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I couldn't stop laughing from start to end  :laugh: I love you Emppu, you're the man. Thank you for all your great energy.


I just realized we're never gonna get an answer on why the title track was dropped from the set after being named the second single.

Because it's bad, bad, awful, very bad, horribly bad. I think it's obvious, they aren't deaf.

I'm not a big fan of EFMB, but I don't think they consider it so bad. It's in the setlist of the concert in Tampere we'll have in our hands pretty soon and that means something. I think it was dropped because it's just redundant. If you have TGSOE, the title track becomes superfluous; same topic, worse song.


Well I don't like so much EFMB but I think it's far better than TGSOE.

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Obviously (and luckily) they don't think the same :music:  As for Emp's answers, they are good laugh, but he hasn't answered some of the most interesting questions. Anyway, it's Empu and we like him like that. It was fun at the premiere of To Nightwish with Love. At the end, all the members commenting the film at length, trying to make themselves clear and be respectful, analyzing everything etc etc and Empu just said something like "They said everything already, but we have a big family like you".  :rofl:

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Funny answeres :)
For thoses who did not no, Emppu has stoped playing ESP in studio, now he uses Ruokangas (seems they are making better guitars in his opinion).
Live he is not abel to use his custom Ruokangas cause of his contract with ESP.
I got in contact with Juha Ruokangas some weeks ago and he told me that Emppu recorded nearly all tracks on EFMB with the Ruokangas and I saw on Facebook that he uses the Ruokangas on the new track of Brother Firetribe-Taste of a Champion.
I also recieved a list with the Specs of Emppus Hellcat (the name of his model) and it is very diffrent from his ESP.
The guitar will sound very diffrent !

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