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  1. icebreaker

    Anette Olzon (2º part)

    Yes, it is very good, the combination of the songwriting and Anettes voice works mostly great. The album imo is somewhat lacking in originality and is very safe, but as it is only their second album that is not much of an issue yet. Might become on though in the future...
  2. icebreaker

    Nightwish World Tour 2020

    I would love Beauty of the Beast to hear how it sounds with Floor, but it also takes up a lot of space on the set-list. Another one I would like back is Rest Calm, it sounds like a good candidate for three-voice harmonies, since Tuomas said in the recent interview that they are interested in further going down that path that already started with EFMB and continued with Decades.
  3. icebreaker

    Nightwish World Tour 2020

    Not a fan of medleys, either drop GLS or keep it but don't mash it up. Agree on most of Magnus list otherwise as well as Cadence of her Last Breath. But then if Nightwish played all the songs I love the set-list would have to be four hours long
  4. icebreaker

    The Floor thread

    Great, now I'll be stalking social media all day tomorrow.
  5. icebreaker

    Anette Olzon (2º part)

    I assume that using a real orchestra would be prohibitively expensive for a project of the size of the Dark Element.
  6. icebreaker

    Anette Olzon (2º part)

    Already when the first single dropped, I wrote that it seemed to me that they were playing it very safe with this album, and this latest song confirms that. Not Your Monster is fine song, but nothing that stands out as something new or different. Oh well, don't fix it if its not broken, I guess.
  7. icebreaker

    Nightwish World Tour 2020

    Well, the FB group is for a quick Nightwish hit, discord is for fun activities like Nightwish trivia games and this place is for longer in-depth discussions, so currently I feel all my Nightwish needs are being well covered. But getting much off-topic now.
  8. icebreaker

    Nightwish World Tour 2020

    No, there is no issue with off topic. It was just that I noticed that the Nightwish threads were very dead. The only discussion was going on in the Within Temptation and Tarja threads, which is obviously nothing wrong with as that is what their threads are there for, but wasn't that much what I was interested in discussing, as I signed up to this forum hoping to debate with fellow Nightwish fans about Nightwish.
  9. icebreaker

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    David Attenborough makes nature documentaries, I don’t see how that is the same as asking Richard Dawkins, where I can see why that might have been controversial. Also, we’ve known for a while that the new album will likely expand on the themes of EFMB. As a side note I also really don’t see how EFMB is preachy, except for Weak Fantasy , which is explicitly anti—Religion. But then I grew up listening to German punk such as Die Aerzte so I guess my tolerance might be higher in this regard.
  10. icebreaker

    Nightwish World Tour 2020

    Yep, I must admit that I was very disappointed with the lack of Nightwish talk when I first joined here. I follow what’s happening with Tarja or Within Temptation but they were not the reason I joined this forum. I actually joined alternatives like the facebook and discord groups because of that. Luckily now with Decades and the new album and tour coming up, things are much more active here and there is actual discussions going on.
  11. icebreaker

    Children of Bodom

    Three long-term band members leaving jointly like that certainly seems to hint at significant issues behind the scenes. The band statement is also kinda strange and tersely worded, they "need to step back and change direction within their lives"?
  12. icebreaker

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    Eh, I really enjoy Troy's additional guitars on Devil, and he was in the video for like only two seconds anyways. Agree with not being too keen on the addition of the flute on Nemo, though. I'm just really happy that the sound and video on this release is so good, after reading people saying that the venue in Buenos Aires was difficult sound wise and that the audience was so loud, I was already a bit worried that we would get another Wembley.
  13. icebreaker

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    They should be able to heal that mistake on the Kinslayer with taking his vocals from the second show they filmed. Just don't have the camera focus on Marko on those lines. Should be easy enough to do.
  14. icebreaker

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    Well, this is how opinions differ. I really don't like End of An Era much, the direction with the constant cuts, weird zooms and random slow-motions makes me feel kinda dizzy and destroy the "live feeling" for me. Plus the weird atmosphere and Tarja's subpar vocals due to cold. I agree with you on the Wembley mixing though. Luckily this seems to be a significant step up from Wembley. I am also sure that they will show more of the crowd during songs such as I Want My Tears Back, Elan or Greatest Show on Earth, etc. Edit: Ninja'd
  15. icebreaker

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    I really like the fact that there are no pyros and only one screen, puts the focus firmly on the performance of the band, where it should be.