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    If this really is the case, then… Dear Nightwish, As you may already know, we, your fans, tend to disagree on a lot of things—some prefer Floor, some prefer Anette and some prefer Tarja; some love Dark Passion Play and some think it's your weakest album; some believe The Greatest Show on Earth is your best song so far and some don't quite like it; and a long list of etceteras. However, there is one thing that 99.63522% of your fans agree on: that you should play Beauty of the Beast on this tour. So please please pleeeeeeease, can you grant us this one more wish? We will be forever grateful. Thank you for reading this.
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    Leave it to NW fans to create unnecesary drama. NIghtwish are promoting Auri because two parts of Nightwish are involved in that project. Too bad you weren't in 2013, Nightwish ALSO promoted like crazy on their social networks Revamp's album "Wild Card". And just to ruin your theory, Northward's song were already written ten years ago when After Forever called it quits. Can't a freaking member of the band have a side project without everyone looking into crappy conspiracy theories? Oh, and people, as much as you want Beauty of the beast, you must also understand that a song needs to be rehearsed and especially a long song. It's not as if they can play any song you like just because of it. I don't think they've even rehearsed it.
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    That makes you one of the lucky ones
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    RIP @Babrablack , hope you have saved yourself a penny for the ferryman.
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    ... This. This is what life is for. The wished, unexpected, the sublime, the conspiracy of casualty. The unreplicable recipe for happiness. Just thank you.
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    Of course lots of people in the music business do not know how to behave in the normal life and how to do a job. You know, like leaving a job in the middle of a show, or bashing the ever loving santa out of the ex-coworkers, or priding yourself of how much worse the things are for them now compared to when you worked with them. Ya know, pro stuff.
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    Glad to see plenty of nitpicking now that we've got the praise out of the way, wouldn't want the band to think we're too happy. Honestly, the band can perform these songs how they like. The fact we're getting some of these songs at all is amazing, and I honestly don't think Marco sounds bad in most of the choruses or with Floor in general. Maybe he could be used less in some songs, but none of them sound even close to bad if you ask me. Can't wait to see what other treats they bring out throughout the rest of the tour.
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    I know the best way to end one: "I love sausages! That's Romanticide"
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    Sure! Also, check this video out at 1:10 for my pick-grabbing-fail moment with Emppu:
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    Ok... Ok... That was... No words I had interaction with the band to last me for a lifetime. Throughout the WHOLE thing. Floor even winked at me when she began Ghost Love Score, and I kid you not and it's not because I was there, this was the best Floorgasm she has EVER done on any GLS, Remember what she tried doing on both VoS shows with the higher note? Well, nailed cleanly and masterfully. Marco threw me his pick and then jumped at me to greet me when the show ended. Emppu threw me his pick twice during Nemo (because I couldn't catch it the first time) This all without counting the plethora of times I interacted with the band by just being a goof in the crowd. Y'ALL, I'M SHAKING SO MUCH. I don't know how to put this night into words Also, y'all remember when I said I was dead? I came to hell with a handful.
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    Dear mods, please ban this person. Thanks.
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    Okay so got a couple of answers from questions posted in this thread so far. About the new orchestrations.. Yup it was indeed Mr Pip Williams who arranged them. And about who composed the Elvenjig.. this is the response I got " Elvenjig is a traditional tune from the depths of history. It has had many different titles throughout the decades/centuries, but since it works as an intro for Elvenpath, we thought Elvenjig would be a great new title for it. "
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    Exactly! She is not like her predecessor singer in Nightwish, who only has a degree in singing, and has never studied anything else but music. Once she loses her voice (which is kind of already happenning, it is a good question how she will make her living). Luckily Anette has not made the same mistake as her. On the other hand, the leader of Nightwish at least had couple of semesters of studying biology under his belt, which shows that he is a realistic person thinking far-sightedly. I am really happy that Anette took the path of Tuomas in this regard, rather than the path of tarja.
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    Too bad we are all going to die.
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    As for tiredness, enthusiasm or lack thereof etc... Land in Atlanta March 7. Back to back shows March 9 and 10th...time zone changes.....how much sleep did anyone get on that long flight from Helsinki to Atlanta? Travel in the tour buses...who sleeps and who keeps the others awake? A huge undertaking of bringing their show to the States and for that I THANK NW! 3 more shows back to back....March 12, 13 and 14th.... They had 2 days to adjust to the time change......I know when I travel to Europe......I have lots of trouble adjusting to the current time.......didn't used to happen but now it does.......go figure.....life comes at you fast! Can we give NW and all the touring staff a break from being perfect for everyone? I don't the think that anyone connected with this tour has the mindset that they don't care about how it goes off..... that's just my opinion...... I'm just glad that I did get a chance to see NW in NYC!!!
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    After standing for 8.5 hours I'm sitting for a train ride. Yes, the NYC show was everything @River Wild said. Great show and worth all the standing. Lucky enough I got 2nd row, just in front of Emppu. There was lots of headbanging by Floor. She was quite enthusiastic throughout the show. Most of the songs got a great reception from the very happy crowd. Troy's presence was not overdone. I did meet a fellow from Finland who has seen NW over 70 times. He is def a super fan. Him and his buddies are on the guest list so no tickets were needed. All in all a good night with a very light snow leaving the venue. Additional info now that I'm home. Ewo was outside quite often smoking....saw Floor, she arrived sans make up....her husband was carrying little Freya...sweet baby! Ewo was handling out the NW Decades double CD to all. Thank you NW for that GIFT!!! Some people on the front of the line (outside standing for hours) got a NW sticker that said NW est 1996. I got one...it's going on my car.
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    Dead Boy's Poem in full:
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    You know what I find disrespectful? People who bother to join an official fan community but do nothing but complain about everything and to top it all of they keep insisting members of the band are lazy, hacks and what have you. There is nothing wrong with being critical, but you should preferably also be constructive and not just come here to post negative things all the time.
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    Everything sounds great so far! Well, except The Carpenter, but it's their worst song so there's only so much they can do to save it lol. I hope it gets replaced by Angels Fall First later on (would be a suitable replacement, imo). But damn, Gethsemane sounds mind blowingly good! Of course, the usual suspects can't stop raining on everyone else's parade. Must be tough always being that miserable and never satisfied with anything your supposedly favourite band does.
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    Alpenglow, Fantasmic and Stargazers please.
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    I feel kind of bad for her when I read these interviews. Nightwish was her big break but seems to have broken her confidence as a singer. The thing that always got me was that they didn't want to hire another Tarja because she was the best at what she did, but they hired someone who was a lot less experienced, and not at the same calibre as a rock singer as Tarja was a classic singer in terms of training. What did they expect to happen in the long run?
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    Dear Floor, I know you are reading this, and if not, well, your loss. You cannot say later I did not warn you. Should you sing from Friday onwards Elvenpath, please beware of how you pronounce the mighty swerds. Do not take it as a threat, but you saw what befell Tarja only couple of years after she started pronouncing mighty swerds incorrectly. Be smart about it. Your job is at stake.
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    This. It's not even anti-faith. It's pro-science. The backlash from people who were angry that they admitted to being "openly secular" was absolutely ridiculous. It was all fine and dandy when they used religious imagery that these people agreed with in their songs, but as soon as they confirmed not to share that faith people got upset for no good reason.
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    I've just been caught singing "WEE SHAAALL COME TO SEEET THE DOLPHIIINS FREEE" in a high falsetto voice while wearing headphones. Thanks.
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    Just to add some hype! Rock on Nightwish fans \m/
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    Actually from what I recall the reception towards Imaginaerum was overall pretty positive on the forum. Obviously not everyone liked it (I don't think any moderately successful band with a large output has ever put together an album that pleased each and every one of their fans), but the reception definitely seemed overall positive. Honestly, my guess would be that EFMB was the victim of overexpectation, to a certain extent. Floor proved on the iRum tour that she was a brilliant vocalist, capable of singing in multiple styles, and in particular singing very powerfully. Consider moments like her "Floorgasm" at the end of GLS, etc. Troy was now a fully integrated member of the band. I think maybe with two new members with songwriting experience, a much more powerful and varied vocalist than her predecessor, and a third potential vocalist/ second guitar player/ multi-instrumentalist, not to mention a working relationship that seemed less fraught than it had in a while, people were expecting something really outstanding, maybe trying out new things musically/ vocally. And EFMB ... doesn't really do that. It's a change lyrically, but musically it reuses riffs and follows much the same paths as the previous albums in terms of sound. Floor proves that she can sing softly, but she gets few oppurtunities to show off the power of her voice, when she growls on YIAEH it's buried deep in the mix, and for the most part she sings in a quite restrained, middle of the road way. The majority of the aggressive singing is still given to Marco. Troy's largely consigned to backing vocals. Then you have the people who didn't like the changes that WERE there (didn't like the change to more upbeat lyrics, or lyrics focussing on science. Didn't like the slight move back towards a more band focussed sound - I saw a lot more comments complaining about Elan not having enough orchestra than it having too much.) None of that makes it a bad album, but might explain why the reception wasn't necessarily great. Imaginaerum followed on from DPP which is something of a divisive album, and I think most fans agree that Anette did a better job on the former than the latter, which might indicate that expectations for that album were not as high, making them easier to meet and get a good reception. I speak as someone who prefers the earlier albums, but loves Imaginaerum and finds EFMB underwhelming, so take from that what you will. @some_dude_on_the_interwebs - I was also just guessing the songwriters based on the sound, but I would assume that those who bought digital copies might have a booklet (or at least composer details indicated on the file), which may explain where some of the knowledge comes from. To anyone who might have the booklet for the whole album, just curious, is Skeleton Tree credited as being written by one of the three bandmembers? I'm still curious as to whether it might be a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds cover or not.
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    Honestly, I think they have too many shows in a row, it must be very hard to travel so much, you exhaust yourself both physically and mentally (especially for the singers because you are your own instrument)
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    Exactly! That's why I admire her. I think she learnt this kind of political incorrectness for the sake of honesty from tuomas. He also did not shy away from putting it bluntly what was the main problem between him and Tarja - the Argentinean wall. Why going around it and trying to find euphemisms and pretend that walls do not have nationality, when you can just be frank and say that it was Argentinean wall, and not some vague "personal and musical differences"? I am so happy that Anette seems to follow the same path of honesty, and I am even happier that you agree with that as well. It is awesome to see how, despite all turmoil in 2012, Anette and tuomas share the zest for honest communication, and that the two of us can appreciate that!
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    Just got back from one of the best nights of my life. I'm glad I waited until this show to give any sort of review of the Decades Tour. I'll just bullet point my thoughts. Setlist was incredible! It's so hard to complain about what we were given. Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean is the song we never knew we needed Floor to sing. She slays at it, and it is so fun live. Slaying the Dreamer is the song we knew we needed Floor to sing and she owns that song. It's one of the best live songs IMO. Whatever people think about the band not being "into it" are wrong. They were having fun all night. Running around the stage, goofing-off, and overall just happy. They were having fun and it showed. Floor's new stage costume is even more beautiful in person. The VIP is run so much better this time around. Thank you to their tour manager for that. The Merch selection isn't that bad. I only hate that the shirts are so expensive. Keep pushing the idea of a DVD to the band . They might need a little convincing. I know I want this tour documented, lol. To sum it up: Don't miss this tour! If you can make a show, you won't regret it.
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    Nah fam. After tearing up listening to with Dead Boy's Poem and getting chills to Gethsemane I realized that's the real Nightwish to me. Music that speaks to the soul, not the brain. There are books for that.
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    Beauty of the Beast has some of the most beautiful lyrics Tuomas has ever written. That song resonates with me so much. I say give TGSOE the boot and put it in. It's better anyway.
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    Of course they´re not they are duhokret, or Geisteswagen, if you will. Dear Floor, If you are reading this (and you should): this is the last chance to start pronouncing mighty swerds correctly. Should you not do it, I will not buy your Northward album in October. I am not a charity. You have to work hard to earn my money.
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    I'm flabbergasted by the amount of criticism to their "look" of "energy" or "interaction" or whatever visual aspect they recieve. They're a band, not a circus.
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    Which also is kind of random.
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    New great videos from Baltimore, uploaded by the famous Anthony Serafino II!
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    So I went with my sister to the VIP meet and greet in Atlanta. The concert was amazing! So, the meet and greet: It went well! It was my first meet and greet ever so I wasn't very smooth lol. But the band was very chill so it all worked out. I was trying a little too hard to be chill when I met them in hindsight that I didn't really prepare for anything to say. It wasn't until I got to the end of the table with Tuomas that I finally said something. I said "I wanted to bring my keyboard to sign but that would have been difficult". Tuomas smiled and Marco quipped that "that would have been a bit long". I told them I've been using my Korg Triton since 2002 and asked Tuomas if he still had his and he told me he does but it's at home and he doesn't use it much any more. He pretty much exclusively uses the Kronos and Karma now. If I had known that Tuomas had started the songwriting process for the next album I would have definitely asked him about that (particularly if he was finally going to record on that pipe organ he had been talking about since before Imaginaerum) but I didn't find that out until after the concert. My sister then started to greet them and she actually talked to everybody and engaged with them very well. She told them she didn't know why I was acting so weird. LOL They all chuckled about that. The concert: My head is still spinning from that set list. They actually played The Carpenter! And then Elvenpath! That's freaking two songs from AFF, which I always felt was under appreciated as an album. Then there was the entirety of Dead Boys Poem! And freakin 10th Man Down! That was the song that introduced me to Nightwish so to hear that live was extra special. Sacrament and Gethsemane were incredible. I should probably also mention the finale. Greatest Show followed directly by GLS was just phenomenal. I know they have been playing those songs a lot recently, but this was my first time hearing either of those songs live with their current lineup and... man, it is just on a different level live. It really really is. I have always been a bit critical of Greatest Show, but hearing it live is like hearing it as it is intended to be, and it was truly incredible. What an incredible show! This was only my second time seeing them live (my first was the 2012 show in Atlanta with Anette ironically only a few weeks before her departure). I will definitely be trying to see them again in 2020-21 when they tour for their next album! And hopefully if they do a VIP I'll be a bit more chill next time! Lol
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    You know what would be cool if they put in the setlist, maybe as a transition into another song?
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    This must be the best Dead Boy's Poem performance ever, well after the studio version and the From Wishes to Eternity performance that is. I really appreciate that Floor did her own approach to this song, instead of just trying to mimic Tarja. It would probably sound weird with Floor's classical voice. However it simply isn't on the same level as the studio version (which is unsurpassable in my opinion), but I would definitely compare it to Floor's version of Ghost Love Score.
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    Jesus on a stick, I'm blasting the compilation at full volume and I can't get tired of it. This thing has rekindled my appreciation of Nightwish. I even found myself enjoying Amaranth while working. Sorry, can anybody confirm? Does this thing actually sound this good or I have turned into an emo girl overnight? Bloody Amaranth, what's next? EDIT: Oh, wait, here comes Wish I Had An Angel. Still crap.
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    Lord. I love every bit of this. Say what you want, but this is Nightwish's greatest lineup. Ever. Even in the Good Old Days the boys didn't bother to play the piano part or the guitar part live. Now we have Troy and Marco doubling on guitar. And Floor, who, even if you are a Tarjaholic, can't quite complain about. And an impossibly good drummer - seriously, this guy is criminally underappreciated: he's technically great and can play for the song like second nature. Seriously speaking, proper technique for the concert flute is not trivial at all. The embouchure takes time and even an accomplished recorder player might have trouble with breathing at first, since you have to inject tons of air in the thing - a trombone player would probably have an easier time. But yes, those pieces would benefit greatly from a flute.
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    Ok everyone, I'm still having trouble sending the vids from last night. I have a dormant Instagram account-I've just uploaded them there. I probably won't leave them forever, but I'll leave them for at least a few weeks. Edit: I don't know how to post (embed) these directly-if anyone can help, that'd be great!, but here are the links: Clip 1 of "Elvenpath:" https://instagram.com/p/BgJ7IA0HsNx/ Clip 2 of "Elvenpath:" (Sorry the sound quality of this one is so horrid, but at least now everyone can debate about Floor's pronunciation of "swords.") https://instagram.com/p/BgJ_q3WH8JB/ Clip of "The Carpenter:" https://instagram.com/p/BgKJQfLHQWs/ Part 1 of "The Kinslayer:" (I hope I can edit these correctly-I'm not familiar with Instagram-so bear with me. Also, fair warning- you will hear but won't SEE much of Floor until around the 2:00 mark, so until Part 3, I was sitting down for some of the song, so my view was obstructed). @GhostHell- I'll continue uploading these but @Harvest just posted a full YT clip of this about 5 posts down. https://instagram.com/p/BgKAVk6HiDV/ Part 2 of "The Kinslayer:" https://instagram.com/p/BgKDtoEn_iL/ Part 3 of "The Kinslayer:" https://instagram.com/p/BgKFF9Kn1Gb/ Part 4 of "The Kinslayer" (FINAL): Overlaps with part 3 a bit, ehh, oh well. https://instagram.com/p/BgKHQ_THfYy/ I was in the third row- well in view of security and no one said anything to me about my cell phone or camera. Many were closer and recording stuff so I don't think anyone will be kicked out for recording. If anything-I think they'd tell you to stop-but I'm 99% certain no one would be kicked out. Also, there's a lot of things I've seen here that I'd like to respond to. I realize that my post last night might have given the impression that I didn't enjoy the show itself because I didn't mention that much about it-that couldn't be further from the truth. I was pretty tired last night and was mostly focused on answering people's questions. I'm not sure why so many people are getting the idea that Marco was bored. In my opinion, that did not come across live AT ALL. I've been to see them 9 times now-and 8 of those times I've been very close to the stage and usually on the front row. I've noticed things being "off" before. For example-when I went to the back to back Atlanta shows shortly before Anette's departure-I noticed they all seemed a little tense. And Tuomas was windmill headbanging for half of the freaking set, I don't get how anyone is implying he doesn't like metal anymore. I'm sorry, but it's ridiculous, IMO. I was on the far left side of the stage and there were about a dozen hilarious interactions between Tuomas and Emppu. I don't understand the accusation of them having a lack of energy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ As for the tuning-I didn't notice. I was thrilled to hear "Gethsemane," "Slaying The Dreamer," and, although I've heard it live before (though not with Floor) "Wish I Had An Angel." Sorry, not sorry. Other than "Slaying The Dreamer," "Wish I Had An Angel" is my favorite live song to headbang like a maniac to! I will NOT apologize for my love of that song, it's one of my favorite NW singles and it is a fantastic live song. Now that I've got THAT out of the way...I was disappointed about the lack of DPP songs. I REALLY wanted to hear TPATP (I've heard it live before with Anette, but not with Floor). That's another song that I just LOVE hearing live TBH. I'd have rather them omitted "I Want My Tears Back" and heck even "The Greatest Show On Earth" (I just don't love that song nearly as much as some of you do, sorry). My three favorite epic NW songs are "Fantasmic," GLS and TPATP. I thought them closing with GLS was actually pretty appropriate considering how much pretty much everyone loves it with Floor. For me, I would have been fine if they hadn't played it. I've heard it live at least three times total, (Anette's and Floor's versions) but for several people, this show was their first, so I understand. I missed "Storytime" and "The Islander" quite a bit as well. I was happy to hear "Nemo" again though! I also loved that they've upped their production for US Shows-this is the first show I've ever been to where they had a screen with accompanying videos for their songs-I especially loved seeing the video from End Of An Era during GLS!!! And the video for "Slaying The Dreamer" was AWESOME!!! If you're going to see a show on this tour-you're in for a treat IMO (especially if you're a big fan of some of their older songs). The way I see it, they'll only get better from here on out!!! ETA: I agree with the posts regarding the constant "props" around Tuomas' keyboard. This one doesn't even look like ANYTHING to me! I'd much rather see the keyboards!!! Also, my favorite version of SOW is Anette's version. Not that Floor's was bad-of course it wasn't. I also preferred the keyboard solo Tuomas played in 2007 to the "Stargazers" one. Other highlights from the show for me were the opening "Swanheart" melody, "Come Cover Me," "Dead Boy's Poem," and "Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean"(the last one mostly because of Floor's SCREAM, it's not one of my favorite songs from Oceanborn, but Holy ****). And @Season, I was planning to record the opening song, but I was too busy trying not to tear up during the "Swanheart" intro to pull my phone out during "End Of All Hope." Hopefully not everyone was experiencing the same thing I did.
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    Am I the only one who doesn't care at all about the tuning? I never really cared about that kind of stuff, it sounds great in my book. I don't want a live performance to sound like a carbon copy of the album version, because, well, I have the album version. If minor changes like that add to the live feeling, I don't mind. I really don't understand people who complain about backing tracks substracting from the live experience but then they complain about the songs not sounding like the live version. Please, stop complaining and enjoy. I'm really liking what we have seen so far. Edit: Someone mentioned Anette's SoW. And I agree with that. It was and still is my favorite version of the song. The song is raw power metal, and Anette gave it exactly that feeling. Instead of an opera chick, she conveyed a female Kotipelto and I LOVED that, I think it suited better the song.. Floor's version is great, but I don't feel that power metal feeling.
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    Love, love, LOVE the new setlist!! Could not be happier! I don't care about tunings, flutes, orchestrations or anything, I'm just so happy I get to experience these songs live from my childhood. Something I never thought I would do. Will be a hard wait until the European tour starts in November, may have to consider going to one of the summer festivals.
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    NIGHTWISH - DECADES Review Long story short: This compilation is fantastic. Sound, track list, order, it's all spot on for the most part. The new master is the real star of the package specially where it was needed the most. The Imaginaerum - DPP - Once songs that were once a bunch of noise, clipping and brickwalling, were transformed into beautiful pieces of music with lots of space to breath and develop, and the old songs, wow, they all sound completely unleashed; Tenth Man Down is just a raw pleasure to listen. The Carpenter is a whole new different song and End of all Hope never sounded better. The whole compilation sounds top notch, with the exception of Sacrament of Wilderness, where I feel the vocals were too low. Still, it sounds really powerful, all songs do. The way the album puts the newer material first in order is a sign of confidence for sure that accentuates how self conscious the band is about their musical phases, like acknowledging the power metal days are a distant thing (they are) and that they're not afraid of that. That's a bold strategy, that depending on your tastes will no doubt prove your position on the matter. Shot out to the self-titled song, Nightwish. They call it a demo, but by the time the flutes come in and gave me the chills, I was convinced it was safe to remove the "Demo" label from that song; questionable keyboard "hits", unsexy final monologue and NightwiSS pronunciation aside, it's a worthy addition to the band's catalogue now. Unsurprisingly most of this song's elevation comes from the remastering work. You could be forgiven for thinking that by closing the compilation with that song, Tuomas is fulfilling his promise of ending it all where it began. Luckily for us, they start performing live again tomorrow What can I say about the music itself. Performance wise, you can almost hear how mature the band became, like, the musicians in TGSOE are orders of magnitude /better/ than the ones in Elvenpath. But something surely got lost among the way. Like, the innocence Tuomas always wrote about is a real thing and you'll end up wondering "how did we get here?" by the end. Better or worse? You decide. I personally think lyrics and themes are what have suffered the most with time. It's just easier to connect in a personal level with, say, Sleeping Sun than a song about monkeys and how we're going to die. But I disgress. I think the album shines from GLS onwards, driven by the feeling that the band's music became a bit "safe" with Once? Maybe? That's what I'm hearing, and as someone who loves Once and iRum, it's a bit eye opening how simpler their chosen songs might sound, even if they're more barroque in their arrangements (However, the Oceanborn songs sound really full, almost as an argument against the excessive orchestration of later works). Of course an argument could be had that they chose the safest songs from the recent era, and that's 100% true. There are some glaring omissions and more glaring inclusions (My Walden followed by IWMTB? For real?). However the album is a great nostalgia trip. As a big fan, you can always associate a song with a period in your life. I can't imagine how Tuomas felt listening to the album, him being the centerpiece of the whole thing. A few things I want to highlight. - We need another album with Floor like yesterday. How we didn't get one this year is a crime. That woman is singing her /soul/ in her three songs. In fact, the whole lineup sounds fantastic. Tuomas should take a look at recording a double album or something. Floor deserves a long time to shine. - Kai Kahto is DA GAWD. The drumming might be the only thing that is 100% objectively without a doubt or argument better in the EFMB songs, like, God, he gives songs a whole new layer of sound that just get lost when he gets out the picture. - Anette sounds like a different singer with a good mix. Her songs are the most benefitted by the remaster. Imaginaerum and DPP need a complete remaster like yesterday. The guitar sound is still awful, but it's better now that it's not eating all other instruments. The Poet and the Pendulum in particular is a showstopper, probably the best song in the first disc. I think the current master /dignifies/ Anette's era. And I'm glad. It was badly needed. - Man, the Tarja era was something else wasn't it? I think it'd be great if the band made amends with her. She's featured in 3/4 of the album, that speaks volumes. Both camps should be overly grateful for their time together, and, in all honesty, deserve a better farewell. - This is the first time we get to hear the complete version of End of All Hope right? It caught me off guard for sure. I always thought that guitar part sounded a bit truncated haha. - Dead Boy's Poem is their best song ever. Period. I could not hold the feels, and manly tears were shed. - Elvenpath is... Weirdly musically similar to The Greatest Show on Earth. Which is ironic, I guess haha. The verses share the same cadence and guitar rythm, and so do the choruses, it's almost like TGSOE was deliberately evocative of it. First and last songs, huh. All in all a fantastic collection well worth it for the new sound (Please let the next album be mastered by this guy, he nailed it) and the nostalgia trip. I'm really excited about the tour!
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    They most certainly cannot. I mean, they are still dissing Nymphomaniac Fantasia, and why, oh, it has sexy lyrics from woman's viewpoint. Please, NW, go home.
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    B-but how? No!!! I refuse to accept that. Surely it must have been written by Tuomas! It cannot be any other way. How else would people be able to claim that he's either out of ideas, or wasting his best ones on a side project and how this means the next Nightwish album will suck?!
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    Am I the only one who liked it? It's really nice and soothing!
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    Here’s my translation of the television interview with Tuomas by Arto Nyberg. The interview was aired on the 18th of February 2018. Tuomas’ part begins at the 14:00. There’s just one Finnish band that has sold out the Wembley Arena in London and sold over 8 million albums: Nightwish. The band will publish their 20-year anniversary compilation album and go on a US tour in a couple of weeks. At the same time their front man Tuomas Holopainen’s new band Auri releases an album. Welcome, Tuomas Holopainen! - Hi. Nightwish’s compilation album Decades will be released on the 9th of March, the same day you’ll go on your North American tour. But before we talk about Nightwish, let’s talk about Auri. It’s formed by you, your wife Johanna Kurkela, and Troy Donockley from Nightwish. What is this about? - It’s about the joy of making music. And the joy of doing it with the people who think about music exactly like you. We got the idea of this in 2011, so it’s been in my mind for 6 or 7 years. When Nightwish had a sabbatical last year, we realized that we had time to fulfill this dream. It feels strange that while you had a massive work of making the new Nightwish album, at the same time… It’s like as if Valtteri (Bottas, the F1 driver who was a guest in the same episode) went to drive a go-cart after Formula 1. - Tuomas: I guess you do that sometimes. - Bottas: In fact, I did that last week. - Tuomas: So, it’s the same. No big deal. You just breathe, eat and drink music every day. It’s always with you. Once you’ve found these wonderful channels to release it, that’s nice. What kind of music is Auri compared to Nightwish? - This has been one of the most common questions in a past few weeks. What is Auri? We haven’t found a simple answer. Is it a light version of Nightwish? - Nightwish Light? No, it isn’t. This is very far from rock and metal. It has a lot of influences from movie and folk music and something from Pink Floyd. We don’t really know what it is, but Troy invented the term “celestial metal”. Or maybe it could be called “rabbit hole music”. In a record shop it may be found on the world music section. So, it’s some sort of world music? - I suppose it’s mostly that. But this isn’t just a side project. You are going to make this a real band that has gigs too. - That’s what happened. If you had asked a couple of years ago what kind of thing is Auri, I would probably have said that it’s a project. But when we finished the album and after I’ve been listening to it, I’ve become more ambitious. It feels a real band now, not a side project. When we manage to make the second album in a few years, we’ll go on tour. But before that Nightwish will go on tour. But you just finished your previous tour. You spent one and half years on the road, then had the sabbatical year and now you have to go on tour again. - We have the pleasure to go on tour again. I was coming to that. Do you have to do this in order that people don’t forget the band or for economic reasons? - We are doing this for completely different reasons. The tour and the compilation album were planned a couple of years ago already. And we have the passion to tour. That’s it, the joy of making music with your friends and visiting various places around the world. What would be more pleasurable? Let’s watch some clips. [a clip from Night 13 by Auri, a clip from Élan by Nightwish, and a clip from Alpenglow on the live DVD.] The last clip was from the legendary Wembley Arena in front of 11,000 people. You sold it out. It’s some kind of a goal for rock bands. How did it feel to play there? - It was wonderful. When we were presented the idea about playing at Wembley I had to ask: “Seriously?” Of course, that was a small risk. If we had sold only 2,000 tickets it would have looked embarrassing. Were you seriously scared of that? - About the five seconds when I heard the idea. But everything went well. We decided to film the live DVD there too. It’s not just any arena. The Beatles, Madonna and U2 have played there too. Famous bands. When I’m watching your actions, especially now when Timo Isoaho released the book We Were Here, it must be tough work. How can you be sane after 1,5-year tour? - You have to have the passion about it. It’s a cliché, but it’s true. You have to have the passion to make music, sit in a bus and airplane, and be with the people you’re touring with. During the years I’ve got into that better. To give someone room and ask how they are doing. You can plan the tours in a way that no one dies. How do you do it this time? You’ll start with a 7-week tour in the USA. What’s going to happen after that? - We always make a few weeks long leg and then have a three weeks long break. So, we have time to be home. After that we have about 15 summer festivals. In the fall we’ll go to South America and at the end of the year we’ll have a European tour. So, we’ll spend the Christmas at home. And then we start to make a new album. When I’m browsing your gig list… You have to sleep in the bus in order to make it to the next gig in time. Does it go like that? - That’s how it goes. I don’t sleep anywhere better than in the bus. So, we have, hopefully, a good gig, then go to shower and then into the bus calmly. There you go into your own little sarcophagus, the bed in the bus. The engine starts. It’s a nice hum. Everything is fine and you’re tired. And in the next morning you’ll wake up in a new city. In a way, it’s romantic and I like it. Romantic touring. Ilkka Mattila wrote in Helsingin Sanomat that you’re interested in creating crosswords. When did you start doing that? - I remember the moment very well. It happened a few years ago. I was in an airplane going somewhere to do something related to Nightwish. I had read all the books and solved all the crosswords, but I had grid paper and a pencil. I started to wonder how you create the crosswords. I had a journey inside my head and got addicted. It’s extremely intriguing. I made 15 to 20 crosswords before I dared to send one of them to my mentor Eki Vuokila. He responded that I have potential and suggested co-operation. Now we’ve created crosswords for the Punainen Pelikaani magazine for a year. There was one in Ilta-Sanomat too. And one in Soundi. Being guided by the crosswords veteran Eki Vuokila must be a good thing. How do you start creating a crossword puzzle? Do you make a corner or do you have an idea about the topic? - Usually I have first the main picture. Its text can be a word game or some kind of an idea. After that, you just keep going. Do you use a lot of four-letter words? - Well, yeah. Sometimes you find out a great hint for some word and insist to add that word to the crosswords. When was the previous time you finished a crossword puzzle that will be released? - A couple of weeks ago. I don’t know yet where it will be published. I have a few crosswords waiting. Valtteri, are you familiar with the crosswords? - Bottas: Not really. I have to admit that I haven’t solved many. Now you know who could assist you. - Tuomas: Feel free to send me questions. - Bottas: Yeah. Nightwish will have two gigs in Finland in July and one in Tallinn. Are those all? - We may have more at the end of the year. Oh, it’s a mystery. - I won’t tell you more about it now. Let’s wait for the information and also for Auri’s gigs. Good luck in your tour. - Thanks a lot.