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10 hours ago, Symphoniker said:

It was more so, something so related to Tarja, that the guys wanted to find something different. Why? Imagine you broke up with a redhead. Are you gonna search for another redhead?

Look here's the thing, the whole separation shouldn't have been treated as an "emotional break up". The issue is pretty clear cut in hindsight, and it undoubtedly influenced the "artistic" element of Nightwish. 

The breakup with Tarja was too personal. There I said it. Everything before and after her departure was an emotional rollercoaster. It shouldn't have been, it was just business. You get a singer out, you get a singer in, you keep your sound and brand running well.

But they wanted to RUN Away (maybe hide?) from Tarja's personal and artistic specter, to the point the break up was a big case of "you're not leaving me, I'm leaving you". 

It was understandable that they didn't want to become that opera metal band, and they didn't want to become Tarja's act so they weren't going to keep her specter near by having a copycat.. But in the process of doing so, they kinda forgot that Tarja's voice, her timbre, and  her style, WAS part of the sound of the band, of their artistic statement, and I'm not talking about the "opera", but the way the music was written to blend in with a voice, not for a voice to pierce through it (It's no coincidence that Anette's albums are the least interesting from a band performance pov). You just can't replace your singer like you replace a guitar and expect things to feel the same, and that's why you choose someone who brings a personal touch to the sound the band can create while still /sounding like the band/.  And looking too. 

But after the breakup, they didn't think about the sound, about the band, about the music. They were thinking about how nice the new girl was gonna be and how totally they didn't need Tarja not her contributions and everything was gonna be grrrreat. 

I'm also personally convinced Anette's firing was musically motivated. They used her voice as much as they could. They did a great job. But it was going nowhere up from there. Things were also not cool from the personal standpoint so they took the chance to get back on track. 

Imo Floor's Nightwish feels like the natural continuation of Tarja's Nightwish. Not only in sound but in look and spirit, it feel likes an evolution, not a reboot. And that's good. Everything works as it should have. There was no need to bring in a Bollywood style singer or something to get over Tarja's shadow. Floor still sounds dark, she still sings classical sometimes too, so yeah, Nightwish, but she's got these infinite other tools at her disposal and that makes the new era interesting from a new standpoint without feeling improper or unworthy of the band's artistic legacy. 

In the end, Floor is a strike of luck not only to the band but to the guys. Nightwish looks and sounds like Nightwish again. We should be grateful. But so should they. And whether they could have avoided a decade of spinning wheels with a more cold headed decision back then is a real possibility. 

It's been a ride nonetheless. 

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On 9/23/2019 at 8:33 PM, GhostHell said:

I did some research to those who are interested, using some available sources and my memory :P

TOP 5 or something:

1 - Anette Olzon

Ever Dream:


Madame Anette Hell got the gig. She also claims to have done Angel, Higher than Hope and Ghost Love Score, but these one were never published.

2 - Véronique Lapierre (Anemonia)

Higher than Hope:

She is probably the one cited on Marko's biography. He said they were undecided between Anette and Véronique, but after a meeting with their management they chose Ms. Olzon.

? - Elize Ryd (Amaranthe)




- Manuela Kraller (ex-Haggard, ex-Xandria)

I am pretty sure she actually auditioned, and I think she said that on an interview, but I just can't find it now.

- Ailyn (ex-Sirenia)

I even read somewhere that her cover of The Poet and the Pendulum was actually one of the DPP try-out sessions, which I highly doubt. And If I am not mistaken, she was known by a musical reality show before Sirenia.

- Elina Siirala (Leaves' Eyes)

I read that she auditioned back then, don't know if it's true. She is Tuomas' cousin by the way. She did Sleeping Sun, probably just a cover, not audition.

- Capri Virkkunen (Amberian Dawn)

I also read that she auditioned, probably on an interview. Can't find it now either. She also performed some NW songs live later (Sleeping Sun, Amaranth).

- Maxi Nil (Jaded Star, ex-Vision of Atlantis)

Imagineer said about her, and I am pretty sure I head her name too. Maybe you could find some Greek source @Imagineer.

- Vicky Psarakis (The Agonist)

Some said she auditioned but there's just a cover of Slaying the Dreamer on her YT channel, so I doubt there's any connection.

- Lady Angellyca (Forever Slave)

She said to the media that the band manager Ewo got in contact with her back in December 2005.

- Emily Ovenden (ex-Pythia)

Her name was mentioned on this forum a couple of years ago, don't remember who said about her.

- Mija Anderson

Swedish singer, unknown for the majority, I guess.

Appointed by the media:

- Floor Jansen

I am pretty sure that I read an interview of Marko a few years ago in which he said she crossed their minds back in the days, because she was already a colleague, but they also didn't want to finish After Forever's carrer. And that the same thought should be applied to another estabilished bands. She was also appointed by the media and tabloids several times.

- Simone Simons (Epica)

A Finnish website reported back then that Tuomas thought she would be a good choice after watching Epica at Tuska 2006. But that Simone refused the offer because she wanted to stay neutral with both the guys and Tarja. I think it's just a rumour, though.

- Liv Kristine (ex-Leaves' Eyes)

I remember she said that a Finnish newspaper announced her name, and Tarja and Marcelo even got to call her to congratulate, and she didn't know a thing about what was going on. It must have been funny.

- Sarah Jezebel Deva

- Marcela Bovio (ex-Stream of Passion)

- Vibeke Stene (ex-Tristania)

If you guys find more info, please share. I can also edit and compilate all the stuff on this same post if it's more easy. :)

Marco's biography "Stainless" also mentions that Olivia, who sang in English prog rock band, performed in audition songs. She is probably Olivia Sparnenn-Josh from Mostly Autumn. 


Fun fact: A multi-instrumentalist called Troy Donocley has worked extensively with Mostly Autumn.


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14 hours ago, Imagineer said:

It's happening again. Floor, Marko and Tarja will share the stage on Hartwall Arena on 14/12 for the Raskasta Joulua show.

Floor and Marko will be at a bunch of other shows as well. Tommy Karevik will appear for the first time.

Yaaaay! I'd love to see Tommy & Elize together again on stage, so here's hoping they meet at Hartwall Arena for at least one song :)

They should record a DVD of that show.

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Re: the "breakup", the choice and motivation may or may not have been more personal than professional. If we get a band "biography" (would be cool) or one for Tuomas we might get explanations.

I'll just say that depression is no joke. It could be that he not only didn't take the right business decision but that even the possibility wasn't available to his thinking at the time.

They stayed together and kept making music. Floor had her own burnout - she'll get it. They ended up with her and it's worked out very well for everyone.

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So, I got a confirmation from Maxi Nil about the Nightwish auditions. She told me through Facebook that she sent her demos indeed, and that it will be available only on her Patreon page for those who want to join.

The English girl, Emily Ovenden also answered me. She said she auditioned as well (no more demos saved), but that she is actually happy at how things turn out for her and Nightwish. I don't think she's actually singing anymore, which is a pity.

I also texted Anette the same day as Cassie, Maxi and Emily, asking if she would have more demos to share, but I didn't get an answer until then. She used to reply fan messages on Facebook, so let's just wait.


On 9/26/2019 at 6:09 AM, Imagineer said:

It's happening again. Floor, Marko and Tarja will share the stage on Hartwall Arena on 14/12 for the Raskasta Joulua show.

Floor and Marko will be at a bunch of other shows as well. Tommy Karevik will appear for the first time.

This is wonderful news! Finnish fans are so lucky. I hope they take a picture together. :friends:

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Years ago, Anette mentioned wanting to release her Ghost Love Score demo and she even tried to upload it to her Soundcloud but it was blocked due to copy right, so she uploaded the Romanticide demo instead.

....Unfortunately literally within a few days Nightwish posted a live video of Floor singing it and Anette never brought it up again :(

This must have been like in 2014 maybe?


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Dont know where else to post this but Marco makes a god awful noise at 2:21 that we should all never forget.

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