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Ask Emppu your questions here!


This thread will be open until September 18.


This thread is exempt from the double posting rule - you are free to double post in this thread. Other than that, general forum rules apply to the questions (keep it clean, etc)


All questions to be in English.


Important: We cannot at this time guarantee answers to questions submitted to Emppu. We will, of course, try our best, so ask away!

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Hi Emppu,


You're beautiful and sexy man and great guitarist . You inspires me .

Do you like your czech fans ?


I wish you a nice day, be happy with your family :)

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Hello Emppu! What Nightwish song has the best guitar solo in your opinion? And how many guitar solos there would be in a perfect song? :)  

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What is your Nicest present you got from a fan ? And if you could work with someone who would it be can be someone that passed away and why that person?

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Hei Emppu! Thanks for being here and answering all our weird questions :D I have many :D So:


1. What languages (except Finnish and English) can you speak/read/understand? Is it easy for you to learn a foreign language?

2. You always read awesome books. Can you recommend something?

3. What is your favourite place in Finland (except your own home of course)?

4. Have you ever thought of teaching the guitar?

5. It is a pleasure to look/listen to you as a part of Nightwish and Brother Firetribe, but it also would be nice to listen to your solo project. Any plans about that?

6. What art do you like? Do you like paintings?

7. You used to have a turtle Luikki. Is she still with you? Do you have any other pets? Would you like to?

8. What is a perfect day for you?

9. How do you imagine yourself in a 20-years time?

10. What qualities in people do you like and dislike?

11. What is the best/most memorable present you received from a fan? Which do you like more: receiving or giving presents?

12. You are a very handsome and charming man and many female fans adore you. What do you think about those of them who make a declaration of love to you?


Kiitos :)


Warm regards,


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Hi, Empu, I absolutely love your live performances; your energy, your expressivity, those runs right and left. You really look happy on stage.


1.-Are you as happy as you look on stage?

2.-I know you play bass because you played it in the first NW album, but is there any other instrument you can master too?

3.-You used to write songs for NW (or at least part of them) and some of those songs are among my favourite ones, like The Siren, Slaying the Dreamer or Beauty of the Beast, why did you stop composing?

4.-As I stated above you look very confortable on stage but not in the interviews. Why?

5.-Have you ever thought about changing your image? Like dying your hair black or wearing a bandana, Jukka style?


Thank you for being such an important part of my favourite band

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1.  Passion & The Opera is one of the greatest, most underrated riffs in all of metal!  It literally sounds like it was plucked out of the Powerslave sessions!  I know it's been almost 2 decades, but do you remember how you came up with that riff?


2. Do you feel the decreasing role of the guitar in Nightwish to make room for symphonic/wind instruments is in fact a De-evolution of the band, contrary to the band/current albums philosophy of "always evolving?"  I mean at the end of the day Nightwish is still a metal band!  It's not metal if there aren't any distinctive riffs in it?


3.  Being that you're in the last group of question answering, you're clearly taking top billing over the lead singer and main songwriter!  How does it feel to take such an honor?



Thanks again for doing this and I hope the next Nightwish album is more riff/solo oriented (and back in standard tuning!)

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Hi Emppu! Thank you and the whole band, you and your music is great!


1. An advice to someone who wants to dedicate himself to music?


2. What memories do you have about the first Nightwish show? How did you felt before and after it?


3. Who are your favourite guitarists?


4. Do you like Iron Maiden? Is one of your influences?


5. On the website of Nightwish, you say that you change from times to time of favourite Nightwish song. What is your favourite at this moment?


6. What is the most difficult Nightwish song to play live?


7. What songs of the first albums would you like to play live?



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- Besides the guitar, which instruments do you also play?


- What is your favourite song to play live and which one is the most difficult?


- Do you ever write (stories, poetry, lyrics, etc.)?


- Considering all Nightwish albums, which artwork is your favourite?


- What is the greatest guitar solo ever composed?

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Hello Emppu!blank.gif:) 
Thanks a lot for your contribution to Nightwish, for your wonderful playing! And of cause for your answering here!!!
1) Would you like to compose something for the next Nightwish album?(please, yes:))
2) What's your the most vivid memory from the childhood?
3) Which of Nightwish songs is your favourite at the moment? And which one from Brother firetribe?
4) What is your favourite animal?
5) What's your theory about the origin of man on Earth?
Best wishes to you! Thank you blank.gif:)

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Emppu, let us know what is that beverage you drink on stage? Whenever the bottle starts to get empty, Antti seems to be there to faithfully rescue you from serious dehydration. Does that service apply only during shows or do you get that 24/7? ;)

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Dear Emppu, 

    all musicians have an excuse not to practice every day, 6 hours a day, until they are in physical pain.


Most of us have it easy - "I have a day job, I'm too tired".

Others have to be more creative: "I'm too busy singing!" "I'm too busy producing!"


And then, if you play in a crust punk band, of course, you have the old "I can shred but it's just that being sloppy is part of my sound" - or "technique is overrated, it's the feeling, mon" if you play with a bunch of Grateful Dead wannabes.


But you don't sing, don't play in no crust punk band - you play in a bona fide metal supergroup! - it must be excruciating.


What's the best excuse you've come up with so far?

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Hello Emppu,



Some serious and not so serious questions:



A) Are you a fan of David Gilmour's guitar playing style?


B) Is it possible to prolongue those very nice riffs at the start of 'She's my sin' a bit at the next concert in the Netherlands?


C) Finlandia wodka or a Belgian trappist beer?


D) Do you think that adding a second or even a third guitar player to a rock/metal band makes a lot of difference other than a heavier/fuller sound?


E) Any idea how many picks you get by in one year?


F) Ice fishing or lake fishing in summer or just fish and chips?


G) How often do you look for (new) guitars in stores that sell them?


H) Would you say that, in general, playing with your fingers just gives that more 'feeling' in playing than with picks?


I)  If you could choose one song out of all songs you could have written/composed yourself, which song would that be?

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Hello, Emppu! Firstly I want to thank for everything  you do in music and for some guitarists like me! You are an incredibly talented musician who touches my heart and soul with his playing and inspires me to develop in music! Your music in addition to excellent technics has a soul. Your soul! You and music are a single whole! Thank you for this!  Always stay so! You are the best for me! \m/


And now the questions... :)


1. Do you remember your very first guitar lesson with teacher Plamen? What were your impressions and what did you feel?


2. I think, many fans would like to make friends with you in real life. You are a really very nice person, don´t deny this, because I feel it and know it for sure ;)  So, the question is: have any of your fans manage to become a real friend of yours?


3. What personal qualities and traits of character attract you in people? And which of them are repulsive to you and make it impossible to have any relationship with their owners?


4. Walgalla, your gorgeous song "Karelian Night", Nightwish, Altaria, Brother Firetribe, Guitar Hiroes, U MEET and many other projects. Your style of playing and your guitar "handwritting" is impressive and recognizable! I enjoy all your works and projects and I would like to thank you for all these powerful riffs, amazing melodic solos, beautiful melodies and positive energy! But, what about your solo-album? Is there any hope for it in future?


5. How did you start taking judo-lessons? Do you remember your first competition, championship and victory? If yes, could you tell how it was? :) Are you still taking judo-lessons? And better late than never - congrats with your Black Belt!


6. What was the funniest story that happen to you in your childhood, which makes you smile even today?



7. Do you take any part in writting lyrics for Brother Firetribe? Great lyrics, by the way! I look forward to your new single!)))


The next question is also about BFT... :)


8. Can you tell me about how you first met the guys and have become a member of the band?



9. You travel a lot. Local customs of which country surprised, and perhaps struck you the most?


10. What do you like doing in your spare time apart from rehearsals, recordings and tours? Hobby or just some favourite activity. Does photography remain on this list?


11. Do you like the Northern Lights?


12. What place for a vacation is best for you: where there is only the beach and nothing else, or where besides the beach there are many local historical and cultural attractions? Or is it a place somewhere on the lake in the woods away from the bustle of the city?


13. Do you like winter active recreation (skiing, snowboarding or maybe something else)? If yes, what is it?


14. What gauge of the strings do you use for E standard and one step down tuning?


15. Are there any songs in Nightwish´s repertoire for which you use the Drop D tuning? If so, which ones?


Lots of love, warm regards! Thank you! :)



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1. You stopped headbanging like in old times. Your energy and passion seem to diminish. You used to jump before the riff and bang the head out of you. What happened, why you stopped that? That was your trademark!


2. Do you compose at home? Is it you that stopped composing or the songs are "not good-enough" for the band? Your songwriting is amazing!


3. You have 4 siblings. Do you feel like the blessed one?


4. Do/Did you have frustrations because of your height? 

5. Are you trying to be more technical or to increase your skills?


6. Compare this Nightwish and Nightwish before 10-15 years ago and tell us what do you miss, and what do you enjoy more now.


7. Tell us how can we help you to compel Tuomas to bring more guitars and more heavy metal to Nightwish? I think that you deserve justice too!


8. Why do you keep silent in interviews?


9. Do you still think that a good song starts with a guitar solo and has at least 2 more solos?


10. Do you have any phobia? Are you afraid of something?


11. The happiest people are often the saddest. What do you think about it?


12. Symphonic or Power metal?


13. Choose 1 or 2 never-played-live NW songs that you want to play it desperately?


14. How often do you practice when you aren't on tour? 


15. What's your plans for the next year? 


16. Tell us the biggest thing that frustrates you in the band.


17. Tuomas mentioned that you had a big role in composing Alpenglow. Can you tell us what do you do exactly when you are rehearsing the new songs? Do you compose all the guitar solos?


18. Do you feel some ideas for a new song when you are at tour or you need peace and quiet?


19. Do you think the album suffers from a lack of guitar solos?


20. What was your first thought and reaction when Tuomas told you the plans for Imaginaerum (movie)?


21. Marco stopped drinking, Tuomas, Floor & Troy are vegetarians and your fave food&beverage are beer&hamburger. How do you cope that? :D


22. Were you terrified by the idea for Troy catching the second guitar? As I remember, you said that Nightwish don't need а second guitarist.


23. Why don't ѕоу grow your hair like in 2002 times?


24. You have a twin brother. Have you ever think to stand-in for you in some gig?


I just want to tell you that I respect you the most, you are my favorite member in Nightwish, and, I don't know if I am right, but I think that without you Nightwish wouldn't exist. Oh yeah, I expect at least 5 songs from you for the next album! Thank you for your time, sir.

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Hi dear Emppu,take your time for some questions:

1/You always whisper to Troy in the stage when you are performing. Really wonder what are you talking about?


2/Have you kept a pet in your home? What kind of animals would you like to keep as your pet?Do you like a husky dog?


3/How could you reach a balance between NW and brother firetribe?(songs are really hot! just love that!


4/Acoustic guitar or elecric guitar, which one do you prefer?


5/Will you read the letters from your fans?(I know that you are very busy...never mind, I just want to tell you that you are my angel(◡‿◡)you are a very warm and charming man with that smile!


6/Do you like China? Will brother firetribe go to China for a gig one day?


Thanks for your music! Best wishes.

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Hi Emppu! 

First of all, thanks a lot for being such an inspiration and always so happy and energetic on stage, it's contagious! And thank you so much for the guitar pick during the Amsterdam show last year! :D


1. I was wondering, you co-composed a few Nightwish songs, does it feel a little more special when these songs get chosen as a single and/or to play live because you were more involved in the writing of them, or just the same as any other song?


2. Is there a song that makes you (extra :P )happy to play live?


3. What's your favorite song Nightwish covered? (personally I really love the High Hopes cover, your version of the guitar solo is amazing!)


4. You guys did another version of Astral Romance on the Over The Hills EP with Tony Kakko on vocals instead of Tuomas, which version do you prefer in general and which version do you prefer guitar/guitar solo wise? 


Thanks a lot, rock on!! :)

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Terve Emppu!


- Who inspires you in your life?

- What was the moment in your life that changed everything?

- Have you ever written lyrics for a song?

- What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

- Can you recall any funny story that happened during EFMB tour?

- Have you read any interesting book during EFMB tour?

- Which guitar scale is your favourite?

- What's in your opinion the most important thing to remember if one wants to be a good guitarist?

- What is your favourite place in Finland?

- Which of Nightwish lyrics is your favourite?

- Where in the world would you like to live?

- You very rarely appear in interviews and it's hard to catch you after/before gigs. Are you shy or lazy? ;)

- What do you think of lyrics on EFMB? Are you into science?

- If you were to describe each member of the band with one word, what would they be?

- What was your biggest childhood dream? Did it come true?

- What do you value the most in your life?

- Any advice for a young person with big dreams? :)


Thank you for sharing your time with us. Have a nice holiday after the tour ends!

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Hi Emppu!  :laugh:


What do you think about Czech Republic and  czech fans?
When you will be again in the Czech Republic? :horns: (You've been great in Havirov!!)  :yahoo:
Thanks for answer ;)

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Hello Emppu, 


Can I just say that you are absolutely adorable! You seem so pleasant. You must have a dark side. What makes you angry? 




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1.Would you ever shave bald your golden hair?

2. What's your favorite comic book?

3. What is the best guitar solo ever composed?

4. Which band do you consider overrated? Which one underrate?

5. Which one is your favorite superhero?

6..- Traveling twenty years into the past, what do you think would have happened with your life and the band had you said no to that weirdo who wanted to form a band with female vocals?

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Thank you so much for answering to our many many questions from which your hair stand on end, your eyes stand out and your are thinking about why the hell did you undertake to do this. :)  

But we are very grateful for this opportunity. (Nightwish Dreamers Hungarian Fan Club)


What part of the day do you like most? Why?


What was your funniest moment what you will never forget?


What does true friendship mean to you?


What did you use to play when you were a child and why?


Do you like to play now? And what?


What are the 3 subjects you’d be happy to talk about?


What is the strongest human feelings according to you and why?


After a tour do you feel the need to be alone or you’d like to search for new adventures?


What is your favourite water form? (snowfalek, sea, lake…)


What do you prefer when it comes to art? Traditional or modern?


If you go to a foreign place what do you go to see first?


It is fantastic that you have that many siblings. What was your biggest joke you’ve made?


Is there anything you’d never try out? What is it?


What do you prefer to write with, a pen or with a pencil? 


What was the strangest object you’ve met during your travels?


What story would you tell to your grandchildren?


Is it easier for you to communicate with people from the stage? 


Do you like to try out “unknown ways”?


How many ways can you open a beer bottle?


What would you ask from your Hungarian fans?


Thank You Emppu!  :)

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