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  1. Figment-of-me

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    Well not even remotely metal, but I think both Tarja and Floor would approve. The Pie Jesu from Fauré's Requiem was playing, and while it's lovely, this made me think of Duruflé's Pie Jesu. Tabernac! Can't be doing this before bed! For me it's like a slow impaling, or watching your heart be extracted from your chest. This is one of those works you wonder how in someone's career they did this pretty good stuff and then... how? Where did it come from? Best with this simple arrangement: mezzo, cello and organ. Find a quiet space and close your eyes. I hope some of you will feel something like what I do.
  2. Figment-of-me

    Your Recent Musical Discoveries

    Seems an oldish thread but might be the right place. Found this label and band through YouTube suggest - the interesting thing being it has now decided I'm good for foreign language content! (I consider this a breakthrough if it isn't obvious). Know nothing about the band or the label. The song I'll guess is titled, "Winter's Song". It starts out with a Celtic feel and about half way introduces an almost thrash beat ending in a metal or maybe hard rock style. Curious about the label now (Scarlet Records). Maybe this is common knowledge, don't know. It's new to me.
  3. Figment-of-me

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Very cool! I've listened to only one so far. Wonder what they are actually doing here - i.e. are they reworking the audio from the public release material, and if so how? To call that remastering seems a bit overstated but I suppose maybe you could adjust the mix and have some filters and enhancements? If you've watched Rick Beato's stuff, he's always saying, "let's listen to the vocals by themself", or the bass or guitar line. I've always wondered what software/method he uses to separate these 'cause I really doubt he'd have access to the original tracks? Real interesting.
  4. Figment-of-me

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Of course they will do as they want. Managing expectations is a job for the audience too - but I'll choose to take the risk this time. One bard whose love letters sold for five times their estimated value said it well: << I saw a beggar leaning on his wooden crutch, he said to me, "You must not ask for so much." And a pretty woman leaning in her darkened door, she cried to me, "Hey, why not ask for more?" >>
  5. Figment-of-me

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Cool concept! I suppose the thematic part is pretty set as they already have demos? But there is still room guys to read all these obviously brilliant suggestions and put out that kick butt album we know is looking to burst free! Comment inline: Final comments: I'd love them to surprise me. Something in the tradition of Nightwish but that pushes boundaries, that makes me think. Ideally that stays with me and changes/moves my perception of the world I live in. Something I'll remember and want to revisit years from now. Tall order but they can do it. I feel Tuomas has it in him and I have no doubts about the musicianship or artistry of the band. I think the lineup is the strongest ever and that it will likely ever be. An album that uses this right will be a keeper. It could even define a new direction for other musicians into the future. I really believe they can do this right now. The opportunity cannot be around forever.
  6. Figment-of-me

    Within Temptation II

    This is such a changed topic so I also feel a need to "see to my own defenses". I'm not advocating saying certain fascists are "fine people" or any such idiocy. If I were to feel such people should be shot or that they are undeserving of due process then my own harsh feelings would just be a reflection of theirs. I'd do two things: work to put protections in place against probable abuses to come; and look on them with pity and hopes to improve their hurtful world view.
  7. Figment-of-me

    Within Temptation II

    And I would agree with this. If you've been wronged it's understandable you'll be more inclined to see to your own defenses but that can't permit committing those same offenses against others - especially those not a party to your original wronging. Being a past victim does not justify your own abuses... but of course it happens all the time.
  8. Figment-of-me

    Within Temptation II

    The question to me is why do people want to do this? When I see people in love that makes me happy. I suppose the underlying issue is prejudice and maybe whatever dreams of perceived past glory of the clan inform this - but I'm not a psychologist. Isn't belonging to a larger, more inclusive and vibrant clan a forward-looking alternative? I consider us to be very privileged with our facility to participate in a wider world than the one that only extends to the next village! That expression sounds painful in more ways than one!
  9. Figment-of-me

    Within Temptation II

    Not taking sides, just injecting some irreverence. Saw this zinger years ago and it stuck with me: "I'd agree with you but then we'd both be wrong!"
  10. Figment-of-me

    Anneke van Giersbergen

    And so she is
  11. Figment-of-me


    Wow how do you have the time?! I'm still very new to Nightwish and couldn't possibly do anything like this but here are my few comments, inline in italics:
  12. Figment-of-me

    The Floor thread

    Apologies up front that some will dispute the relevance of this but it ties together other things I've advocated, and so has Floor. Adam Neely just dropped a vid about being, literally, a "jazz ambassador" through an obscure US gov program. Traveling to Mongolia and also Kyrgyzstan: coincidentally the birthplace of Valentina Shevchenko who I've previously compared Floor to (not as a fighter of course) and who successfully defended her UFC title today by brutal knockout - it made me wince. [Yes this is an aside but it's too precious to pass up.] Adam gives a lengthy, considerate and thoughtful exposition on the value of music for building international trust and importantly to me, its value as a shared personal experience. Floor talks about wanting to be an "ambassador for good music" and here Adam is taking her words literally (understanding jazz may not be to everyone's taste)! On the thin chance that Floor or someone connected to her reads this I believe the 18 minutes would be well worth your time If you can spare it - and equally to others of like mind. Good on you Adam! Looks like it was a hell of a good time with memories to last a lifetime!
  13. Figment-of-me

    The Floor thread

    Meant in the best possible way (this is me talking about Floor after all) I feel she is both more simple and more complex than the public knows - the different looks may just reflect part of this.
  14. Figment-of-me


    @hunebedbouwer Understood you don't mean me personally and really I'm not pro-nuclear. But we produce science and engineering without fully understanding the implications all the time. And this isn't to excuse it but is a pragmatic observation. When they sprayed the streets with DDT in North America, Africa, elsewhere? the science suggested this was reasonable. DDT seemed fairly safe - for humans! The consequences for shellfish and birds was not known or anticipated. Chemists in the 60s thought pesticides and herbicides would allow us to feed the world. Literally. They were the good guys. Today hard to convince anyone that commercial registration of these compounds is (at least in the first world) governed by some serious regulation and that the trials involved are lengthy and costly. Then try to convince people they are safe? And ultimately only long use can really show this to be true. Sometimes people do wrong through being irresponsible, sometimes guided by the best science and "common sense". Environmental issues are hugely complex, even assuming everyone is acting in good faith. And regrettably common sense sometimes turns out to be wrong.
  15. Figment-of-me


    @hunebedbouwer Not trying to ruffle feathers and I also haven't seen this documentary. My understanding is that a manager at Cernobyl overrode safety protocols multiple times and over the objections of the engineers to make this go critical. Yes human stupidity is a real danger. At Fukushima we saw what the complex was hit with and still I wouldn't call this a true disaster. I'm not claiming there were no consequences but that given the situations these actually speak for the safety of nuclear. As you lived in a country with fallout conditions I totally get why this makes being objective difficult. Hydro power is huge in parts of Canada and quite controversial. The size of some reservoirs is completely unreasonable and the environmental and social impacts immediate and very real. cf. British Columbia's Site 'C' project. Then there is decommissioning and remediation years later that we just have to trust will be handled appropriately. Nothing comes free. I do agree science should be funded to address nuclear waste but far more deaths are directly and indirectly attributable to hydro and coal than to nuclear. It's far from perfect but I do feel it is unfairly demonized.