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    We are just condemning her here for making ridiculous comparison of herself with Britney and Rihanna, then keeping silent for a year, and then curiously starting her badmouthing campaign, curiously enough, just around the release of her solo album. And for implicitly justifying Floor hate groups on social media. And for being hypocritical about online bullying in her blog posts. And for being aggressive to mildest kind of criticism towards her, even by her own fans. And, to touch your sensitive topic, dragging Tarja dismissal into the whole story and drawing false parallels between herself and Tarja, when in fact, ironically enough, she should have drawn parallels between herself and tuomas' open letter.
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    OK, I warmly recommend some of the folks writing here to get on with their medication, again. Some comments here are simply disturbing and worrying, and not even in a funny way. We are talking about music and musicians, not your friends or family members. These guys owe you - or me - nothing. They stop doing their music whenever they believe the moment is right. They are entitled to do what ever they want with their lives, even that "bearded guy". By the way, I'm really looking forward to hearing Auri. I believe all more or less normal people know, that doing something different every once in a while opens up new perspectives for future, gives you inspiration and motivation.
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    I've seen you make plenty of bitter comments about the boys in the band on YouTube and it seems to me that most of what you do on this forum is to act as the local Tarja Defence Force. Not surprised you're somehow taking Anette's side here. The band handled firing Anette in the best way they possibly could have. If your ego is so big you can't even agree to have someone fill in for you for half a year while you're on maternity leave, and would rather see the band cancel half a world tour, lose a lot of money and burn bridges with venues and promoters , you simply don't belong in a band. Period. This was the second time they were in the right to fire a vocalist, but the first time they actually handled it right, like adults. They really did nothing wrong this time. Anette then spent years moaning about the situation in media, even when she was booked to promote her own music - and never managed to keep her story straight either for that matter. She also treated the session musicians she worked with on promo gigs for her debut album like dirt. Despite not having showed up to rehearse anything herself, it was somehow everyone else's fault that they weren't in sync during the performance. And of course, things such as liking anti-Floor comments on Facebook and other social media. So classy. I am happy that The Dark Element is good and I really hope this works out for her, but that doesn't change the fact that she's got a tendency to act petty and juvenile in the worst possible way. Especially when things don't go her way.
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    Okay, it's time for my Nightwish confession and/or a rant. Since you're very much on a similar thought as me. I came to this forum to discuss symphonic metal in general, my favourite band being Therion if anyone who's chatted with me hasn't figured that out yet. It seemed to me be the most active place to do so. I was familiar with Nightwish but for the most part not a listener. I'd listened good and hard to Oceanborn since I was under the impression it's their 'essential' album but it didn't really do much for me, other than my appreciating its dreamlike atmosphere (sorry). Of course reading the words of so many fans convinced me to keep looking deeper into the band... I listened to Elan and my spine, it did produce the tingles that signal you've just found something great. I listened to Endless Forms as well and again had the same positive reaction. It's beautiful music with a great message. So I started really digging into the band, and I have to say, sorry purists, but I like them best from Century Child and after. In fact I really don't care for Tarja, she is to me completely unremarkable other than the fact that she was Nightwish's original vocalist. But I am definitely, definitely a fan of the band now. I can't wait for them to play here in March! With a lot of bands longtime fans will dislike newer material by them. Sometimes it's because the newer material can come off as a retread of what the band did earlier. That is the case with Nightwish. The thing is when a band does the retread, they could do it more capably than the first time. So if you don't have the historical point of view, the new stuff can come off as a superior product. While listening to older stuff, after listening to the newest stuff, I might hear the root of something they repeated later. But I tend to like it when they tried it again later with more experience points. Endless Forms Most Beautiful? More like Endless Iterations of a Formula Most Beautiful. You have an epic folksy intro melody, then a verse, then a fantastic chorus, then a revisit of the intro motif, etc. They do it for maybe half the songs on the newest album and they've done it plenty of times on albums recently before but I don't mind a bit. Because it's a good formula and they nail it to such euphoric results. 'I Want My Tears Back' for instance is probably my favourite Nightwish song. By the time the chorus comes my tear ducts are straining from the emotional response. Alpenglow as well, just damn. So there's my confession.
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    There's no much to say about Anette's credibility. Nowadays people tend to blame others for their own faults. Playing the victim is a very profitable business. We see it in very diverse areas of our society. People are very emotional and are always ready to stand for the "victims" and blame the "abusers", which sounds very logical because, of course, any rational human being must defend the victims from their abusers. But we have reached a state in which the mere fact of saying you are a victim turns you into a real victim and the mere fact of saying somebody is an abuser turns him/her into an abuser. Presumption of innocence is being attacked day after day and that's terrible. Anette is a clear example of this. She signed the official statement back in 2012 when they parted ways. Her name was there, below the text, as one of the signatories. She was not a baby, she was an adult woman, nobody put a gun onto her temples, and she signed a statement which said that they parted ways in mutual understanding and for the good of all parties involved. Then a year of silence, which made clear she had nothing more to say, and, after that, the drama queen playing the victim to get people's affection and, incidentally, to promote her solo album. Zero credibility. Zero honesty. Zero victim. But, of course, Tuomas is to blame.
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    For Heaven's sake! You should attach a box of aspirins to every post you write. It's a public health issue. When I mentioned the paranoia of the fans I was referring to people like you not to the average fan, who has nothing to do with the caricature you have created in your mind. The drama is inside you.
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    TBH I think they both sounded better in this video than the album version. I mean, I'm not a huge fan of Marco's higher vocals, I think Tarja has sounded better on previous performances of Ave Maria, and I think the vocal arrangements could have been changed up a bit more - had them trade off some lines, or sing more lines together - rather than have one of them stand there awkwardly whilst the other one sings half the song, then swap over... BUT let's be honest, it's more about what the performance represents, and it's lovely to see them able to share a stage, exchange a hug and put the past behind them. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if maybe there was a little nervousness/awkwardness affecting the performances. Hopefully this will be a reminder to the NW/Tarja fandoms generally that whilst we might all have our opinions on who was in the wrong with various events in Nightwish's history, and who needs to be judged and found wanting or whatever- ultimately it's down to the people involved whether they forgive each other/ work together again, and only they can decide what it will take for them to do that. We don't know if Marco or Tarja begged for apology on bended knee, if they offered mutual apologies, or even if they just said "Look, we're older, we've changed, we've grown wiser, let's draw a line under the past and start from scratch"- and whatever it was I'm sure it wouldn't be enough for some people, but it was enough for them. Not saying we can't or shouldn't have opinions on events in the past, but maybe we shouldn't take them more personally than the people who were actually involved? Though all that said, it doesn't even slightly surprise me that we've already got numpties snarking like "Marco looks old!" and "Floor sang it better!" in here Come on guys, get thee in the spirit of the season and all that. As far as a Nightwish guest appearance goes, I imagine that will depend on whether Tarja and the rest of the band (and perhaps even more importantly, their respective managements) can come to a similar understanding. It's possible - I mean, Tarja and Marco have mended bridges, Tarja and Floor are friends, two of the current lineup weren't involved with the band at the time of the split and the rest of the parties are 12 years older with more life experience. Tarja's no longer the young woman who wanted out of the metal scene, the guys are no longer the young men who wanted to party hard and drink every night. It would be quite something to see, though I'm not going to cross my fingers for it happening.
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    Omg, mom and dad are back together!!!11!1
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    Well, I know that the Devil himself would be a nice guy to you in comparison to tuomas, but no, in this very case, I don't see her as trustworthy. Because she never really refuted anything the band said. The only thing she refuted (kinda) was that she was fired, and did not leave on her own will, but duh, she was the employee, the employer just released a generic statement on "personal differences", potato-potato. On all other facts, they more or less agree. When it comes to interpretation of facts, they differ. And in this case, I am more inclined to stand with the band's interpretation (except for the Denver gig, but whatever), if nothing than for the childish and immature behaviour of Anette in media and social networks ever since. And one more thing, on credibility. You are mistrusting 2012 tuomas because the 2005 tuomas did something. Well, Tarja said back in 2002 that she will not be jumping around to metal music in leather pants in 10-year time. And there she is, 15 years later, jumping in leather clothes, playing to be more metal than ever. But she is Tarja, so, of course, she is allowed to change her believes, plans and personal opinions. tuomas is not, because, well, he did something in 2005.
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    Oh, come on, for Tarja's sake, come off your high Tarja-defending chair, and admit that the band tried its best to fire Anette silently, while she was the one who stirred all the drama. The band apparently learnt from their mistake with Tarja. Yes, mistake, yes, they screwed up back than, can you please not drag your moralising walls of texts about Tarja and the open letter and tuomas written without capital t in every topic. Or I should be reading how gorgeous of a person Tarja turned out to be and what an alcoholic marco or tuomas are also while checking the weather forecast for today?!
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    "I Walk Alone" is something of a different case though. It was written by professional songwriters with the specific aim of being performed by another artist - specifically, the first solo album (I'm not counting HI here) by an artist who was previously known for being in a famous band. (Also I'm not sure I'd class it as a "diss" track really, but that's a discussion for the Tarja thread). Jani didn't write these songs with the purpose of them appearing on an Anette solo album, he wrote them for a project that he was leading and that Anette happened to be doing the vocals for. By his own admission, at least one of the songs had been kicking around in his head for years, he just hadn't gotten around to finishing it yet. Similarly, in Nightwish Tuomas writes lyrics from his own perspectives, based on his own life, feelings and things that interest him. He might theoretically take inspiration from something that happened to Floor, or Tarja, or Anette, or Marco, but the lyrics are primarily a vehicle for his spirit (to borrow a phrase :P) not designed to resonate with the current vocalist (though I'm sure some of them do). Jani and Tuomas are different people, so Jani may well choose to write from other perspectives, but I'm not sure that the comparison to IWA really works here. I agree that songwriters will take everything they can get - but whilst the lyrics of Dead to Me CAN be interpreted to refer to a friendship or working relationship gone sour, I would say that the more obvious interpretation is that of a toxic former relationship. If Jani was specifically writing this song to be an anti-Nightwish diss track for Anette, then I would expect it to be more easily applied to the band situation. By that reasoning, surely Jani is much more likely to have been inspired by the end of Anette's first marriage, or (more likely) an unfortunate former relationship of his own. Hell, maybe he's looking at his own musical history (I don't know how things ended with him and the rest of SA, it might have been perfectly amicable, I have no idea). It's entirely possible that he was watching a film or reading a book containing a bad breakup and went "Hey, you could write a good song out of this!" - not everything is necessarily drawn from real life events. I think that's sort of what irks me about people who seem to decide that any track with slightly negative lyrics MUST be a diss track aimed at Nightwish. OK, there are a couple of tracks in Nightwish and Tarja's respective discographies that contain some pretty obvious barbs referring to each other and the situation around the split. But these are all adults with plenty of life experience - just off the top of my head, I seem to recall from interviews that both Tarja and Anette were bullied at school, that Anette's first marriage broke down - I'm sure most if not all of them have bad relationships in their past - not to mention some of the abuse Anette took from fans after she joined Nightwish in the first place. There are other events in their life that have happened and other people they will dislike that have nothing to do with Nightwish generally, or the band members directly. I get why people do it, to an extent - it's the negative events that WE are the most privy to - and like I say, I get labelling BBB, MPG, Diva etc. as diss tracks - but when people start talking about how "Yours Is An Empty Hope" or "Dark Star" or, in this case "Dead to Me" must be about Anette or must be about Nightwish, I find it a bit odd. And it does seem to be a Nightwish thing - "My Sweet Mystery" contains the line "Bring me back Days of Grays, take me back where I belong" (or something along those lines), but no-one's assuming that Jani is begging to be let back into Sonata Arctica as a result. I mean, it's clearly intended as an angry, negative song, whether the source is based on actual events/ people in Jani or Anette's past or whether it's a total work of fiction. Anette singing it as such is just good interpretation, it would sound a bit odd if she sang it like it was a mournful love ballad. And I agree with you in a sense that there is no such thing as "songs canon" - I mean, when I'm listening to an angry song like "Dead to Me", or "Yours Is An Empty Hope", or Alestorm's latest single (can we post swearwords if they're in the title of a song?) whatever, there are certain people from my past that spring to mind, and I can tell you that it's not Jani's ex or Tuomas's internet haters, or whatever... often songs with strong emotions such as anger, love etc. can be somewhat universal, and something a lot of people can relate to. But that doesn't mean that Jani and Tuomas and Chris are actually writing these songs about my former boss, you know? Similarly, someone going "Hey, this could be a Nightwish diss track" doesn't make it so. The initial discussion wasn't about whether it might be interpreted as a diss song (because past evidence tells us that of course it will be) the initial discussion was about whether it was one, or whether it was intended to be one. TL,DR: It's possible that Jani took inspiration from Anette being fired from Nightwish when he wrote "Dead to Me", in that songwriters take inspiration from all over the place, but I don't think it's especially likely. It's possible (and slightly more likely) that Anette may relate some of the lyrics to what happened with Nightwish and channel some anger towards the band into her singing accordingly... but it's also possible that she's channeling some other negative event from her past, or even that she's just acting the appropriate part for the song. I think people are too ready to label any negative song as a diss track when it comes from people in or associated with Nightwish, though I think the band and associated parties bear some share of the blame for this given their past releases.
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    Beautiful tattoo. Suits her very well I think. I follow many of the women in metal on Instagram, and while many of them have interacted before, I feel like something has been moving these past few months; a lot of support coming through, and comments of appreciation, it's really really nice to see! Like some kind of "sisterhood support system" if you will. In a very positive way. I think in the past, it's been more like, "let's not make a fuss about the fact that we're women in metal", whereas now it's more a feeling of "we acknowledge that it is a bit special to be a woman in a metal band because this scene is still in many regards a man's world. And supporting each other doesn't mean that we set ourselves apart from the men in our bands etc, but just that we really want to support each other as fellow colleagues who are women". Of course, it's also just as nice to see artists showing appreciation and support regardless of gender, and there's a lot of that too. I've said it before, but I feel lucky to have all these amazing people still going strong and making music I love, being sources of inspiration.
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    I watched Tarja live for the first time two days ago. after listening to her with and without Nightwish for 12 years. It was a truly religious experience. I urge everyone who hasn't seen her live to do it, she definitely is something special.
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    One of the biggest questions I always have is when (or if) they will make an homage to the original "Nightwish" song. I think that a revisiting (or maybe a reimagining) of that particular song would be an incredibly fun thing to do. Because the song literally started everything this tour may be a nice occasion to do so. Then again, if they commit to the idea of an acoustic album as a last "hurrah", it may be more fitting there.
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    Thanks Sahara for putting words to my thoughts as well. This is exactly what's so great about this duet! It's not important for me personally to have a reunion in the future as I see Nightwish's current state as the best version of the band to this date, but after a decade of drama between the band, Tarja, media, her fans and Nightwish fans it's so emotional and relieving to see that at least some parts involved have moved on and are able to perform together again. It just shows that everything is possible and it brings peace over the whole situation that we have debated over for 12 years (and still do, looking at this thread...)
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    Wow. You really are something else. Just wondering what an earth you really are doing here, as your main goal seems to be only bashing the guys and the band? In every thread... I thought Ahasverus was the worst, but you've taken this all in whole new level. Just wow. Do you know anything about singing or studied it? Do you realize that Marco is mainly using his (rather quiet) falsetto in this particular song? Old and weak? Lol, you probably should listen "Sylvian Joululaulu" from the same show. There you have your "Old and weak". I was in Lahti concert and both Marco and Floor were outstanding. And my little side note: listened White Christmas Tarja sung in this Hämeenlinna show. Have to say I prefer and like Floor's version more. Contemporary singing just isn't Tarja's thing.
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    You're never happy with anything that involve previous singers and current NW members. It's emotional for what It represents to have such singers together again after 12 years, there's nothing wrong to show happiness for what would never imagine would happen. Last year if someone would dare to say Tarja and Marco will song together no one would have believed it and now we're witnesses of something like this, this is not just a duet, it tells US that they have left the past behind, that they have forgiven everything, that they are in peace and that's beautiful.
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    On a more positive note, here's the first picture I found of Tarja and Marco singing together again after 12 years (from tonight). Edit: Aaaand.. a video where they hug (*almostwanttocryjustseeingit*)
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    It was Anette who did all the drama, losing respect from a lot of fans. Mine especially. The boys learned the lesson. I'm gonna forget the aids thing.
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    First step has been taken and the official english title will be "Marco Hietala - Stainless?"
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    I'm a little disappointed that we're only getting one song with all of these singers involved - I was looking forward to hearing how Tarja's voice blended with all these different singers, but I'm guessing they'll get one or two lines each and a few sung together. That said, good on all involved for supporting a good cause, and on Tarja for planning it. I liked the song well enough on Spirits, and I'll still buy anything with Hansi on it, so supporting a good cause is just a bonus. I can understand after all the hype (no word on what the project was going to be, singer announcements spread over days etc.) people are disappointed that it's a single Xmas song rather than an epic live show or rock opera, but I can also understand why it was hyped in such a way - people who might have glazed over "Tarja releases a charity Christmas single" got drawn in by the mystery and the list of guest singers, hopefully leading to more income in the long run. I kind of find it hard to be annoyed about it, given the context. I'm guessing that a giant concert featuring all of them, or even a full length rock opera CD would involve a good deal more expense to actually put together than this single - thinking about it, the music was already recorded for Tarja's album, and the vocalists involved may have agreed to record for free, or at least for a nominal fee. They don't really have to worry about it potentially not making any money, there are guaranteed to be downloads from fans of Tarja and the other artists involved. It's a reasonably quick, guaranteed way of getting some donations towards the relief fund, I can understand why this is the method she (and the record company) went with for now. There's nothing to stop her and some/all of the other vocalists involved from working together on a larger scale project in the future, perhaps even raising money for the same cause. But since most (if not all) of them are involved in actively touring bands and/or solo projects it's something that would probably take a lot of time to organise and implement. Anyway, I picked up "From Spirits and Ghosts" ready for my Xmas playlist last week - I like it a lot! Tarja sounds good, the songs (for the most part) work really well with the darker sounds of the album overall, and I am always up for some Xmas tunes. I think the weakest point was probably "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" - it's one of the cheeriest songs on the tracklist in it's "normal" form, and Tarja's attempted to make it creepy and horror-esque, and it's just... you can't make lyrics about figgy pudding menacing, Tarja. No one can. It comes across as trying way too hard. "Deck the Halls" has this problem too, to a slightly lesser extent , though it fits slightly better here. I think "O Tannenbaum" is the only song on the album that really pulled off this kind of sound well. Thankfully the darker theme in the rest of the songs tends to go for a more desolate, mournful sound with occasional sweeping orchestrations, which suits both Tarja and the songs much better. "Together" is a nice song, but I think it suffered for me on the first few listens by being one of the only songs on the album I wasn't already familiar with going in (Feliz Navidad being the other, and "What Child Is This?", but then that turned out to be Greensleeves with different words, so turns out I sort of did know it...) - I didn't really pay as much attention to it as the others. I'm enjoying it on subsequent listens though. I agree with those who say the artwork was misjudged - had it been Tarja in her white outfit, I think that could have worked OK, but with the claws and the dark makeup the cover kind of suggests some sort of Cradle of Filth crossover with Tim Burton, and the album is ... really not that at all.
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    People are not waiting for summer to get some help, help is done rightway and people forget Tarja has an emotional bound with that island, It was her home, she has friends over there, she wanna help immediately, there's no time to think in something big, those singers are not watching TV right now, they are touring as well, there's no time for this huge massive event. Enjoy the song or hate it but at least hear it first. We dont know the result yet.
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    I mean, they aren't asking you for permission or even an opinion. Such toxic remarks sound a lot more like "listen to me anonimously and free of consequence voicing my opinion on a public woman's body" than anything else. And really, who asked for that? Shielding yourself behind free speech is one way to admit what you're saying is not going to sit well. And if it's not, and it's not gonna change anything, then why do it?
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    Have we ruled out amateur porn yet? EDIT: Oh good Lord, she's gone full middle age crisis too. Because a human body without tattoos would be as naked as a Baroque church without hip-hop graffiti on the facade.
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    ZOMG, that means bye bye next NW album. Tuomas will drain all his inspiration into those silly crossword puzzles, and eventually disband Nightwish because of that. I can bet it was Troy who suggested him such a hobby, and we all know that Troy secretly works for marcelo.
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    I think Tuomas needed a bit more time to discover Floor's full potential and figure out a way to use it better. It may be that a few of the songs were written earlier with Anette in mind (I assume, I'm not up to date with the chronology). In any way, to my ears EFMB is already a good enough start, you can hear Floor sing normally, belt, grunt and sing operatically. The differences between her vocals in Elan and those in White Fantasy are big enough to matter and I don't think I've ever heard her sing so gentle as in Our decades in the sun. I don't know what people are expecting from a first album. I also don't adhere to this train of thought, that the singer must use her full potential on each album. This is not a singing competition, the point is not to show off. The vocals are a vessel for the music and the main purpose is to bring to life the music, feelings and atmosphere the composed wants. If this can be achieved (or better achieved) with less impressive vocals, then that's all we need. And if we're on the subject of confessions, after how much I disliked Anette's screeching and how much I adore Floor in pretty much everything she's done, Floor could sing karaoke on EFMB and it would still be a progress big enough to get me over the moon with happiness.
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    When I listen to Imaginaerum, I find a strong unison and coherence in every single song, that makes the album great. Unfortunately, I don't find such kind of magic touch in EFMB, some thing about it seems very disjointed to me. So, I truly hope that the future album will be more soulful and connective, just like irum.
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    For me, "creative hiatus" means that nobody will be doing anything related to music. No writing or rehearsals or anything. Just a total break. Well deserved, of course. Maybe we'll have a new album with real love songs this time . *cheese hunter*
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    I completely agree with Sahara! I saw some comments on Instagram where people where like”how can you sing with Marco after all they did to you?” What the hell, people? What is your problem?
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    So much negative in such beautiful event that's hard to believe (at least for me) that some people (talking in general not pointing someone in specific) dare to say they love NW music, I'm not the type of fan that think you have to like everything they do but not being happy or get touched by this it's unbelievable, I think most of us think about what would it be if something like this would happen, why people can not be happy for what It represents, it seems some fans (from both sides) want to see them in some way with grudge, some fans feel more offended of what they did to Tarja or for Tarja's statements than themselves. All this shitty comparisons of what version you like bashing their performances it's childish, I like both versions, I hear nothing bad, this is what happens when you cannot see anything good, I hate those comments because I enjoy their music, it's hard to find someone who like them both. And BTW, It needs balls to forgive, you know, I admire them for that. Such beautiful video
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    In the spirit of the season and the above, we'll forgive the CAPS. Just this once Also, you're a post off
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    God.... this is all I was waiting for this christmas That was moving. I'm so happy for the whole situation and the beautiful atmosphere. 3 more shows, right?? Looking forward for ALL the videos from every night. I hope this leave at least just one door open for a new collaboration, either Tarja with NW or Marco with Tarja. I love how their voices sound together, and that wasn't even a chance all these years. I can't believe it's already happening.
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    Don't worry, Stephan, all NW male members will go to hell to pay for all their sins and lack of honesty. And probably most of us will also be there singing Master Passion Greed along with them. And you will be happily in Heaven, with Tarja and Marcelo, watching us from above in awe and laughing at us, hahaha.
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    @Stefan2k4 I suspect you spread misinformation intentionally. It was John Finberg, the US touring agent of Nightwish, not Nightwish or its members, who said nasty things about Greece and its financial situation. It was not the members of Nightwish who spoke about morons in connection with the Colectiv nightclub fire in Bucharest but the person(s) who managed their facebook page. Victims of the fire were certainly not called as morons but those responsible for the fire. Owners of Colectiv acted like criminals when they allowed fireworks to be used during a rock show even if fire officials had not given their approval. The foam ceiling caught fire from the fireworks and more than 60 people died in and from the fire. The amount of booze consumed and time used in partying have diminished a lot in the Nightwish camp with time. Marco Hietala has even become an absolutist, he stopped drinking for health reasons in 2010 before the Tarot Gravity of Light tour. When praising Tarja Turunen for charity you hint that Nightwish and its members have done nothing in that field. Let me correct you. I do not know about their private donations and contributions, but at least these doings have become public. Nightwish donated all the income from the sales of the single Eva (Dark Passion Play) to charity. When Marco Hietala acted as a coach in Kuorosota in 2010, he and his choir donated their earnings to charity. In 2014 Tuomas Holopainen, even if he was very busy with the Scrooge project, spent two weeks to write the song Lohtu for eighteen Finnish artist to support the new children´s hospital in Helsinki. With the song, video and concert in Hartwall arena in 2015 the artists were able to collect a large sum of money for the hospital. In 2017 Marco Hietala and Kai Hahto together with other metal musicians have raised money for Elmu Foundation for charity with the Tuska20 anniversary song. Even earlier Nightwish has collaborated with other metal bands to raise money to prevent marginalization of youngsters. Nightwish has also supported other than charity projects. Making the Lemminkäinen video was an educational and cultural project and tells about Lemminkäinen, a warrior and womanizer, in our national epic Kalevala. In my eyes Tarja Turunen´s charity efforts look quite modest, but of course it is a positive thing that she does something for other people instead of increasing her collection of at least 50 pairs of high-heeled shoes, 200 stage outfits and numerous bags, for which they need to build a room of some 20 square meters in the upcoming house in Spain (she has given the details in an interview).
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    Sorry, but the fact that guys proved to be assholes with Tarja does not justify the fact that Anette was an asshole with them 7 years down the road. To use your grand analogies, because Germans were being victims of nationalist state policies in East Central Europe in the interwar period, does not mean that Hitler's conquest of this region and the subsequent genocides were justified, and that you can pin the interwar Polish or Czechoslovak governments to be responsible for Holocaust. So, yeah, Tuomas might have started the drama cycle, but it was entirely up to Anette to remain silent about it in 2013, not to anybody else.
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    You're aware that Antichrist figures in the very New Testament? I suppose you refuse to read the Bible as well.
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    Well, since it is just about midnight here all ready: Happy 100th. I may complain and bitch about our leaders, high taxes and paternalism. I may want to move away from here, when this endless darkness begins. But still, I live in a country, where I have a right to whine and bitch about our leaders as much as I like without consequences. The taxes are there for a reason. The root cause for that paternalism is, in the end, caring. And this is my home, darkness is a part of that. Makes the summers more special. And peace, happiness and rock and roll for all the forum members. Even the Swedish ones.
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    This is funny, but I guess it's a part of the show. Diss songs have become a tradition in NW history, so I understand some people see Anette in YIAEH and Tuomas (or the whole band) in Dead to Me. Why not? The show must go on. But I'm afraid this has more to do with the paranoia of the fans than with reality itself.
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    The documentary is still available online for free, and there is no geoblocking. It can be watched everywhere. Thanks to all the fans who made this possible. Watch the documentary here. Harto Hänninen director
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    I think people is judging in advance, we don't even know yet if the song will remains as it is or if it would have some twists, we have 12 singers with SO different styles, I cannot even imagine how the song would sound like and people are complaining without hearing anything yet. She already explained why she chose Feliz Navidad, it was clearly stated on her post: ''to bring joy for those ones who lost everything'' she is giving this as a gift. Probably she could do something original, new, whatever but she wanted something to be meaningful for THEM, that people are homeless, imagine how Christmas Eve would be for them, do you really think they care about the song if it's original or not? they will see the noble gesture not only done by Tarja but for all those singers and it's admirable how all those singers who are really busy touring with their own bands took the time to do this, there are singers that I could never imagine participate with Tarja, it's obviously there's something beyond that is moving them to do this. The whole idea of creating expectation it was really smart, if she would have posted all at once it wouldn't get the attention it deserves, putting picture by picture, intriguing people not only from her fandom but for the rest as well, we are talking about 12 different fandoms that will be hearing the song, very smart move if you ask me. Who knows, probably in the future we will see her doing something with these singers, this is just the first step.
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    Right. I agree with Eilenna. I'm glad I'm late enough so that JRA had a chance to explain what he meant, but that being said, the wording was inappropriate for the forum. Meaning that: 1) I've removed those parts from JRA's post. @JRA : if you want to reword what you said, PM me and I'll edit your post. 2) I'm not going to officially warn JRA for his post - he's explained what he meant and isn't arguing that it was reported. I'll consider it as more poorly-worded than malicious. However, @JRA : take this more as a verbal warning. For the future when it comes to wording - less Reddit, more NWForum. So no "crack-hos" and all that. Keep your audience in mind. Also since some_dude brought it up - the tattoo thing I don't think @some_dude_on_the_interwebs should be burned at the stake for expressing his dislike for tattoos. At most maaaaybe be less extreme when it comes to describing how much you hate them. But yeah, we're not gonna forbid people from expressing that they don't like something.
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    Sigh. It was really a mistake to take part in these certain threads again. Good reason to stay away for few more months. Let's try again next spring when certain peeps have something positive to say about the band for once. Even once.
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    So, to conclude my 'official' participations in this thread, I just dig into my memories and write down or show my most endearing/best kept memories about the Finnish. A) Jari Litmanen. There's no denying that he's got a special place in my heart (and I think all Dutch hearts, even if he was an AJAX player) for the elegant, fair and style of football playing. Such a shame that after he left AJAX, his career went downhill due to injuries. There were lots of tears when he said farewell to AJAX. B) The freshness and distinctiveness of the Finnish flag. Always very recognizable. C) Finnish ice speed skaters Hanninen, Koskela and Poutala. All sprinters and all a bit of the same type. They could and did win 500 and 1000 meters, because they were good, but they also got this 'Finnish' knack of being briljant or totally absent. For their sheer talent they achieved too little, but we love(d) them anyhow. D) Mika Nurmela. An underrated footballer, but one of the best crossers I've ever seen! He had such a good technique that he could play the ball almost always 'on the tie' of a fellow player as we Dutch say, too emphasize his precision and forward thinking. E) The first time I met a Finnish girl. It was Agios Nicolaos 1986 and I got a bit confused and endeared with the shyness and quietness (even when their men get drunk, a lot of them remain quiet )of her, but learned in the years afterwards that it was very common Finnish behaviour. She spoke 5 languages and despite her shyness, I had great conversations with her. F) The Nightwish Forum and the Finnish contributors I do have an understanding with. And their humour!! G) Their incredibly difficult place inthe world, politically seen. Doing away with the Swedes and Russians and being able to become and stay typically Finnish! H) The amount and quality of Finnish racers in the motorsport is really astounding considering their population. There must be something fast in their genes! I) Finnish liquorice. Which I had the pleasure of tasting on several occasions through a Finnish friend on the forum. I love it! J) The common sense and quiet creativeness that makes Finland what it is today: a modern and free democracy with still holds many good traditions. K) The place that Finland general has in the genre of metal music. As much as astounding as their racing qualities! L) I like the Finnish language. It sounds very plesant to the ear. And when you look at it, it looks like it only exists out of vowels, double vowels and dots........... * From my part, many congratulations to Suomi and its Suomiers for their 100th year celebration of independence and long may it continue.
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    The good part is from 0:00 to 4:08 and the polka bit is at 2:30, you're welcome And good Lord, call me an old man yelling at clouds, but this stuff does put 99% of the so-called metal bands out there today to shame. EDIT: Tell you what, have a good ol' fashioned floorgasm as well. I have no words to describe this (well, she says "ballad", but with all the uninventive, saccharine crap going by that name it seems inappropriate to me).
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    If the final album is indeed the acoustic album, I would love for "Nightwish" to be the final track. It seems rather poetic and fitting to have the first song ever written to also be the last ever released. Continues the theme of coming full circle, if nothing else.
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    I have said this many times over, Angels Fall First is the only album where I feel Emppu shined most. The solo on Nightingale is the greatest of all albums, the folk guitar on Lappi is something we only get to hear again in White Night Fantasy. The entire album was amazing, sparing the strangeness of Fantasia, I love the warm tone of the album that made it sound like the 70s. I have a big soft spot for Lappi, because it reminders me of early Pink Floyd without Syd Barrett like the album Ummagumma. If they don't play Nightingale on Decades, I will be sorely disappointed.
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    Hmmm... well, in general: - Moving away from the style of their previous 4 albums. The more I listen to them, the more I feel like they reached the pinnacle of their symphonic, soundtrack-esque compositions with "Imaginaerum" - I really don't think they're going to better that, and for me, EFMB felt a bit like "more of the same". I did appreciate the steps towards a more band focused sound, and I'd like to see them continue in that vein. They now have a solid line up, they have access to Troy's folk instruments as well as a second guitarist when the need strikes, they have 3 very good vocalists including Floor who has the ability to sing in a variety of styles. I think they have the ability to create something different from their early sound without having to rely on guest players or synth patches now, and whilst I doubt we'll ever see the orchestra disappear completely, I would like to see its role reduced. After being much praised for changing from their earlier power metal sound, I think it's time for them to make another change before they start to stagnate. - Use the vocals more creatively. I like the way they've used Troy (TEOSG) and Floor (TGSOE) to provide atmosphere and sound without lyrics, I'd quite like to see more of that. Given Troy's lovely soft voice and how well Marco can sing soft ballads, I'd like to see something that's vocally in the vein of "Rest Calm" but reversed - the guys providing the softer sounds while Floor tackles the heavier/ faster side. It would be something a bit different to the usual "Beauty and the Beast" vocal split of a lot of their contemporaries. And whilst I'm not overfond of Floor's operatic vocals, it would be good to hear them used as an element of the band's sound to give them a bit more variety. Perhaps more like "Bless the Child" or Floor's "Storytime" rather than "Stargazers" - the operatic vocals used at certain points of the song to give variety, rather than forming the main basis for the vocals. I may be in a minority here though - Sort of linked to the above, but just for emphasis, more belting from Floor. She's got a great voice, and it was lovely to hear her soft voice get a bit more focus for once. But for me, if I listen to Floor Jansen it's because I want to hear a voice powerful enough to knock a door down. More in the vein of "Weak Fantasy", or that last "Floorgasm" in GLS please. - It would be interesting to have some more songwriting input from Floor, Troy etc. I feel like that might help them reach that new, fresher sound. - The more optimistic, positive lyrics have been a positive change for me. The Dead Boy can stay gone I'm somewhat indifferent to the "overtly science-y" lyrics. It's definitely an interesting concept to deal with on an album but a couple of the songs (especially EFMB and parts of TGSOE) came across as a little dry and textbook style compared to songs like My Walden or Elan. I think that's unlikely. There was some controversy a few years back (we're not supposed to discuss it further but there's probably a thread in the Graveyard that might give you more of an overview) which the band was aware of - they may not wish to reopen that discussion by inviting John Two Hawks for another appearance. I could be wrong, of course.
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    Catherine Zeta-Jones!!!