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    I am more than happy to announce that I got the assignment to design and lay out the forthcoming biography of Marco! Book title is "Marco Hietala - ruostumaton" that I think will translate to "Marco Hietala - rustproof" Book will be published by finnish book publisher Docendo Oy and is written by Timo Kangasluoma. Photos are taken by Markku Hyttinen, www.fotoinferno.com. Not bad for the huge Tarot and Nightwish fan like myself...! At this point it is not certain whether or not book will be translated in english. I will keep you posted. However, finnish version can be pre-ordered here: https://www.docendo.fi/tulossa/marco-hietala-ruostumaton-timo-kangasluoma.html We have designed the book cover already and it is approved by the publisher. It looks like this:
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    I confess that... This generation of Nightwish is my favorite. Floor Jansen is (in my opinion) the best fit for the band, and I am so proud to be a fan during this time. I am pleased to have been able to attend 3 shows from this epic EFMB Tour, and to have done VIP all three times. I am glad I discovered Nightwish in 2006. While that means I never had a chance to see them live with Tarja, it put me in a unique position to appreciate all 3 singers. Tarja was the only singer NW had when I discovered them. I didn't even know she had been fired until I learned more about the band. But, musically, that means for a while, the only Nightwish I listened to was Tarja. And then, I got to be a part of the generation introduced to Anette. I was able to grow and appreciate her without being too overwhelmed by years of dedication to Tarja as the lead singer. And of course, I was in love with Floor for years before she joined NW, so, it's easy to love her now.
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    I think it's pretty obvious that The Poet and the Pendulum is about the aftermath of the split - and more specifically about how Tuomas dealt with it. The song begins with "The end" - the end of an era. The songwriter's dead. Or at the very least he had just lost his muse, as he refers to himself as "a widowed writer". Being a poet without a rhyme and trying to write "one last perfect verse" would indicate a writer's block, a struggle to even produce a final piece of work without his muse. There are several allusions to escapism, a common way of dealing with a big loss, like retreating to a place of innocence, a dreamer's hideaway - and drinking ("the dreamer and the wine"). In the second verse of Home, there's obvious reminiscence of the past, something which can also be found in The Pacific, along with a somewhat subtle reference to him being an "ocean soul". The third and final component of Home is about guilt. He obviously puts a lot of the blame on himself and doesn't want his fans and critics to praise him until his "heart goes right". This is followed by a rather melodramatic way of saying that the poet in Tuomas is dead, until we get to the last part of the song - Mother and Father - in which he has a conversation with his parents, or someone of similar importance. They're basically telling him that everything is going to be all right. I interpret "the blade will keep on descending" as a way of saying that it really hasn't fallen upon him yet, like he thought it had, that life will still go on. It could also be a metaphor for all the criticism he received after the open letter, that there will always be people who turn on him but all that really matters is that he is loved by the near and dear ones. "Search for beauty, find your shore" would be a poetic way of telling someone to look for new inspiration and find it and "you have such oceans within" would in turn be his parents telling him that he's got such passion and talent, implying that it would be a shame to see it go to waste, but that they would support him even if he quit his job. The song ends with "The beginning", meaning that by this point the poet in Tuomas felt reborn, that he would continue to write music with a new perspective. That's my interpretation, anyway.
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    @Christermo I don't it is a wise or understandable thing to suggest that certain forum members are not real fans (the ? in your post) of the band, if they don't like a certain release for whatever reason. There are many examples of bands who make bad (in the fan's eyes) releases, but still like the band in general. I love Leonard Cohen to bits, but absolutely don't like his 'Death of a ladies man'. That doesn't make me NOT a fan, if I speak out my mind about that 'bad' release, even if it is repeated.
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    Yes, Tuomas! We want another EFMB. We want another Master Passion Greed part 5. We want another Ever Dream part 3. We want another I Want My Tears Back part 5. We want Sleepwalker part 3! But don't forget(!), please use that MPG riff once again, pleeeaaaseeee?! 'Strange reasons' *insert hilarious emoji here* Recycling is very important for the natural environment. Recycling in music is bad. Edit: Oh yeah, don't forget to spice it repetitiveness too.
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    I think it's important to say WHY you think your ranking is justified. 8. Angels Fall First: Hey, I love this album. I think it has some of the best songs ever written by Tuomas, it's fun, young, energetic, quirky, with little flashes of epic. The thing with AFF is that it's a caged beast. Most of its songs are good, but they sound dreadful due to low key production and pedestrian instrumentation. The thing is, if the band were to re record this album, taking it out from Demo status, it would probably be a top 5 one. 7. Endless Forms Most Beautiful: Yes, there I said it. The band lastest effort is easily their weakest from their professional carreer. A disjointed mess of half baked melodies and no cohesiveness in the music. Grating lyrics that makes you feel ou're watching National Geographic (And some really low quality ones written by Hietala). Recycled sound from other, better songs. It also feels like most of the songs were an after thought, while the album was centered around The Greatest Show on Earth, the biggest misfire from the band, a song that tries SO HARD to be epic and results on a Frankenstein that never goes anywhere and worst of all, has really unexciting melodies (except fot the beginning and the very end, which are simply beautiful). The album's saving grace is Floor's perfomance, which was excellent; some would say it's overly restrained, I'd agree, but that is because the songs really don't give much room for shinning, they're just too bland or disjointed. The album, however, has great production, and all in all it shines through its simpler songs (Alpenglow, My Walden, , SBTB, Our Decades). It was clear Tuomas' creative genius was drained by the masterful Life and Times of Scrooge. 6. Wishmaster: Another good album, but it does have a bit of filler. Straightforward songs with really good lyrics and great melodic sensibilities. It also has some of the darkest NW songs in Two for Tragedy and Dead Boys Poem. It however suffers of oversimplicity, especially compared to its predecessor, Oceanborn; some of its more fantastical lyrics might also be kind of goofy. However, you can see the seeds of modern NW planted there, with the first introduction of familiar elements such as pop sensibilities and sound styles such as in even Bare Grace Misery, which I consider a proto Wish I had an Angel. Dead Boy's Poem if not the best, it's a top 3 NW song so it's an album that deserves its place in the discography of the band. 5. Dark Passion Play: This is a funny one. While it mostly elicits a tepid reaction, when compared to the rest of the band's discography, it really stands by its individual songs. Besides Whoever brings the night, there are no bad songs in there. It doesn't work so much as an album but as a collection of songs. We all know it's composed of two albums, the successor of Once and the one written after Tarja's dismissal, and it shines though as you can pretty much guess which songs go in which album. Anette Olzon gave a really straightforward eprfomance that really worked, and songs like Eva, or The Poet and the Pendulum, or Meadows of Heaven, opened a full new sentimental landscape for the band. The biggest tragedy of this album is that this era had 3 bonus tracks (Escapist, While Your Lips, The Heart Asks...) which are some of the band's best tracks, period, and could have been exchanged by the three weakest in the album (Whoever, Cadence, For the Heart) to make probably the best NW album. A shame. 4. Imaginaerum: Now we enter the upper NW echelon. Imaginaerum is simply a delight. All from music, instrumentation, lyrics and the whole vibe at its release was great. It's easily their most experimental album, masterfully blending cinematic sensibilities, the ever present pop spirit, and rock in a masterpiece for the ages. It only suffers from a terrible, terrible production, that makes the overly distorted guitars drown the rest of the band, it's really badly compressed (same with DPP). Hopefully the rumored 2018 remaster will sort this out. This album is so good at what it does, that simply earned its place as the best album from the modern era. 3. Once: It's the big leagues now. Once is a masterpiece, no words needed. Its compositions were incredibly well done; the cinematic sensibilities shown by the band until now were turned up to 11. It has some of the best written songs by the band such as Creek Mary's Blood and, of course, Ghost Love Score, which is more or less the band's hymn. it also spawned the current (and admitedly, a bit tiring my now) the hit template in Nemo, and some of its songs spirits have been transmitted since then. It also has, in my opinion, the best orchestra/band balance, it sounds really high budget, like the band is legitimately rock royalty. A simply unmissable album that changed the genre landscape forever. 2. Oceanborn: What did you expect? Oceanborn is a beast. Contrary to its predeccessor, this one is not caged, Oceanborn hits hard since the first note, but never loses grace, which is something the last album should have learned a bit. Oceanborn is a compendium of amazing melodies and great, if simple, instrumentation, which made the band sound inmensely bigger than it was. It's fast, barroque, with Tarja's voice sounding so ethereal you'd think you're watching a nordic fever dream. Its calmer moments such as Swanheart are heart melting. Simple put it, it's another masterpiece, and it's one of those "too good to be true" albums that comes once in a lifetime. 1. Century Child: if Oceanborn is so good, why is CC the best NW album? Because there's no other album that comes close to transmitting the feelings of Tuomas so strongly, with such a great musical balance. Century Child is an auteur's work, an overly sentimental long winded epic, accompanied by excellent melodies that stands against the best of the band's work. It's a slower paced, softest album than most of the band, which makes it ever green (I.e. you don't have to get in the mood to enjoy it). There is simply zero not-excellent moments in the album, with overarching melodies and piercing minimalist orchestration. It's a band's album, that captures a feeling so perfectly you won't need anything else to understand the spirit of the band. That's my personal ranking, which as you know, makes it definitive and such no more opinions are needed No, really, give us your reasons! It's always fascinating to understand what the band's music means to each fan.
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    As I'm discovering more new music one major peeve I'm starting to have is this obsession a lot of fans and reviewers seem to have for bands and artists to be "unique", and as an extension of this the overuse of the word "cheesy" to describe their music. What specifically makes a piece of music "cheesy"? Why does every release by every band have to bring something "new" to the table? What's cheesy to you may be genius to someone else. I mean, sure, it's great when bands do try something new or different, but honestly, as long as they're making good music and/or music they want to make then what's the problem? I'm not saying it should never be mentioned when a band/album sounds similar to something else (like another of their works or a different band's album or something), but when you see criticisms from just about every discussion about how something isn't "unique" or different, it does get stale very quickly. I don't care that Delain may sound similar to bands like Nightwish, I care that they make music that I enjoy and Charlotte has a beautiful voice. And it's the same with the way "cheesy" almost always seems to be phrased like it's bad thing, or the way it gets used as a criticism. Why so serious? Cheesiness is not always bad (and like I said earlier, is pretty subjective a lot of the time anyway), and really if that's all you care about then have fun shutting out the majority of music that currently exists (I mean let's face it, most things can be viewed as cheesy in one way or another if you're gonna go looking for it like that). Sure, Ayreon's "The Human Equation" may have some very cheesy lyrics, but they still convey the story well, add some character to, well, the characters, and are still sung by a group of amazing vocalists on a backdrop of some really good instrumentals. And it's not like lyric writing is easy (unless you're writing one of those pop songs that just repeats the same line over and over and over and over and over and... yeah, you get the idea), so I think the artists can be cut a little bit of slack if they don't spew out Shakespeare or Wordsworth quality lyrics every time. And wouldn't it be boring if they did, anyway? We all need a bit of cheese in our lives and our music sometimes. I'm not saying these things can't be used as valid criticisms or valid reasons to dislike an album or band. If a band sounds too similar to another band or too boring for you to like them, that's fine. If you really can't stand their lyrics or they seem to just write music that you've heard before and so you can't get into them, that's fine. Some lyrics really should be criticised - Nymphomaniac Fantasia's lyrics are an obvious example (though they are hilarious). It still doesn't mean other people can't like them, though. It's the way that "uniqueness" and "cheesiness" seem to now be the go-to things to critique a band for that peeves me off. There's more to music than just looking for the next new thing. If a band does something well that already existed before, that should be celebrated (and I'm not saying it's not, but there's still normally a snide comment about cheesiness or something in there somewhere). Talk about what the band did well, focus on the actual music rather than simply saying that we've "heard it all before". Nightwish, Epica, Delain, Xandria, etc. may all sound similar, but I can still find different, unique things in each band's music that should be praised and enjoyed. Celebrate innovation, of course, but also celebrate good music, with all the cheesiness it provides.
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    To me, "Alpenglow" is essentially a song about death, and especially a song about death in light of a worldview where this life is the only one we're guaranteed. It celebrates our existence and the fact that "we were here", but it's a celebration of a life that is ultimately going to end. The "music" and the "alpenglow" represent the natural world that we arise from and that we merge back into upon our deaths, and so becoming "one with Alpenglow" is a metaphor for death. When we die, we don't really go anywhere, the matter that makes up our bodies gets broken down and flows back into other lifeforms. It’s just an endless cycle of life, and we are part of that cycle – or as the song puts it “a beautiful tale within the tale”. I really love Alpenglow. The way it sums up life in a way that's simultaneously celebratory and melancholic just makes it so beautiful.
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    After listening to The Source for the first time... Oh my, that's a great album!
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    @Christermo So, you are suggesting that every member is only allowed a certain number of the same criticisme, let's say 5, on the same issue? However, I do find your examples of ambushes while hiding in the weeds, just waiting to deliver an EFMB-bashing comment very amusing and entertaining. Not sure though, where the jugular is situated on a negative comment. Any info on that? One also could translate these repetitive comments as 'sticking to their guns' or 'having principles' and hope that NW indeed come up with something surprisingly different. And choose not to comment on them....again and again and again.......
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    This is so true! Does someone really want them to keep making the same songs over and over again, with same riffs and structures recycling even within an album, the only difference being a new singer with every few albums? But it should be realistic that they could do better album than EFMB. After all, Tuomas was probably quite uninspired right after writing his solo album which has better songwriting going on...
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    I thank whitenoise for bringing this bit to my attention.As I pointed out in the "mathematics and computer science" thread (where it would be best to continue the discussion), something that's discussed in Chapter 1 of any self-respecting book or course in programming language theory (several are linked in the maths thread) is precisely that Turing completeness is irrelevant because (almost) all languages are Turing complete (google "total functional programming" for something that is not. By analogy, just because all men can breathe, walk, talk and poop, it doesn't mean they are all good candidates for presidency. "All languages are Turing complete, thus equivalent" is a fallacy of the magnitude of "I can breathe as well as any other guy, thus I would make a good President". A good programming language is either an abstraction or an isomorphism or a restriction (more often than not all three) over the Turing machine. If you think "Turing completeness" is all you need, enjoy programming in Brainfuck - and stay away from non-imperative languages, e.g. functional languages, or anything that has any form of type system, like... of course, Java. Or - languages and paradigms designed for concurrency, i.e. to wrangle more than one Von Neumann machine. The opposite of a "good programming language" is a "Turing Tarpit" - it's Turing complete and it's also useless: http://wiki.c2.com/?TuringTarpit This is a good time as any to remind you that the Turing machine is a mathematical, abstract construction for studying abstract properties of computation: http://wiki.c2.com/?TuringEquivalent I quote: I dare not call this the "pure objective truth", as you do, but it's certainly more in line with the thinking of any half-serious computer scientist around. I don't have much hopes of convincing you, I'm mostly writing this for the benefit of bystanders. If any mod happens to be around, please do move this to the mathematics thread and/or delete altogether and/or ban me.
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    So, after listening to the album multiple times over the past week and a half, I can now say it has safely reached my top 3 Ayreon albums, where it now sits with 01011001 and The Human Equation. It really is that good.
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    Last night was absolutely awesome! It was my first time seeing Evanescence and I got really excited, especially because of this new lineup and the setlist I saw. São Paulo was windy and somewhat cold, which I prefer rather than hotter days. Waiting outside also became much more easier with the company of some funny people and a few drinks. Within a couple of hours the venue was packed (and hot) and I already got a nice spot from the stage. With a short delay after the opening act, the intro of Everybody's Fool started being played and it went insane. It was so special and kinda surreal to see Amy and the rest of the guys, the energy was definitely strong and real. Like Amy said, Brazilian fans rock the house. The setlist was balanced between hits and fan-oriented songs, which I enjoyed a lot. At the end it seemed so fast, although the concert lasted almost two hours. The whole show was fantastic, with the highlights being for me EF, What You Want, Going Under, Even in Death, Made of Stone, Haunted, My Immortal, The Change, Disappear, Whisper and Bring Me to Life and Your Star in particular. Can't wait to see the guys again, they definitely know how to make a good show! (Not one of my recordings but it shows how great the concert was).
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    Of course not. To be perfectly honest, coming off as "arrogant" and "self-important" on an internet forum isn't the worst of my problems, Sam. On the other hand, I'm a bit tired of looking the other way whenever you go on on your maniacal rants about "everybody being wrong", especially those "self-important professors", "the IT industry" (why on earth are you obsessed with it?), and then spewing a string of hilariously incorrect "facts" about history and/or mathematics, while your personal cheering section made up of high school dropouts claps and admires how brilliant you are, you misunderstood genius. I know you are going through a hard period of your life and please understand I don't want no hard feelings, but I don't feel that encouraging you to continue down this road is the best course of action - allow me to at least set the facts straight. Please understand. Here's a hug.
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    It's 2017 and this album remains a top eight Nightwish album for me. In the 8th place. If Over The Hills And Far Away is counted, in the 9th.
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    Sorry to dig up such an old thread, but there's something I wanted to share. Last time when I was watching the movie, I got curious if it was possible to read the lyrics on the pages from the safe, so I took some screenshots and looked through them. Well, obviously, most of those lyrics turned out to be the songs from Imaginaerum, but then there also were parts of some other songs and the parts that don't belong to any, and I ended up writing a huge post with screenshots and commentary. I hope it's alright for me to share the link and not to copy it all here (but I can do that if necessary): Lyrics in the movie UPD. Added two more songs and some small notes here and there
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    It's 2017 and this album remains a top five record if all time for me.
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    As not able to catch the sleep once again, I made my time useful. Well, maybe not useful but relaxing anyway: Drawn with iPad + Apple Pen + Procreate AAAAND... also time lapse video is now available
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    Kirjakustantaja DOCENDO julkaisee lokakuussa 2017 Timo Kangasluoman toimittaman Marco Hietalan henkilökuvan, "Ruostumaton". Allekirjoittaneella on ilo ja kunnia päästä suunnittelemaan kirjan visu/taittamaan kirja, woohoo! Kirja on ennakkotilattavissa Docenson kirjakaupasta jo nyt: https://www.docendo.fi/marco-hietala-ruostumaton-timo-kangasluoma.html Kirjan kansi on luonnollisesti jo tehty, tällainen siitä sitten tuli: Jokaisen NW- ja Taro-fanin pakko-ostos!
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    In fact, I can't understand why so many people choose one style or genre of music and ignore (or even despise) the rest. It probably has to do with the need to belong to a social group, but I find it utterly impoverishing. Music is music and the emotions that any genre can give you are different and irreplaceable. If someone only listens to heavy metal (or pop or whatever) will definitely only like that style and probably will be an expert at it, but he/she will be deaf to the rest of the music and won't even have an opinion about it. And you know what things are like: people who are unable to understand something, automatically ignore it or despise it, like the fable of the fox and the grapes.
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    I confess that it's a matter of taste.
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    Found this trailer of the upcoming Stephen King adaptation of IT and wow. This looks very promising. On general IT has never been one of my favorite King-books, but still I guess I'll have to watch this. King was one of my favorite writers as a kid and used to read his 70's and 80's books to bits back in the day and I was never that happy with that 90's miniseries they made out of this one. It appears they have changed the timeline here. It appears the "Loser's Club" confronting IT for the first time as children has been changed from the 50's to 80's (the cars, Beverly's 80's Madonna-style haircut etc.) And it appears that "back and forth" timeline of King's book is also gone and the Losers as adults will be on the sequel part. And since the time difference in the book is 30 years, it will be on the present day. So a bit of an update coming up as well Bill Skarskård's Clown Pennywise looks fantastic, btw. Way better that Tim Curry's 90's version. It appears Curry's comical joke cracking is gone and Skargård's interpretation is much closer to the book.
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    I'm positive it's type awesome.
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    Sounds cool! I'll fly to "Close to Hel"-we'll grab the needed supplies and head for Amsterdam. Me being a "just in case person"...maybe we should bring along a yacht that also has a sauna in case our ice sauna and ice floe start to melt away during the trip south.... https://www.yachtcharterfleet.com/charter-yachts-with-sauna-27.htm Anyone else wanna do the trip? PS--Thanks for all the videos! They are so good! Really tell the story!
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    Amaranth is based on one of the most popular Finnish paintings, The Wounded Angel, by Hugo Simberg (even the video uses that reference), but it's difficult to put words to the complex imagery of the painting and the lyrics of the song, and that's one of the purposes of the writer, create mystery. Amaranth is a beautiful flower which fades away very slowly, as Aminar has stated, therefore it's usually associated to inmortality. In the painting by Simberg we see the wounded angel holding a bunch of snowdrops in his right hand. Snowdrops are also flowers associated to inmortality and rebirth. DPP is a dark album with very dark lyrics in general. From the beginning (TPATP) we see the sadness of an angel fallen in disgrace, but there's always a space for hope and rebirth. In Amaranth we hear things like "the never-fading rain in your heart" which makes clear the sadness of the writer is almost infinite and he doesn't see the daylight but stating that light (rebirth) exists ("in a land of the daybreak"). That explains the meaning of that "war between him and the day" and the need of the others to gain rebirth "in the end, little he can do alone". I have always seen Amaranth as the "dark night of the soul" by San Juan de la Cruz, a Spanish mystic poet. The fight of the soul with himself, his solitude, his mistakes, his hatred, his doubts and contradictions, and that light at the end of the tunnel which we never seem to reach. It's as if we were dying slowly, like amaranths in the dark, thinking we'll never see the light, but hope is always present in a way or another and that makes us go ahead in spite of all the sorrows: reaching, searching for something untouched, hearing voices of the Never-Fading calling. Simberg had meningitis while he was painting the wounded angel and in the painting it's clearly portrayed all his pain but also all his hopes (those snowdrops in the angel's hand). I see the same imagery in the song.
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    So, I'm going to do my own little spoiler of the minor details I noticed throughout the movie. Overall, I believe Imaginaerum does a great job with delivering its message. The central and most apparent theme that is constant throughout the movie is the importance of memories and imagination - their ability to create the most passionate and profound feeling of love realized through the importance of the most silent yet passionate sentiments that make humans who they are. WARNING: This is a very detailed explanation of a lot of the themes/symbols in the movie (from my own undertanding) so read at your own spoiling =P -more to come- I'm working for another three hours until 10, but I will edit this post to finish up the rest of the scenes.
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    Well, I'd be very happy if they give us an album as good as EFMB. In my opinion it's one of their best pieces of work. I know some fans (?) hate it for some strange reason. Who cares? I want something similar and if that means some fans will say goodbye, you can be sure I wouldn't cry, you can be sure of that. I'm fed up with so much hatred for this masterpiece. Yes, I love EFMB. If someone doesn't like it, he/she is free to leave the ship and look for something different. But please, Tuomas, don't listen to them. I want another EFMB.
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    I noticed that the VIP package contains a digital download of "The Solace System EP". These are the bonus tracks we've been waiting for!!!!!!!!!
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    @suomi usa Hiya! No problem at all @The Name Of The Wind Hmmm...I'd suggest trying to clear your browser's cache. Maybe that'll do the trick
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    Um, some_dude, with all due respect, did you actually read When the Stones Fall? I explicitly SAID that the Turing machine is a mathematical modal in that poem. So of course I know that it is a mathematical model. The insane amount of arrogance and self-importance you display sometimes could be put to better use by doing what people like you preach all day others shouldn't do: Not picking out one thing you think you can criticize from an argument that contains many good points My problem is, in fairness, 0.1% with posts like yours and 99.9% with the stuff I had to put up with in this truly unfunny joke of a company I worked in. You know how many of about 30 to 40 PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMMERS in that company I asked even knew that Alan Turing invented the Turing Machine (because to me if you formalize a mathematical concept you are by definition the inventor of at least the formalized version of that concept) and that he helped crack the Enigma codes? 5. My own professional godfather, an architect with an informatics bachelor or master, I can't remember which, someone with 10 years+ experience in software architecture...DIDN'T know it. Just as the project leader of a Java based project using Java EE, Spring, Maven, SVN and WebSphere application server, a man who lead a 30 man team, had 2 years of development time and a multi-million dollar budget to develop a system which does nothing but write e-mails and print pds automatically, you know that thing that WORD is capable of doing OUT OF THE BOX - that man regularly through sentences like Java is Java at his team members when they wanted more help. The seriously thought that all the technologies I mentioned - you know, to him that basically was all just Java. It is so seriously ridiculous what happens large modern IT companies in Germany, and probably all across the world. The man was literally an asshole, proud of it and admired for it by everyone but a handful of people like me and another trainer who refused to be intimidated by his "I look awesome in a suit, have a charismatic voice, call myself a project leader and have the power to get you fired. Also, I earn twice as much as you know. Therefore, I am right about everything and you are wrong about everything" routine. The man was like the boss from Dilbert. And the was one of the BEST project leaders at that company. That is the whole problem of modern science and modern media: This absurd focus on what people AREN'T instead of what they ARE. That is so sad about the US sports media. LeBron is great BUT he will never be Michael Jordan. KD is one of the greatest if not THE greatest offensive players ever BUT he chocked in the finals (in fact he didn't, but whatever). Most of modern media is just so profoundly uninterested in getting their facts right or in actually basing their arguments on facts at all. I blame people like Michael "I know jack-shit about modern technology" Bay and Bill "I know jack-shit about the religions I'm hating on all day" Maher In fairness, the stuff you mentioned I actually didn't know with the exception that I of course did know that the Turing machine is not a physical machine. We had to write programs on paper for Turing machines in introduction to formal languages at the university I studied. That is an experience you don't forget easily . What you said IS a good point. I didn't know it because I always loved programming more than learning theory. Because I know now something most doctors and professors in Germany don't (aside from the fact that a truly astounding amount of doctors and professors I worked with in Germany don't know the basics of their own field): You don't need a whole heck of a lot of theory to be a good programmer. And the Turing Machine HAS been used to lie to and exploit people. That is just the pure, objective truth. C is Turing complete. Latest when Java got the URL package and Swing the further commercial development and selling of programming languages became unnecessary. My problem is not that we have many languages. My problem is pretending we need them. Because that almost every single modern programming language if not actually every single one is Turing Complete means that you don't NEED more than one programming language for a project. That is why I love Java. Not because of the idioms. Because of the amount of frameworks that exist for Java. I am not aware of any commercially sold software product for which there is not an actually better open source solution in Java. That is why Java is the most popular language. Not because of Java SE or Java EE. Because of the amount of frameworks. And that is why I despise nobody more like people who are arrogant assholes and proud of it like Linus Torvalds. You know what is so sad? They told me all day at the company I worked in that trainees like me are the future of the company. And if they hadn't shamelessly lied to me I could have been. I could have turned that company into one of the best IT companies in the world if they had been honest with me. That is the whole problem of Linux. Linux could be very popular if people like Linus Torvalds would stop behaving like entitled, spoiled children and start acting like the professionals they preach others should be. I have modified a Dilbert comic strip for my former colleagues at IBM Germany: Behold, my absurdly overpriced IBM Watson system! Behold, my completely freely available START question answering system. I will now proceed to enter many questions into START that START can answer and that IBM Watson can't. Please don't. The START question answering system. Anihilating commercial question answering systems since 1998 (I use the date from the Dilbert strip here, I think the START system is acually far older than 1998). What is so funny is that I actually love IBM Watson Analytics. I am sure that IBM UK acually is a great company. That is what is so truly comical about the self-esteem and sense of importance many doctors and professors in Germany display. It is, in many cases, just completely unjustified. They are literally worse than IT consultants. I tweeted AI - A modern approach by Russel and Norvig to companies who earn their money with AI and tech blogs who write about AI all day. And got likes for it. I always thought they lied on purpose. But most of them didn't. They just didn't know better. EDIT: I mean, you and I know what bullshit the fear of AI taking over the world the media spreads is. But the tragic, shocking truth is that most IT professionals I know...don't. Because they seriously believe that AI equals Skynet. EDIT 2: You know what the most "so bad it's good" thing about the US is? There are thousands of CREATIONIST doctors and CREATIONIST professors teaching at CREATIONIST UNIVERSITIES in the US. Yes, you read that correctly. There are thousands of doctors and professors in the US...who don't believe in EDIT 3: I meant who don't believe in evolution of course.
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    So I have this odd wish to hear the band performing a re-arranged version of their original Kiteen Pallo the rest of the band replacing the techno beat accompanying the vocals, leading into Gethsemane or Passion and the Opera (either would be a good match).
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    This one is among the best I've ever heard: Focus - Hocus Pocus Waterboys - Red Army Blues Leonard Cohen - Who By Fire
  36. 1 point
    Aviso por si acaso: Por motivos que no vienen al caso, yo compré 2 entradas para Ayreon Universe, una para el viernes y una para el domingo. Voy a ir solo al show del domingo así que la otra entrada la voy a vender. Si alguno de ustedes no pudo conseguir una entrada y quiere ir (o conoce a alguien que quiera ir), avísenme! La voy a publicar en eBay para facilitar el tema del pago, pero les aviso antes para darles prioridad a mis fellow nightwishers Edito: ¡Vendido!
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    Our apologies for the censor. We just tend to jump for the the word "leak"... But yes, as Yoshee suggested, please use spoiler tags at least until the official release. Thank you!
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    Some quickies - Alussa White-Gluz/Arch Enemy.
  39. 1 point
    So, the album has leaked (or some people have got their album copies early). I won't link it here for obvious reasons, but if anyone's listened to it, what do you think?
  40. 1 point
    I think that's a serious setback for the band when it comes to the depth of their music. Marcela is a seriously good singer and would have been a very good combination/addition with/to Anneke's voice. It was one of the things I was most looking forward to; those two singing together! As I have said before, I think Anneke's voice shines better singing with others. But I guess, better now than later. Good on Marcela for recognizing the issues and being a step ahead of eventual problems!
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    I confess that I pretty much never listen to that song and I really hope they don't ruin a setlist with it.
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    I'm just going to leave this here... Seriously, I am so in love with this song and video, Amy has outdone herself here. I'm going to see Evanescence in June, and they say they're putting out a new album this year! Yay!
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    Me too, Harvest. + Stockholm - Helsinki - Tallinn.
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    One month ago, Sharon had a really long chat and Q& A with fans on the internet & skype.
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    En eso estoy totalmente de acuerdo. EFMB tiene las mejores letras de la historia de la banda, de lejos. No es que las anteriores sean malas, pero aquí dan un paso adelante bastante obvio. Claro que a mí me gusta el disco en todos los sentidos, por mucho que siempre nos recuerden que hay mucho refrito de discos anteriores. A mí eso me da igual porque el tratamiento que se hace de esos riffs es muy distinto y las canciones tienen personalidad propia. Yo la verdad es que prefieron estos NW a los de Oceanborn (que también me gustan, aclaro). Espero que sigan por esta línea en los próximos años. Por lo que he leído por ahí, parece que va a ser así.
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    Or....you know, they could just stop writing terrible crap like Elan.
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    This is a really interesting interpretation, and I also think that the birds represent people. But I don't think they necessarily have to be past romantic relationships. I think they could be any person that had influenced him or shown him wisdom, etc. But he didn't need what they gave, though he appreciated it. I think the Birdie song really is another one of those "innocence" songs. It seems like a really simple message to me: you can be taught wisdom, you can strive for calmness, you can earn love and you can glory in fame...but nothing, no person, can give you the innocence you've lost, nor can they reveal to you your own personal truths. Those are the things you need to claim for yourself, and no one can give them to you. It's about the journey of self-discovery, I think, but also commenting on that from the perspective of meeting people along the way who can offer you so many things, but there are a few things that other people can never really give you, and can never really show you. Truth and innocence come from within - especially truth. Truth is what we make it. Truth is what you believe. To find it, you have to search yourself.
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