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    @Mjöllnir Besides writing off topic, Hunebedbouwer has got a severe criminal record of joking on this forum.
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    The ending is just terrible, in my opinion. Not the actual state of affairs for most main characters, I can see GRRM going for similar points, but the way they got to that state is just ridiculous. I dare say I saw way better narrative strategies written by fans all over internet that what actually was put on screen. Hell, some people even got (loads of) money for this scenario. Dany - way too rushed and doing huge disservice to her character, as already explained, but overall, expected outcome. Jon - same, plus wtf does Night Watch serve for now? And he seems to even escape his "punishment" by actually going beyond the wall, not staying on it. Duh. Sam - he had like couple of months of maester training, and is now a Grand Maester? Really? Bronn - not even gonna comment the stupidity and fan-servicing around his destiny; the lords of the Reach must be a dumb lot to happily accept whatever cut-throat was installed as their leader Brienne - she was sworn to Sansa, but chose to be a Kingsguard in another kingdom? Bran - the whole plot would actually make some sense if it was implied that Bran/3-eyed raven intentionally let all this slaughter happen so he could be king, because he is inherently evil/shrewd/godlike, whatever. There were some hints of it, but never fully shown, and that is a huge flaw in writing Arya - should have died like several episodes ago. Changes constantly between psycho assassin and scared little girl as if under a bipolar disorder. The "I'm gonna cut your throat" line represents all that is wrong with the last couple of seasons. No logic, no culpability, no creative dialogues, just meme-worthy one-liners. Plus, a girl with no sailing experience is gonna sail in the direction no one ever sailed successfully? Yeah, right.... Sansa - fine, queen in the North, but is it really possible that the lords of Westeros would accept effectivelly a foreign king from freshly seceded kingdom to rule them all? In the end, the whole political outcome is kind of weird. They all say how big of a change they made with the elective monarchy, but did they? I doubt the common folk would give a damn about the dynastic things, and I kind of suspect that as long as another election of king takes place, a new War of Five Kings is gonna happen. So, in a way, they did not solve a thing. Unless, Bran is actually immortal, and will never die, but will rule forever. But again, they should have spelled that out. It just feels they wrote those scripts at 5 AM in a pub, totally drunk. Which is fine. But then, don't expect me to commend them for it.
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    He is, for all intents and purposes, a zombie. Think of the zombie lore and what you can do to them/ what kills them and go for there. You can even use the wights in GOT as basis. So yes, it kind of makes him unstoppable. This is just speculation, because of course everything was super-rushed like all it mattered was getting to the end. I assume they are all weakened at this point, there is no strong house leading each region anymore and their respective rulers are contestable. Instead of plunging into what could lead to civil war, they prefer to stay united and have said rulers legitimised by being accepted by the King of the 7 (now 6) kingdoms. He didn’t do it on purpose, though. That’s like saying Jon&Daenerys are evil because they caused the death of everyone killed by NK’s army this season because they went North and let Viserion die. And the people that died did so because they were trying to save humanity, not Bran. Bran offered him as bait to actually give humanity a fighting chance. What was he supposed to do? Who else, though? The small council is supposed to be made out of people you trust and, Bronn aside, they all trust each other and are relatively suited to take over. Especially since they were all heavily involved in saving/ rebuilding this kingdom. I took Bronn’s name a reminder that everyone in power is still corruptible and even the most well-intended persons will still have a hint of corruption. Bronn’s naming is nepotism, pure and simple. It’s a grimm, but realistic outlook of what governing is actually made off. I liked the ending. I wasn’t necessarily a fan of how they rushed things, I would’ve preferred to see many of the final plot points presented with more detail and time to flesh out the characters’ motivations. I was able to understand them for the most part, but a lot of it is just intuition and connecting the dots, it would’ve been nice to actually see more it. So there’s a minus on the “journey” part, but the “destination” was good. Bran on the throne makes perfect sense to me. He is the only living male heir of the strongest remaining houses in Westeros (save for Tyrion, who was not exactly in a position to sit on the throne) and can I say I just *love* it wasn’t Jon in the end? Jon’s story arc is gorgeous. Heartbreaking, in that you can see how utterly lost and broken he is after Daenerys destroys KL and how is struggling so much to find something to make him believe she will be a good ruler and she doesn’t need to be put down like a rabid dog. But in the end he is truly free. Free from all the pressures of his oaths, his honor, his sense of right and wrong, his loved ones pulling him in different directions... free to find peace with people who expect nothing of him and don’t surround themselves with rules and oaths to uphold. Same with Daenerys. I wasn’t happy with how they executed her descent into the “mad queen” and it felt entirely out of character (I mean I get what they were going for, but it was so brusque that it seemed non-sensyical). But I feel in the end they did justice to her character. I would’ve liked to see all these things explained *before* her going on a rampage, but I guess I’ll do with the way it was. And seeing her so happy and child-like, and so utterly disconnected with reality, and so completely unable to understand what happened and how it’s possible for Jon, the man she loved and trusted completely, to kill her, was incredibly sad. Emilia Clarke pulled an amazing performance and showed so many subtle nuances that made Daenerys one of the most complex and complicated characters of the story. And eventually the most tragic, as she is the only one to die with everything around her completely collapsed, alone, betrayed and confused, with her dream turned literally into ashes. And Drogon pushing her, trying to get her to wake up, then gently picking her up and carrying her away from everything was very touching. And I would happily watch a spin-off of pretty much all the sub-plots established in the finale. The small council most of all, but also Tormund&Jon beyond the wall, Arya’s adventure in the wide world, Sansa as queen of Winterfell.... It kind of makes me sad to see that the rushing of certain plots and the fact that people didn’t get the ending they were hoping for completely negates all the joy this show brought us over so many years. Even if the ending would’ve been terrible, it wouldn’t have been able to take away all that it achieved in the past. And it wasn’t terrible, far from it. There are petitions to remake the show and over 50% notes of 1 on imdb, I think that’s ridiculous. I can understand being disappointed by certain things, even by the show as a whole, but let’s exert some objectivity and reason here.
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    I got rejected by Floor personally, because she thinks I´m way too off topic.
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    In April 1986, an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics becomes one of the world's worst man-made catastrophes. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7366338/episodes?season=1&ref_=tt_eps_sn_1 An HBO miniseries (5 episodes) Based on actual events I have seen the first 2 episodes and I feel hooked. It's grim and captivating at the same time. All I can think of, after each episode, is how easy it is for such a disaster to occur. All that devastation left afterwards ... Give it a try. Trailer
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    So, I've been asked once again to help my friend from WomenInMetal.com.ar to make an interview with Anneke in Buenos Aires last Saturday. Of course I accpeted once again, and as it was expected, Annie was so super sweet and professional by answering all this sort of questionaire that we prepared. She even had only 1 HOUR of sleep between their show in Brazil, the flight and getting to the hotel just to drop stuff in her room and lay down a little bit. She didn't care at all and accept to make this interview anyways I know some questions might not be of your interest, specially when it comes to things she already said and we already know, so I hope you can discover something new about her in the next lines. 1) Let’s catch up with you a little bit since the last time you came to our country in 2016. I’d like to ask you about this brand new band you founded, VUUR. How did the idea of telling stories about different places from the whole world come up to you? You know I traveled a lot playing shows and I always go to places where I feel something. Sometimes I feel at home. In some countries you don’t feel at home, you feel it’s difficult or something else. So in every city, in every country is always different feeling. Mostly like big cities like Buenos Aires, or big capital cities, they’ve been going through a lot of history. So, there’s always been a war or something, revolution. And I’m very much inspired by travelling, and meeting people and cultures. I write a lot, but I never write about these cities. And then I thought “I want to make a concept album about all these cities that I love so much”. But the only way I could do it is with heavy music. So, then I formed the band VUUR, and then I thought, “OK, now I can do this concept with these cities, so I started writing. And I get a lot of complaints from people like “why not songs about Buenos Aires?” or about their city, but there are so many. So I’m compelled to make a part two. 2) Which bands/artists do you feel as influences for VUUR’s music? For heavy music I listened a lot to Devin Townsend. Opeth. Mikael Åkerfeldt’s voice in any shape or form. Gojira. Mastodon. It’s a little eclectic, a little all over the place. But I love melodic heavy stuff, rock, with a lot of melody. All those bands have that. I think you can hear the Devin’s influence a lot. I told him, I let him hear my demos, and I said “I’m sorry you can hear yourself in there”. But he liked it. I’m so happy to have worked with him, I mean, he’s my one of my favourite artists in heavy music. So I’m very heavily influenced by him. 3) Was the recording process pretty much different from the last experiences with your former projects/bandmates? Not so much. Actually, I wrote the songs together with my producer. I went every Tuesday to the studio to write, write, write. And then when it was time to work on the songs to record them, then we got the band to the studio. So, I like to concentrate completely, with very few people, and work on the songs, and then, later to get the band because if you write with the band, it takes so much time, and my concentration is like a goldfish, you know, it’s very short. And then with The Gentle Storm, for instance, Arjen and me just wrote the music together and, also, apart. At home, I wrote the lyrics, we made calls, we sent emails, and then went together. So it was really fast. Not too fast, but concentrated. Not like… when I was in The Gathering, we always made everything together, and that takes a long time. Everybody’s thinking “mmm, you know, about the sound of that one little thing...”. But they had much more higher concentration level. So, when I’m going solo, I write with one or two persons and then be intuitive about it. 4) You’ve collaborated with many artists throughout the years. Which band or artist would you like to tour with or collaborate in the future? Anything you haven’t done before, if there’s any left? Mikael Åkerfeldt, everybody mentions Mastodon, Mikael Åkerfeldt, Gojira, I love the vocalist from Gojira. I love their music, and bands like that. That’s my wish. But I’m happy, I do. I love, you know, working with all those people. And now touring with Delain, it’s fantastic. So I do have a lot of wishes. I only wish I could do this for a long time. BUT, if Mikael Åkerfeldt calls me and work with me, I can die. 5) Speaking of collaborations, how was the Ayreon Universe experience like? Judging from the DVD it was visually incredible. But how does it feel to work with such great artists from the metal scence? It’s super cool. The funny thing is that you have 17 singers there. The biggest singers in the scene, like Floor, Marco, everyone. Holy shit! And nobody is a diva. Nobody’s like “oh, I want this and that”, everybody is together, working together. And it’s because Arjen. When we are with Arjen, he makes the group feel like we are family. And it’s the best thing. And then we can lift each other up and make something beautiful. And I love it. 6) And you also collaborated with the Finnish guys from Amorphis. Have you ever heard of the band before working with them? Yeah, when we were touring with The Gathering, ‘cause that’s how long they exist as well, they were also touring when we started out in 95/96, before the war (lol). We were always on the same posters of the festivals, in the tours, in the venues. So we knew their music, and we played their music. But then we never collaborated. And then one day in Romania, we were singing with The Sirens on a festival. And Amorphis was playing after us, so I was done playing, and I watched Amorphis playing. And I was thinking ‘Oh, man! They’re so good!’, so I watched the whole show, I was backstage. On the front of the stage, but I had a good view. And I was so enjoying myself and I thought “Oh this band is so good! (noise) And now I’m getting to see them once more, because they still exist and they’re so good”. And then I had a lot to drink, and then I watched the show and while I watch a show I drink a lot. So, when the show was over I was drunk. I started sober (lol) and like half an hour I was tired as well. And then after show, Esa Holopainen, the guitar player, he spoke to me, but he was on the show with his hair like this, but not only his hair, like he had his jacket on, and started talking to me. And I didn’t recognize him. And he says “I loved your show”, and I was like “Thanks, OK”, and then like after 5 minutes later: “Oh shit, your Esa from Amorphis!" And then we drank a little, we talked, and then we became friends. It’s so cool. And sometimes we work together and the whole band, it’s so cool. It’s a cool thing that you go way back, but you never really work together, until like… 20 years later… I love it! 7) And then we got the release of your Live Album “Symphonized”. Was it difficult to choose the setlist among all your vast catalogue of songs? Yes, because there are so many songs in 25 years. But I made a very long list on Spotify with my favourite songs from The Gathering, from whatever I did. And then I told the boss of the orchestra: “you can listen to it and you can choose the best songs”. Because he doesn’t know all my songs. So, yes, it was like a fresh air, and he chose the very best and we made this very short list. So, it was my favourites, and then his decisions would be like ‘what is good to work with a big orchestra?'. Because some songs are not eligible to work on for an orchestra, so he has a good ear, like “oh, you can do this and this with this song with the orchestra”. So I let him decide also a few things. 8) We don’t have much access to certain Dutch interviews or newspapers, but is it true that you suffered from a burnout a couple of years ago? How was the healing process like? Almost a burnout. I had to lay down for weeks. And I couldn’t do anything. It’s like, sometimes one Monday morning, my body is (weak) and I can’t do anything anymore. It happened to me a few times. And I have to go for weeks I have to be in bed. But it’s not even a real burnout, like, that’s even more heavy. But I’m trying to learn to dose my energy. But I love everything I do. It’s a luxurious problem. I don’t say no to anything… Like, Rob, my husband, he always says: “you can’t, you have to be wise, choose your project, choose what you wanna do". But I really love, and being, getting inspired by all these different things. But, I’m writing now an acoustic album. On my own. On my own concentration. And my own thing. And then I go on a long tour just by myself, or with a guitarist. So everything becomes more simple in the coming years. No 50 projects, just do… from the heart. 9) Being one of the first female singers in the metal scene, what do you think of women’s position right now in the metal world? Do you think it’s easier now than when you started in the 90s? What’s the hardest part of being a women in the music business? Yeah, I think so. And I think now it’s more common that there’s females in the metal genre. Not only singers, but also intrumentalist, journalists, technicians, a lot of women! And I like it because it’s more normal than 20 years ago. But I do wanna say that I like metal being a men’s world. I like the masculine energy in the music and in the audience, in a band where it’s mostly men, I like this energy. Men energy. And we (women) are like dreamers. We have a different vibe. Then, men are like earth/grounded and we are in the clouds. And I think it’s a good balance on metal nowadays, it’s not too many women. It’s good! Yeah, it gives us the chance to be special as well. And there’s different kinds of females in the metal scene like… a few years ago you got only operatic metal or people like me, but now you have the growling voices like in bands like Jinjer, you know. Holy shit! That’s a whole new breed! Tatiana... She’s everything, she’s beautiful and she can growl but she really has a good voice. Because in the old days when women could only growl, they couldn’t sing. It was singing or heavy shit. And she can do everything. So, I think there’s like a whole new breed of women, and they’re so so good. And they’re also a little bit masculine and it’s a good balance! 10) What do you think it's the hardest part of being a woman in the music business? I don’t think there’s a hard part, to be honest. I feel very comfortable in the metal scene but it’s my personal opinion. I feel very comfortable, I feel very valued. I feel respected. And I love it, I love the atmosphere, like, metal and progressive metal people like… they’re very serious about music. So, they drink a beer and they talk about the lyrics, they talk about their lives, they talk about the bands and how they play, which pedals they should use. I feel very comfortable in that world. So, I don’t think it’s a hard thing. 11) Lastly, what would you like to say to your Argentinean fans who are eagerly waiting to see you tonight? I’m happy that people come and see us, together with Delain. And I’m happy to play with them. And it’s been way too long, 2016, man! I’ll have to come back next year. But I will come back with my solo stuff. I will make it worth it. I will come back with a very nice solo show.
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    Exit Eden is a new project featuring Amanda Somerville, Clémentine Delauney (Visions Of Atlantis, Serenity), Marina La Torraca and Anna Brunner. Their debut album "Rhapsodies In Black" will be a mix of metal cover versions from among others Rihanna, Madonna, Adele, Depeche Mode or Lady Gaga. This sounds strange (and a little bit similar to the Northern Kings project from Marco) and the reactions so far differ but I think it sounds cool in a way ;). "Rhapsodies In Black" will be released on August 4th 2017 and there are already two video clips online, I'm curious what do you think about that :). This will be the tracklist: 1. A Question Of Time (Depeche Mode) 2. Unfaithful (Rihanna) 3. Incomplete (this could be a Backstreet Boys song ) 4. Impossible (Shontelle) 5. Frozen feat Simone Simons (Madonna) 6. Heaven (I'm not sure about that, maybe a Bryan Adams song) 7. Firework (Katy Perry) 8. Skyfall feat. Simone Simons (Adele) 9. Total Eclipse of The Heart feat. Rick Altzi (Bonnie Tyler) 10. Paparazzi (Lady Gaga) 11. Fade To Grey (Visage) Who the musicians are (from their facebook page): Amanda Somerville: Amanda is a rock-solid authority of the music scene: both as a solo artist and sharing success and the stage with bands like AVANTASIA, EPICA and KAMELOT. Though her US-American roots are based in Pop & Rock, she fell in love with the Metal scene and made it her home. She has toured with Alice Cooper, Ian Gillan and many more legends with her commanding voice and fronts the projects TRILLIUM and Kiske Somerville (with HELLOWEEN icon Michael Kiske). All this, combined with her wide range of experience, grants her a unique edge and a permanent address in the Metal world. Clémentine Delauney: Clémentine was born near Paris 30 years ago. She has been a multi talent since her childhood days – no matter if dancing, playing the piano or singing – she enchanted her audience. At the age of 16, she joined her first Metal band, is currently fronting Symphonic Metal outfit VISIONS OF ATLANTIS and also worked with SERENITY and MELTED SPACE. Another of her career highlights is the participation on Kai Hansen’s (HELLOWEEN, GAMMA RAY) first solo album, released in 2016. Thus, Clémentine has carved her way into being one of the great performers of the scene. Anna Brunner: A natural talent, Anna began at a very early age with singing. As a daughter of a German father and an American mother, she grew up bilingual and founded her first Rock band as a teenager. Due to a music study that lead her through different parts of the world, she garnered a multitude of experience and it became crystal clear to her: music has to rock – and vocals need to be emotional – just like a passionate scream. Marina La Torraca: Hailing from Brazil, Marina was born with rhythm in her blood. As the auspicious singer of several Brazilian Metal bands in Sao Paulo, her path quickly led her to perform with AVANTASIA and her up-and-coming band, PHANTOM ELITE. For several years, Marina has been living in Germany and honing her musical craft. For her, being close to the crowd is what counts – no problem for her and her naturally convincing character!
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    That was a really nice interview, great interesting questions. Thanks for posting.
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    The facebook Page nightwish world community arranged an interview with fan questions in just a couple of days, so it's not like that. I think the questions were never submitted at this point
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    Great interview, Damian. I love how humble she still is. Thanks for sharing!
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    Yeah, took nearly two days to get accepted I'm sure she (or whoever is clicking through all those registrations, can't really imagine she is doing that herself) still has some serious work to do getting all those registrations done Curious to see how this will turn out
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    The Dutch song was ok, but I was rooting for Italy actually, and I am very happy Mahmood came second! I'm so sad about our Katerine though. That girl worked hard, had a great voice, and came 21st? Really? I didn't expect that at all, I thought we'd end up somewhere between 8-13... The funny thing is, we've had better results with way worst songs. Slovenia did better than I expected, me happy. Albania was awesome. Awesome dress, awesome voice, awesome everything. Why was Iceland so loooow? Best performance of the night if you ask me... I felt kinda sad when Germany got 0 points. I didn't like the song, but that was harsh. @CalinnI'm pretty sure I've seen you on YouTube under an Iceland's video ( I sound like a stalker now, I promise, I'm not ) P.S.: I was surprised when Greece announced its points, because the announcer was... Gus G, Ozzy's guitarist!
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    First single from Timo Tolkki´s with Anneke: Sounds still cheesy as hell, but better than "Design the Century" IMO (poor Floor, who sang such a kitschy song).
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    Hi, Just to let you know that Amaranth was discussed on the meanings of Nightwish songs thread, on page five a member Cristermo gives a meaning to the song.
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    Yeah, definitely seems like it's something Epica related. I doubt that they would do another cover project so soon and I hope they would do their own stuff.
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    He plays guitars in a band called The Myötähäpeä
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    Forever and ever.... *Steel guitar solo begins*
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    Beware, another wall of text is coming up. And Jesus do I hate the quoting system. I can't format the last part for the life of me. I hope you'll just figure out who's who. I didn’t see the thing Dany had with Daario as love and with Drogo things were complicated for a number of reasons. Same with Jon and Ygritte, but of course those two looked more in love because the actors literally were in love. The fact the political marriage is so quickly pushed aside is silly to me as well, but Tyrion addressed the issue of Dany’s infertility in the last season. It’s pretty much what generated the whole “breaking the wheel” idea, that she needs to do something like that because otherwise she will leave a void that will be filled through more violence. I don’t know if Varys knows about her infertility. It depends on who you’re asking, from what I notice most people consider Robert a dick (a cool one, but a dick nonetheless). And Cersei isn’t a monster for what she did in relation to Robert, it’s because she blew up a sept full of innocent people out of revenge on a couple of the people in the sept, gave a woman to a zombie for torture and because she didn’t seem to have much care for anyone other than herself (and occassionally her children). She has the right blood ancestors, even Robert was backed up by his distant relation to the Targaryens when he took the throne (the armies helped, but people were eased into it by his Targ blood). Cersei is just the last legitimate king’s wife and the mother of two illegitimate kings. She has more legitimacy, but of course all the legitimacy a ruler really needs is a big-ass army. They didn’t say they decided it, they said they found out. And the timeline is consistent with the moment they realised the show is getting ahead of the books and they need to know what is going to happen if the show is to continue. This goes into opinion territory, but I personally found it the opposite of shallow and anti-climatic. To me it was very satisfying, especially after the disaster montage and believing everything was lost and the roller-coaster of seeing Arya jump on NK’s back only to be caught by him and almost killed and find the strength to finish the job. The biggest problem I have with this season is how incredibly rushed it was. It was pretty awesome anyway and it could’ve been amazing had they given more time to certain things, and this is one of them – I think (hope) the book will give us more on the prophecies and the Long night and maybe a restart of the cycle (ka is a wheel). Ah, this particular part of the conversation didn’t age well. Personally I’m really disappointed in how they handled Daneyers’ character last episode because like you said, angry is one thing, but entirely mad and bloodthirsty is a whole other. I believe this is the route she was always supposed to take, but in taking it in a slower manner, with more steps along the way, it would make sense. Here, they rushed it so much that it feels very out of character. And seeing how Danerys is my favourite character, it’s even more disappointing. It looked like she was just giving herself a break and slightly enjoying herself by flying with her dragons. Not that she was scouting (which yes, she should’ve done, had she had at least one decent adviser. I think it was established this season that she does not :P). Rhaegal was hurt (had a whole in his wing and couldn’t even carry Jon) and he has always been smaller and less agile than Drogon because of all the time he stayed in captivity. Once he was hit the first time, it seemed he remained in pretty much the same place, which made the next two shots a lot easier. Drogon, on the other hand, spent a lot more time hunting and roaming freely and also encountered arrows/ ballistas a few times before. But that’s always been Jon’s character. I mean I agree he’s stupid, but I don’t think that’s a plot hole or a writing mistake, it’s just Jon being Jon. He can absolutely not lie or fake anything, even if the fate of the world depends on it (established multiple times in the show) and is most likely feeling uncomfortable as shit in front of Daenerys because of the fact he knows he is jeopardising her life dream, is his relative and had just betrayed her. He’s in a deep whole as far as she’s concerned and maybe a more clever man would try to dig himself out of it, but Jon is so in over his head he can’t even begin to try. Yes, this! How do you go from being ready to sacrifice everything to save humanity to completely butchering thousands as civilians who had surrendered in the span of two episodes? If she had killed them as collateral damage to get to Cersei or to make the city fall, it would’ve been supported well-enough by what we know about her. But she killed them *after they surrendered*. It’s very out of character if you ask me. She’s never been a military genius (or any sort of genius, for that matter). And she doesn’t seem to have anyone to advise her other than Qyburn (who doesn’t seem to know anything about tactics), a mercenary and that twat Euron – whose character I believe was supposed to be a disaster, he’s batshit crazy in the books and a violence-driven savage, so I don’t see the leap to the show Euron as very big. I guess having your whole life and world collapse around you (metaphorically and literally) will do that to you. And she kept the smirking long enough into the battle, to the point where Qyburn had to basically give her a reality check. It was short, but it was done/ acted so well that I truly felt sorry for Cersei. And about plot armor, come on, they killed so many interesting characters over the years, I'm fine with a bit of plot armor on the remaining ones. I agree. It’s not like we haven’t had plenty of deaths and realism. Some characters need to survive if we’re going to have a story. Arya. Arya's strongest desire for 8 WHOLE SEASONS was to kill Cersei. Literally in the end of the 4th episode, she left Winterfell, obviously believing she would kill Cersei and probably die herself or something. BUT all that was needed to change her mind was a three-second conversation with the Hound. She was literally a floor below Cersei, but no, the Hound asked her to go back home and live her life, so everything is ok. They could have at least included something like her having a discussion with Sansa about not leaving, or her having second thoughts from the previous episodes and than Sandor changing her mind. I thought that was consistent with her character. She has shown a will to live larger than probably anyone else in the story. Just this season we see her fight to stay alive when stronger older more experienced fighters have given up and have been overwhelmed by fear and despair. So she was always going to put life above revenge. She just needed the push to realise this (and Sandor has been almost like a father figure for her and she has seen how bitter his revenge-driven life has become, so coming from him it probably meant even more). This being said, I loved how this episode was built. I don’t like what generated the whole thing (Daenerys abruptly losing it), but everything else was beautiful. The shot of Drogon coming out of the dark above Daenerys’ head, the visuals of the green wildfire blowing up, Cleganebowl, Arya choosing life, seeing the massacre through the eyes of the commoners and completely ignoring Daenerys (never showing her again after she goes on her rampage, just seeing a black death-bringer shooting fire from up above, while faced with the consequences and the complete terror of helpless innocent people). And most of all, I loved Jaime and Cersei’s death scene. I know a lot of people are upset Cersei wasn’t tortured enough, but to me GOT has never been about characters getting what they deserved. In fact, most characters got pretty much the opposite of it, especially the “good” ones, and that’s ok, because that’s how it happens in life as well. And it was a very touching and even romantic scene, where I actually felt sorry for Cersei. Lena and Nicolas’ acting was spot on and they really sold the turmoil of emotions and it was a beautiful turmoil. It was maybe the strongest and purest love of the story (from Jaime at least and yeah, I say that knowing full well they were siblings, *that’s* how powerful it was) and it moved me.
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    Two lines of Pink Floyd´s ´High hopes´ brought me here and I wrote some more along those nostalgic lines........... ´the grass was greener, the light was brighter, the air breathed cleaner, the birds sang louder, the winds felt milder, the music was better, the snow felt warmer, the food tasted healthier, the wars were further, the dead were quieter, the nights shone darker, the dawn rose later´
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    She always makes weird covers doesn't she, the Colours in the dark and The Shadow Self ones are no better, pretty badly photo shopped
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    As nobody answered this, here's my try. I think Bless The Child/End of All Hope/Dead to The World are not linked only by the music, but also by the lyrics. If you think about that time when Tuomas must have written these songs (around 2001), the band was a bit.... separated. Tarja was living in Germany, the other guys were involved in side projects, and there was no bassist for the band back then. It's fair enough to think that Tuomas should've felt all alone. Besides, he attempted to quit the band, as he clearly stated in the documentary End of Innocence. That's why I think Tuoms felt worried about his child that, figuratively speaking, was about to die. In Bless The Child he's like callling out the rest of the band to save the child in time. I'll just take the speech from the beginning of the song, the rest of it would be easier to understand once you have this idea in mind. I was born amidst the purple waterfalls. I was weak, yet not unblessed. Nightwish came from Tuomas' imagination/mind/whatever, and the music was just experimental and innocent. Dead to the world. Alive for the journey. NW wasn't famous when they began, but they were excited about touring, making songs, and all that stuff. One night I dreamt a white rose withering, A newborn drowning a lifetime loneliness. A white rose, as something full of life, but then the time has come for Nightwish to wither. I dreamt all my future. Relived my past. And witnessed the beauty of the beast Everything that NW left to Tuomas, and it was through the band that he realized of his talent (the beauty of the beast). End of All Hope and Dead To The World are about the same thing: problems related to the band, the desire to call it off, etc. I think this "depressive" atmosphere is very well reflected on the whole album.
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    I take it more literal. Being lonely means a great pain and burden that not everyone is able to endure, so those who are lonely are by definition strong. Just take a look at the "loner" sterotype like the one character in my avatar. Those characters are usually loners, prefer to be alone and by their own definition are usually the strongest....
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    regarding The Crow, the Owl and the Dove ... According to this track-by-track guide to Imaginaerum , in the words of Tuomas himself : “I have to admit it’s a bit of a rip-off, because I’m a big fan of Henry David Thoreau, the poet from the 19th Century. I read his book ‘Walden’, where he said, ‘I don’t care about the love, the beauty, the pride or anything, just give me the truth. I thought there was a big philosophy behind that, and I started to think I could make a song about it. The crow represents pride, the owl wisdom and the dove love and peace.” And also ... "Love is everything, and only Truth is our guide to a deeper state." (Bravewords via Metal from Finland) On a less serious note , to the ''give me the truth'' part ... I would like to reply with a quote from col. Jessup (A few good men) : "you can't handle the truth"
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