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  1. Figment-of-me

    The Floor thread

    Really enjoyed this! Poor Henk looked like he was going to cry.
  2. Figment-of-me

    The Floor thread

    This put you out - ok fair enough. I'm trying to say she is good enough that it's pretty much a sure thing she'd do very well in other styles. She didn't say it, I did. To me, I think she's fully aware of the fact and yes, is stating a delicate thing carefully. As for alliteration, wasn't intentional but if you want to see it as pretentious I'll take it you don't like how I write. Your entitlement I guess.
  3. Figment-of-me

    What songs should Nightwish cover?

    Ok not cover exactly but I'd love to hear a section like this in a Nightwish song. We've heard choral backing tracks so it's not such a stretch. Although the text is Christian gospel set by the contemporary Estonian composer Arvo Pärt, what I hear is the Elves sailing from Middle Earth or some other ancient wonder passing from the world. I've really been enjoying this group, Voces8 recently. Very fine recording.
  4. Figment-of-me

    Valcata — New Symphonic Metal Opera

    Very interesting project. In the vein of Arjen Lucassen's work? The "distributed" cast idea is something that's been growing on me. Another case of internet as disruptive technology that I'm choosing to believe will be a good thing (like hoping local groups can still get paid session work?) You're working with pros so really, I'm not at all putting my name forward for anything (definitely in the amateur space although my orchestra does work with pro soloists). Maybe some advanced amateurs could put something together. Something like these guys (are they music students?) or this project (although I'm an instrumentalist, not a trained singer) would be so cool! Looks really good so far. Will there be clips/demos we can listen to?
  5. Figment-of-me

    Strangerous Vocal Covers

    Hey good stuff - you've put some real effort into this. Love the production! Curious how the backing tracks where done. Sounds really good. Listened to the WT track for reference. You have very different vocal styles and I'm guessing voices as well. Her take has more pop styling I'd say. Glad to hear you post this! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Figment-of-me

    The Floor thread

    Not surprised Floor can do this well e.g. if you've seen the Big Band Boesten clip of her doing Hurt (I wish there was a proper recording of this in circulation. The band may have it). Personally I'm fatigued by the various R&B/gospel whatever derivative styles that mainstream just can't seem to let go of (even if I can find it impressive/enjoyable at times). This is a comment about commercial music and not Beste Zangers per se. Latin rhythm hasn't been quite as beaten to death but we get the idea what the show might be aiming at. I only hope some of Floor's songs are actually covered with a bit of edge but I expect more ballad-like treatment. Would Floor do a truly metal cover here? That would be cool! Wonder if she ever sported a more punky haircut - maybe shorter with one side shaved close or something? You know the look. I think it'd be cute...
  7. Figment-of-me


    That's many years wandering the desert! Glad you found your oasis - it's no mirage.
  8. Figment-of-me

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Ohh it could be just like reality tv! "Mitch said my ending was boring and predictable! He said my chord progression is lame and I should study voice leading! Whaaa, I thought he loved me!" @Baki I'd buy you an ice cream. Do you like waffle cones?
  9. Figment-of-me

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Funny I keep hearing how unsociable the Finns are but that doesn't match up with my personal experience (said purely from this individual perspective). Reserved or cautious yes, but in olden days I spent a fair amount of time around a campfire with Finns and several bottles of vodka and found them very agreeable! I don't drink with the ones I know today but find them very nice as well. So I terms of social media I'm trying to think of pre-internet days. Vague impressions of fan newsletters swirl around. Did these happen? But as a thought experiment I'd imagine a simple band liaison system. I'll take a crack at exposition here and others who know what they're talking about can pull it apart. "Hi Ms Jansen, hope things are well. For this month's band update I was thinking of a description of what you hear/are provided when you lay down a vocal track. Here's a rough draft of the idea, if you'd send a few point form details or comments? I can get this back to you for release approval by early next week..." (totally making this up of course) If the writer knew the band and the industry this could take all of minutes per month/quarter whatever of the band's time? An uninformed guess. Anyway as always they will choose to do exactly as they please and we'll enjoy what we get from it!
  10. Figment-of-me

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Does anyone else feel this website could use some love from the band? I'm all great with them each working up their own social media but surely the "official website" deserves some effort? For example the News section has zero posts?! Most content is user/fan derived, which is fine, but other than a few very involved mods (love @Damian's input, appreciate the editorial effort and fear the wrath of the @dragonprincess etc.), am I just completely missing what actually makes this "official"? Cool the band members have accounts, but most of them have never logged in! I'd rather they spend their time getting inspired and making great music, sure, but how about hiring someone to mirror their Facebook or Twitter etc. comments under their own account here? Or to ghost write some prepared statements? Even the illusion that there was fan interaction here must cause some buzz... Just a thought
  11. Figment-of-me

    The Floor thread

    Nice! That most important of topics came up again recently of the difference between being a nerd or a geek. I think the essence is that a geek can be cool. So Floor is a music Geek, and very definitely not a nerd. Since you can't argue with success I guess none of them are nerds... although a nerd can own the business you work for (so I'm confused again!) Now is dork just a goof and not necessarily a nerd or geek? (Drifting towards goofy geek-nerd-dork there. He-hem. Sorry) As for the "metal facade" I get what @NeoGeorg means, although I'd not thought of it quite that way. I'll risk taking it farther into what might be dangerous heresy but I have thought about what metal is to them outside of a career. Tuomas and Emmpu, not sure how metal-head they'd be at their core (I mean I can't guess). We see Tuomas rocking out and Emmpu hamming it up on stage. The story about Tarja's strong voice pulling the band into metal made me initially wonder. But I don't know their history or personal preferences. Still, they've been at it a long time! I sure hope they're into what they're doing! Pretty convinced for Marko, Kai and Floor although they each can and have done good work in other styles. I strongly suspect Floor could have been more famous and faster in another genre and she's essentially said it was a deliberate choice (she artfully avoided any arrogance, but it's clear she understands the implications). Good for her! And I forgot Troy (so sorry!). Love of folk music, check. Affinity for metal? Not even a hint of a clue for me. Just that he's deeply involved with this metal band you may have heard of. But other than the obvious no idea or even impression. Maybe a point could be that they don't really have to "sell it" and showing a softer side might even reflect the music better. For me either way is no problem, but they, many fans, their label etc. might get skittish about drifting too far from their roots. Not sure but an interesting idea. And I'm hearing people hinting they think this album will be heavier and/or darker. From evidence (I know there is some) or personal hopes/wishes? Guess we'll see...
  12. Figment-of-me

    The Kai Thread

    @Slayed Dreamer Thanks for posting this! After listening to some Wintersun it doesn't surprise me that Kai recognizes the likes of Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa and went to learn from someone who influenced Neil Peart! I really like his approach to teaching too. Years ago I had my first stab at taking lessons again as an adult. The teacher was one of the pros in the semi-pro orchestras I was playing with (as a community player). Their thing was to figure out where I fit in their school and program. This really didn't work for me. You're already bringing such a collection of previous training and experience! A different pro then taught me for a while. This time it was, "Play something for me", and "Here are some things I hear, and you probably know some things you'd like to work on. Also we'll work up some great repertoire because music should be fun and enjoyable"! Night and day, but it worked out I could only get a few precious months there for logistical reasons. A recent epiphany related to this coming out of a coached experience: technique is about liberating the musician. It's not just enabling difficult material to be played well, it's about freeing up mental and emotional space to allow the magic to happen. This wasn't the lightning bolt and thunder clap realization variety but the slow settling into your bones of something you know intellectually or are dimly aware of already. Technique isn't just about facility doing something hard, it's about finding the most natural, easy and effective way. True for music, dance, sport and so many more endeavours and aspects of living. I think Kai gets this and also recognizes it in other members of Nightwish.
  13. Figment-of-me

    The Floor thread

    How retro is that! Now how can a harpsichord be worked into things... Well (hesitating to mention it) there is always the vampire motif. Vampires on motorbikes. Ok, I'll stop!
  14. Figment-of-me

    The Floor thread

    This gives me a funny image: Victorians or Elizabethans with body tattoos and piercings. Some kind of before-steampunk thing! What alternative reality fiction could follow from that? It's interesting to me that this project could happen. It shows how cohesive a continuity this is (maybe especially amongst the ladies?) I can't think of another genre where a visual artist could realistically pull off this kind of collaboration between so many musicians (but maybe there is another?)
  15. Figment-of-me

    The Floor thread

    Makes sense. I'm curious how much preparation the singers needed. Did they review each other's catalogue? I guess some songs would be off limits for copyright or would conflict with ongoing tours, compilation releases or whatever. Did the original singer make recommendations? Maybe there were consultants to review and recommend. Can you imagine just going through Floor's After Forever catalogue for example, especially if you didn't know it at all before? It would take some time!