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animal in me

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" I feel the snake,

the butterfly,

the bat...

They live within me

enjoying life under my skin,

in my consciousness,

through my dreams.

I dream of crawling,


raising my face

to the scent of prey,

soaring upon the storm winds,

arriving in the shelter

of tender hands.

I long to creep

into the deepest caves,

wrap these wings

of night and shadow

warm about my shoulders

and to hear

the voices of others,

others of my kind...

Some part of me

is dead,

some part of me

is endangered,

most of me

is unknown."




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He: "A snake hissing on her left,

a butterfly sunning on her right -

like Luna she has many faces,

and i am stupid enough to love them all,

want not the dark side of hers,

oh gods, why did you send her on my way?"


She:"As long as I can love,

my evil won't hurt my innocence,

they know that without love,

neither can enjoy their existence.

As long as it is you my dearest,

i should be able to behave myself -

why did the weak soul of mine

want to feed the desires of unknown...


Forgive me, i don't know myself.

Listen to me, learn me, punish me,

hold me and take this pain away.

Give my butterfly some passion fruits,

and you will see the glory of my paradise,

let my snake wrap around you,

and you may feel how strong my hunger is."


Angels:"kill, kill, kill, anon,

blood is the only forgiveness

we can fathom"


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This is Miss Ladybug walking across the screen,

Wheeeere ever she goes, there´s something pink and green.

You may see only her red back with black tiny dots,

but if you listen you can hear her rainbow thoughts.


" and black is what i could fight for,

but i could die for green, i am sure.

Blue is my nectar, white is my dream; oh my father Yellow Sun - i knooow -

love should have as many names as penguins have for snooow..."





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It was a purple morning in Darjeeling

he wrapped me in black satin

and i saw the lights of dawn through the darkness

- it was like champagne turning an errant clown-mug into crystal

my new skin was born

i felt not naked

but sheltered by my newborn instincts 

which i thought had been dead


....* , : * `, : * ;  . . . ...


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The lovemaking of the higher spirits

breaks the spine of black night

and forces the stars keep quiet.

The debauched pole dance of northern lights

scared the wind and made the sun drool

Hear the abandoned rainbows crying together with the widows,

all the wolves howling after delicious tint of flesh above the glacier.

The air forgets to move, the earth stops breathing,

until the dawning day tells them to wake up from death

which is just a moment lost in dreams.





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