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    The world's mistreatment by modern society is not a political issue, it's an issue, full stop, that concerns us as a species. If artists can't say something about our very basic aspects of existence, then what's their use?
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    I don't mind if NW deals with the issue of pollution in our planet or things like that, although that's a much more complicated issue than media and politicians (and even some scientists) portrays day in day out, but, please, I hope they leave Greta out. I really feel sorry for her, because I hate when children are used and abused in that toxic way. I remember seeing her in a press conference, fragile and lost, unable to answer the easiest questions the journalists asked her and looking for the help of her escorts. Children should be protected from the ambitions of their parents/politicians/tycoons and all the selfish interests of the people around and that doesn't happen too often. Anyway, taking into account the history of the band, I hope Tuomas is more interested in a more poetical point of view.
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    I've been doing some research into the Cuneiform. It seems that the word "man" is taken from Assyrian, yet, I am curious to know if it existed previously in Sumerian. And while we seem to have one resource hinting at "men/women of the heavens" (as digír also translates to "heaven"), I am also curious to know if it is not two separate words, but, if all of the cuneiform means something together. I took hieroglyphics in college and often times hieroglyphs would be combined together to create a single word or meaning, and from my research into cuneiform, it seems to do the same thing. Digír with certain symbols also represents a god. Multiple uses of digír together are the cosmos. I think the digging so far is on the right track. I will keep looking into it as well, because now I'm intrigued. It is likely that it is exploring the relationship between mankind and the cosmos, taking that aspect from EFMB. Less emphasis on human evolution, and more emphasis on humans and the heavens, which is a fascinating concept.
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    I haven't said a band shouldn't preach. I have said I don't want to listen to a band preaching, which is not the same at all. They are free to do whatever they want and I'm free to listen to whatever I want, that's it. I'm fed up with artists behaving as Apostles of Truth when they don't have the culture, education, knowledge and moral integrity to sustain a coherent political agenda, and end up being the visible face of a particular party or preassure lobby, puppets of the system. As for global climate change, that's even worse, because that's a subject none of us are prepared to have a well founded opinion. If mass media tells us A, we believe A. If mass media tells us B, we believe B, It's the perfect issue to manipulate people and the fact they are using a child like Greta makes very clear that they don't want to inform us, they just want to move us and make us believe something in the same way that religions do, feeling without thinking. I recently read and article where a group of Chinese scientists try to warn us of imminant global cooling and they supported it with a lot of statistics, graphics etc. What grounds do I have to believe they are wrong? Are we heading for a global warming, for a global cooling or for a global what? In the seventies (I'm old enough to remember it) mass media tried to convinced us that we were approaching to a new glacial age. Even nowadays there are a lot of scientists who are not sure what we are facing to, if we are really facing something worthwhile to worry about, because climate has always changed and there are so many variables involved that it's really difficult , almost impossible, to make credible predictions. This issue takes up that territory where fishermen who like fishing in troubled waters feel at ease and those who rule the world are experts at it, that's the source of their success. I don't want a band preaching, I want scientists informing me and I don't think Tuomas or any other member of the band can say sometyhing worthwhile about it, apart from repeating common places or empty clichés we have listened to a million times already. I don't want another Imagine (John Lennon) with simplistic childish lyrics that most people can sing like a flock of sheep. I will understand (and will probably like it) if in the next album they treat the problem as a dystopian fiction (that would be something creative and that's what I demand from an artist) but with Greta (and all the propagaganda attached to her) out (that's politics and economical interests). I don't need preachers of global economical interests. If those who spend their lives and their money sailing in luxury boats to preach a new lay religion invested their money and efforts in actually cleaning the planet our future would be brighter. That's sure.
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    Music and art has always been about politics or religion. It has always been about issues that concern the artist. Go back to the 1970s and you will find plenty of songs that were anti-war, and they were popular songs. And that is just a very small example of artists becoming politically involved. They are allowed to be. Epica is infamously political, and yet, they make incredible music. Tuomas has never hidden his current concerns in his music, which for the most part were personal. Lately he is expanding outside of his personal life and is showing his concerns for the world around him. Anyway, I am excited for this album still, and if anything, I'm first curious about the music and then I'll get interested in the meaning.
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    I just hope Nightwish don't get involved in political issues. I just don't like bands or songwriters preaching from the pulpit and treating their audience like a flock of sheep. That's not what music is supposed to do. That's not what music is supposed to be. Environmental problems worry me, of course, but I'm fed up with the manipulation and instrumentalization of issues like global warming and stuff like that, with so many dark economical and political interests behind. I just don't want Nightwish to be a part of that. It would be really disappointing.
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    The Helsinki Olympic stadium would be a great place for a gig next summer, since the renovation is finally complete. One can only hope.
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    Then listen to the album versions. I mean I'm not saying I want to have a Bootleg-quality live record in which you can hear better the guy selling beers than the band, but I do want to hear a crowd in a live album, I think part of the experience of watching a live recording is to feel like you're there.
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    I have no plans to listen to the single prior to the release of the album. This is a continuation of the same policy I had for the previous 2 albums. I want to listen to the album in its complete entirety for the first time without having previously listened to any of the other songs beforehand. I feel that it helps improve my overall enjoyment of that first listening experience, having never heard what the first single sounds like, so there's a lot more mystery over what themes the album will explore. Not to mention I would get burned out listening to the first single before the album is even out. Back in 2015, there was a different artist (not Nightwish) where I listened to a short sample of a song (around 20 seconds) for an upcoming album and I ended up loving the sample so much that first listen of full album as a whole wasn't as magical of an experience that it could have been. This helped reinforce my choice to avoid listening to the singles released prior to the full album.
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    @Figment-of-me All those 'reaction-on-songs'-YT channels are having a right 'ol whale of a time with that 'Phantom of the opera'-cover. You just need to post one and within hours you got thousands of views and comments!!!!!! Some of the better//more wellknown ones already have hundreds of thousands of views. Now, if only 1 in every 100 viewers bought that song on i-tunes.............Floor could extend her casual farming and built a free range chicken pen and Henk could afford himself another smoking opera costume!!!
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    Totally agree, I don’t want to listen to Nightwish getting political. I for one am super disappointed by their use of visuals of a globe when they play The Greatest Show On Earth. I recently read an article by the Flat Earth Society which stated that the earth is flat and it was super convincing. What grounds do I have to believe they are wrong? It’s a subject none of us are prepared to have a clear opinion on!
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    No, it's a scientific issue and the moment politicians put their hands in it science takes a back seat and other interests take the reins. I don't say artists can't talk about political issues, they can talk about anything they feel like, I just say I don't want to listen to a band preaching, that's all. I don't want to attend a concert and run into a political meeting full of slogans and superficial hymns.
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    Wouldn't the timing be wrong? Maybe she was known earlier in Europe (likely) but in N. America it seems to me she broke onto the scene so to speak no earlier than the summer? All the material was done before that. I'll love a Victorian and especially a stream punk theme (What period is it? Edwardian? Elizabethan?). So much territory to explore there, thematically, musically and of course the visuals. I'm drooling already.
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    Oh, no. That would be terrible. I really hope not.
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    IIRC, Floor said she would not feel confortable singing this one because she considers Tarja a friend. And if Tuomas is not willing to play TPATP because of the dark memories, I guess he won't play BBB too. I partially agree with you. I'd only include it on the US tour. Just to please the new fans who know them for the Wacken performance reaction. Yes please. And now that we're all into the Sumerians and all that, I'd include Pharaoh Sails to Orion, Sahara or Tutankhamen. They have nothing to do with the Sumerian civilization, but there's some eastern vibes in all of them. It could fit with the theme. Or maybe not, we don't know yet. Maybe The Riddler too?? Floor could nail that one.
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    You all can stop your detective work the new album is about aliens
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    Absolutely LOVE this album. I feel like it's a more mature version of "Delirium" with some surprises in there. My favorite song is definitely "Veneficium" by far. Cristina really experimented with her vocals on this album, and she sounds amazing. I hope she will continue to explore her talents moving ahead. I feel like this album needs more listens to truly sink-in, but, I love it with the several listens so far.
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    That's a fair fear, in line with what @avalonkillah just said. I personally would prefer a more "strictly" political or economic topics on the album, rather than the cliche hug the trees messages that have been beaten to death in popular culture already. And where does this thing that Greta Thunberg is going to be an inspiration for this album come from, anyway?! Environmentalism was a hip thing way before her anyway. And yeah, promoting environmental thinking on a product made of plastic (CD) is kind of tacky. :p What I was just saying is that NW, as any other famous band, has always been political, because even deciding not to make music about "proper" political issues is a political decision and political choice. Being apolitical is being political. About preaching, depends, how you define "preaching". Usually people would call that when somebody is vocal with opinions that are contrary to their own. I don't see many people here accusing Tuomas to be "preaching" that people should seize the day or believe in their dreams or cherish the child in themselves. Which, to be honest, he's been preaching for ages, despite not being a licensed psychologist or life coach. So yeah, him preaching about green energy would not be the first time he was preachy, just as Weak Fantasy was not the first time he was "political".
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    Dont take it wrong, but you are also preaching that a band should not be preaching in their lyrics. And thats a political stance. One does not need to mention Trump in the text to be political. The Kinslayer is political. But so is the lack of politics in Edema Ruh. But so is Tuomas's glorification of pastoral life. But so is deciding to make escapist Disney themed music in 2000s. I have seen the play Six characters, and it is an exquisite critique of fascism, or at least the version that I saw was. Looking forward to a NW take on it!
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    I disagree here. Music is a great way to discuss political and societal issues, and it does not at all have to be "preaching". It can ask questions, make you think. Present you with perspectives. I feel like most people who accuse bands of preaching are misunderstanding the intent of the lyrics because they're getting way too defensive about the topics. This I agree with. Greta is simply a puppet, and so is every "climate kid". No child has enough knowledge and understanding to grasp the complexity of these issues. They're just yelling what the people behind them are telling them to yell. And that's sad. Kids should never be used this way.
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    She's doing Nemo again!?! And...not bad but I would take out Victim of Ritual and Until My Last Breath (and Goodbye Stranger, but that's a new song so yeah...). I'd love to hear her sing You and I Glad she's doing Anteroom of Death...I want more WLB songs haha.
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    Honestly the whole "crowd vibe" in live releases is more of a nuisance for audio quality than anything else. You'd want to hear the band, not a noisy crowd drowning it.
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    I got tickets to see them at Progpower, I'm super excited!
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    Man I recently got Tickets for their concert in Munich, will be a tough one Saw them live years ago, before Tim went to jail. New album sounds good so far! Recently discovered them and saw they will be also in Munich in a few months. I always enjoy seeing bands the first time live, really looking forward to it
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