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    I don't get the constant complains about them being stiff on stage. Have you guys actually attended a concert and seen that yourself? When I saw them in Gothenburg in November the band was very energic and interactive. I was at the front row and they fooled with us all the time (making faces, pointing, arm gestures, smiling etc). In all the heavy songs there were headbanging from Tuomas, Marco and Floor. They also did a lot of interaction with each other during the whole gig. (Floor and Emppu for example, they seems to like each other a lot on stage. Same with Marco and Troy). It's a very fun show, not the type of constant-headbanging-metal-show that you expect from the metal scene in general, but a fun and mature show which showcases skillful musicianship, storytelling and beauty of music. Point is, I think they adjust their performance, movements and interactions based on the song's mood, message and story, which makes sense to me. A lot of you who criticize seems to just base it on that it does not fit your ideal metal show, while the band's audience seems to be overall very happy.
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    My personal experience at shows this year too were that they were very interactive and the show was full of a ton of energy both on and off stage. Especially the second show I went to, and this was very early on the Decades tour. It was by far my favorite show of 2018. The band was in a great mood, and they fed on our energy and we fed on theirs. And having seen them live 3 times with Anette and now 5 times with Floor, I still feel the shows with Floor are levels above any of the shows I went to with Anette, and it has everything to do with the current chemistry of the band (Floor's powerhouse vocals help too ).
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    I do think Nightwish could stand to move around on stage and do a bit more audience interaction. It doesn't necessarily need to be headbanging, but a bit more interacting with each other, or getting the audience involved by getting them to sing parts of the song, or cheer/clap/jump/headbang (there was a bit of this in IWMTB when I saw them during Decades, in fairness). Good banter with the audience can work well, but in truth Nightwish's (by which I mean: Marco's) has often been quite cringey (Open letter jokes, anyone?), so I'm OK with them skipping that. Say what you will about Anette, and she certainly had her flaws, but she rarely lacked for enthusiasm on the stage. All that said, I would say that the quality of the instrumental and vocal performances of the band has definitely improved since 2008, and the Decades setlist was, IMO, their best in many, many years. I think that's what a lot of people are praising, and I'm definitely happy to trade that for a little less "stage presence".
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    https://youtu.be/OsV6kjpUkqs?t=187 I found a cookie
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    Definitely! Just found!!
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    I think this video bears out what you experienced, Although I understand that it was the last show of the decades tour, They would want to put a great performance in. There seems a good chemistry on stage with Emppu and FLoor
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    I don't know if it has anything to do with this but back in 2008 Amaranth was a rather new song and they were still enthusiastic playing it. It's been ten years so maybe that's not the song they enjoy playing the most nowadays (I guess switching it to Last Ride of the Day for the European leg of the Decades tour kind of proves my point as they seemed very happy playing that song at least in Helsinki where I saw them). At the same show they were all headbanging like hell during Slaying The Dreamer and The Kinslayer for instance so I think it just depends on a song really. Also every gig is different. Wouldn't be too worried about that Also they're not in their twenties anymore so comparing their current stage movement to From Wishes To Eternity for example seems kinda unfair and pointless. They were a bunch of kids back in the day. I think it's not that they don't have the energy to do it (of course that might also be partly true who knows) but maybe they just don't enjoy jumping, running and headbanging like teenagers all the time anymore. I think that's only natural. And before someone starts comparing them with metal bands like Iron Maiden whose members are in their 60s and still keep doing all that stuff I have to point out that Nightwish has never actually been a metal band in the most traditional sense has it? Wasn't it actually Marco who said that he considers Nightwish more like a progressive rock band with elements of different genres of metal mixed in here and there?
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    Maybe they should find a different label then, after the release delay and all these single edits. I haven't checked UK iTunes as I don't use it. I know at least on Play Music it's only the single version that's available, haven't checked Spotify yet.
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    her hair is not blue, the lighting is weird
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    I’d love a new Ayreon album but I don’t see it happening so soon. Maybe they are recording something special. I’d love it to be a real album though. I’m thinking Dianne van Giersbergen May also take part.
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    Well said concerning Nightwish fans clockend...I think the same way you do. In my case...I do tend to think deeply...but I'm not that sharp. There are lots of intelligent people on this forum...I'd like to talk to some of them more...but I'm trying become a good guitar player. It takes a lot of my time...and watching someone like Kenny Petrie is both good and bad. Inspiring and a letdown. You realize how far he's gone and think you'll never get to that level.
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    Have you been dreaming about the band? Post it here! I'm going to see Nightwish in October when they come to my city, and I dreamt last night that I ended up missing half of the show because a whole bunch of bad things happened on my way there, like my train ticket was fake, and my friend who was with me was sick, etc. In reality, the venue they will be playing at is only a few blocks from my apartment, so I don't know why I dreamt that. But that's nothing compared to a few years ago when I dreamt that the show got attacked by a dinosaur, and Emppu and Tuomas lured it away with a remote-control car. Anyway, I want to hear your Nightwish-related dreams now!
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    Good point, the confidence part made me realize the word I was looking for - 'friendship'. Their friendship was blooming and so visible during the Decades tour. They were happy and confident, and it showed during the show and their performance.
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    Please, if you have a time, find that article and post it here or sent me in pm. Thanks!
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    Hi Geoman 286, Yes its a small world as they say, I just found it pretty incredible that on a forum dedicated to Nightwish, That with fans posting from different parts of our blue planet I should find a post of a public house I used to frequent, With a member of one of the bands I used to watch. Yes Kenneth Petrie known as the reverend is the guitarist, and I can say, standing around six feet away it was great to watch. I think most people who like Nightwish due to the nature of the great lyrics and music, Would in general be more deep thinkers and possibly more peaceful than most At least I would like to think so. Good luck fellow Nightwisher
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    *raises his hand bashfully*
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    Actually here's a very recent italian interview with Marco where he says that he has heard some of the demos made by Tuomas already but that he can't tell much about it yet. He also tells a bit about his feelings on playing the old songs during the Decades tour (apparently he really likes playing Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean ), about Floor as a vocalist and a bit about his current relationship with Tarja. Regarding the topic I have to say that I'm really looking forward to this new album. I really liked Endless Form Most Beautiful but I do agree with many others that Floor was a bit underutilized on the album when it comes to her vocal capabilities. Tuomas and Floor both said earlier that they don't want to use different vocal styles just for the sake of using them and that vocals have to serve and suit the song and I agree with them there. However I have to say that I feel that there are some songs on EFMB that could have benefited from the use of a different vocal style. I think one of the reasons Nightwish is so great is that they've always followed their artistic vision without compromises and I'm sure that's what they'll do with their next album as well. But of course every fan has a certain "dream direction" where they wish the band would move towards with their next release and I'm no exception in that sense It's no secret that I simply love Imaginaerum. I liked the variety, progressiveness and different styles there and the orchestrations are just awesome. If they could somehow combine that with the more band oriented vibe they had on EFMB and maybe put in some Century Child esque heaviness I would definately be hooked. I also love the folk elements but I wish they wouldn't do just another Last Of The Wilds, I Want My Tears Back or My Walden but find some new ways to use those instruments. Maybe a dark, atmospheric ballad type song with some melancholic Oceanborn style flutes and whistles? Anyway I'm more than excited and I'm sure the band is going to deliver a great album once again!
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    After a long time I have lately listened to Nightwish's older albums (Angels Fall First, Oceanborn, Wishmaster) and I confess that I really like the more metal sound of the earlier albums. And my (unpopular) opinion is that Endless Forms Most Beautiful just might be the worst album the band has ever made. It's definitely an OK album and it has awesome tracks like TGSOE and SBTB, and Floor is a great singer, but the album just misses something... Totally disagree. For me, Floor totally nails it. Yep, Floor totally nails it.
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    My guess is the 'smiling mouth/rotting head' refers to religious hypocrisy, with a smiling nice exterior and corrupt within. Then preying on people's fears to instill obedience or get money or inspire belief. Storytellers - all societies spin these religious tales, it's a very human thing Show-off toys - the wealth of some religious institutions compared to the poverty of the believers.
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    I once fell asleep with my "Once" CD on, and I had some odd dream in which I was standing in front of some castle. A wizard was yelling at me, and then Tarja came down from the sky. She had a flowy white dress on, wings and a magic wand for god knows what reason. Naturally, her and the wizard began to duel. White night fantasy indeed...
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    ^ Nightwish songs are good for running! Most of NW songs are also on my Running playlist too, to fuel up! I confess that upon looking at the setlist of Showtime, Storytime, I feel that they should've played "Planet Hell" instead of "Wish I Had An Angel". Some late confessions from Anette era: I confess that the band should've played "Turn Loose the Mermaids" or "Rest Calm" (more often) live instead of "Slow love slow".
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    Here's a confession from a friend who ran the Dublin marathon yesterday. I introduced him to Nightwish and he admits that, while likes some of their songs, he's never been their biggest fan. However, when he was running the marathon, he had a period when he was finding it very difficult to go on. His legs were hurting badly and he was close to giving up... Then his music player shuffled to Ghost Love Score and he found the resolution to keep going. He said he just couldn't give up with that song driving him onwards.
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    Reminder to please get back on topic. This is not the thread for the above/current discussion.
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    I confess that I find the line "the scent of grandfatherly love" incredibly disturbing. :unsure: Just...ick. No.