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  1. Viper2005

    Hello from a Canadian fan!

    Hello all! I'm a relatively new fan of Nightwish, since discovering them last year. How did I discover Nightwish? A friend I was visiting was playing Anneke's Live in Europe album, which I thought was excellent! When I got home I looked up more Anneke albums, eventually leading me to the Ayreon Universe concert album, where I LOVED Valley of the Queens and I was intrigued who's voice it was that seemed so dark and lusty, which led to the discovery of Floor, and now here I am So far I have watched the Wacken 2013 and 2018 concerts and the Bloodstock performance posted yesterday, and I can say I am officially a fan!
  2. Viper2005

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I just watched the Bloodstock performance! IMO, the set list was really good, better than 2018 Wacken's (but the Bloodstock audience seemed less active?). I'm really happy to get proshot recordings of this and 2018 Wacken, to hold me over till we get the live dvd, which I am sure will be spectacular!