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The Nightwish Song Parody Contest: Wishmaster Edition

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Welcome to the Nightwish Song Parody Contest:

Wishmaster Edition!


Just like we had back on the last forum, this is the Nightwish Song Parody Contest.



  • You may enter one parody per round.
  • The parody that you enter must be an original creation, whether it is old or new.
  • Your parody musn't violate any of the Forum's rules.
  • Anyone is allowed to vote. Anyone that submits a post MUST vote. If a user that submits a post DOES NOT vote, then he or she will be disqualified from voting. To make things fair, if you enter a parody, you may not vote for your own entry.
  • Have Fun!
  • You can't make a parody of a song that has been crossed out (down below under the songs)
  • Multiple people may make a parody of the same song.
  • NEW RULE: After discussing with Carol, any past winner or future winner will receive a signed Nightwish promo card. Just a little incentive to get you all to join in ;)

Here are the songs:

  • She Is My Sin
  • The Kinslayer
  • Come Cover Me
  • Wanderlust
  • Two For Tragedy
  • Wishmaster
  • Bare Grace Misery
  • Crownless
  • Deep Silent Complete
  • Dead Boy's Poem
  • FantasMic
  • Sleepwalker

When you submit your parody, please make the first line the name of the parody and what song it parodies. Submissions will be allowed from now until August 31st, and the time allotted for voting will be announced.


Have fun everyone!

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Rows Upon Rows

A parody of Deep Silent Complete


Walking through the vast library

Searching for a book to dwell in


Rows upon rows

The shelves towering

Slipping from reality into fiction


The librarian called "It's time to leave"

But how can I find my way out?


Rows upon rows

The shelves towering

I don't want to leave this paradise


Many will say that I'm suffering

How can you like to read?

I find no pleasure in a book

Many will say that they're just like me

Living with rows of books

The shelves, towering

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Alright: Because of the lack of entries, and also because I've been away and not able to get on lately, the deadline for posting a parody will be extended until SEPTEMBER 5th! Please please please enter! If I've been told right by Carol, the winner will receive a promo card that wins the competition that we had here! :D

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A little late here: Entries are no longer accepted. Seriously guys? I know it's hard to come up with parodies for Wishmaster after the epic Fishmaster ( :P ) but seriously? Only two?


I'm not going to allow voting for this round, simply because I don't think it's fair to win more than once. Therefore the winner of the Wishmaster round goes to dragonprincess and her parody of Crownless, Clueless!

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