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    If Tapio’s joining them, how good would it be to hear Pharoah Sails to Orion one last time? Hell, even better, Ghost River? Imagine how good Ghost River would sound with Tapio and Floor!
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    So last night I went to the Amsterdam show and it was awesome!The sound was great, the band sounded awesome and Floor was a goddess! I absolutely loved the stage setup with the video walls everywhere. It did seem like the band (especially Kai from where I was standing) was flowing. And I really like all the videos playing. Sure, some are damn cheesy but still I really liked them. It was great how they incorporated some of the album covers in the background, particularly the AFF cover during The Carpenter with the booK opening and closing. And I still think the video for TGSOE (specifically in the Toolmaker part) is amazing! The pyro stuff was also great! The crowd was a bit... dead? Maybe I’m used to more live crowds but it was kind of disappointing (same thing in the Within Temptation show). Also why the hell is Ziggo Dome not selling bottles of water? They just sell cups. Like, I have still not gotten over this insanity! Favourite songs? Slaying the Dreamer, TGSOE, Gls, IWMTB, Devil. I liked the Carpenter way more than I expected live. Especially the metal part sounds great live, more beefed up. Come Cove Me was also great! I loved the Acapela/harmonies ending. All in all I loved the show and can’t freaking wait for the dvd (which I really hope will have good sound!) P.s. Imagineer before a NW show: “Oh my god why are they still playing IWMTB? They need to retire this song for good!” Imagineer after a NW show: “Oh yeah, that’s why they keep playing it”
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    It’s really hard to understand why their setlists tend to devolve into Once 2.0 tours. I can’t believe that on the one tour where they celebrate all their albums, they play nothing from Dark Passion Play.
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    A bit late to the discussion on possible reunion show, I am honestly against it, at least until they genuinely and privately make up for whatever bad things they did/said to each other. I see no point in paying to see them together on stage if they still hold grudges against one another, or have not properly apologized and forgiven. And no, I don't count Tuomas' belated regret about the open letter that he expressed in media. For that, you call Tarja directly and apologize, not rant about it in newspapers. Not to mention that Tarja released a very blatant dissing song as recently as 2016, so I doubt she is past that as well. And from the commercial point of view, while NW might retrieve some part of Tarja fandom that abandoned them after 2005, Tarja would have no benefit from such a reunion. Those of NW fans that would listen to her music are already listening to it and are informed about it, no new fanbase would be gained that way. So yeah, I am all for them having a therapy session together and making up, forgiving, crying together or whatever, but please, do not go out on stage together before that happens. We already have one End of an Era show, no need for another one.
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    I think the complaints about including overplayed songs from Once onwards over underplayed gems from the first four albums are valid. Once in particular gets far too much attention, and it's always the same songs (at least switch it up and play The Siren or Higher Than Hope again). Wishmaster is also a crowd pleaser but they seem to avoid it like the plague even though they've barely performed it since Floor joined the band 6 years ago. Dead to the World has also been missing in action for a long time. Why pick Last Ride of the Day and Dark Chest of Wonders over these two, when these songs have been performed on almost every single tour since they were released?! If this was a regular tour I'd agree people were complaining for the sake of complaining, but this tour is special. You pay to hear overlooked classics, not more of the same from previous tours. A couple of crowd pleasing singles are fine. But don't remove stuff like Deep Silent Complete and End of All Hope, which aren't likely to be performed for another decade, just to replace it with songs you are most likely to hear on the next couple of tours as well. At the very least, if you add Dark Chest of Wonders, please remove Wish I Had an Angel and replace it with something from the first four albums to make up for it. Even Ever Dream would be fine. Century Child always gets the short end of the stick... Seriously. What's up with that? And the lack of Dark Passion Play material that's not Amaranth, which is now gone too, is really sad. While I love the Wacken gig, I wish we had good official recordings for the other Imaginaerum songs they played during that tour: Taikatalvi Slow, Love, Slow Scaretale The Crow, the Owl and the Dove Rest Calm with Marco They literally played every song from this album on that tour except Turn Loose the Mermaids.
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    Oh boo hoo, quit whining about the set list you guys I mean I get it, it does make more sense to play EoAH instead of DCoW which was played quite often on several tours, and I wish they dropped TGSoE (well you know me, the less EFMB, the better), and I wouldn't say no to DSC either, I totally get your frustration, but come on, you got to see NW live on an extraordinary tour with a lot of golden oldies, it's awesome! I understand that there is no limit to perfection, but really...
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    All right, back from the Krakow show and I'm dying from a sore throat and aching bones What can I say? It was amazing. Some post-gig blue has kicked in, because it's gonna be a while before I get a chance to go to another show. Like many here, I would have probably swapped a couple of songs on the setlist (I'm more or less in agreement with what those should be, with the exception of "Devil" - many have said they're happy that it was chosen over "Pharaoh", but I prefer the latter by far), but then I tell myself, how can I possibly complain about any of this? I got to hear Come Cover Me, Sacrament of Wilderness, Elvenpath etc. etc. at the same show. One minor complaint is that the band really seem to blaze through the whole set almost without pausing for breath - You've got the intro, then boom - Dark Chest of Wonders, then maybe a quick "hello" to the audience, the Wish I had an Angel, can't slow down now so here's Come Cover Me, etc. etc. - and it was this strange feeling of not really being able to process what just happened after each song, because another one would start playing right away... but I guess that's the price you have to pay for a longer set and - looking at it from that angle - I'm perfectly happy with it. Also, it's a little weird when they play "Last Ride of the Day" right in the middle of the set and it's actually nowhere near the last ride of the day On a side note - I'm not a tall guy by any stretch of the imagination at 5'8'' -ish, but there was a girl standing right next me who was 5'3''-5'4'' tops and she was complaining that she wasn't able to see anything; heck, I had some difficulty seeing at times due to taller people squeezing in in front of me at times, so I'm sure she wasn't exaggerating and it makes me wonder if she wouldn't have gotten much more out of the show if she had bought a seat up in the stands as opposed to a golden circle spot. Also, I was a bit worried, because what with all the jumping around and rocking out, I couldn't have easily been shoved right into her and I can't imagine that that would have been a pleasant thing. All in all, a great experience... now back to regular life :/
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    Her phrasing/timing is also odd. It's like she hasn't planned where she wants to go beforehand, like she approaches everything like some sort of improvised jazz or something. Same thing with the melody. Whatever it is she's trying to do it isn't smooth, it just sounds jumpy. But ah she does have a beautiful voice. It's frustrating is what it is! And in those moments she gets it right (by sheer luck??) she's so bloody incredible!
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    Oh come on people, this is why I would rather stay away from forums... I am pretty sure she meant that she doesn't share his view about which the better albums are, but I better don't speak for other people... And the opinion of a single person, no matter how famous he is, is not a standard either, it's still just an opinion, just on a higher volume. And as far as I am concerned, yes, the early albums are awesome and in my opinion better than the newer ones, maybe with the exception of some new songs which are just as great.
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    Guess what, I think this has been almost therapeutic to read about different feelings (or even lack of them) some of you have towards NW. Thanks for all of you speaking your heart out, I know it's not always easy. It's not bashing the band - at least for me it has been hard to accept that I don't feel the magic all the time anymore. Maybe it's like a marriage: you still love your partner even though they are annoying at times and you can't feel the magic of the first kiss anymore But love evolves and becomes something different. It's not just the feeling anymore but it's something more constant. Deep, silent, complete (if love can ever be complete that is). I will always support Nightwish no matter what. They actually made me what I am (why am I saying this like the Kinslayer) even though it sounds creepy. But they really helped an angsty and uncertain teen out of darkness and that's something I'll never forget and will be grateful for. When nobody else was there, Nightwish always was. And if I some day quit liking their music I'll still be proud of them and what they've achieved. It touches me that there are and will be other kids (literal or by heart) who can experience the magic now like I did. It's their turn now. I sometimes wish I could travel back to that day when I listened to Century Child for the first time ever. I'd like to remember what I thought and felt back then. Thanks mama for bying that album, it was the start of a wonderful journey. Oh how I still love this band. Now I feel it. Thanks and bye
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    Well, some people think that Stratovarius with a chick is NW...but yeah, I do agree with @Magnus. Anything post CC is far better than anything WM-related (except for Tarja's voice), There's a reason why the haven't returned to the power-metal stile. And it's quite simple: The path of the artist. While it may sound cheesy and trite, most artists start by imitating their inspirations until little by litte they find their own identity. It's pretty clear NW during their first five years wanted to be Stratovarius, until they found something else. But to be honest, I find it rather pretentious to say that NW was at their best back then. Perhaps they did overly complicated stuff, but it's like saying Anathema was better playing Doom/Death or Therion playing Death metal. It was just them being young finding their own identity. That's not really what they are. Also I find the people who say that "the focus is in the orchestra not in the band" not understanding that the songs are written for an orchestra AND a band, and thus, they are more technically challenging. The orchestra is not an afterthought. Since Once , Tuomas has said tha thte orchestra is another band member and hence why they've recorded with THE SAME ORCHESTRA. Yeah, perhaps the guitar work is simple, but NW is NOT about solos or being John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess.
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    Interview in today's Ilta-Sanomat: Also Ilouutinen is on Youtube (sang by Tarja, Tony Kakko, JP Leppäluoto and Antti Railio in Mikkeli)
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    OK, so I am back from Budapest, so here are some thoughts and impressions, in totally random order: -firstly, this is my first time seeing them since 2012, hence, first time with Floor and Kai; if not for that fact, I probably would not even bother going abroad to see their show, but since I loved Floor's voice since 2002 (same time I discovered NW), I had to hear her live finally -I mean, wth is wrong with people running shows at Budapest arena? there was only one entrance open, and the queue was LITERALLY winding all the way to inside of a metro station nearby. Seriously, people? Not to mention that you could not pay drinks at the bar with cash (which left me with some unnecessary forints in my wallet) and I did not see merch stand anywhere, although I wanted to buy the new book; -Beast in Black were fantastic! very tight playing, just like on album, very energetic performance overall'; I had no idea one of their members was Hungarian, it was a great treat when he spoke to audience in their language (not that I understood much of it though); -it's a shame that they switched EOAH for DCOW, and even greater shame that first two songs are DCOW and WIHAA; people, it is not Once promotional tour -another shame for not playing DSC; I mean, if the curfew is the problem, why not simply start 5 minutes earlier; this show lasted actually 1h 58 min, so I really wish they could have squeezed that one song, but oh well -as for playing and singing, I cannot add much to what dozens of people already testified here; Kai is a beast; I love Troy's contributions, but above all those non-pipey (meaning, his guitar, bouzouki andsinging parts) -audience was quite dead during the Carpenter, and believe it or not, Devil, haha; -Sacrament and partially Come Cover Me did not really satisfy me the way they are played now; don't know why, but also Floor did not fit those tunes at all; -I have to modify my stance towards stage screens that I expressed here, and that some of you might know as totally negative; I actually liked the idea of the band being immersed into the visualisation, and some songs actually had very fitting imagery or videos, but some were terribly cringey, cheap and just no-go. They should really either invest more money and creativity in their video screens, or think about ditching them at least for the part of the show; -and finally they are using camera screens showing band members in close-up; it is a must for arena shows, and they finally learned it! -what is it with people taping whole shows with phones, regardless of them blocking the view of people behind them?; I am a tall guy, but I had to warn like 5 people to put down their phones because I could not see anything; it was not that they took a snapshot or two, I did it as well, but they kept their hands up high with phone for 10 minutes!!!; I think venues should really either ban phone recording, or charge people who want to do that some crazy fee; -Dead Boy's Poem - god, I loved it on youtube, I died when hearing it live; the bestest version ever! it's been years actually since I properly listened to that song, so this time I paid attention to lyrics, and they hit me so hard for some personal reasons, and just, I felt again like a 15-year old stupid kid who just heard this band; -as said, I have been listening to NW for 16 years, and basically I started building my music taste with them, so this show and whole Decades concept was in a way my own going down the memory lane; for example, Elvenpath, the first song I heard by them, just felt detached; they looked so ridiculous singing about moon witch and 7 dwarves and sauna, I felt so silly listening to it and remembering how I used to get hooked to it 15 years ago; I realised how much I've changed in the meantime; and that mighty swerdz are gone for good did not help it at all; -I never cared much about Last Ride, to me it was always a mess of a song, with everything louder than everything; and totally unexpectedly, I somehow got into the lyrics and energy of the song, bringing me to a choke in my throat; I would never have expected this to happen with this song; -Elan is just magical; the world needs more songs and texts like these -In GLS floor completely messed up lyrics to the first stanza, but it was so cute; I finally got to hear "Floorgasm" (yuck) live, and she was flawless (floorless, lol); now that I've heard it, they can drop both GLS and Show from their setlist -Kinslayer has never sounded as sinister -the energy and happiness was there on stage, but somehow I wished they would converse with the audience a bit more; with all the screens and backing tapes and stuff, they need it even more in order to make their show look less like a circus and more like a coming together of old friends after 6 years; OK, I will write more when I remember more.
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    It doesn't matter what people think of these reaction channels, fact is that a lot of them became fans and went to the concerts and are buying their music.
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    To quote one random Finnish dude, for "opportunism, love and cultural differences". :p
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    Very gooood evening guys! I've attended the concert at Tauron Arena in Krakow yesterday and wanna share my feelings with you... actually I just feel like repeating how magical and wonderful and perfect this night was and I was and still am so impressed with many aspects of the show. I hope we'll get the video of it as they mentioned that they will do it either in Krakow or Prague. First of all, the venue was huge - total capacity of this arena is 22,000 and obviously they didn't use the whole space but still, there was something like 16,000 fans there... totally packed. Floor seemed to be surprised with how many people came also the pyros were truly big part of the show, I don't really pay attention to then while watching videos but they are really impressing live. We were standing quite far but we could still feel the heat on our faces when they were on moving on - I used to be tired with them playing IWMTB on every single show but maaan, everybody was having such a great time and it gave me shivers to jump along a few thousands of other people. Then, a song which I didn't think would impress me - The Carpenter.... I mean, I do like to listen to the studio version on my headphones but live videos of it did not convince me... till yesterday when I completely changed my mind. It really feels like the song takes you 20 years back - simply magical. The show ended with GLS during which they fired red confetti that reminded me of End of an Era...and I saw some people crying at the end (including myself). Besides that, the band looked very happy, Floor & Emppu & Troy had a few of cute moments - e.g. Floor pulling the strings pf Emppu's guitar at the final minutes of the show. Only Marco seemed a little rigid :/ but it might be a false impression. Well, I hope to see them again soon, perhaps 2021 during the next European tour? seems realistic considering that they go to the studio this summer.
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    From her metal songs, I like the best more ambiental ones, such as Crimson Deep or Medusa.
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    I've been a fan since 2003 and I'm fully aware of the album version. I saw them live during the Once Tour. Just saying. I still think Floor sings the entire song a thousand times better than Tarja ever did. No strange accent or tremolo like vibrato, more variation in the way she's using her voice and most importantly she's on key. It still baffles me how many people are overlooking the fact that Tarja really struggled to stay on key when performing this song back then (I've no doubt she wouldn't have this issue now). This is painfully off key during the entire first half of the song. I think it's harder to listen to something like this than when a lesser vocalist like Anette fails to hit the right notes simply because I know that Tarja has so much talent and performances this bad are thankfully uncommon to hear from her. But this particular song got butchered almost every time she sang it during the Once tour. And while she's not sharp in the studio recording of the song, it sounds so dull and lifeless like most of her input on Once. Granted, holding back on the classical singing on that album was an artistic decision but it never made much sense to me since it was and still is her biggest strength as a singer.
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    Once more, the tour is called "Decades", they're playing stuff from all of their catalogue, both old, new and in-between. They never said they were only going to play old stuff. *Sigh*
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    A recent interview with Marco revealed that Troy will have a bigger role in this album than past. I'm not going to lie, it's becoming very difficult to become as excited and passionate about this new album as the live release next year. An album featuring more folk metal than symphonic metal, and an album with more of Troy's vocals/Floor's softer vocals and less of her majestic power? Damn... I had hoped that AURI would provide an outlet for Tuomas' folkier side so that Nightwish could utilise a heavier side, considering who their lead singer is. It appears to have done the complete opposite.
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    You are a damned fool. Cheesy or not, those three albums are metal the way it's supposed to be played.
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    Ah, finally saw Tarja with Raskasta Joulua as the concert in Vaasa last year was less than successful. Setlist for Tarja's part in the FB-post. I won't mention she was gorgeous, you can see that from the pics below. <3 A few videos coming later on.
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    Baki's right, @Sophia I've been trying to make the Kingkiller Chronicle topic active for ages, but alas, in vain... I actually enjoy discussing other things here much more than NW, 'cause you know, everything about NW has already been discussed ten times over before I have something meaningful to contribute to the discussion. And talking about rewatching old NW DVDs, I was recently reminded that FWtE is awesome and decided to refresh my memory. And good lord, Tarja is amazing there, I've nearly forgotten... I mean even on EoaE which I love too her voice doesn't have the same power, the same emotional input. I dunno what the hell happened, but something changed... Also, the guys play so much better now... But then again, now they are not nearly as cute, but ok, that's not the point here... Also, I realized I miss Jukka just a tiny bit. Kai might be a better drummer, but Jukka definitely had a very interesting presence on stage.
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    @Eilenna I know how you feel (felt) regarding the detachment. In a way, judging by the frequency with which I listen to NW songs nowadays, nobody would expect me neither to go to their concerts (especially not abroad), nor to buy their releases, nor to write on their forum, yet I still do all those things. I guess it became a habit, a matter of routine in a way. But also, I figure it is a way for me to maintain a dialogue with my old self, from back when I truly was so much into their music. And my attitude to the band has pretty much evolved in a similar way as my attitude towards that my old self. A bit of detachment, a bit of embarrassment, a bit of disillusionment, a bit of maturing, a bit of just diverging and growing apart, but also a bit of continuity and old spirit. And they definitely hit a gold spot with Floor. Man, not only is her singing superb, but her whole performance, she is by far the most devoted to the actual music they play, not just of all three female singers, but of all members whatsoever. You can tell she really doses and adjusts her singing, moving, acting, facial gestures according to the mood of the respective song, and truly takes care of all these aspects. You rarely see it in the metal, rock, or pop scene. She's really a jewel.
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    Yeah, I think that this is the primary reason. Maybe they're thinking that enough time has passed that they can market the re-release to more recent fans looking into the back catalogue, particularly with Decades having recently been released. Either that or it's linked to Tarja and Marco "making up" and performing together, and the label wanting to cash in on the good feeling from that. But yeah, I won't be picking it up. It's not the best performance from that era, and it leaves a bit of a bad taste in the mouth. The band seem to be in a good, more mature place at the moment, and frankly the whole era of: We had no idea that publicly firing our singer via. a diss letter that we posted on the internet would get us so much publicity! We're so naiive...! ...Also, here's a documentary that we filmed about the tensions within the band, knowing that we were about the fire Tarja... ... You can find it on our upcoming DVD/CD release that we're naming after the fact we just fired here... ...Also don't forget to check out the three tracks on our new album detailing how awful Tarja and her husband are and how mean the press/fans were to poor Tuomas about the whole issue... Is one probably best consigned to the history books at this stage. I don't doubt that the band and Tarja have probably all signed off on this rerelease, so I have no "moral" issue with them re-releasing it, but I don't think it's the best memento of that era to choose. I actually would quite like if they'd chosen to collect together some good quality live footage from across the Tarja and Anette eras (and Floor's, though in fairness we will have a DVD for every tour with Floor so far so she's pretty well represented on the live footage score) and made a DVD/CD release out of that instead. It would be great to get some more live footage from the Century Child tour, for example, and I've always thought it's a shame that we only have Made in Hong Kong in terms of live releases from Anette - it was recorded at probably her worst point vocally in NW (footage from 2009 and the Irum tour sounds much better) and doesn't contain any of the tracks from Irum, where she shines, to say nothing of some of the older songs. I get that something like this probably wouldn't be practical - I'm sure footage like this exists, but I would guess there might be an issue over who owns the rights to some of it - e.g. footage recorded and streamed by festivals may well be owned/controlled by that festival etc. so it would probably be quite pricy/complex to gather the material together. But it would be a pretty good item both for fans of the older eras and new fans whose interest has been piqued by the release of Decades. Plus maybe we'd finally get Beauty of the Beast on a live release *grumbles* Ah well, I can dream. It does make me wonder, didn't Tarja say a while ago that she and Tuomas had been in touch by email about something business related? If the band weren't involved with this rerelease until the last minute, I wonder what this was about? Maybe we're getting more rereleases down the line.