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Ask Marco your questions here!


This thread will be open until September 18.


This thread is exempt from the double posting rule - you are free to double post in this thread. Other than that, general forum rules apply to the questions (keep it clean, etc)


All questions to be in English.


Important: Marco has given us his blessing to continue on with Ask Marco and open this thread for your questions. Please keep this to questions only - any messages of condolences in light of recent events are for the Tarot thread here or their Facebook page here

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Moi Marko!


1. Could you tell us a bit more about the demo recordings made for Dark Passion Play?

  • Some of them eventually ended up as b-sides and bonus tracks on various official releases. Were there any others that haven’t left the vaults yet?
  • Which ones? Other than The Islander for obvious reasons.
  • Any chance of having them officially released at some point?


2. Speaking of demo recordings, could you tell us a bit about the ones you've composed and presented to Tuomas through the years?

  • Did they originally have different self-penned lyrics or were they simply instrumental?
  • Which ones changed the most from your initial composition compared to the final album version?
  • Did Tuomas ever reject anything you wrote and if so, what was it?

I'd also just like to slip in a short comment about how much I love While Your Lips Are Still Red! :D

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  • Which is your favorite collaboration of yours with Delain?
  • Speaking of Delain, will you be there in the 10th anniversary show?
  • Which song of Angels Fall First/Oceanborn/Wishmaster is your favorite?

Thanks! Maybe I forgot some question so then I will post it! Greetings!

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Hi Marco! When you played in Provinssi, one thing caught my eye. You had a ponytail in your beard. May I ask what led you to that stylistic decision? 

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hi marco


thanks for this opportunity to ask questions


1 I wonder do you have any hilarious stories involving your beard such as has it got stuck in things or difficult to maintain?


2 have you ever done metal growls heavier then slaying the dreamer or master passion greed which is quite heavy already in the vocals was just wondering and your softer voice showcased in the islander was also awesome by the way, your very talented?


3 will you possibly be working with delain again or keep working with that band on guest vocals in songs, also did you mentor or inspire delain I just get the vibe that some of their inspiration is from working with you on songs and nightwish on tours its really cool to see you do other musical projects like work on a song here and there?


4 does any of the nightwish band members get up to mischief while on the tour bus or while on tour in general or when someone's trying to get to sleep and are there any funny or annoying habits?


5 do you have any pets?


6 what have you currently been watching on YouTube or what games have you been playing lately or music you been listening to , yep that's probably three questions in there lol oops?


7 hmm, does the beard have days where it's like no no nope none of that, not taming me the day lol?


8 do you go to gym like floor does?


9 do you ever get stage fright right before the gig?


10 favourite food?

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How do you manage to keep fit on tour?

How did you start collaborating with Delain?

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Hi Marco.

My questions are:
Who's your favourite guitar player?
What do you do in your free time? I know you like videogames. What have you been playing lately? Do you like role-playing games?
Any advice on how to grow an awesome beard like yours?
How much taller than you is Arjen Lucassen?

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1.  You did a Q&A livestream back when Annette was still in the band, and someone had asked you if you played Skyrim yet.  Your response was "I haven't even played Oblivion yet!"  Have you played Oblivion yet?


2.   The song Endless Forms Most Beautiful was made the second single and video from the album, but not too long after that it was dropped from the setlist, and I never understood that.  Why was this decision made?


3.  What old song would you like to bring back that Floor hasn't sang yet?

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Hi Marco! First thank you and the whole band for all! I have some questions:

1. An advice to someone who wants to dedicate himself to music?

2. Why do you play in Dropped C tuning and not in Standard D tuning like Emppu?

3. Do you like Iron Maiden? Is one of your influences?

4. What inspires you to write Weak Fantasy and Yours Is An Empty Hope?

5. Who are your favourite metal singers?

6. Have you ever thought about make a solo album?

7. What is your favourite Nightwish song to play/sing live? And the most difficult?

Thank you!

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- Considering all Nightwish albums, which is your favourite bonus track?


- For you, what are the most bizarre lyrics you can find in a Nightwish song?


- Which Nightwish song gives you more goosebumps and why?


- What is the greatest guitar solo ever composed?


- We made eye contact and you smiled when you played in Lisbon, Portugal some days ago. Do you usually remember the faces in the audience? Do you pay attention to the way people react to the songs and sing along?

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Hi Marco!

After watching some videos of your cover of Jethro Tull's Locomotive Breath I want to ask you what do you think of making cover of Broadsword? :rolleyes:

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Hi Marco,


Thanks for doing this and greetings from one SciFi-fan to another!


1. A bunch of questions related to your recent rock opera collaborations: You have collaborated with both Arjen A. Lucassen and Tobias Sammet - how was the experience with both, also compared to each other? Did Tobi come up with the idea for "Master of the Pendulum" or did you provide some inspiration?


2. It seems that Tuomas is not much of a SciFi guy but would you consider writing SciFi / utopian / dystopian themed songs for a future NW release (given that this is an area NW does not seem to have explored thematically yet)?


3. If you had the chance to put one NW song on the data carrier of a robotic probe or spacecraft leaving the solar system (such as the Voyager Golden Record) as an interstellar message from mankind to any alien civilization, which would it be? [in the context of EFMB, I noted that the committee chosing the songs for the Voyager programme was chaired by Carl Sagan by the way]


4. You seemingly have preserved your passion for sausages despite NW becoming increasingly veggie - which were the best sausages you have experienced and where? Considering NW's huge variety of band merchandise (from Imaginaerum wine to baby garments) will there also be a NW sausage one day - The Greatest Sausage on Earth?

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Hoi there Marco,



A) What's your favourite place/room to listen to music and is that with or without headphones?


B) Don't you think it's time for a celebratory Finnish independence song (or even better: a EP) in 2017?


C) What's your favourite mode of transport to reach your destination if this involves?:

     1 hour by plane

      2 hours by train

      3 hours by car or

      4 hours by bike


D) What's your opinion of Ian Gillan's vocal performance on 'Child in time'?


E) Do you own one or more of the 100.000's of Finnish lakes and/or islands?


F) What's, in your view, the biggest reason for the decline of the music industry? And do you agree that the ridiculous high introduction price (in the 80's) of the CD also played a major role in this?


G) Has Sibelius' 'Finlandia' ever inspired you into writing lyrics or music?


H) Choice: Playing (naked would make it even more interesting  :P ) '7 Days to the wolves' in the Sahara or 'Sahara' on the Northpole?


I) What makes a venue great to play in, apart from the fans?


J) Which NW-song does get the best out of your vocal abilities?


K) Do you still vividly remember when you received your first golden record?


L) Is it very difficult for a bassguitar player to get a distinctive style of playing?


M) Choice: Finland World champion football OR Olympic champion ice-hockey? 


N) Has Floor offered you guys Dutch delicacies like raw herring, bitterballen, sweets or cookies yet?

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Hi Marco, thanks for taking your time to answer our questions.

I'd like to know:


>If you could do time travel to any point of time in the past or future, where would you go?

>What person would you like to meet, if you could, from the past, present or future?

>What was the last thing that made you really angry?

>Do you have one thing that never fails to make you laugh? Like a joke, a funny person or funny video.

>How do you cope with the long winters in Finland? Does the long darkness anything with you or is this something you don't mind?

>What is your favourite sweet that you cannot resist?

>Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

>Do you think that you ever will retire one day?

>If you could speak a language without having to learn it which one would it be?

>Where would you like to live if you could not live in Finland?


Thank you.

And thanks for While Your Lips are Still Red. It was my husband's and my wedding song and we now have very fond memories of it. ^_^

All the best and take care! :)

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Dear Marco,

   thanks for taking your time to answer our questions.


  1. Songwriting duos are always interesting animals, I find.
    No two pairs of writers work alike.

    And so what does the Hietala - Holopainen songwriting duo work like?
    How is it similar and how does it differ from the writing process in Tarot with the other Hietala?

    Who is the Lennon - the larger-than-life, heart-on-sleeve iconoclast - and who is the McCartney - the slightly more detached crafter of traditional pop tunes?

    Which one is the Frey and who is the Don Henley?
    The politicized pop-savvy Simon and the more ascetic Garfunkel?
    Who is the Bono and who is the The Edge - the one with an ear for peculiar sounds and timbres?
  2. You said you have had to alter your playing style to better fit Kai (or so was reported on this forum, I blame them if it's not true :P ).
    While I appreciate that Kai does sound very different - how and why did you have to change your playing, exactly?
    Is it something you would "keep" when/if Jukka should come back?

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Hi Marco! Here are my questions


1.- Why you stopped doing classic metal covers with Nightwish? (I mean, Simphony of Destruction, Wild Child...They were very cool)

2.- Will there be a "Solo Marco" song on the next album like The Islander or While Your Lips are Still Red?"

3.- During Himos Park show, you went with the crowd during Stargazers because Sammi was guesting, what did you felt when you saw your own band performing but from the point of view of a fan?


Thanks for your time here and during Madrid meet&greet, you were very funny!

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I know you're a big sci fi fan. Have you ever had the chance to see any episodes of Doctor Who or Red Dwarf? If so, what did you think?


I noticed that you listed Lord Of The Rings, Bad Taste and Braindead as some of your favorite films. Have you seen any of Peter Jackson's other early films (like Meet the Feebles)? 

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Hi Marco!


Are you looking forward to any new metal albums that will be coming out soon, especially Epica's "The Holgrahpic Principle"?

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1. Do you use special shampoos for your beard?


2. As a vaper myself, I want to ask you how long do you use the E-cig? Do you build your coils or simply buy it? What is your favorite e-juice? I see you smoking cigarettes too, so do you combine them or trying to quit them for good?


3. If we make a deal, can you play to my wedding as a band?


4. Do you think that when you stopped alchocol a funny part of you left you? Can you afford a beer? You were afraid of something, you started to feel some negative effects, or you just left it overnight?


5. Do you have/had cravings for a shot of Mr. Finlandia?


6. Why don't you headbang anymore?


7. I traveled more than 1200km (in one direction!) to see you in Kosice, Slovakia. Am I crazy?


8. I see you play all the time, your mini-guitar (I forgot the name), or just playing some tunes at the acoustic one. How do you know if some good riff pop-out? Do you represent your work to someone firstly (to your kids maybe), or you just know that it is good?


9. Your opinion about migrant crisis and migrants in Finland?


10. Do you regret about something in your life?


11. When will you compose a song for Nightwish for mosh-pits? What do you think about mosh-pits? :)


12. Have you ever been in mystery (escape) room-game?

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1) Once, you told you’ve been depressed for quite a long time, and these words became a great support for me, for I know this condition too perfectly. But all I wanted is to say a huge thank you for your music and words. I know, it's very bizzar to hear, but I've been in an awful mood, where I could do nothing but sit and cry, just constantly sit and cry, and somehow, when I listened to, for example, "I Walk Forever" or "Bleeding Dust" I felt much better. So, may I ask you: how did you manage to overcome your demons?
2) How many languages do you speak?
3) Your lyrics for Tarot are really misalignment and full of metaphors. Do you make it consciously in order to make some atmosphere and mystery, or it just goes this way because of inspiration?
4) You’re a really experienced person. If you could give your children just one advice in order to help them avoid mistakes, what would it be?
5) Do you have a hobby besides music? For example, drawing, collecting something, etc?
6) What love means to you?
7) Some say, an adult person is very different from what he used to be in youth, and some say that people never change, come hell or high water. What is your point of view? Did you changed much since youth, and what were the changes?
8) List five the most important things, which remained in your memory about each vocalist you had in Nightwish.
9) Just another choice: tea or coffee?
10) Can you associate yourself with any animal?
11) Do you have any regrets about being musician instead of astronaut? In what ways your life could have been different if you became an astronaut?
12) I heard that you wanted to write a book one day. If you didn’t change your mind, so, in what genre and what about it could be?
13) Tuomas always says, that all the music he writes is about him, it’s very much like “a diary of his soul”. What is your attitude to stuff like this? Do your songs reflect your condition or state of mind, or you prefer not to share your personal life with wide audience? P.S. Some songs from “The Gravity of Light”, especially “Gone”, “End of Everything” and “I Walk Forever” seem to be very personal. Is it really so or is it a wrong impression?
14) Do you play some other instruments, besides guitar and bass?

15) You're a bookworm and a songwriter. Did you ever write a song based on any book?
16) You have an older brother. Were you in good relationships during your childhood, or did you fight for parents’ love, toys or something else?
17) Are you a strict father or a kind one? How do you raise your children? And what is the most important thing in raising kids, in your opinion?
18) List 10 unexpected facts about you, which we probably didn’t know.
19) Why did you stop to play “The Phantom of the Opera” after Tarja’s leaving? You sounded gorgeous as a Phantom! Did it happen because Tarja was an ideal Christine?
20) Women are usually mad about their appearance. I ask you to figure out man’s point of view: how much appearance means to you? 
21) Do you follow Tarja’s or Anette’s solo projects?

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Terve Marco!


- Who inspires you in your life?

- What was the moment in your life that changed everything?

- Have you ever written lyrics for a song?

- What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

- Can you recall any funny story that happened during EFMB tour?

- Have you read any interesting book during EFMB tour?

- On the official page of the band, you wrote that you like graveyard humour. Can you tell us any joke or anecdote black as the devil himself? ;)

- What is your favourite place in Finland?

- Which of Nightwish lyrics is your favourite?

- Where in the world would you like to live?

- If you were to describe each member of the band with one word, what would they be?

- What was your biggest childhood dream? Did it come true?

- What do you value the most in your life?

- You've got the most beautiful hair in the whole world! How do you take care of them?

- Any advice for a young person with big dreams? :)


Thank you for sharing your time with us. Greetings from Poland!

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Hi Marco! 

I want to say you that you are fantastic!!  :horns:

 Maybe I will be in Finland next year. Can you recommend me some places which I can visit? ;)

What's your favourite film?

Which shampoo do you use? ( just for fun ) ... :giggle:

Thank you for everything and for answer.

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Heippa Marco!
First of all, thank you so much for taking time in answering our questions!! 


Silly things first, is it easier to learn the bass guitar or the average guitar? 

Coming to movies, have you seen the newer Star Wars movie that was released lately? If so, do you like it or do you prefer the original classy ones? 

If you could turn into any mythical creature, what would you like to be? 

I´ve always been wondering what inspired you to write the song "Tides", as well as "Stigmata", both wonderful works, and I´d love to know your inspiration behind them!

If someone wrote a story with you in it, would you prefer to be the villain or the hero? 

I loved your work together with Delain and Amorphis, do you consider working with them in the future as well again? 


I don´t know if you´re following the Song of Ice and Fire book series (or the TV series) but if so, which house would you like to be a part of? And is the iron throne yours in the end? 

And if you could live in another era or time travel, which would you prefer to see, ancient or futuristic? 


You mentioned once your greatest guilty pleasure are sweets- sweets in general or anything special? 


Of all the bass guitars you own, is there one personal favorite you like to work with for usual?

Did you ever consider to get yourself a tattoo done?

When talking with fans, you often refer to yourself as an idiot. Is that because you don´t want to take yourself too seriously? (I just wonder because most of all fans wouldn´t consider you to be an idiot..)

And about images, do you like being called a viking at times or would you rather be something else? 




That´s it from my part! Thank you again for taking your time! Be safe and keep on rocking! 

PS- great choice that you stopped consuming alcohol, we´re all very proud of you! (and thanks again for signing my drawing of you!) 

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