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    If you are on Facebook, make sure to go and like https://www.facebook.com/pg/TarjaTurunenSuomi/ There's plenty of nice Throwback Thursdays coming up, so even if you want to see old Nightwish stuff take a look. Like this nice one from 1999 shared today. And they are all translated, obviously.
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    Any setlist without Nymphomaniac Fantasia is a terrible setlist, and should be banned by law.
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    I don't know why every time someone calls somebody a genius there is another someone mentioning Beethoven, Schubert or Mozart to underrate the first somebody. And probably (usually) that someone who mentions Beethoven has no idea about who he was and the music he composed. The power of myth, you know. Music is music, not a competition among egos. Holopainen is not trying to be Beethoven. Beethoven is Beethoven and Holopainen is Holopainen. A turkey is a turkey and a goose is a goose and I don't see any reason to think a turkey is better than a goose or viceversa. Ah, by the way, everybody is entitled to have his/her own opinion and mine is that Endless Forms Most Beautiful is far better than The Holographic Principle. No bad vibes, just a humble opinion.
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    I'm sorry, but that's exactly what being arrogant means. Placing yourself higher than the rest. How the hell do you know that you know more about science than the rest? I'm sorry, but no, just no. You're being as arrogant as the people you complain about. Want honest people? Here I am, and you are arrogant. That's the truth. Now, to the rest of your post, I don't care if you care or not about Dawkins. But truth is, there's also beauty in all that animal cruelty. In the end, it's all a circle, you eat, get eaten, and then become part of the soil that gets eaten by other animals. And, hell, if I know. My own mother is a veterinarian, and while not a abilogist per se, I can say she chose here studies because she cared and founf beauty on that. I'm really sorry about people like you that can't seem to find beauty where there is. And in the end, isn't beauty subjective? So, here, I'll get you a ladder so you can get off your high horse. Edit: And where in the album does it say that scientists are in love with nature? I'm sorry if you got that idea, but it does not say anything like that anywhere on the album. It does say, however, that you, should love nature and the world we live in, because, hell, it is the world we live in.
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    They fired her because she would not put the band or its fans above her own personal gain and vanity. We already have evidence that Floor was contacted prior to the falling out with Anette, to fill in for her while she was having a time off from the band due to her pregnancy. This solution was proposed to her by the band, but she did not accept it as she did not like the idea of being replaced (not even temporarily). Then there was of course the legitimate fear she had that people would prefer Floor and not be glad to see her return again later. But the band would have had her back. Floor was obviously not contacted with the intent to upstage Anette, but because the band already had previous experience touring with her and knew her as a professional. Anette ultimately sealed her own fate when she she more or less told them to cancel/postpone the tour for her (which would have been ridiculous seeing how much money was at stake, especially after the huge financial setback of the Imaginaerum movie project), or she'd be out. And out she went. Because the band as a whole comes first. None other of its members would throw a hissy fit like that. Sorry, but she could easily have remained in the band had she not been so stubborn thinking of herself as some kind of irreplaceable popstar (what was it she said again? "You can't replace Britney Spears with Rihanna"?). And oh yeah, this was probably a major deja vu moment for Nightwish too. If you recall, Tarja wanted them to cancel the North American "Once" tour because the venues were too small and they wouldn't earn that much money from it, ultimately costing the band a golden opportunity promotion wise but also their North American record deal! Simone had no issues with having Amanda replace her during one of Epica's tours due to illness. Amanda is technically a much better vocalist, and while it was inevitable that some people would prefer her, the band stuck with SImone and look at them now! Simone actually bothered to improve as a singer over the years. She's come really, really far! Anette could easily have done that too, although I doubt she would have (she really lacks the curiosity about the art of singing that Floor has, for example). As for Floor's comments about Slayer, they were of course unnecessary - but the difference here is that I really do think she learned something from tat experience. We are not very likely to hear her voice her opinion about fellow musicians again if she doesn't have anything nice to say. Or it will just be a polite "not my cup of tea". Anette on the other hand doesn't seem to learn from any of her mistakes. She still keeps on replying to trolls on her blog. She still deletes valid criticism by people who do their best to present it in a constructive way. She loves to play the victim card. Still. She wasn't always cutting it live but I do enjoy her studio vocals, but the band is just so much better off without having to deal with her drama. I also genuinely wanted to see her move on from the past, ignoring the "haters" and just shut people up by releasing some good quality music. But she keeps on digging that grave. And blaming her failures on everyone but herself.
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    ♫ YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOURS ♫ ♫ IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS ♫ ♫ AAAAAAAAAAAAN ♫ ♫ EMP-TY HOOOOOPE ♫ (Sorry, I love doing that whenever someone uses the word "hope". I know. I'm sorry.)
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    I love that article. "Our band is about the atmosphere." That one still rings true. I wish the people on this forum who go on and on about how Nightwish has gone "pop" just because they don't poop out technical stuff (and I'd still argue they're wrong, since the orchestral stuff is pretty technical in itself). However, I am saddened by the fact that they're no longer on speaking terms when you read about the band from back in the day when they were just a bunch of kids from the same town playing music together, hoping for the best but not expecting much.
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    Dear Nightwish, If you guys are reading this, please consider adding "Beauty of the Beast" and "Fantasmic" to this setlist. Floor has done an excellent job with both "Ghost Love Score" and "The Poet and the Pendulum", so I know she can knock it out of the park with these two. Also, BotB is one of my favorite NW songs of all time, so I just really wanna hear it live. Sincerely, Me
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    No. Why would you be? Tell me, are you bothered by the fact that Tarja continues to perform the band's music without the band (let alone releasing it under her name)? Were you bothered that Highest Hopes contained tracks with Sami despite him no longer being in the band at that point? I would go out on a limb here and say probably not! If you want to argue that you would rather have seen a compilation further down the line split equally between the material featuring Anette and Floor respectively because the older material is already so widely available, then that's fair game I think. But the music belongs to Nightwish. They can do whatever they please with it. It's their legacy. They don't need to ask permission from previous band members if they decided to make another compilation album or put out a new remaster of something from their back catalogue. There is absolutely nothing weird with releasing music that belongs to Nightwish under the name of NIghtwish, regardless of how old it is and whether its featured performers are still in the band or not.
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    I agree with everything you said here, but I have to comment on this. Simone has always been a vital part of Epica, from the very start. Also she is a main composer and lyricist, and is not just the vocalist, like Anette was. In people's minds, the main image of Epica has always been Simone, and Mark of course. It makes sense that Anette on the other hand did not like the idea of being replaced, as long as it had to do with being replaced with Floor, because she knew how much respect Floor enjoys in this community, plus she knew the guys from many years ago, and she had extensive touring experience, which would only make Anette's difficulties on touring more obvious. But when it came to being replaced for a night... that was bad. Her reaction was bad, and even though I do understand some of it (she was after all, in the hospital, probably feeling abandoned by the guys), she went over the top. Sweet Anette, you are not Rihanna or Spears. You never were and probably never will be. It was not your name on the bill, it was Nightwish.
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    Where was he glorifying religion? EFMB? Ark meaning just a lonely vessel filled with living species, in the midst of nothingness. That's what's called using references from a religious book. He was feeding metaphors from it, not the actual dogmatic content. And please, this aggressive and confrontational attitude of yours makes it really difficult to discuss anything with you. Nobody was shoving anything down your throat, nobody was banning you from saying anything here, nobody was calling your opinion incompetent, but you keep doing pretty much same things to others. Speaking of planet_terror, I don't find any of this aggressiveness in his posts, so no, I don't have problem with people who interpret NW songs differently than me. This whole waving with one's qualifications and competence (and all of that on an anonymous internet forum, where I can say I'm Tarja, and you wouldn't really have a proof that I really weren't) is ludicrous. Tuomas is a musician and songwriter. As far as I know, you are not. That makes him way more competent than you in that regard. Does that mean that you shouldn't write about something you don't know about (music, lyrics, art)? Because, you know, who are you to judge a professional and experienced songwriter's work? Who are we? Let's close this forum altogether then, or just let people with MA in composition participate in discussions. I don't know why snowhite left, but I cannot remember her behaving like you are right now. Ever. But again, I might be wrong.
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    Hahaha, it's really funny; you say you are not arrogant and, at the same time, write the most arrogant and childish comment I have read on this forum. Intelligent people don't need to praise themselves, that's a sign of insecurity rather than intelligence. And, anyway, this forum is not a competition of skills or achievements in life. You don't know anything about most of us, so anything you can say to undervalue us is worthless. Besides, your opinions are not absolute thruths, not at all. You asked me, for example, if I knew any scientist. Well, my answer is yes, quite a few, from different branches, and all of them are really enthusiastic about their jobs. And yes, I can say they are able to understand the beauty of nature and science, that's actually the reason why they have devoted their lives to it. If one day you go to Calahorra (Spain) I suggest you talk to the biologists who work in Tierra Rapaz. You've got a lot to learn from them. They will show you what love for nature is and you will probably learn to appreciate it by yourself.
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    Can I only dream about Crownless in full speed and full Fantasmic?
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    I hope they play only those old/rare gems, and no fan favourites or setlist staples that have been played recently. Oh, and they have to record a DVD of this, or else....
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    Tarja looks great, but I honestly don't like her live vocals at the moment. They are too much and all over the place. Then, in some mements, she sounds incredible and you realize how she could sound. Hm. (Happy Birthday @Magnus!)
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    Not agreeing with DownHill's take on your post? Fine. "Your arrogance and stupidity"? Not fine. Not to mention that the Katy Perry comment about her songs adds nothing to the Anette thread (especially considering that Anette's music is not like Katy Perry's music). Tone it down, Serious Sam - your opinion is not the be-all end-all of opinions. Consider this a warning. If anyone wants to argue with Serious Sam concerning the above post / discuss the above, please do so in one of the more appropriate Speaker's Corner threads.
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    I know a lot of you here have given Emppu a hard time frequently during the past years, but let us watch the below video and give him a high five for all the beautiful melodic guitar playing he has given us the past decade: IMO, Emppu is a great guitarist who has the ability to put a lot of emotions in his guitar work. I think the problem is more related to Tuomas' songwriting during the past three albums
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    It seems to me you didn't quite grasp the meaning of this verse. The cosmic law of gravity Pulled the newborns around a fire (The “newborns” are the planets. Gravity pulled them around the Sun) A careless, cold infinity in every vast direction (It's not talking about Gaea, it's talking about the universe) Lonely farer in the Goldilocks zone (The Goldilocks zone has a lot to do because this verse is not about humans gathering around a fire. The “lonely farer” is the Earth, simple as that) She has a tale to tell (“She” is our planet. The Earth has a tale to tell, “the greatest show on Earth”) From the stellar nursery into a carbon feast Enter LUCA The tapestry of chemistry There’s a writing in the garden Leading us to the Mother of all (not the pristine Gaea, but LUCA. The writing in the garden leads us to the last universal common ancestor) My two cents.
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    @Serious Sam I've been reading your posts the last half year in growing amazement and was wondering what has happened to you. To make sure, it's not aimed as a critic on you as a person, but you seem to have changed such a lot in that period. Certainly when you compare it to the period before that. In a lot of posts there's a lot of fired up undertones like Maradona on cocaine (I try to keep it humorous here), but to me, it sometimes reads as very aggressive and even a bit intolerant, like in the discussion above. I just can't place it, as I know your posts from the period before, and to be honest, I liked that Sam a lot more. Just wondering. There's really no need to get your guns out all the time.
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    No, I haven't ignored it. I had read that post you mention where you insulted Symphoniker saying you were better than him at anything, but now I see you have edited that post and have changed a lot of the things you had written. Anyway, I'm not here to argue with you. I don't care what you say, especially because there's nothing substantial in your posts, apart from the contradictions and self-conceited assessments. You say you are not undervaluing anybody and at the same time you say, post after post, the state of the forum is poor, that you know more than everybody. You say you are not arrogant and, at the same time, you write arrogant comments. Everything you say are absolute truths, but in fact they are only empty opinions whose value starts and ends in your mind. You just spill your frustrations and obsessions here and expect us to bow at you. Some of the things you say give me the impression that you live in a bubble, in your own world, and that you are unable to cross your personal border to contact the real world. Your "logic" is beyond any "logical" understanding. You link arguments to other arguments to more arguments with subjective interpretations and draw conclusions which have nothing to do with the original argument. You even say things like " if you love the fact that animals tear each other apart and die in agony you are more than just borderline psychotic". Nobody has said that, those statements belong to your own fantasy world. Those arguments boil in your brain, don't accuse anybody of the meals you cook in your mind. Do you really want to know why I said your arguments were childish? It's very easy, because little children tend to be egocentric and so are your comments. You say you've got nothing to learn from me, hahaha. Well, I don't want to teach you anything, so that's OK. What is obvious is that there's nothing I can learn from you. You see, I have released seven books, I've got two degrees and speak four languages (and can get by in other two) and that doesn't make me superior to anybody. My grandfather never went to school and, believe me, he was one of the smartest persons I have ever met. This is not a contest of how smart we are. And, well, I could go on but this bores me and probably is boring the rest of the forum. We are not here to fight. My best wishes.
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    Hi there, time to come out of my hiding! I would like to share this nice interview with Floor that has been published by the DPRP on 20 March 2017: http://www.dprp.net/interviews/2017-001/ Floor speaks rather openly about some issues, such as her anger about the commercial abuse of her work with After Forever, but also her pregnancy and how the band found out; it also touches upon some issues that have recently been discussed on the forum, e.g. Floor being happy with her role in NW as is, but also mentioning a potential larger role for Troy on a future album and live ... last but not least, she speaks about her friendship with other metal artists.
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    I definitely feel like Tarja has the talent do learn how to sing in a more contemporary style. She just needs to be just as committed to it as she was when training with the classical technique. Right now, it seems she is mostly experimenting on her own, without a vocal coach. Because if she has already employed someone to teach her to sing in a contemporary style, that person isn't doing too good of a job. So I'm both excited and kind of worried about how this will turn out. And yeah, Sharon's skills are impressive considering she is completely self-taught just like Marco. But she also has a tendency of "shouting" too much at times ever since The Heart of Everything. A good example of what I mean would be the chorus of What Have You Done. "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, I've been waiting for someone like YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU". Unfortunately, this kind of singing is in many of their choruses ever since that album and the only way to get her to sing these lines in a nicer way seems to be with acoustic performances. Otherwise I love Sharon's singing. But I digress
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    @Damian Less is more, but bigger is best.........., but only if bigger means very well done in all aspects and there lies the problem. You need top notch camera men and enough camera's (better too many than too few - you have a wealth of material that way) AND, very important, a good way of filming and even more of editing. And I like 'Showtime, Storytime to bits, but the editing lets it down. And Nightwish haven't learned anything (stuck with the same director - he's not good enough!) from it when you see and hear their latest dvd release. A let down for a band their size. I think NW tends to stick a lot with the same people, as is their deserved right, but if things don't work quite out that good, look for other/better options, I'd say. I've linked this already a few times, but if you haven't read it, this is how 'The Black Symphony' was done. Very interesting read and main objective: go for quality: http://www.soundonsound.com/people/within-temptation-producing-black-symphony I know that The Black Symphony probably will be a one off (they got substantial financial help and support from the most important Dutch music institutions) release, but what a release it was!! A milestone, also in the Dutch music history, as I can't remember anything like it, that is so good. Apart from the camera work, you also need all the other aspects of the show be near as perfect....the stage, the sound, the background, the crew, the clothes, the set-up, etc. etc. It's a hell of a job to get it all right, even if you got all the money in the world to do it! I also think that a well done live registration doesn't need 50.000-100.000 audiences. Yes, the numbers all sound very impressive, but the real live sound is often not good, so they have to spruce it up big time to MAKE it a reasonable release. WT's Black Symphony and Elements wouldn't have worked with 50.000 fans in a stadium. With around 10.000 and indoors, it remained quite intimate and very recordable, without giving in too much to good quality standards of sound and sight! But then, I'm a total sucker and addict of The Black Symphony in almost every aspect!
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    Tried to watch couple of videos, but no. Just no. I am really trying to like her live performances and try not to nitpick them, but she should really go to some musical or pop vocal coach, if she really wants to go forward with this less classical sound.
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    No Tarja, just stop. Whoever told her that her chest voice needed to happen deserves jail. I actually think Tarja is done. Her live vocals are a mess, her lastest studio efforts mediocre to bad, and seems to be struggling with relevance and excitement. The wiser approach would be retiring for a while, polish her vocals to acceptable levels and come back with a bang when people actually miss her.
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    I would really love for just ONE more album to do fantasy themes again, i'm sure Tuomas never stopped reading and interacting with that sort of stuff. Bring back that magic, dark mystery, and fun of old. Of course I don't think it should be the entire album, it think there could be room for some songs that are completely stand-alone peppered here and there like Oceanborn. This opinion is perhaps unpopular, but I think that if Floor won't be writing in Nightwish, it would at least be fun to hear her sing fantasy themed songs. Her cover of the opening theme for Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles was powerful. She made a fantasy song in the first After Forever, Inimical Chimera, which was a really brutal fantasy song.
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    I'm glad I wasn't there. That's the worst version of the song performed by a Nightwish singer. Oh, my apologies. It's Tarja. She's a Goddess, she never does anything wrong, she sings like the angels all the time. We shouldn't criticize her. I'm 99% sure this was caused by her vocal injuries. Still, it sounds off.
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    Imagino que veremos el debut en vivo de "Our Decades..", digo, ya que la gira lleva un nombre similar.
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    I admit, so am I. Especially if by "arrangements", they mean chuck pipes and flutes onto every song to give Troy something to do.
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    Videos from the Metalfest show with Sharon
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    I remember all the stories from my Mom and Dad. All the struggles......Dad fought in the winter war and the continuation war....the struggles to remain free. All the struggles to survive. Coming to America in the late 40's with nothing. Dad coming here first with nothing and working on a chicken farm, then in Harlem NYC before it became gentrified. Going back to Finland to marry my Mom, then not having enough money for her to come to America for 11 months. Building his own home and having a pile of wood for the construction but having no money. Eating road kill to survive. A few people helped them out but mostly Mom and Dad were on their own...hearing those many stories shaped my being---the fiercely independence side that I have---the doing it on my own with no help--both a curse and a blessing. It shaped my being. It made me strong. Thank you Mom and Dad! And thank you Finland! Thank you NIghtwish!
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    I forgot to mention that on October 13 we celebrate the International Day for Failure. Originated from Finland, of course.
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    It's that cultural heritage. We have a rather melancholic culture here. Of course our history plays a part in it, generally speaking we tend to like melancholic literature, music and films here. Even most of current popmusic can be viewed rather bleak here and well, our biggest band is Nightwish and everybody knows that Tuomas is more on that somber side. That roots are, of course, in our history. I remember the stories the elder generation told us, when we were young and the life was very hard here back then. And that spawned this kind of melacholic attitude, but also lots of humor. Which of course tends to be in that darker side as well. But to be completely honest, we Finns are turning into a more open and positive direction as well. The younger generations seem to be more open people in general.
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    Oh my God "all the time" to someone who has not posted here for an eternity Aaaaanyhoo... Back to the topic in hand. The fact I like to remind myself is that Anette probably does not think of herself as the bad guy in any case, especially since according to her words she tried to have group meetings with the guys to discuss problems and what not. What I am trying to say is, I do feel she is in the wrong in her reactions, but maybe not in her reasons to react. But she absolutely cannot attack fans for liking Floor or whomever, it is just not ethical and not professional. It has already costed her.
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    I had a weird dream about Tarja last night. I was watching her show with my mom (lol), and everything was fine, apart from the fact that she was playing way too many NW songs (Ever Dream, Kuolema, Higher than Hope, Nemo, Over the Hills). Everyone was cheering her, however. Then, out of blue, she starts playing Eva. Whole hall went silent. No clapping, no singing, no cheering. Everyone was like "what the hell, Tarja?! What the hell?!". And then my mom starts clapping (she's got no clue about NW songs), and I was like the most embarrassed person in the world.
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    This is really funny because I was talking about her behavior in social media not about her singing skills or her perfomance on stage AT ALL, I don´t really care the reason of what she was fired, or if NW guys are so mean, or if Floor talks crap about other bands, she is not in the band for 5 years already and I´m happy with current NW lineup, I´m not even interested if she was victim or not, she is not in the band anymore and she'll never come back, pointless discussing about that. Aside her singing skills or stage performance and overall her duties as a singer, I´m talking about Anette ´´the person´´ or at least the person she shows up on her social media sites and as I said before, she sounds so bitter, so unprofessional and sometimes it´s disgusting the way she talks with other fans while there´s, you know, a topic related to NW or former/current NW singers, there´s no respect at all and it looks so hypocrite because she puts a lot of effort by making people understand that she was chosen by NW and that celebrities (such Steve Harris, some journalists) preferred her over to Tarja or Floor, it´s just childish and so ridiculous, you cannot even imagine that a former singer likes to be involved in such discussions on social media when you don´t even know who's in the other side of the screen but those opinions insult her so much to the point to be arguing and even delete posts. And it´s not something aganist her, if I see enyother artist defending theirselves so hard with fans I find it ridiculous. Call me whatever you want to but she actually realizes that people is liking more some of her songs singing by Floor than singing by her and that pisses her off and some of you will tell me ´´how do you know, that´st not true´´ and whatever but couple of months ago she´s been posting so much about herself in NW that I´m just I mean it´s ok to remember your ´´glory days´´ if you wanna put it like this but posting articles from other artists´opinions about your role in NW, posting that you´re listening DPP right now, posting live videos of some songs that former/current singer are actually technical better than you, I mean, girl do you remember they fire you?. One thing is to be grateful and proud of what you accomplished with the band, which it´s normal, but all those posts are just weird, and make me think all those things, I mean she had the opportunity, no one took it from her but her only, it wasn´t Floor, it wasn´t the guys, people are full of opportunities everyday and it depends on us if we take them or not, and due to her insecurity (I think it was that) and even not trusting NW fans, she lost it by not accepting a singer like Floor to do the Latin American tour. And seeing her posts like if she is trying to convince us that her role in NW was meaningful, it´s sad because it´s not necessary, even if we never like her as a singer, just for being in NW she IS part of NW, but trying to convice us by putting herself above Tarja or Floor, it´s disgusting, she doesn´t need to do that. Tell me where have you seen Tarja or Floor talking something about her or putting articles where a celebrity or journalist are praising them and saying how much other people like them and preffer them above Anette? Never. And that´s what I don´t like about her personality, this is the way she is trying to make us to understand she was as good as Tarja and Floor, and not, that´s not the way, if she wants to prove she was worthy for NW, demonstrate it with professionalism, hard work and behave on social media, because the only person that puts herself in a bad role it´s just her not the people that´s critizing her.
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    No. That's not the comparison I was making at all. Having Elize replace her for one show matters little in the greater context. The core issue was that Anette would not agree to let Floor finish the tour with the band in her place. And yes, Anette was made aware that Floor had been contacted to fill in for her. That's truly why she was upset, but at the time the public only knew about Elize so assumptions were made. Long story short, Anette was unprofessional and would rather see the band make a huge financial loss than having someone else to sing in her place for eight months. Like Simone agreed to, in my other example (ie Simone actually put the band first).
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    Nah, I'd still love Floor to come in with lyrics at least on a few songs, coherence or not. The dead-boy saga and life-is-beautiful saga tend to get old after certain number of albums.
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    Let me not agree with you, Serious Sam. What songwriting experience Emppu had when Sacrament of Wilderness appeared? Come Cover Me? The Siren? Slaying the Dreamer? Actually the same he has now and those are some of the most interesting songs NW ever recorded. /The Siren holding the crown in my list, but nevermind/. Yes, Whoever Brings the Night is dull, but so is Edema Ruh. The man has ides but it seems they are not fitting with the overblown orchestra NW seem to like putting everywhere lately.
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    Try "The Silent Force" and then "The Heart of Everything". You won't regret, I promise.
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    I really don't see the point of applying rigorous academic scrutiny upon a popular song (let's be honest, NW borders between art and entertainment, with all due respect), especially the song written by a person who himself is not an academic, not to mention all other factors that are included in lyric-writing (putting syllables into right place, respecting the vocal melody, accentuation of the words, rhyme, etc). I mean, your explanation for "hunger for shiny rocks" is just nit-picking. I find it quite obvious it serves as a metaphor for greed in general, not that anyone who owns a piece of jewelry is responsible for the future extinction of humans. Don't get me wrong, I found some of your comments on point, some were funny, as well. Huntington - basically he is being exploited nowadays as the augur of the alleged war between Christian West and Islamic East. Remember Bush's war on terror, Axis of Evil, then Orientalism, Balkanism, nesting orientalisms etc etc, each one in their own contexts is being represented as the supposed clash of different civilisations (usually progressive west and regressive east) which are mutually incompatible, and these divides are often grounded in religious differences (Moslems are bad to Orthodox, Orthodox are bad to Catholics, Catholics are bad to Protestants etc). So yeah, I doubt Tuomas thinks that civilisations are at clash here (maybe he does, but I don't get it from this song), but it is being represented so). Tycoons - it is a way too big of a topic to discuss here, but to put it shortly, just because capitalism has proven to be the most viable economic system (so far) does not make any kind of criticism of it redundant. Feel lucky that you live in a state where welfare benefits have still not deroded as in many countries in the world, esp. in post-socialist ones. In case of church, in my homecountry the biggest church is one of the biggest corporations, earning dozens of millions of Euros, they are relieved of paying taxes, yet the state is financing the priests' social and pension rights. Sorry, if anything is privileged tycoonism, that is.
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    @Serious Sam Okay. Not sure if you should take your work frustrations into a musical forum though. And I think this kind of attitude won't work for you in the long end, but that's only my opinion. But never mind, thank you for your explanation.
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    I didn't get EFMB as the album celebrating the love of science (OK, maybe Sagan hinted in that way a little bit, and Weak Fantasy was against dogmatic faith, but whatever), I took it more as simply admiring the poetic marvel of evolution as a process uniting all living creatures on Earth.
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    More singers? With all that "more guitar, folk sound and more singers" crap, I'm thinkin you want an Ayreon album, not a Nightwish album....I don't think Nightwish needs more singers, neither does it need more space for Emppu. Nightwish are not a power metal band, and have not been for ages.
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    No pude terminar de verlo. ¿Es la misma gente que hizo el video de The Siren?
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    Para esta gira solo espero que no haya tanta gaita, ya me tiene "hasta aquí" (con mano en la frente xD), no soy muy fan de las aportaciones de Troy, de hecho me asusta que meta mano jaja, así que si van a hacer algunos cambios que sea full lírico y cero gaita, aunque me temo que será todo lo contrario Respecto a lo que comentan, yo también pienso lo mismo, NW ya es una banda muy estable y yo creo que ya le están sacando ventaja a eso, no importa si sacan o no disco o si son buenos o no, ellos siempre van a llenar conciertos de aqui en adelante. Si eso llegará a pesar me da un poco de "cosita" por Floor, sólo por el simple hecho de que ya va a romper el récord de estadía con la banda comparado con el de Anette y solo han sacado un disco oficial con ella, que aunque fue bueno no fue tan extraordinario y todo lo demás ha sido puro refrito, que si suena mejor o no para algunos es punto y aparte, aún si no deja de ser reciclado de otros discos. Esta gira esta genial, comoquiera iré xD pero me emocionaria más un disco completamente nuevo, con un aire diferente al de EFMB y aprovechando el principal estilo de Floor que es el rock y lo heavy. Yo también ya me estoy aburriendo que ya es mucho de lo mismo.
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    OK, I've listened the posted videos and was impressed... with Sharon. I don't know what happened with Tarja's vocals but she sounds horrible while singing low and mid notes and once upon a time that was her strength - especially transiting from low and mid to high register. As for the chest voice - better no. Very few are the ones to use both classical and chest voice and usually one of the styles sounds more relaxed than the other. Just an example: Floor is a beast with chest voice and descent classical, Simone - a lot more polished classical and good but not strong chest voice. And Floor sings with both styles for more than 13 years. Really Tarja needs to calm down for a while and - as Baki said - if she wants to sing with chest voice, better find a vocal coach and learn how to do it proper.
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    It looks like we will enjoy again with Kai! I hope Jukka is fine.
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    It's a good thing that Finland has lots of birch trees. Imagine what the scenes inside the Mexican sauna's are......
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    Not true. Just because you went to conservatory at some point doesn't mean you are a fully trained singer. Tarja quit her studies. She completed them later on, but Tarja was NOT a fully trained conservatory singer when she joined Nightwish. She just wasn't. And for a conservatory trained singer level Tarja is nothing special. Come on, you listen to classical music too I'm sure. Would you really argue that Tarja is even remotely as amazing as fans claim she is? Fabio Lione I completely agree, and I see your point and I agree - but those are not the most famous singers. That was more my point. Hetfield and Co are not remotely as great as singers as many fans seem to think. Also Eric Adams who is like revered as one step below god, his technique is AWFUL. He has lots of natural talent and works hard I'm sure, but the way he sings is, from a technical point of view, god-awful. Corpsgrinder even more, that guy is just such a terrible role model for young singers. That's more my point, you are completely right that we have many good singers in metal, but they aren't the ones in the spotlight. That's what annoys me so much. As you said, Therion: Some of the most amazing singers. But Manowar probably outsells Therion 10:1 to this day. And Therion are better songwriters and have better musicians than Manowar. Many metal followers, er, excuse me, fans, are so really really uneducated when it comes to recognizing actual skill. And I maintain to this day that James LaBrie is the most awful great singer there is No seriously, I get the vocal chords raptured thing, but still, if the notes are too high for you, here's an idea: Transpose the song a few notes down. It's not that hard. About Annette, sure, I won't argue she is the ultimate professional or anything. The Denver thing is the most childish thing any Nightwish singer has ever complained about. What, you did what every musical and opera does and put in alternates for ME? How dare you? Seriously, classical singers have big egos, but not this big. Who on earth do you think you are Annette, Steve Barton 2.0? EDIT: Also, I think this attitude of not taking care of your body and "going agains the pop stereotype" many metal singers have going is seriously unprofessional and childish. There's a reason Hansi is now great again and wasn't when he was overweight and out of shape. Singing is very physical. Singers don't have to be slim, but they do have to be in shape. To me being a singer and not being in shape is unprofessional. Also drinking a lot of alcohol and doing drugs. It's just bad for your body and therefore bad for your voice. Vocal chords are muscles and muscles don't like it when you treat the body around them like crap. Also, alcohol and drugs do damage your brain. Not if you drink something every now and then. But if you are drunk as hell as some metal singers regularly are - it hurts your musical abilities, your abilities to train, to improve and to perform. It's just all around bad for you. This is what I love about bands like even Nightwish: Yes yes, of course we are against abusing alcohol. But that of course in no way shape or form means that WE are not gonna drink alcohol on stage. Gotta protect that metal image we claim we totally don't care about you know. And yes, it has gotten better, but also yes they still do it as far as I know. And don't give me this: Well you know they are from Finnland nonsense. They are first and foremost professionals.
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