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Thanks to Jukka for completing these for us:



Have you ever tried another instrument besides percussion?


Not really. Well, except if singing back in the elementary schoold counts… I haven’t really had any urge to go for any other instrument.



What has been your most common injury because of drumming during the last 20 years?


At one point I started to get really sore right wrist after every show. I started to do certain excercises and changed the setting a bit, and luckily it helped.



Who are your favourite drummers and your inspirations?


I still have to mention the ones back from when it all started, so that would be Mike Portnoy and Jörg Michael. During the last years, focus has been in the music as a whole, so I’m not really following any particular player(s) anymore.



Do people recognise you as Nightwish's drummer when you aren't wearing the bandana? Have you ever used that advantage?


Probably not, but I haven’t had any need to test that, so can’t say for sure.



How many times have you watched the band this tour? How strange did it feel?


That would be five shows, the first one being the tour kick off in New York in April 2015. I have to admit, that night was as strange as it gets… But then again, the latest one at the Himos Park last month was already a much better.



Is there any EFMB song where you think “wow I’d love to have a go at that one?”


The album is full of fantastic songs, but if just one has to be mentioned let’s make it "Shudder Before The Beautiful”. Just a perfect start for the album and a KO live song.



What was it like to be back on the throne once more at Himos?


It was pretty out there... Fantasticly strange homecoming! It had been three years since the previous show, so routines were all gone, but still it somehow felt like it would have been just yesterday.



What is your favourite thing to eat/cook?


That would be some kind of Indian curry. There’s nothing like going wild with all those spices and seeing what you come up with. Not two dishes are the same.



What is the funnest song to play live, and which is the most difficult?


"Last Ride Of The Day” and ”Ghost Love Score” are probably the ones on the top of the fun list, and ”She Is My Sin” keeps you nicely busy.



Being a drummer, do you feel that you have far less interaction with the audience? If so, how do you feel about it?


Not really. It’s your own decision how you want to interact with the audience, and if you’re up for it, you’ll find a way.



I've read that you are a fan of Eckhart Tolle. How have his teachings influenced your life?


I happened to come across with his book ”Power of Now” some years ago, and I was surprised how big part of it was more or less equal to how I had come to understand life and reality myself. Reading and listening more has expanded this understanding, so needless to say, I highly appreciate his work.



What is your current daily routine with looking after the band’s administration?


There’s a lot to do, but not much routines. Things come and go, and you deal with them as they appear. 



What do you value the most in your life?


I would say, the life itself. ”Life” meaning everything that happens, in good and in bad. I don’t find any reason to pick just one aspect of it and make that the most valuable.



How did the collaboration between you and Kai start? 


I can’t remember where we met the first time, but most likely it was in some after party back in the day. But I do remember that we needed someone to help us out tuning the drums for the Dark Passion Play album. We asked the guy and there he was!



What was your most ridiculous impulse buy?


I don’t do impulse purchases (or at least I want to think I don’t…), but I usually do make purchase decisions pretty fast. For example, if I think it’s time to change our car, I check the related issues immediately and make the decision. I do not spend weeks going forth and back with the topic.



Have you ever attempted to learn other styles of percussion (djembe, hand drums, timpani etc)?


I’ve got into percussions during last year or two just for the interest, but haven’t yet dived deeper in it.



Do you have some new tattoos?


It’s been in the planning for couple of years already to get a new one, but haven’t find the right moment to do it yet. But it will come, sooner or later.



What is the funniest/weirdest/craziest thing that ever happened to you on stage?


Not really answering the original question, but the most odd stage moment for me has, for sure, been the visit on stage at the Himos Park last month. I can’t remember anything from the past that would top that.



Has being a spectator of recent shows given you chance to look at things from a different perspective, to help make any changes or improvements to the music or the shows that you perhaps may not have done normally.


Even though I would rather be seeing the show from the stage angle, it’s been utterly fantastic to be able to experience how it all looks and sounds from the audience point of view. No changes or improvements come in mind, but the overall understanding of the big picture has improved. Some matters that you think are major issues are actually more or less irrelevant, and some supposedly insignificant things might have a big impact. 


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Man, those answers sound so... sane and wise in an unpretentious, uncalculated sort of way.


There goes every stereotype about drummers ever.

Wonder if that's why its taking Kai so long.


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How sweet, thank you Jukka! All the best wishes.


Wonder if the the band could use two drummers? I don't want to let go any of the guys :(


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