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    They should retire Ghost Love Score at least for a while, though;
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    They probably mean Tuomas' demos, where he plays everything on his keys. I'm pretty sure the summer camp and spring 2020 release have been set a long time ago. I do hope we get news on the dvd soon! Altough I expect sometime around the fall.
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    We should crowd fund or make a petition to get them to play Beauty of the Beast. I know it’s not right to force musicians to play songs they might not want to but exceptions have to be made.
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    Yea, this album is gonna be a 5/10 at best.
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    Not gonna lie, "Endless Summer" is probably my least favorite song they've ever done. I was almost immediately irritated with it the second it started. The rest of the new album isn't too bad, but overall it's underwhelming. There are some highlights of course, but it's probably my least favorite BB album.
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    Caught Within Temptation on the first two dates of the US Tour and it was phenomenal as usual. So many songs I had been dying to hear live such as "The Heart of Everything," "All I Need," and huge highlights "The Promise" and "Forgiven." Sharon sounded fantastic. The new songs are incredible live. Even better live. The energy of the band was fantastic. That's one thing I really love about their live shows. It had been so long since they had been here, it was easy to forget next to all of the NW tours through the States recently. But they came back to remind us all that they are amazing and we should keep going to their shows . I certainly can't wait for them to come back.
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    GLS is such a great song, it should ALWAYS be in the setlist IMHO....
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    Yes, all RockStars have horses. Didn't you know? It's in the admission rules! When I grow up mine will be a Shetland Pony (so cute!) Haven't you always wanted a pony? ;->
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    Beauty of the beast Crownless Wanderlust Beauty and the beast Astral Romance White Night Fantasy
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    Oh my God!! *laughing* I had real fun when reading this. I almost felt as if you were a friend of mine!
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    Beautiful Floor... and hoorse lol
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    I agree with you. It seems it was recorded to show off his vocal skills, which are awesome but this song.... I feel GLS needs to be sung in a very specific way, almost as precised as an opera aria. Not THAT technical, but you need to respect those very well defined moments. The first part of the song is all about nostalgia, you don't need to get full head voice, you just need to convey the nostalgia feeling in the most subtle way as possible. Even Floor doesn't use full head voice on the chorus section, only at the end of it (-will be for you). The "leave me home" part was a bit exagerated for my taste. The "redeem me into childhood" section was pretty good, and the Floorgasm was great! The combination of different vocal styles was really impressive, imo. I'm sorry if I sounded as if I'd written the song or been the original singer of it I think Tarja did an excellent choice for every section of the song, and Floor was capable of noticing those subtleties or changes between sections and reached the same level of interpretation with no need of being a copycat or sounding exactly like Tarja. What the guy can do with his voice is just outstanding and I'll never be able to do what he does in this lifetime EVER, but you know, this song... I feel like the magic is gone as soon as you don't convey the right feeling. That's beyond technique.
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    Ghost Love Score is great but it certainly needs a rest. TGSOE is great too, but I'm sure in the next tour it will not be included because there will be another epic long song in the new album and it'll take its place. But, please, I need THE BEAUTY OF THE BEAST in the setlist. Can someone explain why that masterpiece has been ignored for so long? Any logical explanation?
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    Well, I hope you are completely right! It's been too long since WT and NW last came and it's crazy because, as you said, they do have lots of fans here. Tarja, Evanescence, Epica all visit, Anneke even went to some very obscure Greek cities, so hopefully WT and NW will grace us with their presence in the not so distant future.
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    I thought it could also be just a meetup but if they deleted it I doubt it now. Maybe it is indeed a tour. That would be awesome! And I also hope they visit Greece this time. (Although I believe there is a chance they’d come here anyway this time). That could also be the band Sharon talked about. Opening for Evanescence definitely seems plausible and a great combo! Hope we will know more soon!
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    Let's assume that they'll play 16 songs, and assuming they'll include 8 songs from the new album. So we'll only have 8 from the other albums. Pretty sure these songs might find its way to the setlist - about 80% sure: Amaranth Nemo Elan I Want My Tears Back Ghost Love Score But I'm also hoping they would consider these songs too. Slaying the Dreamer Weak Fantasy Deep Silent Complete Elvenpath 7 Days to the Wolves or Sahara Last Ride of the Day
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    Songs I hope they take into consideration: Oceanborn Moondance Pharao Sails to Orion Century Child Dead to the World Feel for You Beauty of the Beast Once Planet Hell The Siren Higher Than Hope Dark Passion Play Sahara Whoever Brings the Night Meadows of Heaven Escapist Imaginaerum Ghost River Turn Loose the Mermaids Endless Forms Most Beautiful Weak Fantasy Our Decades in the Sun Edema Ruh
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    A prime example of the excellent influence Troy has on the band
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    This has probably been shared before, but in case someone has missed it. (Ah, dark text on dark background. Here's to help your eyes: Nightwish’s first review was less than praising. One of Finland’s largest music magazines Soundi featured a review on their “Demo effect” of the band’s demo they recorded in 1996, which included three songs (The Forever Moments, Nightwish, Etiäinen). This review caused the band’s proverb “shitty band, shitty equipment, no commercial potential”. The reviewer might have had to since take another outlook on the band, though of course the band’s music on their debut album was largely different from the songs on the demo. Translation of the review below: NIGHTWISH Tarja (v), Emppu (g), Tuomas (s, bv) This is some sort of prog music that combines classical music and ethereal elements. Singing works wonderfully and there’s nothing to criticize in the playing either, but are the songs in their own dexterity and atmosphericity relevant is a harder question. The band writes: “we also wish interest from labels”, but I am rather sure that companies interested in record sales won’t take such marginal music to their repertoire. This has no chance on the radio’s playlist, which is a shame in its own way.)