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So here's Our Decades In The Sun. I replaced the "Father" part with lyrics to fit my personal life better. My voice isn't as good as it could be.

Edited Lyrics:

Mother, you are everything to me
Safe in your guidance I can do anything
Oh I believe
In all the faith you place in me
You are my light in the dark 


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this is awesome have to keep singing! really like them both. you did my favorite song from the newest Nightwish record...Floor's best my opinion. takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there...doing such a great song....and a song which is sung by Floor Jansen. Floor Jansen is a great singer! Who knows...someday you might be singing in a band...making great songs...just like Floor. no matter what...if singing makes you happy...sing. That is something i remember Floor saying in an interview. she said...even if people don't like your singing...sing. she is saying...sing if you want to sing. great advise...from a great singer!

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