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    I'm propably in the minority here but I'm satisfied with Floor's vocals on EFMB. Can't complain about anything, really. Sure, she is able to do this and that and everything with her voice but I don't think any of the songs would have benefitted at all from more flashy and extravagant vocal performance. Her versatility was utilized well enough on the album, prioritizing first what the material needs. And, to me anyway, she sounds better now than in any of these old clips people keep posting
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    I can understand removing Dead Boy and Carpenter from the festival setlist (slow songs), but removing Deep Silent Complete, Elvenpath and Kinslayer too??? And leaving crap songs like Amaranth and I Want My Tears Back in there...? Yuck, so glad I'm not going to any of the festivals this year.
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    And here we go, bashing everything without even having a freaking sample. Don't you get tired? I mean, as far as we know, Tarja's DVD could be the worst thing ever, or perhaps the best thing ever, we haven't got a clue. How do you know "every visual design is gonna complement the music"? Just by a press release? May I remind you that Epica announced the Retrospect Show as one of a kind experience and one of the best live albums ever, when, truth to be told, it's literally unwatchable? But no, Tarja announces she's gonna release a live album and here you go to say "Everything NW releases sucks, even Tarja releases better things". Stop it. Please.
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    Well that's different. They also rerecord backing vocals. It would be weird to just have Tarja or Anette singing (or speaking) in the background.
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    I bring you some brilliant news, you fans of Tapio Wilska, and ofc, you finnish lucky bastards! DO NOT OPEN THE SPOILER IF YOU LIKE SURPRISES!!!
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    On demand from the US of A (also known as Spirit Of Whiterun) FLOOR JANSEN, THE GREATEST FEMALE SINGER THAT THE NETHERLANDS HAS TO OFFER TO THE WORLD, LIVES IN A TINY GORGEOUS SWEDISH VILLAGE, THAT SURELY MUST BE ONE OF THE SMALLEST AROUND. This postcard village lies in the middle of misty woods, green hills and a large lake and according to its latest count, has exactly 233 inhabitants. It surely is the kind of place where you would expect the front woman of a band like Nightwish to live. Or at least, roaming around in your fantasies of metal dreaminess. But Floor Jansen (born in Goirle, 1981) has pretty much had it with these cliches that circle around her kind of music/genre; the pleasant orchestral and sometimes mystic heavy rock, which was also called ´gothic metal´ during an earlier era. Don´t try to start an interview talking about those mysty and mythical woods to her nowadays or you will find yourself with little less to talk about anymore. ´It sure is quiet here´she says with some understatement (more like a warning to the interviewer, I reckon - hunebedbouwer), ´but there´s also a railtrack nearby and on the hill there´s an appartment complex´. However, she agrees that it is a different set up of life then what she was used to in her motherland. And she uses a few sharpe and more or less disapprovingly remarks. ´Sure you got lakes in the NL, but most likely with a few thousand people around and in each one of them!´. ´And waterscooters crossing over the water!´. ´Yes, well the Netherlands.......a postage stamp with 17 million people on it!!´. There seem to be a few bruises in her relation with her fatherland and she doesn´t mind explaining them. She´s even glad and willing to. A DECENT DUTCH FESTIVAL SHOW But first things first. Those beautiful things which she enjoys on the westcoast of Sweden, where she lives with her Swedish husband Hannes Van Dahl (drummer of Swedish metal band Sabaton) and her now 1-year old daughter Freja. Floor has settled here, because of the existance of the nearby international airport of Goteborg. And yes, also because of the sheer quietness and peacefulness of the area. With her mates from Nightwish she does perform all over the world; from Scandinavia through all of Europe. From Moscow and Bejing to Sao Paulo in Brazil. And to give you an idea of what Floor´s agenda looks like.....she just returned from a 34 concert tour in the United States. Next Saturday she will again perform in the NL at last. ´An important show and it does feel like a bit of compensation´, says Jansen. ´I´ve been nagging for years to do a decent Dutch festival show. It´s great to get it at last and it´s even better that show will be at Fortarock in Nijmegen. Proper metalheads and atmosphere! The tour trucks are stuffed with fireworks and other pyrotechnical stuff, for Nightwish will splash out big time with heaps of pyro´s and classic Nightwish songs! I´m over the moon and very excited!!!´. UNDERVALUATION It is one of the great enigma´s and puzzles of the Dutch music industry. It´s one where fans and victims alike scratch their heads over. Why is it, that a genre that more or less started from the Netherlands and conquered the world, is so undervaluated in its home country? Even still today, the Dutch female singers and bands do have a leading and important role in the female fronted metal scene. Ofcourse we all know the pioneers of symphonic metal like Within Temptation (Sharon den Adel), After Forever (Floor) and Epica (Simone). But the attention and appreciation get in their own country holds no comparison to the total adoration in countries like Mexico or Russia. There, far away from the meagre Dutch music press and bloggers and our poppodia and festival branche, fires are lit when Floor Jansen comes along. Here the very easy/to/the ear single ´Elan´ will never be played on any radio station, which ever it may be. While that song is just a standard option for playlists in Sweden and Finland. BIGGER THAN ANOUK, CARO EMERALD AND ILSE DELANGE Measured along the lines of record sales and performances, Floor Jansen is by far the biggest female music star we have in the Netherlands. Compared to the three amentoned above, even with some distance (that´s not entirely true when it comes to record sales - hunebedbouwer). Floor; ´Why am I never invited by Matthijs van Nieuwkerk in his ´De Wereld Draait Door´-show ?(one of the NL biggest talk-music shows - Sharon and Anneke have been many times before). And when do you hear Nightwish on 3FM at all? Never!!!! Yeah, sometimes when you won a prize or on a special occasion when you have to explain what you´re doing all over again (she sounds really sour here - hunebedbouwer)!!! You get questions like; ´can you explain what that metal music exactly is, please!´. And after that they´re blabbering about the fact that they had no idea that we are so big abroad!!!! After such an occasion I really think; ´dear Lord, not that again!´. I´m pretty much fed up with it now!´. Where all this ignorance derives from? Well, that´s a real braincrusher so far. Are we, Dutch waterlanders really not up for this spiritual, fantasy-rich music with rocking guitars and sometimes operatic vocals, combined with heavy folk music? ´I don´t think it´s a question of taste´, Floor thinks. ´We have got plenty of Dutch fans too. When we got the opportunity to play at the Heineken Music Hall at last, we sold out twice within days, so that´s not the issue. But the real interest comes within the Dutch metal scene itself. Apart from that , we do not get any real attention from the media itself. While I think, that we can attract loads of fans through our music. Nope, in the Netherlands they blabber about the same bands over and over again! Bands like Krezip and Kane for example. While they got no recognition or popularity in other countries at all! (You can notice that Floor has been out of the country for quite some years now, as these bands quited already 4 and 6 YEARS ago, but I guess she just dislikes those bands - like I do - hunebedbouwer)´.
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    Well, I don't know what she is complaining about as she just did an interview with one of the Dutch biggest newspapers. For me there are a few reasons why metal in general doesn't get that much attention. First of all, we tend to forget that it is not one of the biggest genres. Sure, WE like it, but compared to your general (nowadays horrible) music, it's relatively small in numbers (sales and all). Secondly, it's not really that easy to listen to via the radio stations, certainly not the main 'pop' stations. A lot of listeners don´t want screaming guitars and hard hitting vocals when they read the newspapers or sit at a cafe. And I can understand that, because I like some peace and quiteness in those situations as well. Honestly, I like to have no music at all in cafes when you try to have nice conversations with friends etc. There´s music bloody blearing everywhere when you go into town....clothes shops, supermarkets, stores, Phone shops, restaurants, cafes...it´s one big bloody chaotic symphony of sounds! Having said that, there is hardly any radio station that plays metal and I can understand that gripe. It still is an important genre for lots of people and there are plenty of metal festivals around, so commercially very interesting. Personally I don´t give a toss about radio anymore, because Dutch (and I guess everywhere else too) radio is basically crap and I can´t remember when I listened to it for the last time (´90´s ?). And radio stations have become so bad due to their reliance (I´d rather call it held hostage) by the music industry in what they can play. Thirdly, Floor is part of a Finnish band and lives in Sweden. That does create a distance, however you want to view it. And how many times does Nightwish give a reason to write about over here.......how often do they play here and how often do they release a record.........not that often. Does Floor think that the newspapers are full of Within Temptation (the most loved band) articles or Epica stories? And let´s face it, Sharon is a lot more enigmatic person than Floor. (That doesn't mean that Floor is not likeable! Far from it! But Floor is just different.......more distant in her behaviour) She´s also about the most known person (Anneke a good second) of the genre, because she does do a lot of other things.........Floor never has. Can´t remember any occasion that I saw Simone, Charlotte or Diane on the telly either. But the people that know the genre are incredibly proud of Floor and what she does and has achieved. Fourthly..........well honestly, the main Dutch music scene is CRAP, as is the main world wide music scene and it has been since the early 90´s..........rap, house, girls and boys bands, R & B, all that covering. Half naked screaming banshees are the norm and our youth grow up with it and think it´s the norm and copy it. It´s that simple! Therefore, we should be proud that we prefer real music with real singing and playing real instruments instead of listening to BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM...........AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone has a choice to whatever he/she wants to listen to. Fifthly, I think Floor is a little bitter here and there and not rightly so. She´s fighting windmills and she won´t win. Why not appreciate the applause you DO get and get on with it? She has masses of Dutch fans, gathered from After Forever, Revamp, Nightwish and (Ayreon) collaborations. One thing though, Caro Emerald (although other genre) is very big too and sells very good around the world with addictive and proper music AND she is very radio attractive! Ask the BBC.....they make all her singles ´single of the week´ on Radio 2 with no hesitation. The bands mentioned, Krezip and Kane, are already not relevant anymore for a long time. And really Floor, do you want to be compared to those bands? Bands like Kensington (very nice) and De Staat and DeWolff (although less popular, but you won´t here them complaining) are much more in vogue today. After Forever and The Gathering were also ´unknown to the general public´-bands, but they Always had a fierce and loyal following, both nationally and internationally. When did you hear Anneke complaining? She knows she´s valued by her fans. The only complaint could be possibly the financial rewards, because I think the metal genre bands have to work a lot harder than these popular middle-of-the- road-bands. Sixthly.....(is that a word?)...I don´t like her negativeness towards the NL. We Dutch, ALL suffer from too many people on a small piece of land. We ALL would like to roam freely for days through forests and mountains. That´s why camping abroad is a national obsession. But still we get on relatively well with each other. We have to! And do have excellent educational and cultural possibillities to become good musicians and singers. And become frontsinger of a Finnish top band....... My word, what I wouldn´t give to have a plot of land, so that I could keep a herd of ostriches in my backyard........excellent meat by the way. So, what was the question really? O yeah, that notification by @Spirit of Whiterunfor a translation by notification that woke me up.......where shall I put that? I think the interview section is the more adequate place to do so. I will start translating ................NOW! Edit: the most succesful Dutch rocking female singer from the Netherlands would be ANOUK by far. She sold already millions in the NL alone and she is still makes albums. She had a no.1 single in Albania too. Now that must count for something too, I'd say.
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    Elvenpath is not a big hit, or particularily well-known (like Wishmaster is, despite not having been a proper single). You're conflating your personal views of these songs with how well they're received worldwide by the average concert goer. Of course, hardcore Nightwish fans can bemoan that they don't know all the obscure gems in the band's catalogue, but the bottom line is that even at proper Nightwish gigs Élan is well-known and gets the crowd going. Especially in the US where their shows attract a lot of people who've only become fans in recent years. Élan is most likely one of the first songs they heard by the band. People sing along to it and they get very loud cheers when the intro starts. I discovered the band in late 2003, so Nemo is obviously that track for me since it came out shortly afterwards. I went to see them live during the Once tour and remember really looking forward to Nemo more than anything else at that point. I'm sure those who had been fans since the early years were rolling their eyes at me and everyone else who had just discovered the band, because clearly they had so many better songs than Nemo in their back catalogue (or from Once, for that matter).
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    Both of Tarja's live albums, specially Beauty and the Beat have featured pristine production.
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    I am looking forward to it, but it is a shame that she did not include the Wacken church concert, instead of two shows with very similar setlists.
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    IDK if it's a front row thing, but I couldn't keep my eyes off the band. Of course I noticed the visuals and thought they gave a cool atmosphere, but It never got to the point where my eyes were going somewhere else?
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    Élan is a crowd pleaser with casual fans. Elvenpath is not. It's as simple as that.
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    I know forums, which don't have these kind of double-post rules at all and they still work without going into chaos and mayhem. 14 days is WAYYY too long period between posts and I don't really understand that rule at all.
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    Me checking out that festival set list
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    As expected, the production is fantastic. Where are the people doubting that now? Nightwish wishes it had a live album sounding half as good. She also looks extremely gorgeus, like, damn, Tarja.
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    Btw, kinda just thinking about following tours... they gotta take a few of the oldies on this special tour back to regular rotation, right? Right? Stuff like Kinslayer, Elvenpath, maybe Gethsemane even? Also... gonna edit in bit of a rambling: I'm going to see them 2 or 3 times this year, first is gonna be in Lahti. That gig is going to be such an amazing moment for me personally, because it sort of closes a circle. The first time I saw them live, was the End of an Era-gig. Bunch of those songs are played on this tour and, even though I was 9 years old in 2005, I can remember many songs very clearly. I can also remember how, being a kid, after hearing Tarja got kicked out of the band after that, I lost any interest to them for years and how it was Floor who made me a fanboy again. And now they're doing this. All of the dots are just coming together and connecting to that gig. If they also pull... well, you know, the thing(please don't tell me I have to explain what I mean), in any of those gigs, it's just gonna be even sweeter. God I can't wait.
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    Well... There's a part of the campfire story usually not told.
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    Yeah I think Haven is vastly superior to Silverthorn but I really need to give the latter another chance. Right now I only like My Confession. It's likely that my big issue is with the lyrics/concept, which is something I give a lot of attention to. The concept was meh, just like The Shadow Theory, while Haven imho has stronger lyrics (and, I can't deny it, some songs fit some of the stuff I'm writing like a glove) and Fallen Star is a great opener. Anyway, I kind of miss Roy/Miro's keyboards. Oliver is great but I feel they used to put more sentiment in their melodies. And I know Thomas is capable of much better melodies than the ones on TST. Don't you think that the melodies written after Roy's departure are pretty much all similar? The other day I was listening to some songs with my eyes closed, and listening to a song from Epica and, right after, to a song from Haven... the difference in the richness of the arrangements is huuge. The newer songs sound much poppier, so smooth and airy... just listen to how the drums are mixed.
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    I can agree with that too. It's definitely unnecessary. With the same logic she uses, the papers can not support her simply because they don't like her band's music. Because I guess that's why she feels she can say negative things about those bands. I appreciate that she's quite honest in interviews, but she could be more diplomatic and less disparaging when it comes to other artists. At least then she'd avoid seeming arrogant or creating "drama". But maybe she doesn't care for filtering what she says - I don't know.
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    Acutally, NO! If he must write songs for radio, better do it with AURI. I don't need Nightwish on radio. I love Nightwish for brilliant songs.
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    While Nightwish is happy churning out horribly produced live videos and hiring Vile Hillipainen to "film" their stuff, Tarja on a much smaller budget and truth to be told with lesser material to work with is gonna release a well directed live show where every visual design is gonna complement the music. Shameful really.
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    Interesting concert trip! Happy(ish) with the gig itself but hard to imagine what band could possibly get me to repeat a trip like this. I guess I´m getting old but I value things like smooth travel arrangements back to hotel after a concert..It seems getting to the venue was easy but getting back not. After we finally got a taxi, we ended up paying Finland prices so we were basically ripped off (pissed but still happy to pay we didn't have to walk all the way back to the city). Shouldn´t complain about the setlist since it is the best they have had for years and contains such jewels! But still, I would be happy to see those "crowd pleasers" go (WIHAA, Amaranth, IWMTB..). But I guess they won´t since I´m sure the audience is full of people who do not even recognise the older songs. Which gets me to the biggest complain about this concert; the audience. I am always amazed when people pay money for tickets and then seem not to be interested in the concert itself at all! It is difficult to fully enjoy the concert when you constantly have to worry about people bumping into you and spilling beer on you. And when Dead Boy´s Poem starts and you are looking forward hearing Floor sing that beautiful beginning, a guy near decides to answer his phone and starts yelling at it. And he was´t the only one, I heard several people talking on the phone or then groups of friends were carrying on conversations (and drinking of course) instead of listening to the music. It was difficult to find a spot where you were able to see the stage but avoid the drunks. Floor was great and the older songs sounded even better live than in the youtube videos. For me, Marco was the weakest link in those songs, his voice just isn´t match for Wilska´s or Ike Vil´s. The Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean was the highlight for me although the 10th Man Down was what I was looking forward the most. I wish the setlist will change a bit for Hartwall but I doubt it will. P.S. Emppu needs one of those higher stage platforms, please build him one!
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