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  1. Vattep

    The Old Era

    Oh yeah I remember that. What a shame actually. Instrumental would have been cool! Couldn't agree more ❤️ That's what I was also wondering 🤔 Are these re-releases remastered in any way? I think both Once and Dark Passion Play would benefit greatly from that and I might even consider buying them again myself. But if not I think I'll skip. On Decades those songs sounded heavenly!
  2. Vattep

    The Old Era

    I was wondering the same about MiHK but Once and Dark Passion Play are their two biggest selling albums so I guess that's what makes them big. And I actually personally prefer DPP to Once for the reasons I already stated in the confessions topic so it being re-released makes me quite happy. Wasn't Once already re-released a couple of years ago for it's 10th anniversary? It being included here feels the most unnecessary out of these three to me 🤔
  3. Vattep

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Agreed! Lady Gaga is a great artist and a musical chameleon. It seems she can handle any genre she wants to. We've already seen her do pop, edm, jazz, country, metal... A collaboration with Tarja would be really interesting for sure 😄
  4. Vattep

    Nightwish Confessions

    Well... Not really no. Like many of us I also think some of the lyrics on that album are a bit cringeworthy but at the same time I like to think that they actually represent Tuomas' genuine feelings at the time. Elvenpath for example also has some goofy lyrics but it's a great song nonetheless. Speaking of sound I really like how Dark Passion Play sounds. Compressed yes but I really like all the intrumentations and orchestrations there. My thoughts exactly.
  5. Vattep

    Nightwish Confessions

    I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion or not but Once is slowly becoming maybe my least favourite Nightwish album I already knew many older fans don't hold it in a very high standard compared to earlier albums but I haven't heard anyone say it is their worst. It somehow sounds their most generic album to me and not very Nightwish-y. I used to love it but after actually carefully listening to all their albums again and again I feel that every album all the way from Angels Fall First to Endless Forms Most Beautiful have this unique Nightwish sound and feel to them but on Once I feel they were kind of lost. It definitely has its highlights like Dark Chest of Wonders, Planet Hell, The Siren and Higher Than Hope (for me at least) but even they can't quite save the album for me. Why didn't I mention Ghost Love Score, it's such a beloved classic? I never actually got into Ghost Love Score in its studio version. It was Floor's live rendition that brought the song to life for me. Tarja's voice just didn't have the same impact on me on the album and I just didn't get the song back then so to say. Creek Mary's Blood was really powerful and as a composition it still is but the whole John Two-Hawks issue just ruined it for me unfortunately. Once is often compared to Dark Passion Play and I can see why. But for me Dark Passion Play is a lot more interesting. Even if it also has its fillers I feel it offers more variety and highlights than its predecessor. Some people don't like Anette's singing on DPP but Tarja clearly was at her weakest on Once. Those contemporary vocals are really not her cup of tea. She simply sounds boring on Once (just like Floor sounds a bit underused on EFMB). Even when it comes to bonus tracks DPP beats Once. Live To Tell The Tale and White Night Fantasy are easily some of the weakest tracks recorded by Nightwish ever whereas While Your Lips Are Still Red and Escapist are some of their best. People usually say that AFF is NW's weakest album being just like an extended demo but I actually find it's sincerety really heartwarming and authentic. Once just feels cold. It's not a bad album by any means but to me it just doesn't have the same magic as the others. I didn't always feel like this and my opinion might change again after a while but this is how I currently feel for some reason.
  6. Vattep

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I'm very familiar with RHCP thank you Everyone has their own taste but Nightwish is Nightwish and not RHCP or any other rock or metal band for that matter. They're doing their own thing and it seems that they enjoy doing what they do and the way they do it today and it shows. I think everyone who has seen any of their recent live shows can agree that they look a lot happier nowadays. I completely agree
  7. Vattep

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I don't know if it has anything to do with this but back in 2008 Amaranth was a rather new song and they were still enthusiastic playing it. It's been ten years so maybe that's not the song they enjoy playing the most nowadays (I guess switching it to Last Ride of the Day for the European leg of the Decades tour kind of proves my point as they seemed very happy playing that song at least in Helsinki where I saw them). At the same show they were all headbanging like hell during Slaying The Dreamer and The Kinslayer for instance so I think it just depends on a song really. Also every gig is different. Wouldn't be too worried about that Also they're not in their twenties anymore so comparing their current stage movement to From Wishes To Eternity for example seems kinda unfair and pointless. They were a bunch of kids back in the day. I think it's not that they don't have the energy to do it (of course that might also be partly true who knows) but maybe they just don't enjoy jumping, running and headbanging like teenagers all the time anymore. I think that's only natural. And before someone starts comparing them with metal bands like Iron Maiden whose members are in their 60s and still keep doing all that stuff I have to point out that Nightwish has never actually been a metal band in the most traditional sense has it? Wasn't it actually Marco who said that he considers Nightwish more like a progressive rock band with elements of different genres of metal mixed in here and there?
  8. Vattep

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Sure! Here in this Italian interview (video below) he actually says that Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean was quite challenging for him because he hadn't played it before but says that he likes challenges which is why he enjoys performing it. And in this interview ( he also mentions the song saying that he needed some practise with it. There was also a third interview where he was asked about his favourite old song on this tour and he comes up with DATDDO and that he liked doing the song because of its aggressive vocals and complex basslines but I couldn't find it anymore Also happy holidays to everyone!
  9. Vattep

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Actually here's a very recent italian interview with Marco where he says that he has heard some of the demos made by Tuomas already but that he can't tell much about it yet. He also tells a bit about his feelings on playing the old songs during the Decades tour (apparently he really likes playing Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean ), about Floor as a vocalist and a bit about his current relationship with Tarja. Regarding the topic I have to say that I'm really looking forward to this new album. I really liked Endless Form Most Beautiful but I do agree with many others that Floor was a bit underutilized on the album when it comes to her vocal capabilities. Tuomas and Floor both said earlier that they don't want to use different vocal styles just for the sake of using them and that vocals have to serve and suit the song and I agree with them there. However I have to say that I feel that there are some songs on EFMB that could have benefited from the use of a different vocal style. I think one of the reasons Nightwish is so great is that they've always followed their artistic vision without compromises and I'm sure that's what they'll do with their next album as well. But of course every fan has a certain "dream direction" where they wish the band would move towards with their next release and I'm no exception in that sense It's no secret that I simply love Imaginaerum. I liked the variety, progressiveness and different styles there and the orchestrations are just awesome. If they could somehow combine that with the more band oriented vibe they had on EFMB and maybe put in some Century Child esque heaviness I would definately be hooked. I also love the folk elements but I wish they wouldn't do just another Last Of The Wilds, I Want My Tears Back or My Walden but find some new ways to use those instruments. Maybe a dark, atmospheric ballad type song with some melancholic Oceanborn style flutes and whistles? Anyway I'm more than excited and I'm sure the band is going to deliver a great album once again!
  10. Vattep

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I really liked Floor's rendition of Sacrament Of Wilderness but I remember Tuomas stating that at least it and The Carpenter won't be played again (and I think that will most likely include Elvenpath too) so I will exclude those. I really wish they would keep: 1) Slaying The Dreamer. Floor just really shines here with her aggressive vocals and truly makes the song her own. Her version is now the definitive version for me and I'm really looking forward to getting the official recording of this. 2) Dead Boy's Poem. I've just always loved this song and I really liked the new rendition with Floor's soft vocals and those acoustic guitars and bouzuki. I would have wished for a bit more operatic vocal approach with the last "A lonely soul, an ocean soul" part but that's just a minor thing. 3) Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean. This was just perfect! Like some of you already said it took some time to get used to Marco's vocals but he really improved along the way. I especially liked the way he sang (or actually screamed) the line "hail the oceanborn" whereas in Tapio's rendition that line is kinda buried underneath. I witnessed this song with both of them during this tour and I enjoyed both performances equally. I was afraid that this song is getting dropped along with Elvenpath, The Carpenter etc. but I recently stumbled upon two new interviews by Marco and in both of them he said that the song he liked to play most on this tour was this song so that gives me at least some hope that we might perhaps hear it again in the future
  11. Vattep

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Yes I know these cases as well and you're right, all the worst offenders have already probably left for good. And I do agree that it would surely be boring if everyone were praising the band all the time. Different opinions are a good thing as long as they are presented in a somewhat respectful manner I also find it nice that everyone can find something in Nightwish that they like and I personally think that this Decades setlist offers little something for everyone. It has those folky vibes (I Want My Tears Back, Elvenjig, Swanheart), power metal vibes (Sacrament Of Wilderness, Elvenpath, Last Ride Of The Day), the hits (Nemo, Wish I Had An Angel, Elan), the heavy stuff (Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean, Slaying The Dreamer, The Kinslayer, 10th Man Down), softer ones (Dead Boy's Poem, The Carpenter), epics (The Greatest Show On Earth, Ghost Love Score) etc. Of course everyone wants that their favourite type of songs from the discography would be more present but like I said it's impossible to please everyone and I think the band has made quite a good job in selecting the setlist. I hope that their future setlists would do structurally something similiar even if they are promoting the new album and those songs are naturally in the front.
  12. Vattep

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Thank you. I have to agree with you that people are of course allowed and welcome to state their opinions towards the band whether they are positive or negative. We all have something we wish the band did differently. But when EVERYTHING you say (and I don't mean this personally to you or anyone but in general) is CONSTANTLY negative and you are trashing the band in every turn possible (Emppu & Tuomas being lazy, Troy destroying the band, Marco being stiff, not liking a particular singer etc.) I have to question if he/she is really happy being on this forum? Like you said I also hope that everyone here is a fan even if they don't agree with everything the band does but if one doesn't agree with ANYTHING the band has been doing in recent years is this really a place for him/her? You mentioned that Nigtwish music is like a marriage. I also like to think of it as such. In every relationship there are ups and downs which is completely natural and you always remember the good old passionate days of love and long for them. But as the years pass the relationship changes and evolves. For some the love deepens even if it's not the same kind of young wild love it was when you first met. There are of course little things here and there that you don't like, some habits or other things but you love the other nonetheless. You become lifelong companions. But in some marriages people become fundamentally unsatisfied with one another. Everything about the the other just completely irritates and annoys you. You try to hang on to the old memories but they are never coming back no matter how hard you tried. You've simply grown apart. At that point it is relevant to consider whether or not this relationship is really worth all the trouble, sorrow and anger. Would someone else make you happier? Maybe it's time to end the marriage? You still have all the memories to cherish no matter what but it's important to understand that your other half is a completely new person than he/she was 20 years ago. Then it might be a time to let go and stop ruining each others lives any further. Sorry for this long post. I'm in no way trying to offend anyone or point fingers. I just wanted to make it clear what I meant. I'm no way against stating opinions but some of the overflowing, endless and constant negativity that I've been sensing here from some people over the years just makes me wonder does being here really make them happy. Maybe it does because they still seem to be here even if they have NOTHING positive to say. I just don't know why
  13. Vattep

    List of Nightwish songs you've heard live

    Hello guys! Here's my list based on 14 shows (2007-2018) Taikatalvi x3 Storytime x8 Last Of The Wilds x5 Bless The Child x2 The Siren x4 Shudder Before The Beautiful x4 Dead To The World x3 Bye Bye Beautiful x2 Slow Love Slow x3 Cadence Of Her Last Breath Yours Is An Empty Hope x4 Dark Chest Of Wonders x7 Endless Form Most Beautiful While Your Lips Are Still Red x3 Deep Silent Complete x2 Elan x7 Arabesque Ever Dream x6 Ghost Love Score x8 Gethsemane x3 Weak Fantasy x4 Over The Hills And Far Away x3 My Walden x4 Planet Hell x3 Finlandia x2 Ghost River x4 The Carpenter x3 Alpenglow x3 Come Cover Me x3 Whoever Brings The Night Romanticide x3 The Kinslayer x3 Amaranth x10 10th Man Down x3 Song Of Myself x4 Slaying The Dreamer x4 Scaretale x3 The Islander x7 Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean x3 I Want My Tears Back x6 Elvenpath x3 The Poet And The Pendulum x6 End Of All Hope x2 The Crow, The Owl And The Dove x2 Meadows Of Heaven Stargazers x4 Last Ride Of The Day x9 Sacrament Of Wilderness x4 Sahara x4 Dead Boy's Poem x4 Nemo x11 She Is My Sin x2 The Greatest Show On Earth x6 Eva Walking In The Air 7 Days To The Wolves x5 Wishmaster x5 Wish I Had An Angel x9 Sleeping Sun x4
  14. Vattep

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I've been following this forum for over a decade without signing in until now. Something I've always found weird is how Nightwish is being critisized for almost everything they do. For years people were complaining that the band had completely forgotten their earlier material and were playing almost only songs from Once onwards, Then finally this Decades tour happened. They brought back classics like Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean, The Kinslayer, Slaying The Dreamer, Dead Boy's Poem and heck even the likes of Elvenpath and The Carpenter. Yet people still keep complaining. "Why are they still playing Wish I Had An Angel?" "Why didn't they play Crownless?" "Emppu and Tuomas are lazy as hell". They simply can't please everyone. And they don't have to. If someone feels that Nightwish is not for them anymore just find something else to listen to. There are a lot of symphonic metal bands who play faster, heavier and more aggressively than Nightwish if that's what you're looking for. Try out Epica or Xandria for instance. Nightwish is Nightwish and they keep changing and evolving (or devolving depending on how you feel) and that's exactly what they should keep on doing. What I appreciate about the band is that they've always stayed true to their vision. They've always done what they wanted. They definately are not the same Stratovarius-esque power metal band with operatic vocals they were in 1998-2001. They still have their past and I'm glad that they' brought some of those tunes back on this tour. I also can't get the hate for Nemo, Elan, WIHAA or IWMTB. Come on, they're hits! They get the crowd going the most. On this tour I feel that they found a great balance between the crowd pleasers and fan favourites. Maybe your favourite wasn't among the songs played but hey that's life. Go listen to From Wishes To Eternity if that's the kind of Nightwish you like the most. My favourite albums from them are Oceanborn, Century Child and Imaginaerum but you don't see me complaining about how so few of the songs from the latter two were played on this tour yet I still went to see them live three times this year. I just wish people would appreciate Nightwish for what it is. If their current state or their recent music isn't something you like that's okay. No one's taking those old albums or live recordings away from you.