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  1. catsAreLiquid

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    And that is why you can never please everybody.. Give what only you can give! Everyone has their limits, just like Floor... she has her own limits too. Although trying something new is always good, but in singing - it's a different thing. Trying out new things your body or voice couldn't handle and/or sustain could result to something bad. Right?
  2. catsAreLiquid

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    These two songs..
  3. catsAreLiquid

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    I can't stand her singing the verses of that performance of "Die Alive" though I still love the way she sings the chorus! Oh my goodness, what are you doing, Tarja?
  4. catsAreLiquid

    Within Temptation

    The Promise is one of the songs that I took time to like.. Ice Queen and Perfect Harmony are definitely my favorite songs from Mother Earth album, but I couldn't seem to like the latter part of the album. I felt like the intros are too long for some of the songs on that album which bored me a bit. But it does quite improved on the succeeding albums..
  5. catsAreLiquid

    Anette Olzon (2º part)

    I like their debut album and it's a pretty enjoyable album, just like EFMB.. That's weird that they're not touring that much though I can say that the album has been well-acclaimed. I guess both parties are busy with their primary projects, or people seemed to diss Anette because of soooo many things related to her parting ways with Nightwish.
  6. catsAreLiquid

    Within Temptation

    TBH, didn't like Q Music Sessions that much - I only like a few covers including Summertime Sadness - but I enjoyed the acoustic night one. Songs like Frozen, All I Need, and Caged sounded A LOT better than the original studio version. Yeah I like Heart of Everything more than Silent Force - mainly because of the music much more variety than the previous one in which they overdo a sort-of airy feel in every songs.. The songs that really stood out for me from Silent Force are Stand My Ground, It's the Fear, and Angels. And that is why I like Unforgiving the most because it flows almost perfect but you can still listen to each tracks on its own without being disconnected from the theme or the core sound of the album. While I like a few songs from Hydra, I felt like it doesn't sound natural for them to make songs like Tell Me Why or Dangerous. But I really really like Edge of the World and it's one of the best songs they made.
  7. catsAreLiquid

    Your TOP-5 of ANYTHING

    TOP 5 favourite bands - Pantera - Ayreon - Nightwish - Blind Guardian - Rush
  8. catsAreLiquid

    Decades World Tour 2018

    So I just watched the Wacken stream, and I couldn't be more thankful for this! WOOHOO! Thank you Wacken & Magenta whatever! The sound is very clear as if I'm standing right there in the venue with my phone filming. About the setlist - I'm happy! Although 10th Man Down was left out, but Come Cover Me is one of my favourites so it's fine! And yes, the crowd-pleasers are always crowd-pleasers! So great to see Floor enjoying some songs like I Want My Tears Back, and so great to hear her singing Amaranth in full force! About the performance - Something you'd always expect with the band - a very solid show!!! Minor errors but heck, that's live! I don't expect them to be always 100% perfect, but I envy those who were there rocking with the band! While most people are loving Oceanborn songs with Floor (I honestly still prefer Tarja with them, but I do enjoy Floor's rendition of these songs so far... EXCEPT Sleeping Sun and Sacrament).... ....- I guess I'm the only one who is extremely happy that there is now a PRO SHOT of "SLAYING THE DREAMER"! (???) My goodness gracious, Floor is SO GREAT in this song especially the last parts!!! Now I have to stop replaying the entire concert over and over again and get back to work!
  9. catsAreLiquid

    Within Temptation

    Yeah. I only like half of the HYDRA songs but The Unforgiving is a much solid release! The Silent Force is also a good one, but somehow it bores me a lot. The Heart of Everything is like an improved version of the former album with a bigger orchestra and choir which I still like. Looking forward on their next album...
  10. catsAreLiquid


    I enjoyed their Attack on Titans EP more than their latest album :p "Wings of Freedom" is such a badass song! Hope they'd play that one live on their future gigs. The Holographic Principle is like The Quantum Enigma Part 2, well at least for me. There are some differences but obviously just trying to redo the predecessor. But then I really like the acoustic versions of Beyond the Matrix and Cosmic Algorithm - totally something I'd like to hear more from them -- more melodies and groovy songs even on the heavy stuff. Not expecting a new album by the band maybe until early 2020. I guess they need to look for a new inspiration this time as Holographic is very redundant to Quantum Enigma. I hope they would continue the power metal-ish sound they had on AOT EP particularly with the "Wings of Freedom" song.
  11. catsAreLiquid

    Within Temptation

    Am I the only one who thinks "The Unforgiving" is their best album? I know, there's a single or couple of filler songs in that album than "The Heart of Everything" but for me, it sounds fresh and doesn't sound like something they've done before. What I also liked about it is that it sounds really natural as if they're not trying too hard to sound that way (i hope you get what I meant here).
  12. catsAreLiquid


    Nice! I might get myself too soon, 'cause I just bought a few CDs last week. Oh wooowww - having the "remixed" and instrumentals of 01 - I hope that would happen too on its anniversary. Hmmm.. 10 more years, I guess.
  13. catsAreLiquid

    Vehicle of Spirit

    AM I the only who thinks this is the BEST performance of "Nemo" by Floor - even when she asked the crowd to sing most of the lines in the first verse.
  14. Everything I want Floor to sing live have come to life with the Decades tour... Gethsemane, Deep Silent Complete, Slaying the Dreamer... hell yeah! It's a dream come true!!! ...well, maybe except for a couple more songs which are: Cadence of Her Last Breath - I love this song so much and I'm curious to hear how Floor will nail this song live! Beauty of the Beast - A masterpiece that should be revived again to the setlist. Angels Fall First - Pretty sure she'll nail this beautiful song since she's now more confident singing low notes. Plus Troy is already in the band, so yeah!
  15. catsAreLiquid


    Can't wait for this! It's been a month since their last update. Well, I guess both are seriously busy with their own full-time project which is pretty understandable. Oooohhh I'm so anxious to hear this one!