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  1. clockend

    Nightwish Album Rankings 2019

    Nighttimebird, They say great minds think alike, Joking aside my list could change on my mood or any given events in my life. I tend to enjoy songs with deep meaningful lyrics, or what i might term as slightly morose, Though when Floor introduced alpenglow at wembley it certainly kicked me into a good mood, Enjoy your day.
  2. clockend

    Nightwish Album Rankings 2019

    This ranking of Nightwish albums is a commonly asked question on the various social media forums i am a member of. I find that on the fan sites where one of the singers of Nightwish is the focal point, that the albums covered by the chosen singer is voted as number one on the list. Not surprising one might think, but i find that a pressure to conform to that ideal although not expressed in words might bias the result. This forum appears eclectic in tastes and that perceived pressure is not there, I only mention this as the original post felt the trust in members opinions was to be trusted on this forum. 1. Century child I vacillate on my favourite Nightwish albums, but at the present time i am playing this album in my car more than any other. Beauty of the Beast is just so epic for me 2. Dark Passion Play I love Poet and the pendulum especially the live wembley version 3. Endless Forms Most Beautiful I love Tuomas lyrics on all Nightwish albums, and in my opinion this album epitomises those feelings. I like reading the meaning to the lyrics on this forum. 4.Imaginaerum Like nearly every song on this album, Enjoyed the film too. 5. Once This was the first album i bought after hearing Nemo, still enjoy the songs. 6.Wishmaster. Like she is my sin, and Tarjas wishmaster, Deep Silent Complete, and Dead Boys Poem 7.Oceanborn. Loved The Devil and deep dark Ocean from the decades tour, And adore Tarja Sacrament of the Wilderness, and Pharaoh Sails to Orien 8. Angels Fall First Love the first five songs from this album, Especially Astral Romance, and Angels Fall First
  3. clockend

    The NW Songs Commentary

    Hi, Just to let you know that Amaranth was discussed on the meanings of Nightwish songs thread, on page five a member Cristermo gives a meaning to the song.
  4. clockend

    The Floor thread

    Just an update, Secret Projects Floor Jansen secret sari dress, In support of the prevention through production programme. Floor is personally choosing three sari patterns, to make up the next batch of dresses.
  5. clockend

    The Floor thread

    Thank you Hunebedbouwer, An amazing piece of researching, It should elevate the cause to the plight of those who are the victims of human trafficking, Having these esteemed ladies in collaboration with she rocks accentuating this problem.
  6. NO1. Greatest Show On Earth Ratina Stadion 2015, (Vehicle of Spirit) 4 points A song with the lyrics The cosmic law of gravity pulled the newborns around a fire, A careless cold infinity in every vast direction. Lonely farer in the goldilocks zone, does it for me NO2. Poet and Pendulum Live Wembley 2015 (Vehicle of Spirit) 4 points NO3. Song of Myself (Liberec 2013) 1 point I like this version Floor looks scintillating, quality of video not as good as Wacken 2013 NO4. Ghost Love Score: Circo Voador Rio De Janeiro 2012, 3 point I like this version as i think it is the first time Floor gets the ending as near to the Buenos Aires version as it stands. I like Floors yes at the end No5. Weak Fantasy: Bravalla festival Sweden 2016 1 point No 6; Last Ride of the Day; House of Blues Orlando feat Kamelot, points1 A real fun version No 7. Storytime Tampere 2015 2 points Love this version, floor holding dress at the end so she does not have a marilyn monroe moment in the seven year itch NO 8 Alpenglow. Wembley (Vehicle of Spirit) points 1 This song just makes you feel great, Love Floors words at beginning No9. Sacrement of the Wilderness Helsinki 1999 1 point They look so young but the quality is there No 10 Angels Fall First Studio version points1 just like this song, cant find a live version NO 11: Seven days to the Wolves: Barona areena Points1 You cant beat a bit of Stephen Kings The Dark Tower and Nightwish NO 12:Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean: Live At Ilosaarirock With Tapio Wilska 2018 1 point i Like this with Floor, hope they play it again live No 13 Ever Dream Live at Download Festival 2016: 1 point Some thing about playing before Iron Maiden play their set that i enjoy. No 14 Wishmaster End of Era points1; NO15 She is my Sin Tampere (vehicle of spirit) 1 point Oh to be a sinner Had to find a point for this wonderful song, Tarja is magnificent in this. 1 Point I would like Nightwish to sing this with Floor. Beauty of the Beast Notables: Beauty and the beast Sleeping sun Turn loose the Mermaids Eva Bless the child Deep silent Complete Nemo Sahara 10th man down Decades in the sun Amaranth
  7. clockend

    The Floor thread

    Thanks Imagineer for the reply , It could be presented at International Women"s Day.
  8. clockend

    The Floor thread

    Does anyone know if Floor and her sister Irene are doing a photo shoot for Secret Sari, A company that fights human trafficking in India. They sell beautiful Sari dresses.
  9. clockend

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Tuomas interview for rock hard 2018, He talks about the decades tour, and the up and coming Album, also he said he could not take another band member leaving, And hopes they can keep this line up.
  10. clockend

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I think this video bears out what you experienced, Although I understand that it was the last show of the decades tour, They would want to put a great performance in. There seems a good chemistry on stage with Emppu and FLoor
  11. clockend

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I like this version, The crowd are exuberant here, has a good atmosphere, still from 2018
  12. clockend

    Cover songs

    Hi Geoman 286, Yes its a small world as they say, I just found it pretty incredible that on a forum dedicated to Nightwish, That with fans posting from different parts of our blue planet I should find a post of a public house I used to frequent, With a member of one of the bands I used to watch. Yes Kenneth Petrie known as the reverend is the guitarist, and I can say, standing around six feet away it was great to watch. I think most people who like Nightwish due to the nature of the great lyrics and music, Would in general be more deep thinkers and possibly more peaceful than most At least I would like to think so. Good luck fellow Nightwisher
  13. clockend

    The Kai Thread

    Happy Birthday to Kai, and Happy New Year
  14. clockend

    The Tuomas thread

    Vivaldi Metal Project, Performed at Kitee international Music and Art Festival, July 15th 2018, A tribute to Tuomas Holopainen, A Lifetime Of Adventure apologies if it has already been posted
  15. clockend

    Cover songs

    Hmmm, How interesting that I am on a Nightwish forum all be it on cover songs, Just catching up on different threads, with fans who post from all over the world, and my local pub is shown, Where I used to see local bands, And the Rev (guitarist) as he is known in this band is shown playing, Well the odds must be small, Thanks