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The Nightwish Song Parody Contest: Century Child Edition

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Welcome to the Nightwish Song Parody Contest:

Century Child Edition!

Just like we had back on the last forum, this is the Nightwish Song Parody Contest.



  • You may enter one parody per round.
  • The parody that you enter must be an original creation, whether it is old or new.
  • Your parody musn't violate any of the Forum's rules.
  • Anyone is allowed to vote. Anyone that submits a post MUST vote. If a user that submits a post DOES NOT vote, then he or she will be disqualified from voting. To make things fair, if you enter a parody, you may not vote for your own entry.
  • Have Fun!
  • You can't make a parody of a song that has been crossed out (down below under the songs)
  • Multiple people may make a parody of the same song.
  • After discussing with Carol, any past winner or future winner will receive a signed Nightwish promo card. Just a little incentive to get you all to join in ;)
  • NEW RULE: If you have already won a round, you may enter a parody for yours and our enjoyment - If your parody is picked as first place and you've won before, you'll receive the bragging rights, and the promo card will be delivered to the 2nd place-holder.

Here are the songs:

  • Bless The Child
  • End Of All Hope
  • Dead To The World
  • Ever Dream
  • Slaying The Dreamer
  • Forever Yours
  • Ocean Soul
  • Feel For You
  • The Phantom Of The Opera
  • Beauty Of The Beast
  • The Wayfarer
  • Lagoon

If you would like, here are the songs from OTHAFA:

  • Over The Hills And Far Away
  • 10th Man Down
  • Away
  • Astral Romance (2001)

When you submit your parody, please make the first line the name of the parody and what song it parodies. Submissions will be allowed from now until September 30th, and the time allotted for voting will be announced.


Have fun everyone!

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I find it highly sad that no one's made a parody and tomorrow is the last day for submissions... :sad:


Therefore, I'm extending the date by one week, to October 7th. If there are no submissions by then, then I will not continue with Once, Dark Passion Play, or Imaginaerum.

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My first post. Sorry for my poor parody, but hope you'll enjoy this.



Serve For You

[A parody of Feel For You]


It was my first love

The earth moving under me

Hot court scent, serve ardent

Distant ball, let me wait


I'm nothing on the court

The freezing feet, the silvery set

I had dread on your play

The endless nightmare, devil's game


Only so many times

I can't say strong on you

The pity among the boos

The great among the cheers


Someday, I will defeat Blake

Think his detect, stay great

With time all shame will fade

Through your hatred I will face


Deadly cold in the rain

Deadly calm in the place

Settling for a draw tonight

Unskilled girl, your tactics are mine


This one is for you for you

Only for you

Just give it to you never repent again

I serve for you

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The only possible winner: Congrats Tewma!


I have decided that due to lack of participation, I am discontinuing the competition.

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