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  1. dodge

    "¿Qué se siente?"

    Needs to be added to the 2020 world tour..
  2. dodge

    What songs should Nightwish cover?

    Tuomas: Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple.
  3. dodge


    WT is awesome too. Got a chance to see them earlier this year.....Sharon has the most beautiful voice I think I've ever heard. Great musicians..was my first concert since seeing the Ramones in Austin back in '77. Just a small hiatus lol. Much has changed to say the least!! I think its neat that tho our ages differ, we have really good musical tastes. I'm open to listening to anything similar to these guys...they are pretty unique.
  4. dodge


    Since coming across a reaction (Ghost Love Score) video on YouTube I found this super awesome genre. After playing in a country/western band here in Texas, I sorta went wandering in the musical wilderness from around 1980 thru about a yr ago when I saw the vid. Just hadnt heard a lot that was my cup of tea until the YT vid. Hasnt been the same since. Have listened to a bunch on Youtube and 2 groups really stand out for me. Nightwish and Therion. Each has a distinctive sound for sure, but are the top 2 I've sampled. Both have had great hardware at times, but its the composers cpus that set them apart for all others in the genre IMO. Just hope Therion has something left in the tank as far as touring/new album etc. Absolutely can not wait until the new Nightwish album and expected tour. Wish they would play fewer shows and perform those at bigger venues if possible. Nightwish and Therion: 2 of the greatest groups...ever.
  5. dodge

    What songs should Nightwish cover?

    Before Floor...there was another.. Whilst doing the afterwork commute today this song (1975) came on and I got to if Nightwish were to do a cover of this...:) The cover of the Pink Floyd song is tremendous and Im not a big Floyd fan. Take a listen to what Therion did with an ABBA classic and you will get an idea of what symphonic metal and a pop song from 1978 can become... hoping....dreaming... Mod Edit (dragonprincess): Hey, before opening a new thread, please make sure that you post your thread in the right section and you also need to make sure that you don't open a thread that does already exist, that's why I merged your thread with the appropriate thread. Thanks.
  6. dodge

    Howdy from Texas

    Hope of those bucket-list deals to see them live. You know, I've yet to hear an "off" song by these guys. Not one. Amazing. Still learning history etc of the band. Apparently one of the "pioneers" of this genre. Found a orchestral metal radio station and I can tell when a NW song comes on even those I've never heard. VERY unique sound...I think they carved out their own niche-Nightwish Metal perhaps.
  7. dodge

    Howdy from Texas

    I think so. I wasn't even aware of the genre until I saw the video. Wish I had seen video a year earlier as NW was on tour here in the states and actually came to Dallas TX back in April 2018. Would have gone for sure. Have heard they about ready to work on the next album? A USA tour hopefully after that maybe. Maybe in time for my 65th birthday perhaps! thank you for the response!
  8. dodge

    Howdy from Texas

    First heard this group via a reaction video on Youtube a month or so back. I thought it was a song called Nightwish by that bizzaro group Ghost. Needless to say..I was "floored". Had always wondered what rock music had evolved into since I really hadnt heard much for my taste since the Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult days back in the '70s. One of my favorite songs was circa 1970-"Venus" by The Shocking Blue. NW is something else though. Sorta like tossing ABBA and Metallica in a bucket and this tremendous sound jumps out at That live show from Wacken is the best music/sound/arrangement I've ever heard. Where have my ears been all these years? Yeah, I'm sold.