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    I'd love to see them release their heaviest album yet (without having every song sounds angry or antything). I'm thinking stuff like Romanticide and the Piano Black section of Song of Myself. Some operatic vocals, some heavy vocals and some growls from Floor, more keyboard and guitar solos from Tuomas and Emppu and more Marco lead vocals (him doing cleans and Floor growling like in Yours Is an Empty Hope was really cool). And some technical drum work from Kai on top of that. From Troy I'd like to hear more than just Flutes and backing vocals. I really like him as a second guitarist, especially when he does the Pink Floyd-esque stuff.
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    Sometimes I just want to sit down, lay back, enjoy and have fun w/ simple and catchy rock. With this song, what I wanted - I've got. And now - repeat!
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    I think it's very good that it is different to her other stuff! What do people want then? Another take on After Forever, NW or Revamp? No point in doing other projects then. I so like seeing Floor without that nose ring.......her face looks much nicer!
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    Okay. I am just getting home from Varna, BG. I was attending the last festival NW concert for this decades called tour. I was travelling exactly 2200 km, just for them. My personal record is still Slovakia, Kosice in 2016 , 3000 km total from my home. I don't know where to start. It was a brilliant night, the best concert so far in my concerts career, and the best NW show to this day. My hands are still shaking a bit. It was unbelievable! Lets start night before the concert. I was staying in Golden Sands, apx 15 km from Varna. That night, I knew that Nightwish guys are in Varna, so I travelled there, just to increase the chances to meet them, I was hoping to meet them at the city center or maybe in some Indian food restaurant. Long story short, I was driving from Golden Sands to Varna, and suddenly I remembered that it is good idea to park my car at the parking close to the Roselyn hotel, it was a cheap one, maybe far from the centar but still, it's a good parking. I didn't want to drive to the center because there was the varna rock festival runing, Kamelot that night I think. I parked the car at the Rosslyn parking, and I choose the hotel garden - way, to exit the parking and the hotel property. I don't know why I choose it to go from there. It was something more than coincidence for me. Walking that way, guess what? I see Tuomas, Troy, Emppu, Kai, Floor, Antti (emppu's guitar tech) and one blonde guy that I don't him yet, sitting at the hotel courtyard, sipping some beer there. Marco wasn't there. My legs went off, I just ran away and I was like WHAT THE HELL happened?! I got too anxious, my heart gone flip flops, it was first time to meet them in front of me, but I didn't want to meet them in person. I don't know why. Maybe I am too introverted, maybe coz I know more things for them than themselves, maybe because I didn't want to bother them. But, the person who was with me, literally pulled me, and yep, I met them. I just introduced myself, asking for a picture. I was afraid from Floor attitude because I know that she doesn't want to be 'too close' to the fans. Anyway, they were super polite, everybody was laughing and joking, Troy was the person who talked, Emppu did some fart sounds when we shot the pic, and Tuomas was just full grining all the time. I think that he is in the most happy period of his life, I don't know why, but he is agglutinated to Troy all the time, laughing to his jokes, don't let him at all. I just shake their hands, said them thank you, I wasn't able to tell them more about the whole thing Nightwish did in my life. I know that they got sick from that stories. The whole meeting was lasting 3-5 minutes. That was all Fun fact: They look super skinny and tiny in person, including Floor. Maybe we enlarge them in our heads because they are our idols The next night, they were super sharp in starting time, Apocalyptica was opening the gig, so yeah, you know, it was crazy. I know that the crowd in the northern parts in Europe is more reserved, but here in Bulgaria, the audience went nuts when Nightwish started their opening song. And all the people knew all the lyrics too. I was enjoying the night to the fullest. I guarantee that the band enjoyed it too. The setlist: End of All Hope Wish I Had an Angel 10th Man Down Come Cover Me Gethsemane Élan Sacrament of Wilderness Deep Silent Complete Dead Boy's Poem Elvenjig Elvenpath I Want My Tears Back Amaranth Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean Nemo Slaying the Dreamer The Greatest Show on Earth(Chapter II: Life; Chapter III: The Toolmaker) Ghost Love Score -The only song I hoped that they will play, and actually expected after Devil was The Kinslayer, but they didn't played it. I think that they didn't feel it anymore. Or maybe the lowered version isn't too good with Floor. -And yeah. about lowered (low key) versions of the songs, I didn't care at all. I mean, Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean probably will sounds beastly at any key, 10th man down was awesome and Gethsemane is brilliant too. -Marco has a new bass tech (isn't Tero anymore), so he brings all the bass types that he have, including Warwick Infinity. He played Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean with that bass, so, definitely, that bass guitar is made for the beast songs. -The band recieved the massive crowd energy, so they went full nuts in Slaying the Dreamer, The Devil, GLS etc. Floor said that they are blown away from the energy coming from the crowd. -Elvenjig sounds amazing in live. -Troy intro for Sacraments is awesome. Troy flute for Nemo is not. - I hate Tuomas hats. He cant headbang with it. - I have no complaints about Tapio parts singed by Marco. -They play Amaranth and Wish I Had an Angel too sloppy at live. I don't know how to explain it, but they sounds like their tempo is lowered. -Kai is a beast. He is not interesting visually (like Jukka), but his drumming is utterly awesome. Also, he is super polite person imo. -I was first row and Emppu recognised me at one moment, we greeted each other He is a super guy and great player, but still i miss his headbanging. -Tuomas is happy as a kid. Its good for him, but it's weird to see him grining while playing Dead Boys Poem. All the time at the concert, he was looking at Troy. I don't know what type of album could make the happy Tuomas. It sounds selfish, nonsense and utter crap, but I mean that. Some videos from the night ( not from me ): ^Devil with mistaken title
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    This seems like a great album for workout session. And more workout music is always a good thing! Like it!
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    I'll share this here too, since it was quite Tuomas heavy. Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean is back in the setlist again, so makes this almost current? Translation below the link too! Hometown awards Nightwish Not money or house building lots but garment bags Although Nightwish has just finished their third album, Tuomas Holopainen already waits getting started on the next one. One wonders how the man searching for the perfect album can still compose, because two previous albums have been top quality and the new Wishmaster again shows good taste. - After Oceanborn, I had an empty feeling. I was so proud of it and thought that I can never top this. Now that I listened to the new album, I feel like it’s better than the one before. I feel that I can still make much better music. The album has many mistakes, but the next will be good. I am probably the only person who hears the mistakes, but still. I’m not as satisfied with Wishmaster as I was with Oceanborn, although this new one is better. - While making songs for the new album, I thought what if I’m not happy with them. That’s the biggest pressure while making an album. I have to first like the songs myself. It all has to start from there. You can’t think about the audience while writing songs. After listening to the album, I liked the songs and feel very relieved about that. Nightwish’s brand new release doesn’t open as easily as its predecessor, but the songs have a familiar force. Tuomas thinks the band has left its hero heavy days behind it, which is true. Instead, Stratovarius comes to mind in many places. - I think Oceanborn is more Strato than this one. Funny on the other hand to hear a comment like that, since I think this has more symphony. - Sounds are better than Stratovarius’, Tarja Turunen comments. - Whoa, Tuomas puts on the brakes. - The influences are of course clear since we like Stratovarius a lot. Nightwish almost secretly appeared among the stars of metal, but the band has commendably quickly reached the footing it deserves. Last year the band had enough work that Tuomas gave up his work as a substitute teacher and Tarja’s studies have suffered. - I haven’t done the teaching thing for a year now. I mostly had substitutions for the teacher of religion, because (s)he was sick the most. We started to have enough shows that I didn’t have time anymore. We also started to get some attention and building a reputation so I wanted to give the band my all. I don’t miss my students, I do see them in Kitee’s centrum, Tuomas says. - I haven’t studied really anything in two years. The church musicians are talking where am I, you can only see her face on TV. I’m in Kuopio and practicing like crazy. The pressure to go to school is hard and everyone, including the principle, is complaining. (S)he is of course thinking about the department, I’m thinking about my mental health, Tarja ponders. Nightwish was able to show off in Central-Europe last year. Although the tour was delayed again and again, when the main act Rage actually even broke up during the tour preparations. - Originally the tour was supposed to be in April, then June and so forth. Finally we toured for a month and it was a home run of a tour. Rage is really popular in Central-Europe and drew in a good crowd which was better for us too, Tuomas says. What he isn’t telling is that in a few shows the audience walked away from the venue after Nightwish finished their set. So the warm up act stole the show. - In a few shows we had a bigger audience than Rage. In Holland for example. We felt bad for Rage but on the other hand, we were proud of ourselves. We really wouldn’t have been able to headline although there’s been talk of that for the next tour. The Rage guys remarked to the tour organizer because of what happened on a few shows. They had nothing against us, Tuomas tells. - Rage was really popular in Germany but when we went elsewhere the popularity was about the same as us. In Holland after our show only about 50 people stayed to see Rage. That was embarrassing. Great moments in Cologne for example, when 1600 people were watching the show. I lifted my arms up and a whole hall of people did the same. That was an “oh wow” moment, Tarja says. - In Spain too we had 1500 people during the show, hands up and all singing along to the songs. How the hell do they know the band and especially the lyrics, Tuomas ponders. - The greatest thing on that show was when fifteen minutes before the show a whole hall of people was singing our songs. I had tears in my eyes already before going on stage, Tarja remembers. - We had plenty of spare time to do all sorts of other things. You were rushing to wait around like in the military. There was time for sightseeing, which was a good thing, Tuomas praises. - It’s all up to you how you spend that time. Put on your sneakers and go for a jog. There wasn’t time for museums but I did manage to see some churches. It was lovely to wake up on the bus at night driving through the mountains. With your head upside down and feet in the ceiling and the bus was going thirty kilometers an hour. You just walk to the front of the bus to watch the Alps. We had a wonderful bus driver who took us everywhere. He showed us amazing sceneries. In Austria he took us to a lake with the mountains rising behind it. An amazing looking place, Tarja sighs. - Thank god our tour manager was a woman. It was sometimes nice to share a hotel room with her and get to blab about girly things. I did miss the chattering at times. Sometimes I had to put on earplugs or go for a walk outside, when I couldn’t listen to the guys anymore. But I managed well with these ones and the blokes from Rage were real gentlemen. - The tour was at least a small dream come true. There were moments that made it worthwhile to be a musician at least for a moment in your life. Doing Nightwish now feels so right as it can. But we’re aiming bigger all the time and I believe we’ll get there, Tuomas envisions. So Nightwish has plenty of popularity but the band’s works have also raised some suspicions. Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean raised some commotion in Kitee last spring. Tuomas was accused as a devil worship and the local vicar was sent the Finnish translation of the lyrics as a sign what kind of music and lyrics the locals are making. - I talked to the person who started the whole thing and (s)he said that the task was her/his duty. The school’s principal was told that I should be fired because a person who makes lyrics like that can’t teach religion. In the end, everything was on my side. Nightwish’s lyrics are overflowing with nature subjects and especially the sea. Also religion and mysticism show up in the lyrics but the writer of the texts can’t be accused of Satanism. - The sea is dreamy, intriguing, symbolic thing. A huge source of life. All life has originated from the sea. The roaring sea is like roaring feelings and a little of where our music begun. If I wasn’t a musician I would surely be a biologist. Nature has always been close to my heart in a professional and philosophical sense. I’m into primitiveness. Once in a while I go to Lapland to hike for a week without a certain destination and it’s great. - Teaching has effected writing lyrics. The Riddler is a concrete case. I taught and read books where everything is presented as fact. In all the books science expresses things, as everything was already known. It’s really annoying when a person thinks he knows everything, even though we know absolutely nothing. There is nothing certain. If someone had said two hundred years ago that we’d now be watching television or can fly to the moon, think about that situation. If someone now says in a hundred years we’ll fly to Pluto of that other lifeforms exist, the attitude is that science has already proven everything. That’s annoying self-righteousness of man. Man raises himself up as a God. The biggest flaw in teaching today is that you’re only teaching fact. - There’s nothing wrong with religion per se, because religion is people believing in something that can’t be scientifically proven. The world has so many different religions and they are all very fascinating. There’s nothing wrong with believing in something. The problem comes how religions are interpreted. Islamic people interpret the Qur'an so that you have to fight wars and that holy war is justified. Religion is the biggest cause of wars in the world. I’ve been raised Christian but I don’t accept all the teachings it has. Christianity has a lot of good, but so do a lot of other religions too. I think everything is possible, but at the end of the day, I don’t believe in anything. Selfishly speaking that’s the only right way to think, because we can’t know what is right. - Every song topic has started with something weighing on my mind either in a positive or negative sense. It feels like I have to get it off my chest and write it into a song. For example, FantasMic is about Disney, which has been so very important to me my whole life. I’ve collected Disney things my whole life and still read Donald Duck every day. I got the feeling that this need to be turned into a song and get it off my chest. Now that it’s done, I surely won’t do it again. My Disney collection is pretty complete and growing all the time. I’m missing quite many Donald Ducks from the 50s and 60s. Disney has given me so much that I thought I should pay it back, I owe Disney one song. Tuomas has complained that album reviews and interviews never intervene with lyrics. One the other hand he isn’t willing to clarify the purpose or starting point of his texts. - It makes me feel like, misconstrue then, I don’t care. Explaining isn’t for me. Explaining is submission in a way. When the translation was send to the vicar, I called him and explained the meaning of the song, which felt so stupid. I had a feeling of invasion of privacy. I wonder to Tuomas why he so reluctantly explains his lyrics, since he after all has a need to bare a part of his innermost… - To myself. But if that’s the case why does Tuomas publish his innermost in text if he nonetheless wants to keep his thought to himself. He’s kind of playing a game of cat and mouse where the fans will never capture the common thread of the lyrics. - Ouch, that may have a point. I need to think about this. When Tuomas thinks others slowly turn their attention to upcoming shows. Tour starts May 20th from Kitee’s Ice hall, which will be a proper celebration. Many people from the band’s record company are coming and they, with band, have a reception from the city coming up. - The city manager called the other day and asked to come for a meeting. He wanted to set up something for the folk from the record company. He wanted to know if they would be interested in a sightseeing tour of Kitee. I suggested lunch and that’s what we’re doing. Are the present house building lots already on their way? - There won’t be any lots or money. Instead, the city manager was planning to design us some garment bags. They will have the Kitee coat of arms and read Nightwish. After the show, the city manager will come on stage and hand them over to us as a thank you for taking the name Kitee abroad, Tuomas tells. - We could have gotten something more than a garment bag, Tarja snorts. - It’s just a fucking good thing we’re not getting the Kitee pennant they give everyone. And it’s a big deal that the city manager is going to see a gig by a local heavy band. - The guest list already reads city manager plus one. The Mrs. is coming too, Tuomas knows.
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    ^^And that is a valid commentary. Instead of saying "it's crap, it's trash, whatever". People should learn from @Serena
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    I'm liking TOE more and more, but 10100110 is a favourite. But he has written so many good songs. Computer Eyes was a song I discovered a new and realized how good it is, when I heard it live. The one song I've heard by Seventh Wonder is really good, I can recommend it! It's called Alley Cat. Tommy has a quite unique way of singing for a metal singer actually. They way he does vocal runs and things is much more from blues/pop I think. But I also feel that he sings so much like Roy Khan in Kamelot. I can't really get into the new Kamelot music either. But he's great in this song, and in everything he's done with Ayreon of course. Alright, so I wanted to post about my Ayreon Universe experience. It was my first time in the Netherlands, and I decided I also wanted to visit the Efteling theme park. The concert itself took place in the city of Tilburg at a venue called 013. Initially I hadn’t planned on actually staying at the Efteling, but rather in Tilburg. However, I was running seriously behind in my planning, and then I ended up staying both nights at the Efteling Hotel. (The hotels in Tilburg were all fully booked.) The hotel itself is really nice, great staff, and has a great restaurant in the building with awesome food. So I can absolutely recommend it - however it’s also not exactly a super cheap option. But let’s say you are coming from abroad to go to Efteling, maybe with children - I’d totally recommend staying there. In general, it’s a very family friendly place. I almost felt a little out of place staying there alone as an adult. But I guess you can’t care too much about what other people think either, ey… Perhaps they thought I was an undercover journalist reviewing them for some prestigious paper, right? Probably not, but pretending so made me feel less anxiety. And they did treat me very well, very accommodating helpful staff. For me, it was slightly terrifying doing this alone, but also very liberating. And also, if I’d managed to somehow make a fool of myself, there was noone there who knew me. The only negative thing is that you might feel like if would have been nice to share the experience with someone. It might have made it even better. But all in all, it was a great experience. The weather during pretty much the whole stay was great; warm and sunny. No rain that I can remember. The park in itself must be experienced. It was lovely. Again, super great place to bring kids. I stayed in the Netherlands just for the weekend, I had a ticket for the Saturday show (that one which also got recorded!) and since I had limited time off from work, I decided to fly rather than driving. Also flying in general is so much easier, and it’s quick and I quite love it too. I like airports! Maybe that’s weird, but I just really like the atmosphere - people on the move, you catch a glimpse of their lives when they are moving with purpose, coming or leaving, meeting up or saying farewell. People discovering the world. Love it. It’s like a library but totally different. If that makes sense Of course waiting for ages at airports in the middle of the night because of delayed planes or connecting trains, well that’s a different story. Luckily no such thing occurred on this trip. I originally had a ticket for the sunday show as well, but ended up selling it on ticketswap because I couldn’t use it. I flew from stockholm arlanda Airport to Eindhoven with the Dutch (or French?) Transavia airline. I think there were quite a few other people on my plane going to see ayreon, judging by the t-shirts! A few who spoke Norwegian also. I didn’t speak to any of them though. The airport at Eindhoven is not that big, so very easy to navigate. The upper floor has an awesome market-like restaurant with a lot healthy food choices. Anything from very tasty fruit smoothies and omelets to more hearty meals. Just quality food, lots to choose from, not insanely expensive either. Best airport restaurant I’ve been to! Left me with a good first impression. Travelling from Eindhoven to Tilburg by bus and train was also pretty easy. (I still have some credit left on a fare card, maybe you know if it’s possible to give them to someone else - do you want them then, @hunebedbouwer?) When I was a bit unsure of where to go at stations, I always found someone friendly to ask. Both buses and trains had info screens so I could easily know where I was. The nature I could see passing by through the windows was beautiful, and houses had that classic dutch style. The language however was not understandable to me, even though some words are familiar-ish. Written dutch is like an English-Swedish-German combo to me, but spoken made pretty much no sense. So English it was. But people I met seemed to speak and understand it well enough. On the day of the concert I went to Tilburg just after lunch, I didn’t know how early people would start to queue up. I managed to get a bit lost on the way from the bus station, (thank you not, google maps) but I managed to find the 013 after a bit. Thanks to my little detour, I got to wander through some really gorgeous neighbourhoods, I think a bit more “upper class”. One house I walked by, somebody was in their living room playing the piano, they were really good. Anyway, so when I got to the venue, not many people were queuing, so I decided to find a place nearby where I could wait and eat something. There was a restaurant just across the street. I ordered a burger, unfortunately their burgers were not that good. So maybe eat something else if you end up there. Well. It was getting closer to doors opening time (maybe an hour left?), and a few more people had lined up, so I went to stand in line. The people next to me were nice and gave me some wafer like biscuits. They were very sweet but quite good. (The bisquits. I think it’s a typically dutch food?) Damian Wilson walked past He also stood by the doors and gave people hugs and took photos. I bought a few items from the merch stand, and then went up the stairs. I wanted to be on the balcony to be able to see properly (I’m 162 cm and had prioritized comfy shoes over heels). I ended up standing at the front, next to a really sweet dutch girl. She was the first person I’d really had a conversation with since I arrived, and talking to her was really great. She had been to the Star One shows back in ‘02 I hink she said, and had seen After Forever too a few times and Epica several times. I told her how jealous I was We talked for quite a bit, and she just made the whole experience feel less lonely. She was this tiny girl too, about my size, I initially thought she was younger than me, and then I find out she’s a year older than me and a bodybuilder competitor. I couldn’t have told that by looking at her. She was awesome, and I hope I’ll meet her again someday. Anyway, so, the venue is filling up, and it’s starting to get a bit crowded on the balcony too. An older couple are coming later, and there’s a bit of a scuffle(ok that word didn't mean what I thought it meant in English, what I mean is people were kind of pushing into each other a bit), I look at what’s going on and realize I’m recognizing Floor’s parents. There were supposed to have been two chairs there for them, but it wasn’t, and some people were getting annyoed that they wanted to be there even though they’d arrived late, and I think that whole thing could have been handled better by the venue’s staff. Anyway, it settled down after a while (I don’t think anybody recognized them as Floor’s parents) though it felt a bit like we were sardines in a box. But it was manageable, not too bad. Anyway, it was easy to forget one the show started. This review https://www.musicalypse.net/ayreon-universe-poppodium-013-tilburg-17-09-2017-2/ Is on point, read it and you’ll get the feeling. The sound during the more intense noisy songs was a bit warbled though, and I had to have my Alpine earplugs in my ears because it was also loud. The slower songs where you could hear everything perfectly, were just magical. The Druids with Damian, and of course Valley of the Queens… seeing Floor onstage is quite something. She radiates energy, and pure joy, and you can’t watch anything but her. Her voice is so clear and strong. It’s like I could feel the energy of everyone there, like she focuses all that energy, she becomes it’s natural focus point and makes it stronger. I remember thinking she’s the kind of person who could lead armies. It was also so special to hear Damian, I’ve watched the Star One DVD so many times. His voice is unique. I did really miss Russell Allen, I had looked forward so much to hear him live. The other singer whose name escapes me now, who sang a lot of his parts, was not bad at all. In fact he was quite good. He just wasn’t Russell. Having Magali sing some of his parts however, was a stroke of genius. She killed them. Another thing I remember really stood out to me was Marcela Bovio. Her voice in the Human Equation was so powerful, I’d never noticed her voice like that before, and she impressed me so much. The Human Equation duet gave me goosebumps. Mike Mills was an excellent narrator, he felt comfortable acting out his pieces. The ending of “We have found the seventh sign - down in the catacombs. When the seven points align - they will guide us all back HOME” was just beyond words. Tears. It wasn’t a short concert by any means, but it felt like being shook awake when it had ended. Wow. People were slowly leaving, and I ended up chatting a bit more to the dutch girl, and exchanged a few words with another couple. Then I actually ended up talking to Floor’s dad I didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable in any way. So I hadn’t planned on talking to him. But he asked me if I’d enjoyed the show, and I said I did. I asked him if he’d seen Ayreon before; the Star One shows or if he was a fan of Ayreon. He said yeah, yeah and asked me where I was from. I told him I’m from Sweden, and he was like yeah, I have a daughter who lives in sweden. I was like (internally, dude I know you do) oh that’s nice have you ever been to Sweden. And he’s like yeah nice country. Then he asks me what made me come here, to the Netherlands for this show. Which of the singers am I a fan of? (And I’m like dude what do I answer to this ) And I’m like, No I’m a big fan of Arjen and his music, so I would have come no matter who was singing, (which is true, I would have) but also that I’m a fan of many of the bands whose singers are here tonight, and he’s like, but which is your favourite band? And I tell him that if I have to choose one band then I’ll probably say Nightwish, they are really special to me. And he’s like, yeah. :D. My daughter sings in that band. They are something totally unique (I don’t recall his exact words but something like that, that they’re special). And smile at him and say, wow you must be so proud of her! And he’s like yeah, both of my daughters were singing here tonight, now I’m going to go talk to them. And we say goodbye. So that was pretty cool.
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    Can't really comment on the AURI point since I never really got into the album and haven't listened to it in months. But: 1) You act as though EFMB/ AURI are the only albums Tuomas has ever been happy whilst writing. As far as I know, the only albums that we know for sure that Tuomas was in a "dark mindset" when he wrote were Century Child (following Sami's firing and the whole "loss of innocence" thing), and Dark Passion Play (following the firing of Tarja and subsequent media circus). That leaves 6 Nightwish albums (AFF, OB, WM, Once, Imaginaerum and EFMB), plus the Scrooge album and Auri. Now, if you think CC and DPP are their best albums and all the rest are tripe, then fair enough, different tastes and all that. But I would have to disagree. EFMB might not be their strongest outing, but OB, WM and Imaginaerum are amongst my favourite NW albums and DPP is my least favourite. 2) Not sure where this "Troy doesn't like metal" thing comes from? I mean... dude's in a metal band? Is it because his background is from outside of metal? Or because he was involved in the Auri album (and for some reason he seems to get all the blame for this project from certain quarters despite the fact it's a 3 person project)? Or have I just missed out on some interviews, because honestly the only thing I can bring immediately to mind that Troy's said about metal is that he didn't really listen to it until Pip Williams showed him "Once" and connected him with the NW guys, and that metal fans are some of the most openminded fans in the world (I'm going to be honest, not quite sure that I agree with him on this point, but hey ho, that's an entirely different discussion) 3) I'm taking the orchestra comment as a cautiously good sign for now - I think they reached the pinnacle of the super-symphonic, soundtrack-esque sound with Imaginaerum, I don't expect them to get rid of the orchestra but perhaps downsizing it/ using it more sparingly might be a good step towards refreshing their sound slightly. Overall though I'm not going to get too excited or too dejected until we actually have some concrete information/ samples. Regarding the discussion about a heavier sound, I would be completely in favour of that. They have a lead vocalist who can really do justice to those parts, and if the orchestra is being used differently it might give the oppurtunity to beef up the metal elements of their sound. I'm not going to get my hopes up though, as above I'll wait until we have some more concrete information.
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    Cool video with great energy between the two! Hard to believe this has been directed by the same guy who created this awkwardness:
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    I finished the book a few days ago. Interesting read! He has definitely lived a rock and roll life. Made a lot of poor decisions, but also accepted and faced the consequences. No point in judging him for it, as I'd rather selfishly enjoy the music he's given us. I found it really interesting how he described how Tarot's sound has evolved through their career, so now I want to go through their music from beginning to end and hear for myself. How sad that they were brought to a seemingly indefinite hiatus by Cinnari's death. He was not only their drummer, but a long time friend.
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    What makes you think Johanna can't be his muse? Or that he doesn't long for anything just because he's content with his life? ,Maybe he longs for world peace or more trees. Joke aside, I'm actually enjoying this newfound positivity of the band, I find it refreshing. And it's not like we've had 20 years of depression with Nightwith anyway, only the middle albums were more melancholic, AFI, Oceaborn and Wishmaster were full of doe-eyed wonder and child-like enthusiasm and they're still hailed as their best albums (ok, not AFI, the other two). @Calinn: he also wrote Slaying the dreamer when he was angry, but I absolutely get your point. The state of mind doesn't necessarily guarantee a certain outcome of a track. Yes, some states have a better influence over the end result, but it's not a rule. Deep complex music doesn't need the artist to be depressed and to tell you the truth, it's kind of disturbing that people would want a human being to be miserable simply in order to produce the music they like.
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    Apparently they always hit the wrong button!
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    How would you even do that? The song isn’t bad, just admit you don’t like it and be done with it. If you truly believe every other song of theirs is at least somewhat alright but this one isn’t, nobody will take you seriously anyway. Besides, literally nothing in your last statement about the song is true. Fingers crossed, but I have a feeling that whatever is on the 2020 release, some of it will probably set you off.
  16. 2 points
    I really like the way Nightwish's show at this years Wacken Open Air was filmed, with the unusual camera angles. That is something I'd love to see in the next official DVD, too. Diagonal camera movements, overhead shots, closeups of Kai's feet when he plays those really fast parts of some of the songs, video blending.....all kinds of cool stuff they could add if they just used some imagination.
  17. 2 points
    He was the /director/ and such he was responsible for hiring the crew too. Not like the Ratina show looks like a Rolling Stones DVD either. He's very, very, very lacking in talent compared to, say, Stobe Harju who gave us the unarguably coolest band image we ever had with the Nemo-Islander-Storytime-Imaginaerum movie combo.
  18. 2 points
    Even though Floor seems to be the perfect fit for Nightwish, she hasn't really impressed me yet (on EFMB). I don't know whether it's her voice or the songs but I really didn't love the latest NW songs - I have to say that she blew me away when I saw her live with NW, though. I really hope that the upcoming material will make me fall in love with NW again but I only listen to NW's albums prior the Floor era, tbh.
  19. 2 points
    When can we expect the answers @Carol @WhiteRaven?
  20. 2 points
    According to Ruud they will be playing a few new songs on the tour.
  21. 2 points
    No one is expecting Oceanborn 2 (nor would I want it, since it's not among their best work imo). I literally gave you good examples of songs that could serve as inspiration for the kind of heavy, by Nightwish standards, I'd like to hear more of on the next album. I'll list them again along with a couple of more songs: Romanticide, Higher Than Hope, Whoever Brings the Night, Piano Black, Weak Fantasy and Yours Is an Empty Hope. You'd also have to be dense to think that I literally want Tuomas to copy/paste from these tracks to make new songs that sounds exactly the same. I'm talking only about the heaviness itself, not the songwriting.
  22. 2 points
    Not my cup of tea!! But it's not bad!!
  23. 2 points
    Yeah, totally different stuff from Floor this time. Is there anything Floor can't do?
  24. 2 points
    I'd like more focus on her voice. For example, I really liked her singing in Revamp - Under my skin. Something that can catch all those little variations that she can make with her voice.
  25. 2 points
    Teaching religion isn’t teaching how to be a good *insert religion here*. It can be taught from a sociological perspective. and he says in this exact interview that he was not really a believer when he did the teaching. Sooo your point is? It’s funny how he basically used the exact same words to describe how he feels after making an album back then. Empty, no inspiration, how can we top this. And that was after Oceanborn 20 years ago and he said the exact same thing after EFMB!
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