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  1. catsAreLiquid


    I'm so UP for this remastered version of Design Your Universe... I'm also curious about "White Waters". I remember, Simone did a solo take on "Trois Vierges" and released it on one of the singles. I wonder, if they'd do the same for the water song?
  2. catsAreLiquid

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    This.. and this...
  3. catsAreLiquid

    The Jukka thread

    I'm hoping for his immediate recovery... I believe Jukka had already consult specialists about this? I think this is more than just sleeping disorder... This is probably way worse! Years of treatment should be done for these cases. I guess the reason behind him wanting to play the drums for the Rock in Rio gig is probably part of the treatment, and hoping that can fasten up the recovery; but yeah, could get worse than expected though. I wish Jukka could cope up with this soon!
  4. catsAreLiquid


    The acoustic tracks from Holographic Principle are enjoyable and fun to listen to! The ones from Quantum Enigma are just so-so in my opinion. But yeah, I'm more than excited to hear Design Your Universe songs in acoustic setup particularly "Burn To A Cinder" and "Design Your Universe".
  5. catsAreLiquid


    Acoustic version of Unleashed is awesome! A pro-recording of this can be amazing!!! This... and the acoustic jazzy version of Storm the Sorrow are nice treats!
  6. catsAreLiquid

    Within Temptation II

    Never been a fan of ANY radio edit of ANY songs by ANY bands/artists. It cuts down some of the best moments of the song, IMO. Anywaaay... Mad World definitely grew on me and considered as one of my favourite Within Temptation songs! I hope they'd play this live soon...
  7. catsAreLiquid

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    You mean this? I actually preferred this more than her performance nowadays and that historical End of An Era show. This is actually MY MOST FAVOURITE "Ever Dream" performance by Tarja!
  8. catsAreLiquid

    2020/2021 Tour Setlist

    Although most of us would love to see Ghost Love Score rest for a while, but I kinda doubt that would happen... Unless there's another long song that will replace that slot, then that's more likely. Greatest Show on Earth will surely go out from the setlist. Also, I'm thinking of having them keep "While Your Lips Are Still Red" on the setlist. It's a beautiful song, made even more beautiful when Floor sing along with Marco. Their duet of this song is heavenly! Seems like the Devil is getting a lot of love to be kept on the setlist. I'd love that too, BUT, Gethsemane will have my vote!
  9. catsAreLiquid

    2020/2021 Tour Setlist

    Let's assume that they'll play 16 songs, and assuming they'll include 8 songs from the new album. So we'll only have 8 from the other albums. Pretty sure these songs might find its way to the setlist - about 80% sure: Amaranth Nemo Elan I Want My Tears Back Ghost Love Score But I'm also hoping they would consider these songs too. Slaying the Dreamer Weak Fantasy Deep Silent Complete Elvenpath 7 Days to the Wolves or Sahara Last Ride of the Day
  10. catsAreLiquid

    Within Temptation II

    Yeah surprised that she sounded so good in this song... It's one of the songs that I thought she might sound struggling when she performed it live - especially the chorus.
  11. catsAreLiquid


    Am I the only one who didn't like "Masters of Destiny" after listening to it a lot of times? I don't know why, but it didn't get me which is weird for a Delain song. I usually like any songs by them instantly... Or maybe should I give it a few more spins? Didn't know that the EP has been released already. Maybe I'll try to listen to it today.
  12. catsAreLiquid

    Within Temptation II

    So I made the first listen when iTunes automatically downloaded the songs in my library. Currently doing the second spin right now while doing some work. I have to agree with some of your opinions that most of the songs have the same tempo - mid-paced songs, that's why I felt underwhelmed by listening to the whole album for the first time. It's not as diverse as their previous records like Hydra or Unforgiving which has some interesting mix of fast-paced songs, mid-paced, and slow songs. (I had the same problem when I heard Epica's The Quantum Enigma where all songs are fast-paced and I was overwhelmed by it because the tempo of 95% of the songs are the same, well, except for the ballad and Sense Without Your Sanity). To be honest, I was bit confused with the songs - some interesting parts, some catchy melodies, but some are "meh" or like "what that thing is doing in there?" moments. But I know, the entire album will grow on me after a few more listens and can stand putting a heart icon on my favorite songs where I can listen to it on its own. Goodness gracious, no album comes close to The Unforgiving when it comes to listening to the entire album back-to-back and repeat again after doing so in an hour! So let me just share my first impressions of the entire album. It's pretty much a more experimental album than The Unforgiving and they relatively pushed the core sound way more back than the last two efforts. It's a good and a bad thing for me, but I'm in between, for now. For the songs.. or Individual roasting! The Reckoning - I loved it when it came out. But now, I started to feel bored by it. I dont know whyyyy... 3,5/5 Endless War - My goodness, this song is good! I like the live version and this one kicks me out of my seat too. But I felt like the song is too short and suddenly ended after the choral part, don't you think? 4,5/5 Raise Your Banner - easy 5/5. Brings us back to the 2007 era of Within Temptation meets modern pop sound. Supernova - I'm a little bothered by the repetitiveness of the lyrics. But still, a good song I can say. 3,5/5 Holy Ground - I like the chorus; the rap-like part is okay, the verses are good - but it's a forgettable track. Leave the rap parts to Xzibit, Sharon. 2/5 In Vain - This song is okay but nothing really awesome! Even the weak songs from Hydra (Dog Days, Tell Me Why) beat this track. 3/5 Firelight - The only slow-paced song from the album. I really enjoyed this one; although when someone mentioned that it'll be more powerful if they replaced the electro parts with actual orchestral song - It'll be a song of the year for sure! 4,5/5 Mad World - A more decent track than HG and IV. Yes, it resembles Sinead in a way but I'm digging this too. Will surely grow the more I listen to it. 4/5 Mercy Mirror - Beautiful song, although there we have some repetitiveness again but it's not as obvious or as lazy as the other songs. 4/5 Trophy Hunter - When everyone mentioned that it'll be the same as Stairway to the Skies, I expected more but I was a bit disappointed. Sure a decent track but feels like it can still be improved? I don't know. It surely is heavy and catchy, but lacks some "power" or "hooks" to get me addicted to it. For now, it'll be 3,5/5 My ratings will surely change from time-to-time, just like how I felt when I listened to The Unforgiving for the first time. AT first I thought that was a flop, but now I'm begging to the Gods that Within Temptation can get inspirations again to make an album that can defeat The Unforgiving in terms of composition, music, and cohesiveness - because for me, that is a really solid album! Irresistible Songs: Raise Your Banner, Endless War Mercy Mirror, Mad World, Firelight Maybe these will grow: Trophy Hunter, In Vain, Supernova I'm Over It: The Reckoning
  13. catsAreLiquid

    Within Temptation II

    I listened to the samples and I was bit underwhelmed by some songs.. Endless War is awesome and so is In Vain - it's growing on me! Raise Your Banner and Firelight are instant favorites. The Reckoning somehow, I slowly started to feel sick with this song. Don't know maybe I overlistened to it since it's been released. So for the WT albums rankings.. Enter - 7 (a good debut though some songs are a bit boring for my taste.) The Dance - 9 (why not!??? TBH this is much better than Enter.) Mother Earth - 6 (I have to be in the mood to listen to the entire album. Before, I usually just listen from Track 1 until Our Farewell and skip the rest and then play Dark Wings and In Perfect Harmony). The Silent Force - 8 (The first WT album I had and I like it, but songs like Aquarius and A Dangerous Mind are underwhelming for my taste) The Heart of Everything - 9.5 (this and The Silent Force are like siblings in terms of sound, but this album has more kick and more catchy melodies) The Unforgiving - EASY 10 (Definitely my most favorite WT album! Everything is just too good. Like what Yoshee mentioned, everything flows in this album - and the songs are strong even on its own. Even the not-so-strong songs like Where Is The Edge? and A Demon's Fate are good! I usually listen to this entire album like 2-3x a day) Hydra - 7 (some songs are good, and the rest are meh! Edge of the World and And We Run are definitely the best songs from this album)
  14. catsAreLiquid

    After Forever

    I don’t know.. I love all AF albums even the Exordium EP! I love the “transition” they made from Decipher to Invisible Circles and all the way to what they did in Remagine. If I were to pick my most favorite, that would be “Remagine”.
  15. catsAreLiquid


    I love Amanda too. I love her voice! Her collaboration with Kiske is awesome and I can't wait to hear more of her especially with Maestro Arjen!