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  1. Encaitar

    2020/2021 Tour Setlist

    So, I wanted to discuss what we think the setlist will look like for the next world tour. Hopefully this is allowed and/or in the right place? This morning I was driving to work and listening to Wacken 2013 (and heartily enjoying it! Realize it's one of my favorite NW shows to listen to, partly probably because I'm not a huge fan of EFMB, but that is neither here nor there!). Anyways, I was then thinking...hm, I wonder what their next tour will look like? What songs will they have on it? I took a very unscientific approach and looked at the two concerts I've been at and at the first one (Glasgow 2012), 12 of the 17 songs done were not from their most recent album (I-rum). This may be an anomaly because of new-Floor, so I also looked at the other concert I went to, in 2015 in Orlando. That show, 8 of 16 songs were not from their most recent album (EFMB). So, assuming they do a 16-song set for their upcoming world tour and half of those are from the new album, what current songs do we think they'll have on the setlist? (And no, I'm not asking what songs you want to hear, as I would simply die if they played FantasMic or BotB or Pharoah but I am 95% confident that none of those will be played). What songs do we think they'll play? I also doubt they'll play 3 epic songs, so probably not GLS + GSOE will be on this tour. Only one. (I'm guessing GLS, but I could be wrong. Maybe they'll finally retire it!) My thoughts as to which songs they'll have...no particular order: 1. Elan 2. Weak Fantasy 3. Alpenglow 4. I Want My Tears Back 5. The Islander 6. Ghost Love Score 7. Slaying the Dreamer 8. Wanderlust This is definitely being slightly optimistic, but maybe...??
  2. Encaitar

    Reaction videos (to music)

    Well, I'm not a big youtube person in general (I really only use it to listen to music while I work and/or to watch live shows of bands I'm interested in!). I don't like watching pretty much any youtube channel of just some person talking. Don't get that. If I want to educate myself on something, I read a book. But again, I'm weird. All that to say, I don't really care for reaction videos either, mainly because...why do I want to watch someone react to a song I like? It honestly seems weird to me. There are two possibilities - 1) it is a genuine reaction. If so, it seems a bit intimate to watch an emotional response of someone I don't know to a piece of music I also love. Or 2) it is just for the clicks. Obviously I don't want to watch that either. So that's my thoughts. But I acknowledge that lots of people (including some of you !) love watching them, so I guess they're not all bad. Just not my cup of tea.
  3. Encaitar

    Within Temptation II

    She does sound good there!!
  4. Encaitar

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    If this album contains a song as good as Kinslayer, I'll be ok with that. Point well taken, they've done real-world issues before and they've done it well. I need to have more faith, I suppose!! Also @MagnusI really really like the astronomy idea. If they go there, I will be ever so happy.
  5. Encaitar

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Am I the only one that isn't excited by the idea of an album themed similar to Black Mirror...?? I feel too many other bands have put out similarly-themed albums recently...and...I'd rather not have an album about such depressing real-world issues. But, I'm sure I should have faith in Tuomas and the rest of NW to pleasantly surprise me.
  6. Encaitar

    Within Temptation II

    I would just die if this happened. Would definitely travel anywhere in US to see this Now I'm dreaming of this...haha thanks.
  7. Encaitar

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    You trying to make me die of jealousy!?!?!? jk - DO IT. I am excited for you if she comes back to America again, I will fly (again) to see her. The only times I've ever flown somewhere for a concert is either Tarja or NW. Worth it.
  8. You are terrible!!! ...stirring up trouble, I say... ...thank goodness. (Even though - confession, I actually quite like Master Passion Greed, in a guilty pleasure kind of way. I just pretend I don't know what the lyrics are talking about) On one of my very first "best of Nightwish" mix CDs, I definitely put that one on there. Now for BBB - that's never a song I've loved. Never never never. Even watching the music video for it weirds me out But we all have different tastes...I SUPPOSE...:P Also I'm now tempted to add Nymphomaniac Fantasia to my list...:D
  9. Encaitar

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Ahhhh I'm jealous!!! I saw she is doing a bunch of shows in Ukraine too. Obviously, we expect a full report here Happy for you
  10. Yes!! I was there. My first time seeing NW in person ^_^
  11. Definitely got that vibe as I was going through your list! Then I wondered...why don't you like Weak Fantasy? Scrolled back up to check and sure enough you did list it, I'd just missed seeing it Thanks for the vids too - I'm enjoying listening now.
  12. If anyone gives this song any points, I will be very depressed. And this is quite a hard challenge. I...have no idea how I could even get close to doing this. I still can't even figure out what my favourite NW album is. How on earth am I going to decide which songs to allocate points to!? But, I suppose I have to start somewhere (and since I know I love to procrastinate, I better put something up now) and so here is my "off the top of my head" list, which shall surely change later, once I ponder this a bit more...(and as I decide which live versions I want to use): Pharaoh Sails to Orion - From Wishes to Eternity - 3 points Beauty of the Beast - Amsterdam '02 - 3 points Dead Boy's Poem - From Wishes to Eternity - 3 points FantasMic(pt.3) - From Wishes to Eternity - 1 pt Poet and the Pendulum - Orlando '15 - 1 pt (ok, I confess, this is mainly because I was there) The Kinslayer - From Wishes to Eternity - 2 pt Planet Hell - End of an Era - 2 pt I will be updating this of course. PatP will need a better live performance, which I will find. Also will try and find a better Kinslayer performance.
  13. Encaitar

    Howdy from Texas

    I'm sure they'll be back for a US tour - almost surely back to Texas as well! Hello to a fellow Texan, nice to know I'm not alone!! I hail from Houston, myself. Welcome to the boards Nightwish is truly a very special band, one of my all-time favorites.
  14. Encaitar

    Within Temptation II

    I'm still trying to figure out why anyone would 1) upload a video of themself dancing naked and 2) think that other people would want to watch that. What!?!? The actual memes are fun though I'm liking that video more and more just for the memes it's spawning...
  15. Encaitar

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Aw I hope you can someday