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New Dark Theme

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We changed the colors! Finally. Apologies for the delay :D 

Anyway, the 50 shades of gray theme is no longer the default one. That being said, you can still choose to use it if you prefer it. 

At the moment there are 3 theme choices :

  1. Nightwish Online - Dark (Default) : the new dark theme, also the default site theme
  2. Nightwish Online - Light : the old gray theme 
  3. Default : a default white theme, quite basic

You can change your theme by clicking the Theme option at the very bottom of any page. 

The dark theme solves some of the concerns from when NightwishOnline went up, namely:

  • Contrast : things are way less gray on darker gray on lighter gray. It should be much easier on the eyes now. And you can see what the read/unread forum nodes are actually supposed to be :P 
  • Font size : this came up a couple of times. The default font size is now bigger than it was before, so it should make for more comfortable reading. 

One more new thing is Sliders, which can be found on the homepage. 

These will mainly just scroll through welcome banners and news (NW-related and website-related, for example competitions, events, etc)


We're open to any feedback / ideas, so let us know what you think :)

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