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  1. -Romijn-

    Within Temptation II

    I do not really understand where all the criticism regarding the mixing of this album is coming from. The instruments sound clear, it is not overly loud, Sharon's vocals are mixed in nicely and the synths are not too high or too low in the mix. I often read that the guitars are barely hearable in many songs, but I think that is a stylistic choice rather than a mixing mistake. Overall I am enjoying this album a lot. I like the Sci-Fi theme. It is executed very well. Especially on songs like Endless War and Supernova. I am also loving Sharon's vocals (as usual ) and the drum work is very good. In fact I do not think that they have ever sounded as good on a WT album. The only criticism that I can think of is that the album could contain more guitar work. They have 2 good guitarists, but they feel underused to me on this album. I hope we will hear more of them on the next record. The highlights for me are Endless War, Supernova, Raise Your Banner and Trophy Hunter. I am also loving the energy and positive vibe that Mad World conveys.