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    History, mainly military history, Aviation, Metal-Music, Gaming


  • How Did You Discover Nightwish
    Must have been in the early 2000's, The Kinslayer was the background-music in a video I watched. But somehow they stayed always a bit "under my radar" until I saw the Ghost Love Score video from Wacken 2013 not too long ago. I was blown away and now I'm hooked.
  • How Many Times Seen Live?
    Two times, 2008 and 2016, on festivals and before I was into them. It's time for a real concert now
  • Most Memorable NW Memory
    First time hearing Floor's version of Ghost Love Score
  • Most Prized Nightwish Item
    A signed copy of the book "We were here"
  • Best Live Song
    Ghost Love Score/I want my tears back
  • Favourite Album
  • Favourite Song
    Ghost Love Score (Floors Version), what else?
  • Favourite Album/Single Artwork
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    Showtime, Storytime

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    Cat, Owl
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    Beer :) But a good Whiskey or Whine is also appreciated.
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    Austria, Croatia, Dominican Republic, France, Spain, England, Scotland, Ireland
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    No, never
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    If something costs nerves it is too expensive
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    Two Cats
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    unfortunately not
  • Phobias
    Everything with more than four legs is suspicious

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  • Favourite Drummer
    Shannon Larkin, Jukka, Kai
  • Favourite Singer
    Floor Jansen, Corey Taylor, Bjørn „Speed“ Strid, Tomi Joutsen, Benjamin Burnley
  • Favourite Guitarist
    Mark Tremonti, Emppu
  • Favourite Bassist
    Reginald Arvizu and of course Marko
  • Favourite Pianist/Keyboard Player
    Tuomas Holopainen
  • Best Concert Attended
    phew, I've been to a lot of concerts, it is impossible to pick a "best" one
  • Favourite Non NW Album?
    Ten Thousand Fists by Disturbed
  • Favourite Composer?
    Tuomas Holopainen, Hans Zimmer, John Williams
  • Favourite Band/Artist?
    Nightwish, Soilwork, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Godsmack, Disturbed, Amorphis, Sabaton, Breaking Benjamin
  • Musical Dislikes (Songs, Bands etc)
    Almost everything that's on the German radio.


  • Favourite Actor/Actress
    Harrison Ford
  • Favourite Movie(s)
    Star Wars (the classic trilogy), Top Gun (the real star is the F-14 there!), MCU
  • Favourite TV Show(s)/Series
    too many
  • Favourite Movie Soundtrack
    Star Wars, The Rock, Gladiator, Top Gun
  • Favourite Book(s)
    Everything about (military) History

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  1. crypt

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    There is already a "private" Video in the Nw Playlist on youtube, guess it will be "unlocked" VERY soon: So be careful you dreamers out there!
  2. crypt

    Nightwish World Tour 2020

    Floor recently commented on the Wacken 2013 GLS-Video on youtube that GLS is her favorite song to perfom live, so I don't think it is likely that they will drop it on the upcoming tour. Also I think they are aware of the fact that the "reaction video -hype" + BZ brought them a lot of new fans and made old fans return, and those want to see/hear that song live of course. Oh I surely won't hate you for that, because MPG with Floor would be awesome! (VERY unlikely though )
  3. crypt

    The Floor thread

    Yeah it seems you really need Chrome for watching these
  4. crypt

    The Floor thread

    There are 11 small videos uploaded now in which Floor talks about singing etc.. I hope the link works: If not, simply google Floor Jansen and you should find them on the right side in her "profile". Thanks to that guy who led us there in the discord I especially enjoyed the video about her routine right before the show It seems you can ask those questions via an app.
  5. crypt

    The Floor thread

    You don't have to, she just tweeted "Wrong tomorrow, oops". So guess we still have to wait until tomorrow
  6. crypt

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    And there it is
  7. crypt

    The Floor thread

    I had the impression that she really had to stop herself from telling us more about the new album
  8. crypt

    The Floor thread

    Great new Interview with Floor
  9. crypt

    Welt und Europatour 2020

    Nun, vielleicht sind sich Turmion Kätilöt und Nightwish ähnlicher als wir dachten, denn noch haben wir das neue Album nicht gehört Es gibt ja durchaus einige die vermuten, dass Nightwish auf dem neuen Album etwas mehr Elektro/Techno einbaut. Denn es wurde ja Seitens der Band betont, dass sie etwas machen wollen was sie noch nie gemacht haben. Ist natürlich erstmal nur reine Spekulation
  10. crypt

    Nightwish World Tour 2020

    Nightwish confirmed for the Greenfield Festival in Switzerland next year
  11. crypt

    Nightwish World Tour 2020

    Nah, don't worry, I'm a realist. Of course I hope that they'll keep some of those songs, but deep inside I know that mine is an empty hope. If we're really lucky ("lucky" of course in case you want to hear one of these songs) they'll play MAYBE one of those. Just because it was such fun to play on the Decades-Tour
  12. crypt

    Nightwish World Tour 2020

    Bought my ticket for the Extra-Show in Amsterdam I agree with the others, please keep Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean, Slaying the Dreamer and Gethsemane on the setlist Maybe Dead Boy's Poem, too.
  13. crypt

    The Floor thread

    Same. Oh boy I'm so excited She looks amazing!
  14. crypt

    The Floor thread

    As far as I know she will sing all the songs from BZ, plus some from After Forever, Revamp, Northward and Nightwish. Henk will be a guest at all shows of her solo-tour + at the Nightwish show in Amsterdam. Absolutely! EDIT: Ah, Imagineer was slightly faster
  15. crypt

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    That were my thoughts as well. I really like it as it is (Magnus' version is also great). It is way better than the VoS cover in my opinion.