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    Yespleaseyespleaseyespleaseyespleaseyespleaseyespleaseyespleaseyespleaseyespleaseyesplease. Fantastic answers otherwise, thank you Marco!
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    Honestly, I doubt the setlist will include anything after Century Child and that's how it should be. Hopefully they'll start playing with the E / Standard guitar tuning again on this tour. Is it just me that prefer it A LOT more than the D-tuning? I mean solo's (and anything really) sound much better with the E-tuning.
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    Btw, I showed this to Troy at Mantova's meet and greet. He laughed a lot and promised me he would work on that
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    Got my ticket for W.O.A. If everything turns out as well as expected, I'll be attending a NW concert in a huge Festival for the very first time. It'll be a dream come true. NW, Epica, Arch Enemy and Amorphis.... can't be that bad!
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    Can we please not reduce suicide to "stupidity" and addiction? Granted, suicide quite often happens because of addiction, but this is just the tip of the iceberg, which tends to be an accumulation of years of abuse, psychological issues, and substance abuse. Or a combination of these, but it rarely happens because of "stupidity". People do not commit suicide because they want to look edgy or angsty, this is a myth we perpetuate in order to avoid dealing with the hard truth, which is that many people need help, to avoid harming both themselves and others, but they don't get it because angst sells more.
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    Hello all, I was hoping I could share with you my own symphonic metal project. Right now I just have a two song demo. It is very much in the same mould as Nightwish, Therion, After Forever, The Gathering. I had the very kind help of a local soprano who goes by the handle Snowmaiden as well as more conventional singing by Laura of the Polish band Cryovile. I released the songs at the start of July and so far people around me seem to like it but the exposure really has only been people I know. If there is a good reception maybe half a year from now I'd see about actually creating the band that would play these songs and more. https://nachtmuse.bandcamp.com/ < You can have the MP3s for free. Youtube previews for your convenience: Links to my singers, because they deserve mad credit: https://www.facebook.com/cryovile/ https://www.facebook.com/SnowmaidenOfficial/
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    I guess I'm just used to this North American culture of never offending anyone ever. I mean 'Wet Floor' is hilarious and I can't relate to anyone who would actually find that offensive. But in my culture someone much less chill than our mighty valkyrie Floor could call that sexual abuse. Stupid, I know.
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    I'm pretty sure he wasn't constantly suicidal and depressed, he probably had longer periods of time in which he functioned normally or at least gave the appearence of functioning normally. It's very common for people with this kind of issues to fool those around them that they are doing just fine, or to be actually doing fine for some time, only to relapse for various reasons. I also know he received professional help, so it's not like no one gave a damn, but the doctor cannot do the work alone. It's a complex process that requires the effort and help of everyone involved and since there's no recipe for it, sometimes things don't work out. It's sad that it happened this way, but I'm not sure you can point fingers at someone and say they're to blame. It's a very complex and delicate issue that even those involved can't fully understand, let alone someone from the outside who's only read some articles.
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    And there is no "real beneficial function" why musicians wear tuxedos, no reason why bridal dresses are white (but wait, in Japan they're not...), no reason why Her Majesty's guards wear those funny uniforms, no reason at all why Mars is associated with war and Venus with beauty. In the West, green is for hope, red is for anger, yellow is for envy (but in some places it's purple) and white is for purity. In the East, white is for death. Humans love manipulating symbols and creating codes out of thin air for absolutely no reason, why shouldn't there be a color for boys and one for girls, too? As a side note: no more that 100 years ago pink was the "boy" color in some parts of Europe; you see, people also love to change their codes once in a while, for the fun of it. EDIT: On a second thought, there is a fantastically good reason to have a color for boys and one for girls: so that strangers can immediately tell whether newborns in their baby carriages are boys or girls and save themselves the embarassment of asking the mother of a boy "what's her name" and viceversa. Mothers don't like that. I don't see why it shouldn't. You'd need a pretty serious argument to persuade me. I believe kids being absolute, total dicks is wholly natural - while of course parents and adults in general should try to do some damage control before some kid loses an eye. Beating that kind of person on the head with a large stick should also become commonplace. Thanks for letting me know, I would never have imagined it otherwise
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    Yeah, probably depends on culture. But even so, it's still problematic that your Canadian friends did not approve of it as it ultimately boils down to being chained to archaic gender norms. Sexism isn't a one-way street, even if it's exercised far more to hold women back rather than men - and a lot of this is also rooted in religious traditions. But I digress. I've personally stopped caring what other people think of my taste in music, movies, games and what have you. At the end of the day, I'm not the one with the problem.
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    Because that's nearly the entire point of how rock music is consumed and marketed - teenagers use it in building one's identity and in forming ties with other kids who dress alike and like the same music (and are highly likely to share the same background and ethos). You can ask any suit at a major record company, they'll provide you with a chart of records that girls like and records that boys like, records that rich kids like and records that poor kids like, records that white kids like and records that black kids like, et cetera. And then there is dad rock, but I'm digressing. As for me, I'm tired of the word "sexist" coming up in places where it decidedly does not belong, and yes, I'm deliberately referring to the above posts. Of course thrash metal and any form of loud, aggressive rock music played by muscular denim-clad guys is perceived as "manly" and the Spice Girls (of which I am a huge fan, I kid you not) are regarded as... well, I think the word is "chick music". I'm waiting eagerly for a rally protesting the fact that only hens lay eggs because, you know, it's sexist.
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    I loved his answers!
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    Yes, Kill Me With Silence is my favorite as well. From Wild Card it's a bonus track, Sins. I've always liked this live performance from their tour supporting Epica. Courtesy of RamonaNL, of course. That double bass-pattern during the verses is great.
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    While each one is free to have their own opinnions and wishes, sometimes I think if you're expecting something, you might end up dissappointed. That's why I won't share an ideal setlist. I think I'll be fine with whatever they choose to play. That and.uhh...Sleepless? Didn't you mean Sleepwalker?
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    Hmm... Floor had already toured with NW for nearly 10 months before writing the songs for EFMB, unlike Anette. I don't think he needed more time to know her voice's features. I mean, you just listen to Wild Card and you can get a glimpse of all the amazing things she can actually do. Anyway, for whatever reason the songs didn't allow Floor to pour all her power over them. Of course, you can't belt or growl in Elan/Edema Ruh, so I suppose it wasn't because of Tuomas not knowing Floor's voice completely, but it was just the songs not having enough strength for her (compared with Revamp songs).
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    Of course, that doesn't stop sheep on YouTube from saying "the new one sucks" and "bring back the old one" because to some people Heidi is better only because of her vocal style. It's okay to prefer classical vocals over contemporary vocals, for sure, but the amount of people who don't even known the basics of singing yet still cling on to the idea that Heidi was somehow technically better just because she sang "opera" (yet another misconception) is just annoying. But I think the comments about Capri's looks are the worst. I just watch the video to Fame & Gloria again because it was in a playlist and the top comments were all by pigs who thought she was too old and ugly and the point of having a female in metal was to have eye candy for the guys. I really hope she doesn't read any of that drivel.
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    Not letting Emppu write anything. Even Steve Harris is smarter than that.
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    @WhiteLagoon Yes, I do like all kind of different languages and dialects too, harsh or not so, because they not only sound different, but also tell the story of their history. A lot of them have developed, because in the old days (and still today), villages, areas etc. were pretty isolated from each other. In the Netherlands (and I assume everywhere else), villages, just a few kilometers apart, were rivals, enemies and spoke/speak different dialects. The problem when Floortje from village A fell in love with Jan (most common Dutch name) from village B caused.........sometimes right into a 'good' old battle for the 'honour'!!!What honour you can ask. That disappeared (in certain areas only in the middle of the 20th century!), but the dialects remained. Because the NL is pretty densely populated, these differences can vary greatly in sounds when they're only a few kilometers apart. The province Drenthe, where I was born, (roughly 60 x 70 km) has 7 main dialects with almost a different kind of tongue in every village. Thank heavens for ABN (General Civilized Dutch), which we all have to learn at school. But I've been to University of Groningen, 25 km north of Assen and just over the border in the homonymous province and met people from that province who could not speak ABN at all!!! And that's a big disadvantage not only on educational level, but also for later in life, when you want to stretch your wings to other pastures green and all that..... I think, the worst Dutch dialects are spoken in the big cities (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Leiden, Amersfoort) in the west and the middle of the NL. And the dialects in the province of Groningen are just horrible. I think Magnus might have met only people from those places!!! And the bigger the cities get, the worse the dialect gets. Probably also valid in other countries as well. It really hurts your hearing sometimes. They sound like a garbage dump of sounds. Ofcourse, that's my personal opinion and people who live there ofcourse say, that theirs is the most beautiful dialect on earth! But I'm not prejudiced towards other dialects in the NL in this matter.....it's what my ears translate. Anyway, Charlotte Wessels is born in Zwolle, province Overijssel. So, yes, she has a very different accent compared to Floor, who is from the South. But not at all that unpleasant, I must say. It also depends what you do with your tongue when you grow up. Most likely, your ABN will improve by moving, studying, travelling, because ABN is the language you have in common with all the others. Living in Amersfoort now, the people here say, I 've got a northern accent and when I go to Drenthe, they say I speak Drents with a western accent!! The biggest divide in the NL in general, are the 3 big rivers Maas, Waal and Rhine.......south of them they speak softer and north of them they got a harsher accent. Simone is from the south, as is Anneke and so is Diane. Sharon is from the west, Charlotte from the middle east NL. And you can hear that when they speak Dutch. And Marcela is from Mexico, but I bet that she speaks the most adorable Dutch! So, look up your favourite Dutchie, find out where they were born and you can get a pretty good idea what they sound like in Dutch. Or the other way around.....listen to them and then try to find out where they were born....... Thankfully for you guys, they all sing in English.
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    No way. I confess that in my opiion ODITS is one of the best tracks on the album. Irreplaceable. Replacing Edema Ruh with Sagan wouldn't make much difference, but I certainly prefer Sagan to EFMB. I accept that change.
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    Well, Dunkirk watched and...... Visually it was a treat. The lack of lightning fast jump cuts, hand-held shooting and CGI were refreshing. On the other hand the the grandness of Dunkirk-operation didn't really come trough here. The film felt a bit small. Still, I quite liked it, because of the visuals. Now, for our own war movie. The Unknown Soldier, a 1954 book by Väinö Linna is one of most beloved books in Finnish history. It follows the path of one Machine Gun company during the Continuation War and is based on Linna's own war time experiences. The book was basically one of the first "grass roots"-approach war books in Finland and it became so popular it's basically a national treasure here. And they are now filming it for the third time for the 100th independence anniversary. I just hope the director, Aku Louhimies, keeps his visions in check this time. He is known for his "borderline porn"-type of movies and stuff like this doesn't belong to this particular story. But the trailer seems nice:
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    I think the best version of The Siren is with Tarja or Anette. Floor is also fine performing this song live. But from the old era, Anette definitely rules Sacrament of Wilderness, Come Cover Me and Higher Than Hope.
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    @hunebedbouwer Thank you for the invite to be Queen...not sure how that would go over since Finland itself is a Republic.....and what duties shall I have??? I would like to spend my days baking pulla, working in the garden, swimming and sauna. Also, like the Queen of England I'd like to have my beloved Labrador retriever mixes by my side ....I would adopt shelter dogs that need a home---any and all black dogs would be welcome---I have an affinity for black dogs...especially since my dress is mostly black. We shall have a mixture of NW, Apocalyptica, Insomnium, The Wounded, Sentenced, Within Temptation, Delain. Metallica, Sonata Arctica, Brother Firetribe, Tarot, Northern Kings, Raskasta Joulua and many more groups blasting from loud speakers through out the island... We can then enforce a new rule that all inhabitants must speak Finnish, Dutch or English to be able to reside there...that would be a start. If a current inhabitant wanted to stay-we could allow them to stay if they learn one of the above languages.... In the meanwhile, I'll do some research to see what other changes we can make! It should be a grand place once our changes are made! Looking forward to the change---especially the language issue which has been bothersome to me...I have thought about visiting and seeing were my parents were wed. Åland is where my Mom learned to speak Swedish....then she had the challenge of learning to speak English....
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    I don't know if I can agree that, in a world where 20 species go extinct everyday, in a world where we are facing global warming, population explosion, starvation and the renewed threat of nuclear war, in a world where parts of Europe have 50% youth unemployment (and those are first world countries), "blue ribbon vs pink ribbon" counts as "real issue". "We as a society" have decided upon the convention that red means stop, green means walk. You don't come off as especially smarter if you choose to walk with the red light on. Solution: wear blue clothes at school, problem solved. Come on. Kids are like that, they will ruin your life if you get caught doing anything remotely uncool, and that includes wearing pink clothes, but also being in the chess club instead of the basketball team and such. It's a completely natural part of growing up. On the other hand, if grown men bully another grown man because he's wearing a pink shirt or doesn't especially care about sports, they are the problem. Otherwise, no problem. Of course, if you, as an adult man, choose to dress like a member of Village People you should be very aware that you are essentially signaling that you prefer the company of other men - and it is entirely your right to do so without consequences. Just don't complain if you are a straight guy and wear your Village People costume at a party where the ladies ignore you while a lot of gay guys hit on you . It's your fault for not understanding nonverbal communication. You wish. Now if we could go back to figuring out a way to deal with that Holocene extinction, that would be wunderbar... EDIT: Please tell us the story of how you found out about heavy metal in elementary school EDIT2: You seem to conflate "archaic" (are they?) gender norms and roles and sexism. That does not seem right to me. I also don't agree in the slightest that gender roles were imposed by The Patriarchy to hold back women (who, curiously, equal men in number). I believe, instead (and I think it's the only rational conclusion without feigning additional hypoteses) that gender roles have emerged as a globally optimal equilibrium, in which each gender could give the minimum effort to maximize the family and community's well-being. Some of them (but not nearly as many as you might think, since biology stays the same) have been rendered outdated by the Industrial Revolution, and are already being updated by a spontaneous economic process (i.e. surprise, in 2017 some women who are not busy pooping babies in a hovel with no running water while the Black Death halves Europe's population choose to have careers, with a material incentive in doing so).
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    @Whitenoise I think it must be quite a frustrating piece of Finland then for the real Finns. It sounds like it needs a revolution. Do you still have that boat with that sauna on board? We will install cheese canons, fire salmiak grenades and overwhelm them with (s)weed(s), throw over the absurd political status, remove everything Swedish and make it a proper Finnish National Park for old aged reindeers. OR.....have a tasty referendum.........every local has to eat a daily can of Surstroming or convert to proper Finnish nationality. Problem solved forever and you can start a enormous shop in black liquorice and imported Dutch cheese and stroopwafels!
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    I wish I could agree with you on this Magnus, but and perhaps I am showing my age here, I was made fun of for listening to metal. Especially in Elementary (K-6) and Junior High (7-9) because it was boys music. I was accused of being a lesbian, being butch just because metal was not for girls. I was constantly told to be more girly, i.e. "you should wear dresses, makeup style you hair." I was even told I'd never find a man to marry me because I was too boyish. And this was from my peers as well as female adults. Perhaps it is different in Europe, I say this because the friends I made while my Father and we were stationed in Germany were all German. They did not care, in fact it was the music that brought us together, But the other Canadian kids (my schoolmates) and here in Canada I was tormented over my choice of band shirts and jeans and my music.
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    Way to dismiss a real issue by pretending it's just some exaggerated "social justice warrior" claim, mate. I'm not talking about greedy record labels and their strategies to capitalise on the market. Of course they exploit the hell out of stereotypes. I'm talking about regular people who not only believe that art has gender identity, which it doesn't, but also think less of it when associated with women. You know as well as I do that those people exist and are plentiful. So you like the Spice Girls. That's cool. The issue here is that a lot of people, mostly other men, will think less of you for it. And it's not really just about you, so let me just add that it doesn't matter if you couldn't care less about what other people think of you or your taste in music. There are lots of people, especially young boys, who will get bullied for not conforming to archaic gender norms. It's not just limited to music. Pink is not a feminine colour. That's just a social construct. We as a society have ascribed a certain value to things that never needed it. In this case, we at some point collectively came to agree that pink is feminine and blue is masculine. We've decided that make-up is for women, but it's just a made-up product that could just as easily have been ascribed to men, just to give another example. So where does the sexism come in, you ask? Well, when a boy decides he likes to wear pink clothes and other boys tease him for it, specifically because it's "girly". He could have worn the ugliest blue clothes ever and they wouldn't have teased him for that, because it's not about them thinking the clothes are ugly. They do it because the underlying implication here is that the bullies think less of a fellow boy for liking something that's associated with girls - and yes, that is sexist no matter how you try to spin it. It's very unfortunate that such a mindset still exists today. And that brings us back to the music. You'd hope that people have outgrown such juvenile behaviour, but no there are still lots of grown ass men who will think less of other men who like what they consider "girly" music. "I think your taste in music is rubbish" = Maybe not the most eloquent way to express how little you have in common taste-wise, but still a perfectly fine statement. vs. "I think your taste in music is too girlie" = This is something that only someone who sees boys liking something associated with girls as a problem would say. And that's plain sexism. "I think your taste in music is too manly", said no woman to another woman, ever. Why? Because women in general don't consider adopting masculine traits as a negative to their womanhood. They embrace all kinds of "real women", whereas way too many men have a very narrow and archaic view of what it means to be a "real man".
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    For what it's worth, any kind of metal - even symphonic - should earn you more points on the "macho scale" than any form of electronic dance music. Of course, it's absolutely ridiculous to measure music by "manliness", since it's also just another excuse for sexist behaviour (implying that something that's considered more feminine is lesser than). But still, it never fails to amaze me how people who use this scale and listen to any form of dance music or hip hop think they're macho for doing so while at the same time calling any form of rock or metal "gay" (since they also wrongly assume homosexuality goes hand in hand with femininity). Going purely by stereotypes, what's more aggressive and representative of testosterone than electric guitars?
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    Naah. All Nightwish member have always had side projects and none of them have taken precedence over Nightwish. Stop worrying and taking things so seriously. It's just that a side project.
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    Tuomas hasn't been genius level for a long time, IMO.
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    I haven't mentioned this thread, I have said "criticising Tuomas is a sport on the forum", which is true. He seems to be the one to blame for everything. If Floor's skills are not fully developed it's his fault, if Marco is underused, it's his fault. If Empu has short and boring solos it's his fault, if Tarja and Anette were fired, he's to blame, if Floor doesn't write lyrics it's because Tuomas doesn't let her do it... The fact is that I think Tuomas is the base of the band. I have listened to Tarot and I like it, but it's not the same. I have listened After Forever and ReVamp and they are OK, but they are not the same. I have listened to Brother Firetribe and I have listened to Tarja's solo work and . If I remove Tuomas from NW's equation It just doesn't make sense to me. I don't know whether he is a genius composer, a genius hat wearer, a geniur fencer, a genius baker or a genius wine drinker, but he clearly makes the difference. And that doesn't mean being acritical it probably just means not being a grouch
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    Absolutely. One of the marks of brilliant songwriting is when there is odd time signatures or modulations and you don't realize they're there for years until you stop and count the beats -- "oh, this is 7/8, really?" I agree, as a whole, the most balanced album they've made. Nice riffing: check Marco: check Ballads: check Operatic singing: check Tracks with no operatic singing: also check Orchestra: check Tracks with no orchestra: also check Nice guitar solos and synth leads: check Lyrics sufficiently ambiguous to be interesting: check I especially like how the orchestra is used here, instead of the harp- and horn-heavy Straussian work on later albums. EDIT: Oh, and their best single. With Marco screaming "DREEEAAAAM OFMEEEE" after stepping on a Lego and all.
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    One of the greats covering one of the greats
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    Yay, necromansy! That doesn't mean anything. They brought it back for Annette's first outing. If Marco cares about his paycheck he'll play it and like it. Kinslayer should have been put back in the main set the second the Paris attacks happened.
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    Have you ever met Nightwish? Run into them somewhere? Share your ultimate fan moment here! Share pictures, details, etc... I have been lucky enough to meet them each show I've been to here in the USA. The first show in Philadelphia I did a VIP and got them to sign my items and take pictures. It was a great moment, because it was so surreal to see them in person. And they were all so incredibly nice as well. The second show in Allentown, I waited by the buses. I only got to meet Anette and Tuomas that time, but of course they're wonderful, so I have no complaints. Once again I got photos and a few things signed. I loved that moment more because it was more personal. We all just hung around and talked. There was not quick moving through the line and feeling like there's no time to talk. Then on Sunday, my third show, I did VIP again. It was not the best VIP experience ever. I still can't get over that they let 100 people do it. But, when I got up to the table and was able to get pictures and get things signed it was worth it. I barely knew what to say and words just jumbled out. I should have stayed by the buses afterwards and actually attempt to get my words out then, lol. I feel very lucky to have met them all three times. They are all so nice, and I hope when they return to the USA, I'll be able to do it again .
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    I've only met them once--this past October 11 at a meet and greet in New Orleans. My friends kept teasing me that I was radiating so much happiness that I was glowing, haha! Tuomas seemed kind of upset, which is understandable since Anette hadn't been gone but a week and a half. He wasn't smiling in anyone's pictures, though he was trying very hard to be pleasant and sociable. The guy in front of me asked if I would take a picture of him and Tuomas, and I said yes. I was super giddy but concentrating really hard on making sure it was a good picture, so I'm sure I was a pretty comical sight. I watched Tuomas in the screen, and slowly a half-smile started tugging at the side of his mouth and then he fully smiled, hehe! Then when my friend and I took a picture with him, he smiled in that as well! It's not the best picture because the guy who took it moved, but still! My friend and I gave him some Nightwish covers that we had done, and then my friend blurted out, "If you sing Ever Dream tonight, you should call Courtney up to sing it with you because she does a fantastic job." I was so shocked, but he just nodded and said, "Actually, Ever Dream is on the setlist tonight." Then we got pushed forward in line so we didn't get to finish talking. When they played Ever Dream on stage (I was like in the third row near the keyboards), Tuomas, who hadn't been looking up almost at all during the show, found me in the crowd and gave me a concerned look like he hoped I wouldn't be hurt that I didn't get called up. I caught his eyes and then just beamed at him, and he slowly grinned back, then looked down, and then looked back at me and winked before going back to headbanging.
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    This is a cool topic. Yeah, you're lucky to have met them 3 times. I have a friend who has met them twice, but I don't think I know anyone who has met them 3 times. I finally got to meet them this time around, at least (though it was their 2nd show without Anette, so Tuomas was pretty much avoiding people). I felt so incredibly lucky to have met Emppu at the end. He's basically my hero and my favorite musician ever, and I wasn't sure I would get a chance to talk to him, because he avoids people so much. My friend who has met Nightwish twice really only has a picture of Emppu because he photobombed her picture with Marco and ran off. But as I was waiting by the busses, I turned to talk to my friend, and when I turned back around, Emppu was there, signing stuff for some people. I told him that he's my idol and that I started playing guitar all because of him, and he signed my ticket, let me take a picture with him, and gave me his guitar pick. Meeting him was a dream come true.
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    It sounds really awesome! A bit strange at first since I am used to the original version, I guess. But it grows in you, it's great. They said the next single is a new track exclusive from Synthesis, and the album is scheduled to be out in the 10th of November.
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    Hay que llegar así a los 40. A pleno. ¡Feliz cumple (atrasado), Turunen! Ya falta NADA para noviembre.
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    ^Kill Me with Silence is one of my favorites from the debut too, along The Trial of Monsters, Sweet Curse and No Honey for the Damned! From Wild Card it's impossible to choose just a few favorites!
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    Disdain is probably my favorite track from the debut album, but I have to admit I would love to hear Angela Gossow do the growling on that song like Floor originally wanted. Such a shame it didn't work out.
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    Even though I prefer this transitional album to what they transitioned to, this is a perfectly valid assessment.
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    The point here is not to emphasize genders, it was more like a joke. Things are taken so seriously nowadays that it becomes boring. These girls are talented and I love the other tracks too.
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    So Nightwish was announced as Norway Rock Festival's first headliner for 2018 yesterday Kinda mixed feelings about this since it's only a festival appearance and it's listed as exclusive for Norway in 2018... I would much rather have a standard concert gathered with Nw fans, especially since it's a back-in-time show with a special setlist. It would be much better to experience it together with a bunch of long-time fans than a festival crowd. On the other side, I should be happy that they will play in Norway after all
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    Not at him, but at the people around him like if they could avoid that. And I am sure we have distinct opinions on this, but I tend to see people differently. Having issues with drugs and alcohol is not necessarily a thermometer to measure how much a good father/mother will be somebody, or if it's a good judgement to starting a family with an addict. I believe there is more depth in human relationships like these.
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    Hey dude, this is the best nonsense on this forum!! Join El Revolucion and the Liberate-The-Subtropical (according to Whitenoise and he knows his stuff!)-Island-Of-Aland-Front to Finnishsize it for 99% (the 1% is me) where they are all forced into eating Black Liquorice! And a bit more respect for our Queen, please. Thank you!
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    Let's come to an agreement, blend both comments and say that Anette sounds like a mule longing for love, which is very tender and endearing as well Sorry, just an opinion. No offense. I love what Anette sounds like in Meadows of Heaven or Last Ride of the Day. Even her rendition of older songs like Ghost Love Score or I Wish I Had an Angel are OK, but there are two songs that I can't stand in her voice: Slaying the Dreamer and The Siren. She turns me off.
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    Wow. I have always thought Anette's version of The Siren was awful and, by far, the worst of the three. Rather than a siren she sounded like a mule. Tarja's original version is OK. Floor didn't do it very well at the beginning but was wonderful at the end. When I listened to her live in Madrid she definetely conquered me. By the way, don't misunderstand me, I love Anette in Turn Loose the Mermaids, Last Ride of the Day, The Heart Asks for Pleasure First or The Escapist, but I don't think The Siren is her song.
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    OH MY GOD YESYESYES Font size edited. Please stick to the default font size - WhiteRaven
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    Also: “ Would you ever consider doing the male vocals on Once Upon a Troubadour?”: Me doing male vocals on old Nightwish songs? That isn’t as outlandish as it seems. In fact…. So, the revival of old songs is almost official
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