Key to destiny...


Right, just for him.


His long love,

his unlostable skill.


To make me happy.

Beautiful, invicible.


But he left me

On my own.


There's nothing to lost.



There's nothing to hate.



And I'll survive...


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___ I'm in love with him...___


Live after sun goes down.

He's so beautiful.


Waterdrops in his naked skin.

They're like diamonds.


After the sun goes down, again.

He still owns me.


I'll let him love me, so I do for him.

And after all, I'm not gone.


He has my heart.

Id like to be next to his grave.


Revenge the past loves.

Release the love doves.


Let me be, let me lie.

But please, don't let me die.




___Elämän vaellus___


Solaariset unelmat ikuisuuden.

Epäuskottavat tarinat vartijoiden.


Vihdoin olen vapaa

tekemään omat päätökseni.


Vihdoin olen vapaa

tuomitsemaan väärät ajatukseni.


Vaellan läpi elämän, läpi kuoleman.


Mietin mitä kirjoittaisin ilmaan.

Terveiseksi seuraaville kulkijoille.


Tyttö kulkee ikuisuuteen.

Kerjää lääkettä melankolisuuteen.


Oman onneni nojaan.

Ne minut jättivät.

Voi niitä aikoja.

Joista he välittivät.


Käsittelet minua että rakastun.

Olen vain kukka, joskus vielä lakastun.


Astraalista romanssia tämä vain on.


Itkeä kuitenkaan

En saa.

Surun murtama

Olen vaan.


Jos sinua en saa.


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____ Beautiful Future____



Solaring the dreams of destiny.

I hope that they would be pretty.


I hope about the future lights.

Without any, any fights.


Sometimes an ever-dreaming poet.

Gets tired, too.


Desireless time, endless line.

Psychedelic sign, full of fire.


The beginning of evermore.

It's so invicible, forevermore.


Breath to eternity.

No time for gravity.


The sun throws night to past.

Do you know, the time goes so fast?


An soprano soul.

Does not growl.





____I'll be here.___



As the night falls down.

I will wait for you.


As the fight starts in town.

I'll be protecting you.


As we're walking in a forest.

Remember, my dearest protect.


As we walk to the house.

This moment goes on forever.


There's no else like you.

Like the two-ones used to do.


Theme days aren't just normality.

They are full of fantasy.


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____Miscellanous Love Song___


Voisinko olla enkelisi?

Uskollinen suojelijasi


Maanpäällinen kauneutesi





____Hautasi vieressä____


---Suomennos Deathlike Silencen Next to Your Grave-biisistä---




Aamu koittaa, menetän sinut taas

Valon vuoksi, sinulle se on loppu


En voi odottaa, yötä putoavaa

Joten asetun, hautasi viereen

Joka yö, odotan sinun tulevan


Nyt kun olet poissa

Elämäni on harmaata

Hitaasti lipuu pois


Tulet vieläkin luokseni

Lähes joka yö

Tuot minulle eloa


Pyydän, ota minut mukaasi

Toivon tähdellä

Tee minut sellaiseksi

Kuin sinä olet.


Joka yö, tulet luokseni

Et pysy, vaikka kuinka pyydän

Sanot että rakastat minua

Mietin, onko se totta


Jos voisit, tekisit minut omaksesi

Joka yö, odotan että tulet


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____Two Souls____


There's a soul.

A restless soul.

It's going away.

Far, far away.


The blue soul of life, is now painted to black.


An indian.

Her name is Lilian.

Wandering through the desert.

With dry, old lies.


There's a place.

where they go...



No-one would know it.

They're soul partners.

They're going together.

Walking through the ocean.

Of life.


One day they met.

The mood that they set

Was really for you.

Day and night.

Dark and light.

They don't want to fight.

Now they've walking together.

Everything cleared.

There's no fear anymore.


Walking through the life,

walking through the deep dark ocean...


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__Morning Born__



It's a morning, a peaceful morning.

I couldn't live without these.


It's the beginning of everything.

Everyone are waiting for something big.


The moment goes on, on, and on.

I'm looking to outside.

It could be spring, it could be winter.


I just couldn't live without you.

I see a shadow, it fastly disappeard.


I'm thinking about you.

We could do everything.

Oh how I could wake up, sleep with you.




I got an inspiration, thanks to you.

I waited for you.

And I'm still waiting.


I don't stop believing in you.

I know, someday we'll meet.


And start a new, good world.


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___ Me and a Boy vol.2___


The deep ocean calls my name, again.

Dramatic are the changes, what it did to two little child...


But if you walk to that beach,

you can still see and hear

What I drew to the lake's water.


This story is forever, but this moment isn't...



The New Beginning


Driving to the lovely little summer cottage.

I feel this will be the best holiday ever!


Walking to the house, watching places

My mum shouts my name,

but I'm really into this place!


Founding a poem, it's probably written by a little boy.

Scared of it, because it was so old.

Going to mum, saying:

"It was so also cold!"


Me and my mum going to watch it...

Mum saying: "What the hell about a poem, there's only four swans!"

I'm running to a forest, trying to solve the mystery...

Finding four swans, and a poem


I'm reading it, I've readed it once before!

But look, there's coming a boy.

It's the same boy!

I walked to him in this same place a hundred years ago!


Whose fault is this?

This happened so strangely, and like deja-vu!





The epic story goes on and on.

"Would this stop now?", I ask from the mysterical boy.


"If you just could free me from the past."


I took a long jump an d went to the past...



The Answer


I turn invicible, so unbreakable.

And the swans fly away.

The boy is writing a poem, I'll watch it.


It wasn't nice.

So I saved him from a death.

I just changed the future.

But I'm going through changes...


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__Oh how calmful....___


The moon goes down like all of us.

The flower of happiness

Goes down when it's time comes.


I always thought that things come easily.


But I think it was wrong.

So don't be looking for the answer too long.


Try to understand the feelings that I hide behind.


Things are changed, things are strange.

But it seems that


This is my destiny.






Love isn't forever, or is it?

Just come down ad sit.


He watched me willingly.

Like wanting me instantly.


I'm not gonna go with someone like him.


Something's burning inside of me.

Should I say the things

That I see?


Inspired by someone


Like you....

Edited by Nightwisher

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___The Poem That Has No Headline__


As the night falls down by the river.

I'm almost sleeping in my lair.

I want to know all the things.

Someone is waiting for me.


I know what to do when all the broken hearts lose control.

And all the dreams are victims of sorrow.


I travel by a dream.

You gotta believe in me.

The longest name of a team.

I don't care, but do you see?


The heaven's care.

About a boy.

Who doensn't dare

To play with a toy.


He doesn't know.

What he should've been.

He cries for it.

Of what the doens'nt seen.


A life full of confusion.

There's no time for illusion.

I would be ready to help him.

Edited by Nightwisher

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___Jos kohtaan kuoleman____


Jos kohtaan kuoleman.

Haihdun pois.

Elämään ikuiseen.

Mitä siellä ois?


Helvetin porteilla kuoleman kohtaan.

Elämääni ikuiseen, loputtomaan sotaan.

Kukkuloiden yli hypätkää.

Rauhatonta menoa, nauttikaa!


Nummet vihreät, sotilaat virkeät.

Maljamme nostakaa, toivoamme elättäkää

Kaiken surun loppu, se tulkoon.


Myrskyn voimat tulevat, nuo

Veren pisarat vuotavat, nuo

Veden varat loppuvat, tuo

Minulle vähän aikaa, luoda taikaa.


Luonnon luomat lapset, liittykää yhteen

Maailma loppua ei saa!


Toivon sateet nyt kostavat

Hiljaiset kukkulat uskon korkealle nostavat

Kaunis maa peittyy veteen

Vesi, tuo voitehista vanhin, mutta myös kaunein.


Onko täällä oikeasti jotain rakastamisen arvoista, kysyit.

Totta kai, vastasin.


Mutta mitä?

Mysteeriksi se jää...




___Menneitten sielujen luola___


Jääpuikot, nuo sydämeni kalterit

Ne toivoni menehdyttivät.


Menneitten sielujen luola.

Mysteerejä täynnä on.


Mutta miksi lähdit pois?

Olenko sen arvoinen?


Mutta miksi et vastannut?

Jätitkin minut yksin.


Voinko luottaa enää sinuun?

Mikä menikään pieleen


Voinko turvautua enää puoleesi?

Valoissa yksin kidun, lopulta kuolen.


Toinen rakkaus paikkasi haavani.

Toivon lähteestä vettä juon.


Vielä selviydyn, tulet sen näkemään

Uutta toivoa ympärilleni luon.


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___Tuli sydämessäni___



Kuolema, tekikö se minusta taiteilijaa?

etsin vain, oman laivansa purjehtijaa


Turun saariston kalliolla istun

Otavan tähdistöä katseellani etsin


Näytä tunteesi sinisin vesin,

harmain kallioin, vihrein metsin.


Liittyä sinuun kun saan.

Tuli sydämessäni palaa vaan.


Siunaa lasta elämän polulla

Iloisella, viattomalla pikku lorulla.


Sivut kirjastani loppuvat.

Tuomioon ne johtavat.


Linnassa hän istuu vaan.

Elämäänsä muistelee vaan.


Empathica, viattomuus.

Lunatica, kuun kaltaisuus.

Amoratica, rakkaudentunnustus.


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___ My own "Slaying the Dreamer"___


Where, is the devils lair?

Why, this isn't fair?

You, are seducing me

I, still feel for you


Not too slow, not too hard

But will we ever depart?

Do you ever dream of me?


We need a mirror, there you can see

Your dangerous sin, and glowing skin.

And everything between us.


You missed me, would you go to hell?

And even seduced me, shame your farewell


You're slaying me. Is this your destiny?

Im smiling, so I could seduce you.

And then, you could cry


You can get your gift.

But beware, you're too weak.

To put me down, it doesn't work.

You just need to get a new life.


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___Please stay...__


What more do I have to say?

Loneliness, don't leave me astray.


What more do I have to do?

Please, let me be like you.


I feel the pleasure wind in me.

My lord, please forgive my sins.


It's already told, the soul is sold.

Romance is turning to a dream.

Dancing in the moon

Ill be there for you soon.


We're like swans, love in our hearts.

Just stay, and cure my scars.


Feel the symphony inside.

Forever, I'll be in your side.


It's already told, the soul is sold.

Romance is turning to a dream.

Dancing in the moon

Ill be there for you soon.


But would you be there for me?

Edited by Nightwisher

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