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Elvellon is a very promising newcomer-band from the German Symphonic Metal scene. Through a combination of orchestral sound, hard riffs and the extraordinary voice of frontwoman Nele the five musicians hit right at the heart of the listener. If one lets himself be carried off into their world of magic, he will find a journey between childish wonder and hard hearted bitterness.


Even though they have clearly defined musical roots, Elvellon try not to serve a specific scene, but rather let themselves be guided by the music itself. Their lyrics show a range of snapshots in a dreamlike story, in which anyone can find himself in.




In early 2013 the band began an intense working phase, the fruits of which were shown in November of the same year in front a big live-audience. The response was so overwhelming that the band put all the gained motivation into the creation of their first CD. After the release of the two online singles „Oraculum“ and „Born From Hope“ the self-recorded 5-track EP „Spellbound“ came out on the 30th of January 2015, which was released as a physical disc as well as in digital form. Following that they have received consistent positive feedback in form of online-reviews and fanmail.

Currently they are writing material for their debut album and to hit the studio to record it in January and release it in 2017 ;)


No one not interested of this great debuting band? ;)


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