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Hi folks, hope you'll allot me some time to introduce me self.....


I'm Mike, I'm 31 and I'm from Kansas in the U.S.


I'm a big time heavy metal fan, with Nightwish right at the top. Got to see them in 2008 and that was by far the best concert I've ever been to (ironically, I haven't been to another concert since, mostly because noone good ever comes our way.)


I should also mention that I have Pervasive Developmental Disorder, a high functional form of autism, meaning that I can work, and drive normally, but I can't socialize normally. I've always struggled with talking to other people. I've never had any real friends, and I've never had a girlfriend or have even been on a date (that's the least of my concern right now because I'm trying to find work.) I am under going counseling to try to get to become more social.


That's pretty much it, hope I haven't bored anyone.

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Welcome Mike!


Everybody has their own problems, so   :good:  for being frank about it!


Any 'Dust in the wind' right now in Kansas?

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Yeah, your story illustrates your character so to speak, so thank you for sharing. Honestly I think every person in the world has some sort of thorn in their way of being, most people don't really know or care to admit it though.


Welcome to the board! This board has by far been my most beloved community of individuals in memory and I have been to many forums. :)

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