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  1. Figment-of-me

    The Floor thread

    After letting the rehearsal footage of After Forever @ Bilbao Spain sink in (in the After Forever thread), an internal war was waged over the stupidity of what I'm now doing. The idiots seem to have won this time. Please pre-excuse the sappiness - I do know this is a metal forum! If you can suspend your disbelief... this is offered platonically, indicating my respect and admiration. She has touched many people, whether knowingly or not. And regrets, I am happily spoken for dear lady! Ha ha. David Francey has had the gift of expressing profound thoughts and feelings in simple language - something I greatly admire. His body of work is full of, "I wish I'd thought of that" turns of phrase. [He has a heavy accent. The last line is, "count myself among...", not "kill myself..." ;-> ]
  2. Figment-of-me

    The Troy thread

    More thoughts on their Robin Hood. Little John: Hagrid. The Sheriff: Tyrion/Tywin Lannister. Will have to watch this series again...
  3. Figment-of-me

    After Forever

    Ok, this is just unfair! How am I supposed to get any sleep tonight!?
  4. Figment-of-me

    The Troy thread

    If you've ever wondered about that bagpipe thing Troy is playing, here is a really nice mini documentary about the Uilleann Pipes (elbow pipes, but not the plumber's kind!). It's about 10 minutes long and quite well done. My first exposure was probably through Clannad, who I discovered through the soundtrack to the BBC's 1984 Robin of Sherwood. The music and the series made a big impression. Great moody folk music and a very Gothic interpretation of the Robin Hood legend in which the Devil is a reoccurring character while Hern the Hunter (Cerunnos) is a paternal force for good. Great supporting characters include a multi-dimensional Marion, an absolutely maniacally pissed Will Scarlett and a so cool Saracen - who gets possessed at one point and I think gave me nightmares. btw, Maire Brennan is Enya's older sister (and I like Maire's voice better too!) Other instrumentation I'd love to hear either if Troy takes them up or on backing tracks would include the Hurdy Gurdy, the Hardanger Fiddle or the Nyckelharpa (key fiddle). All have drones and all are bowed strings - the Hurdy Gurdy using a hand turned wheel as the "bow". And as many folk instruments are close to their early music roots I'd include the Bass Viol (Viola da Gamba or leg viol). It has a unique haunting, mournful quality. If you haven't seen the Gerard Depardieu film Tous les matins du monde (All the Mornings of the World) with Jordi Savall's wonderful soundtrack, I highly recommend both. Looking forward to what instrumentation and arrangements the new Nightwish material will offer!
  5. Figment-of-me

    The Floor thread

    "I have tried in my way to be free." A motto for the human condition, simply and elegantly stated.
  6. Figment-of-me

    The Floor thread

    You almost sound Canadian in your self-effacement, eh?
  7. Figment-of-me

    The Floor thread

    This could be interesting. Floor is meeting the public part way. With her physical stature (even amongst the Dutch), her calm authority, the tattoos, the presence, the voice and skill, and her uncomplicated charm - I predict stereotypes will be simultaneously confirmed and entirely destroyed for many people. They certainly were for me. She's at that curious nadir in her career. On top of the world technically, artistically and in terms of "making it" in her genre. Where to go, what to do from here? "Up" will mean taking the entire genre higher - there is no current higher to aspire to. Lateral moves are possible and she's dabbled in other styles, but I think her commitment to metal is very real. She doesn't need "fame" or "advancement" - already checked off. So I see this as part personal interest and maybe genuine giving back to the community. This will lead people to her, to Nightwish, to symphonic metal etc. For me, the discovery couldn't have been through a better muse. Prog metal seemed a natural extension and I certainly was familiar with prog rock. Symphonic-in-metal seems to work so much better than I'd have ever expected. This is a concert week for me, onstage in the orchestra with over 100 coral singers. It's Brahms' setting of Luther's update to the Latin Mass for the dead, the cusp of spring, Easter, death, rebirth and renewal. Brahms' Ein deutsches Requiem, bringing this profound experience to the German people in their own language. The symbolism isn't lost on me. It's going to be emotional for me, I already know. I teared up on the way to work thinking about it (and that's not typical for me in public). And sitting in rehearsal I literally thought, no joke, "How would Floor do this?" The Dutch are about to have The Floor Jansen Experience. I'll love to see what might come of it all.
  8. Figment-of-me

    Eurovision SC 2019

    This was a lot of fun! The syncopation is hard to resist. I even like the "backing" teen (?) "musicians" - although I really doubt they were actually playing, or were even mic'd. I've never heard of this competition (because I live under the rock that is North America). Sounds interesting. Are there specific criteria for entrance? (I mean, what are they?) Does each country have their own adjudication process to pick their entry? Just thinking out loud - I could look it up... Some of the others I gave a quick listen to have that very pop vocoder vocal thing that I still blame Cher for - she didn't invent it but made it "popular" (made it pop, or way too often made pop it). It turns me off when an effect overpowers the musical content. I've had the same criticism of some After Forever songs where incessant growling covers much more interesting musical happenings (or covers anything Floor was doing - 20 lashes and straight to bed without supper!)
  9. Figment-of-me

    Anette Olzon (2º part)

    O-K that's clear enough! Appreciate the comments. I may still give some few random-access seconds to see if it changes anything.. And I will learn how to spell this form of Annette^H^H^H^H^H damn!
  10. Figment-of-me

    Anette Olzon (2º part)

    Yeah, I've got to look more into Timo Tolkki's stuff. In Design the Century, the song with Floor she's really good, but the rest? It comes across a bit silly actually. Not exactly "bad" but probably not the effect he's going for. Its not at all hidden that Floor is some kind of miracle-creature for me, but I like to think it doesn't completely impair my judgment - I do trust her musical taste, so maybe I'm missing something. Other big names have signed on too. It must mean something? I'll have to give more of his stuff a fair listen. Recently heard Nightwish's arrangement of The Heart Asks Pleasure First with Annette singing. She did a really nice job. There's nothing wrong with Annette as a singer. Nightwish was not a natural fit for her but she did good work and had some good results.
  11. Figment-of-me

    Ridiculous Covers

    Not new or exactly unknown, but still brilliant and ridiculous. 2Cellos cover AC/DC Thunderstruck Maybe this is just my list... Anyone else?
  12. Figment-of-me

    10 Years ago ... Dark Passion Play!

    Talking to stars - I know what you both mean. Years ago there was a young prodigy about my age who I admired. He performed the first half of a show and after intermission happened to be seated right near me. I spent the entire second half trying to think of an opening. Something that would stand out in a good way. I'd met him previously but didn't think that context would have made an impression, but I knew he had a sister who was a concert pianist. So I went up to him and asked, "How is your sister doing?" Without missing a beat he answered, "Which one?" Umm, the pianist... He's a very bright guy and got it instantly. I knew nothing about his sister(s)! He made some polite comment that she was fine and turned back to his friends. Exactly the opposite of what I was trying to achieve (and in retrospect, what was that exactly?). Years later I played in a small market semi-pro orchestra: pro core with community players like me filling out the ranks. In that context I was on stage with some pretty big names and had fairly good access. I could make more personal comments about the music but was always very cognizant that this was a "professional" activity and the performer was our guest. A friend who worked as an assistant director in film, wrangling stars onto set and seeing to production logistics told me there is a whole protocol in that world of how to talk to stars. The most meaningful interaction I had was from a comment to an up and coming cellist we accompanied. She was very good and had an other-worldly presence. I was really moved. Spontaneously I went up to her and sincerely said, "Thank you for making us sound good!" This time it was the star at a loss for words. But it could never have happened if I was thinking it through. I think Nightwish feels the community's support and gratitude in the aggregate. They may not pick out individual points of light but they do see how brightly the galaxy glows.
  13. Figment-of-me

    The NW Songs Commentary

    btw Charlotte Church, the singer of Suo Gan above, is just lovely. A duet with her and Floor would melt my heart.
  14. Figment-of-me

    The NW Songs Commentary

    The way you describe it and the reference to angel wings made me think of a lullaby I know. Turns out it is the Welsh Suo Gan, and probably very well known in the UK. I never heard it as a kid though. Otherwise I've never looked it up, so thanks for that! In particular: Angels hover, Ever nearer, Looking on your Smiling face. I will hold you, Close enfold you Close your eyes now Go to sleep. The tunes are quite different though. Here it is in Welsh. Welsh version - YouTube
  15. Figment-of-me

    Reaction videos (to music)

    And after Sam's analysis-free hilarity, what pops up but Adam Neely going off about tuning standards in this very nerd-pleasing vid. Seems it's from July '17 so not April Fool's.. but it could have passed for it (you'll have to watch a bit to get it). A432 Tuning Rant (sort of)