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Making videos of my poems is not easy... I keep forgetting the lines.



... it is raining.

No more cold, killing dry wind

I like this warm, lazy rain

see the raindrops are patiently filling up all forgotten pots and buckets,

rinsing all the dust away,

waking up the dead grass.

This lazy rain is summoning up the worms and daffodils...

This rain izz good ..."


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I thought of this today when it rained on me...this is a nice poem. Rain is good!

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Rain is good. :)

...but some days ago i was lying on my back in the garden for making more video clips of my poem readings the nice lazy rain (which I had thought might be romantic and mysterious) turned too heavy. I am not even trying to get my voice recorded, will do that later after editing the video clips, but my nice (!) make-up was rinsed off!!!

Collecting my video bloopers here. "Making art is hard work, painful and drives you mad.." they say. Ok, but then, after becoming crazy, life will be dancing with rainbows and the moon.

The silly seconds are in the end of this clip. I was so sure the rain had ruined the whole, serious, dramatic session.

Tasmanian Devil

If i sink any deeper
i may see the daylight in Tasmania.
So let me sink in peace.
I have seen the northern lights,
heard the ice cold poems of my love,
there is no room for my tiny heart,
which falls in love too easily
and cannot be healed.
If i sink through the bottoms of two oceans,
through the pits of Lord Hades,
the Tasmanian devil will be newborn.
So let me go in peace
if you don’t want my little teeth to rip you in pieces.


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