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Rage Of Light

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Rage of Light is a young Swiss band that define themselves as "trance metal / melodic death metal". It features singer Melissa Bonny, who's also known from her other band Evenmore and her collaborations with Serenity and Warkings.

Their early music is OK, but the first time I really noticed them was when they covered one of Amon Amarth's most well known songs, Twlight of the Thunder God:

I mean wow, this is as good as covers get! Then, in the same year, they shot another video and released this song, which is still my favorite:

At this point I was hooked. I lost track of how many times I played "mechanicals" and hoped the band would start writing more seriously and produce a full length album. As it turns out, that was the case. They signed with Napalm records and their first album is going to be released March 29th. I can't wait!

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