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    atheists have nothing to die for, everything to live for
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    live in tallinn 2018
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    ghost love score
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    dark passion play
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    meadows of heaven
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    tampere 2015

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    floor, plant, jay buchanan
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    page, hendrix, harrison
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    gene, marko
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    keep on swinging
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    nightwish 2018 tallinn
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    fallen - evanesence
  1. Sten

    Nightwish Album Rankings 2019

    1. Endless Forms Most Beautiful - brilliant songs about nature and science, Darwin, mr Dawkins - what more can an atheist ask for? 2. Dark Passion Play - argubly their greatest album, no weak songs, great sounding album 3. Imaginaerum - probably on par wih DPP, could not decide which is better 4. Oceanborn - my favorite from the Tarja era, even have that t-shirt 5. Once 6. Century Child 7. Wishmaster 8. Angels Fall First
  2. Sten

    2020/2021 Tour Setlist

    1. New Song 2. I wish I had an Angel 3. Storytime 4. Ever Dream 5. New Song 6. Poet and The Pendulum 7. My Walden 8. I want my Tears back 9. New Song 10. Sleeping Sun 11. Meadows of Heaven 12. Elvenpath 13. New Song 14. Song of myself 15. Last ride of the day --- 16. Ghost love score 17. Greatest Show on Earth
  3. Sten

    Rival Sons topic

    One of my favorites, a great rock n roll band from Long Beach, California. Reacently they released their latest album "Feral Roots" which will be a strong favorite for the album of the year
  4. Sten

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Is it me or do Dark Passion Play and Imaginaerum sound "better"? Not musically, but better recorded and mixed.
  5. Sten

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Hope one of the European shows will be on DVD too. Prague or Krakow would be nice.
  6. Sten

    Nightwish Off Topic

    I wasnt sure where to post it, so i will just ask here: are any NW albums available in higher audio quality - 96kHz/24bit for example. Basically beyond CD quality. Decades and EFMB are in 44.1kHz/24bit at HDtracks, but are there other releases? Thanks
  7. Greetings from Estonia, Became a NW fan after seeing them live earlier this year in Tallinn. Before that I knew some songs and I liked them, but their live performance totally blew me away. Suprisingly Saku Suurhall was quite sold out although I did not see any adverticing nor even a facebook event. Hopefully they will play here soon again, last time before this year was like 2011:S Which is kinda weird considering Estonia and Finland are oversees neighbours and also kinda close - Estonians consider Finland as a bigger brother they look upon. Other bands I like : from Elvis to Slipknot. Has to be rock though All time top 10 would be probably : NW, Metallica, Beatles, Rival Sons, Pink Floyd, Green Day, Evanescence, Led Zeppelin, KISS & Guns N Roses. Cheers, Sten
  8. NO.57 Rival Sons - Keep On Swinging ( and Gibson Sessions) - While Greta Van Fleet gets all the hype then actually it is Rival Sons who are the true heroes of modern classic rock.
  9. Sten

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    If last album had Dawkins then this time I want Neil deGrasse Tyson reading some Carl Sagan quotes. And of course a song called "The Symphony of the Four Horsemen" (Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens and Daniel Dennett)
  10. Sten

    The headphone thread

    Im using Fiio X3 Gen III player with Sennheiser IE80S balanced cable mod. And at home Hifiman HE400i. Will be upgrading to Stax in near future