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Hi guys! This is my first post, i'm new here!

Here you are my ranking:

1) Oceanborn: i love this album. Every song is special, no weak tracks. For me, this is their masterpiece. Love Stargazers, Getshemane, Sacrament of Wilderness and Swanheart! 92/100

2) Century Child: It has some wonderful songs (Ever Dream, Feel for you) and some weak songs (Oceansoul and The Phantom of the Opera) but is a great album overall. 87/100

3) Endless Form Most Beautiful: also if there isn't any particular song very catchy, i find It very balanced in a good way. My favourite songs are Edema Ruh  and Weak Fantasy, the worst Our Decades in the Sun. 86/100

4) Once: Very Good Album, with very strong tracks (Dark Chest of Wonders, Creek Mary's Blood, The Siren) and some weak ones (Romanticide, Kuolema....). 84/100

5) Imaginaerum: Really love Storytime and the Last Ride of the Day. Slow, Love Slow Is not my cup of tea at all. 82/100

6) Wishmaster: a good effort, but most of the songs are quite forgettable. Best songs: Crownless, Wanderlust. Worst: FantasMic, Dead Boy's Poem. 80/100

7) Angels Fall First. Nice LP, with some good songs, but overall is between the ones that i listen less. Best Songs: Know why the Nightingale Sings, Astral Romance. Worst: Tutankhamen, Nymphomaniac Fantasia. 77/100

8) Dark Passion Play. Absolutely the worst one. The only song that i really like is Amaranth, and here are there some songs that i don't like at all (probably the worst three  Nightwish songs of all time, imho): Master Passion Greed, Whoever Brings The Night and Last of The Wilds. 71/100

That's all. I hope you'll enjoy!



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Thought I should probably update this with all the new rankings!!

  1. Imaginaerum - 218 points
  2. Century Child - 209 points
  3. Dark Passion Play - 180 points
  4. Oceanborn - 177 points
  5. Once  - 177 points
  6. Endless Forms Most Beautiful - 169 points
  7. Wishmaster - 138 points
  8. Angels Fall First - 75 points

Oceanborn got unseated from its third position...Dark Passion Play now sits at 3rd!  And a chart overlaying the new totals overtop of the graph I did last time:


I have all the raw data - so let me know if you want any charts/figures.  (Yes, nerding out here...)

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Well, for me, it would be...

1.) Oceanborn
Just my favorite in terms of guitar work and atmosphere, I think.  Listening to this makes me feel like I'm being transported to another world.  That main riff in "Stargazers", the interplay between the guitar and keyboard in "Gethsemane", the beauty of "Swanheart", the aggression of "The Pharaoh Sails to Orion"... just nothing but bangers on this one!

2.) Century Child
This is an extremely close second to OB.  Again, it has a really great atmosphere to it and you can feel every song on this thing in your bones.  I love it.  "Beauty of the Beast" is one of their absolute best songs, and I'm still dying to see Floor sing that one!

3.) Imaginaerum
And this...well, it's an extremely close third to CC. :P I feel like this is where they peaked with their more modern film score-influenced sound.  Diverse, yet very consistent in mood and atmosphere.  Oddly enough, I wasn't quite sure what to think of it when it came out, but it grew on me significantly and is now one of my favorites.

4.) Once
While "Wishmaster" was the first NW song I heard, this is the first NW album I heard as a whole.  For that reason, I have a very soft spot for it.  "Ghost Love Score" is of course an undeniable masterpiece, "Dark Chest of Wonders" is one of their best openers, and the b-sides/bonus tracks "Live to Tell the Tale" and "White Night Fantasy" are basically classic NW songs to me.  I can't believe the recent Nuclear Blast reissue doesn't have these... glad I still have my Roadrunner copy.

5.) Dark Passion Play
Ah yes, the first NW album I followed the development of, at least. :P At the time, when it came out, I loved it immediately and furiously defended Anette from The Haters™.  There are a few songs on here that don't hold up as well as others but for the most part I still thoroughly enjoy it.  I'm glad I got to experience the sheer epicness of "The Poet and the Pendulum" live!

6.) Wishmaster
The title track was my first NW song.  I was very confused when I first heard it, but also intrigued.  I'd never heard anything quite like that before!  That being said, when compared to the album that came before it, it's a bit underwhelming.  I feel like Tarja's voice on this one isn't as warm and emotional as it is on "Oceanborn".  It still has some great songs on it of course, like "Fantasmic", "Crownless", and "She Is My Sin".

7.) Endless Forms Most Beautiful
Ah yes, the first album with Floor Jansen, who is of course one of the best vocalists on the face of the planet.  It's too bad they didn't really show that off much here, though.  I enjoy the album, don't get me wrong, but I felt almost baited and switched, considering the vocal acrobatics in After Forever and Revamp. :P This almost sounds more like it's written for Anette.  Still, I think "Alpenglow" is one of their best songs, and I like most of it (except for the title track (and its lyric video)).

8.) Angels Fall First
I honestly only like about half of this album if I'm being 100% honest.  Mr. Holopainen's singing...uh, leaves a lot to be desired and I can see why they eventually hired Marco (and judging from what Tuomas himself has said, he's not fond of his singing on here either).  Their sound was simply under developed on here and they were still trying to find themselves (and they certainly found themselves on the next album).

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For me one of the best Nw album is Wishmaster it have great atmosphere all over the whole album Some magic in it never happen after ;) My least fav is CC. Of course it also have nice tracks like Ever Dream or EOAH but somehow I not have that wow! Not like the idea of same melody to repeat on Bless the child and Beauty of the beast... 

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