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  1. Encaitar

    The Name Of The Wind's Instagram

    Following. Good show pics and good nature/sightseeing pics? How could I not??
  2. Encaitar

    The Marco thread

    Maybe this is already known? But I just found out Marco's working on a solo album. Super excited for this. https://kaaoszine.fi/nightwish-basistilta-sooloalbumi-kevaalla-luvassa-myos-muutamia-keikkoja/?fbclid=IwAR2cTLQ-V2m6oIO-yGTkKkbeQYJxPdk4Z8NC8IZ40LlamPKnirKqK6Ykzqw
  3. Encaitar

    The Old Era

    Right. I understand. I'm a bit annoyed with myself because I *could* have seen Anette live and almost did. Maybe a year after I discovered Nightwish(either autumn of 2007 or spring of 2008, I still can't remember!), my friend that introduced me to them told me that we should see them in concert...they were playing two hours away from my uni, in my hometown! So we bought tickets for the show (which was going to be in September 2008 I believe). Sadly I made a TERRIBLE mistake. I didn't have a car at the time and my grandmother wasn't going to need hers anymore...so my Dad and I planned to fly up to her town and drive the car back to where we lived. My dad asked me for a good weekend to do this...I just told him a weekend in September and we bought plane tickets. And YES...I had completely forgotten I had tickets to NW show that same weekend!!! So I gave my friend my NW ticket and told him to find someone else to go with (he got a girl he liked to go with him, so wasn't too angry with me haha). So that's my story of how I could have seen Nightwish in autumn of 2008...still kicking myself for that. I'm glad you didn't go talk to Anette if you would have felt like a hypocrite haha. So much cringe. When you saw her live, were there any songs she sang that you really enjoyed hearing from her? Just curious.
  4. Encaitar

    The Old Era

    That was a delight to read. thanks for writing!!! I always like seeing people's NW history and perspectives...so yeah, I really enjoyed that. It also fascinated me because I discovered NW a little bit after you did (after DPP had already come out) and my first experiences of NW included some of my very favourite songs from DPP (Islander, Poet, etc) so this album has always been a nostalgic favourite of mine, even though now it is not ranked near the top for me anymore It probably helped that I didn't really watch live videos back in the day (too busy with uni work - so just listened to songs on my mp3 player while walking to class usually!). I wonder what I would have thought if I would have watched more live videos of Anette & band back then. Again it's fascinating because part of your journey mirrored mine in that I wasn't big into NW when Irum came out. I obviously bought it (because nightwish!) but I didn't listen to singles or know anything about what was going on with band during that period. I liked it ok but didn't think it was amazing. I am sad I never got to see NW with Anette - just for the experience - so I am jealous of you that you were able to see her in person. I missed her by about a month. I got very early Floor though, so that's cool too I think it was sometime during beginning of 2018 I found my old NW albums and started listening to the old ones again...Century Child, Oceanborn, Wishmaster...Angels Fall First...and I fell in love with Tarja again. I'm with your mom in that I love her classical voice. So really - listening to old albums is what got me back into Nightwish this past year or so. Obviously now I'm following the band again too, and sort of annoyed I didn't go see a Decades show!! Agghh sorry I'm talking about myself now. But anyway - really did like seeing some of the feelings (and reasons for those feelings) you have for DPP. #peaceandloveindeed
  5. Encaitar

    Poetry, Etc

    So I just realised I can post *any* poetry here, not just NW-related poetry...this is good and also incredibly dangerous. But I'll try to not spam you all with all my poems of questionable quality. I'm very much not an accomplished writer, although I do enjoy just writing and seeing where my thoughts take me. Figured I may as well share on the (slight) chance that anyone else enjoys reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them. One I wrote a few days ago entitled "Companions": It's quite cold outside and that is fine by me, although you shiver and say it's not at all and press a little closer, grabbing my arm for warmth and I suppose we're not in Florida anymore and we walk a little farther, talk a little longer, intertwine our fingers in the beauty of the night and I can't hold back my poetry and thus expose my silly heart to yours. I blush, grateful for the darkness yet you smile into the night and otherwise stay silent for what more is there to say? The moonbeams trickle through the branches bare and slight and the moment is approaching, a bench not that far away and I motion for a moment, that we may head that way and you incline your head to the side just so, in that fashion peculiar just to you, say no and now it's my turn to smile and turn and say or we can keep on walking I suppose. The buildings near us crowd a little closer, the neon lights glow a little brighter, and the music of the stars gives way to the faint pounding of the music of the clubs, and though we have often danced our nights away, tonight is not for dancing at least not inside a building framed of concrete, brick and steel. And so we keep on walking, talking of oh so many things, the earlier fragile moment still hanging in the air, like some delicate fruit, unripened but not forgotten. Now the midtown bar scene behind us, light less neon and less proud, now just shy bare-branched trees and quiet sleeping houses all around, and that random impulse that you'd ignore at any other point of time presents itself and you laugh when I suggest it but you agree eyes shining luminously as you nod your head eagerly and so we slow and so we stop and so we lay upon the asphalt in the middle of the road, side by side we commune in silence, your hand pressed firmly into mine, you'd think we might say a word or two but no, we silent lay, gazing up at the clouds scudding across the moonlit skies.
  6. Encaitar

    The Old Era

    I will appreciate it. I like reading different people's different opinions. Thanks for the recommendation - I've added it to my "listen" queue. It looks like it may be my type of listen - I have wide and varied tastes in music and I've been in a weird retro/dreampop mood lately. This seems like something I might like.
  7. Encaitar

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Yeah, agreed. The more classical she gets, the better she sounds. And I really do like Shadow Self (mostly), but some of her vocal inflections are just...*shrugs* I don't understand. I'm not giving up on her either. If she comes and tours in the US again, you better believe I will go see her. (hopefully this isn't crazy to say - but my favourite album she's put out is her Christmas album!!)
  8. Encaitar

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    I do wonder...does she really have NO ONE around her that will tell her the truth on this? She still has the voice, but some of her choices as to how she uses it are really not that pleasing to the ear.
  9. Encaitar

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Nice new interview http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/ex-nightwish-singer-tarja-turunen-on-benefits-of-being-a-solo-artist-there-is-nobody-telling-me-what-i-should-do/?fbclid=IwAR1f139R_PnnL5z6iclluFKyvjzagN1ZIZRtXLfYlZI8A0ObGNf_BSY1xDw ...and...ignore me!! Not a new interview, just a partial transcript of the video that was posted earlier. My mistake, sorry.
  10. Encaitar

    The Old Era

    I'm still not sure I like the DPP soundscape! But that's me. I also listened to it right after I-rum, which I simply adore. That comparison may have influenced how I listened to DPP. As for Once - it may be time for me to revisit that album. In past few years, I think Once is the only album I've not listened straight through. Will remedy that in coming weeks. (also congrats on the recent 5k post mark!)
  11. Encaitar

    The Old Era

    I want to hear your thoughts on that!! Definitely get your rant on at some point about that. As for me, Once/DPP really go together. I got into NW in the end of '07. First song I loved was Planet Hell and then I naturally went on youtube to discover more NW songs. Majority of songs that popped up were from Once/DPP(I loved WIHaA, Planet Hell, DCoW, Islander, PatP, Amaranth, Romanticide...) I even (don't get mad at me please!!) at first didn't realise that Once & DPP were sung by two different singers. Ah that was a funny time. So even though now, DPP/Once are not my favourite albums, I still have a fond spot for them in my heart and still enjoy the songs on them. I almost wish I could go back to that time to experience them new again. I have rather long car drives to and from work, so recently put DPP back in my car to listen to...and I realised it is not that cohesive of an album and is definitely not as good as some of their others Some of the songs are a mess and album doesn't flow at all! But...is it wrong to say I still love it??
  12. Encaitar

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    She's given up. Although I'm sure she still winces on the inside...
  13. I enjoyed reading that. I'm part of that FB group too and really was impressed at Daniel putting that together so quickly. Some good answers in there - even though I was upset we didn't get to hear who the "morning" and "evening" people were. Also - I really really really cannot wait for next album now. Last song is pretty good, hm? One last thing - really impressed that Floor does pretty much all her own makeup!!!
  14. Encaitar

    The Old Era

    I suppose this means I need to get "Made in Hong Kong" now...one of their only releases I don't own!
  15. Encaitar

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Someday people will get her name right. *rolls eyes* Also I love seeing all the NY interviews because they were day after I saw her. Thanks for posting - don't have time to watch it all now but looking forward to hearing it later