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Your Covers

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Akdmeh  Piano covers by Akdmeh+notes! 

AlanaMy covers

Alex Luss : Alex Luss's Covers

alex_plcAlex_plc's Covers : Male voice and Guitar Cover

Alicia MariaMy vocal cover of Slow Love Slow

BabrablackMy male vocal cover of Scaretale!

BahamutZereo62Piano Cover of Elan

baselas :  Basel's Nightwish Covers   

bmajorosPirates of the Caribbean - Symphonic Metal Version

BrunoMy Keyboard Covers [HD][Good Sound]

CelestialWishCelestial Wish - Nemo (Full band cover)

Composer1992Composer1992's covers

DeathramonyDeatharmony's orchestral covers

Escapist94She Is My Sin guitar solo cover

GhostLoveScoreGhostLoveScore's Covers

HollowmanPL"Amaranth" collaboration video

iknowyoubetter :  Nightwish covers by me

Ilsche :  Planet Hell keyboard cover

inagoldencageThe Heart asks pleasure first Vocal and piano cover

infinityInfinity's Covers

Innocent Heart :  Innocent's Covers

JaseBladeMy drum covers

JokassaPaikkassaCovers of this and that :)

laura4484Laura4484 Vocal Covers

LBispoWhile Your Lips Are Still Red Cover

Making OceansMy Song and Project Band

Manu FortiPlacebo - Pure Morning

MariusEpica cover

MasterStroke EpuNightwish Keyboard cover by Mr Asiq (MasterStroke)

Musta : Musta's Nightwish Covers

NawitchNawitch's covers

NekoMcEvilCovers by me

NightPantherNightPanther's Covers

NoxeliaMy Nightwish cover

obelix5150The Greatest Show On Earth - Piano Cover

OceanDreamSonata Arctica cover

Ox fan 4everOona's Bass Covers

phantomMy Covers...

PianoCrumbsImaginaerum piano covers by smakovsky

RATIBORStudio Autumn - Russian Nightwish!

residentourresidentour's covers ; residentour's covers

rosleckNightwish Covers

Serious SamMy Metal Covers

SheIsMySonGhost Love Score cover (music video)

Slayed DreamerSlayed Dreamer's Covers

Sleeping_SunSleeping_Sun's Covers

SynteyKeyboard covers

TheVikingMaidenGolgotha's Garden 

TimZuidbergTim Zuidberg's Nightwish-Drumcovers

ToriaA few Nightwish Covers...

VenemakikNew fan/ new sleeping sun cover.

Yoshi033Yoshi033's Covers

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