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    Music video Amaranth in 2007 on tv at the hotel during a trip
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    0 sadly :(
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    My rediscovery of the group thanks to Floor's voice
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    None....for the time being
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    Ghost love score Wacken 2013
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    All live albums
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    Ever dream Wacken 2013
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    The greatest show on earth Tampere 2015
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    Showtime Storytime
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    Dark passion play
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    Anywhere with my wife
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    Carpe diem
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    Showtime Wacken 2013
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    Phil Collins
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    Floor (such versatility)/Johan Hegg (best growler)/Till Lindemann
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    Jimi Hendrix
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    Michael Peter « Flea » Balzary (Red hot chili peppers)
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    Die Sonne (Rammstein)
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    Made in Germany tour in 2012 at Paris Bercy
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    Mutter (Rammstein)
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    Hans Zimmer
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    Rammstein/Nightwish/Amon Amarth
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    I'm musically polygamous :)


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    Daniel Day Lewis/Charlize Theron
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    Christopher Nolan/Peter Jackson
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    The Dark Knight Rises
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    Game of thrones
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    The last of mohicans
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    Lord of the rings

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  1. Mjöllnir

    The Floor thread

    Yes very nice, I'm already signed up to her newsletter
  2. Mjöllnir

    The Floor thread

    Wow philosophic subject : Activism and Pacifism are they dichotomic or Si vis pacem, para bellum ? You have four hours It doesn’t matter, It’s the difficulty to discuss on a forum without visual support and for someone in a different language than our native language. It’s more difficult to understand the nuances. Yes a tour in family for Floor and Hannes, it will be great for them (with Freya doing headbang on backstage )
  3. Mjöllnir

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    It’s the positive way to address a career and we hope too. In the other hand do you have ever heard an artist says : “it’s done It’s our best album, the following will be worse” ? It’s more “It’s our best album for the moment” or what Tuomas said.
  4. Mjöllnir

    The Floor thread

    Ok state a hypothesis : - song of Sabaton featuring Floor check - song of nightwish featuring Sabaton on the future album ? - tour with Sabaton + Nightwish ? It will be nice isn't it ? It's awesome for them In my opinion you can be pacifist and write songs about war It's not incompatible.
  5. Mjöllnir

    Nightwish and humor

    And fortunately Finnish is your native language, me in the same situation..... A funny video : When Floor hits the floor I like a lot her reaction
  6. Mjöllnir

    Amon Amarth

    I don't really know why you say that Right now my two favorite songs from Berserker : And the most "compatible" with Nightwish (for intro and outro) : To resume this album, less death metal as others but more heavy, I like a lot.
  7. Mjöllnir

    Sad music that makes you cry...

    Some songs that move me : Daniel Balavoine - Tous les cris les S.O.S Disturbed - The sound of silence Dimash Kudaibergen - Adagio
  8. Mjöllnir

    Nightwish and humor

    Hi, The aim of this thread is to share funny videos, photos or stories about Nightwish. Me today : I was listening the song Crack the sky from the new album of Amon Amarth and in the chorus instead of hearing "Thor! Let your hammer fly, Let the lightning crack the blackened skies" I heard "Floor! Let your hammer fly, Let the lightning crack the blackened skies" Is it critical doctor ?
  9. Mjöllnir

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    Since yesterday : And no It's not a song about me
  10. Mjöllnir

    Amon Amarth

    Hi, After to have scrolled the 14 pages, I saw there is no thread about Amon Amarth. It's the ideal day to create the thread as the new album come out today. Actual line up Olavi Mikkonen – Lead guitar Johan Hegg – Vocals Ted Lundström – Bass guitar Johan Söderberg – Guitar Jocke Wallgren – Drums Studio albums Once sent from the golden hall 1998 The Avenger 1999 The crusher 2001 Versus the world 2002 Fate of Norns 2004 With Oden on our side 2006 Twillight of the thunder god 2008 Surtur rising 2011 Deceiver of the Gods 2013 Jomsviking 2016 Berserker 2019 My favorite songs (chronogical order) Death in fire Thousand years of oppression (live) Asator Twillight of the thunder god Free will sacrifice Tattered banners and bloody flags Destroyer of the universe Deceiver of the gods Under siege On a sea of blood Raise your horns Nice official video with a lot of metal guest stars including....Floor OMG while I was writing I was listening the new album and there is no song that I dislike (of course at first listen I have favourites) So let's discuss and Skål
  11. Mjöllnir


    Hi, Same for me I prefer this one but I'm french and I'm not perharps objective in view of the song's subject . In any case the summary at the end of song is something that talk to me. Nice job from Sabaton, It's not my favorite band but I like a lot History and their concept to make songs based on historical facts is a great idea (I like some songs, Carolus rex for example).
  12. Oups ! Another misheard lyrics Kiitos for your help Whitenoise (I know my first word in Finnish, it's a good beginning ) I corrected my initial post
  13. Hi, Ok challenge accepted, new player online. A lot of live versions in my choices because in my opinion you know when a band or a singer is good when live version seems for you better than studio version (for many reasons not always objective). My choices are the following (difficult to do there are so many songs I like) : Ever dream Showtime/Storytime Wacken 2013 4pts I don't know exactly why but this song in this version is the one where the Floor's voice moved me the most. In the final her voice is a kind of mix between power and fragility. Ghost love score Showtime/Storytime Buenos Aires 2012 3pts I think the version of Wacken 2013 is better but I prefer this version for two things : Floor is on this tour only for two months The reaction of the public at the end is simply awesome ("Floor, Floor, Floor...!) The poet and the Pendulum Vehicle of Spirit Wembley 2015 3pts This song is my favorite from Dark passion play album and this live version is so emotionnal. The greatest show on earth Vehicle of Spirit Tampere 2015 3pts This song is the one that marks my return in Nightwish's world. At the end when Floor says the last « We were here » (with a broken voice) following by « Kiitos » (Thank you) I completely melt (from 17:15 to 17:20). Yes I'm a man, 47 years old, 6ft, 90kg and I melt in front of woman who expresses the emotionnal charge she feels at the end of a show. It's my big teddy bear side as we say in France . I want my tears back Hellfest 2018 in France 2pts I like a lot this song because It's a festive song, in France we say a song for the feet that is to say a song when you begin to listen it you just want to dance. This version is not the best, the sound is not perfect (video made by a fan in the crowd) but I find that day Floor was totally unleashed (with a nice speech from Marco at the end). Only 3046 views since july 2018, I think that a lot of people here has never seen it : Beauty and the beast Pakkahuone theatre Tampere 2000 (or 2001?) with Tony Kakko 1pts Ah ! The Tarja's operatic voice..... and I like the « guest stars » in live It's always awesome Sleeping sun Studio version 1pts Amaranth Studio version 1pts Thanks to this song I discovered Nightwish and for that, even if Anette is not my favorite singer, I will be eternally grateful to her Last ride of the day Orlando 2012 with Tommy Karevik/Alissa Gluz/Elize Ryd 1pts Just awesome, a lot of fun on stage, the evidence that Metal can be a great familly Yours is an empty hope Live baltic princess cruise 2015 1pts Why this version ? A show on a boat is not common. Why this song ? For my reaction as many people the first time : « Ok she growls too... Stargazers Studio version 1pts Wishmaster Studio version 1pts Even if I can't anymore listen this song without smiling because of the missheard version (Steven Seagull...) Dark chest of wonders Studio version 1pts 7 days to the wolves Vehicle of spirit Wembley 2015 1pts She is my sin Showtime/Storytime Wacken 2013 1pts This version for the speech from Marco to introduce Floor before the beginning of the song and the reaction of the public. Let's discuss
  14. Mjöllnir

    Greetings from Normandy in France

    Hi all and thank you for your replies, @Figment-of-me Allo ! High Priestess ? Yes sure but choice is difficult according to the differents videos between : Valkirie Amazon queen Floor "Xena" Jansen, warrior princess (with Simone "Gabrielle" Simons in Sancta Terra live ) @crypt Hallo ! @Evangeline Hi, My nickname is the name of Thor's hammer in old Norse, Normandy is a french region whose the history is bounded to Viking history (Rollon/Rollo/Hrolfr) . French atlantic coast is known for his waves and there are a lot of surfers here. Where do you come from ? @hunebedbouwer Hallo ! From the stone age ? It's a very long way to come here
  15. Hi everybody, I’m Christophe aka Mjöllnir aka Akhenaton (on many Wargames forum), 47 years old, Nightwish fan in particular and metal fan in general. Sorry by advance for this long post. My story time with Nightwish or the history of a relationship 1/ The discovery In 2007, I was at the hotel to the east of France and I turn on the TV. It was a German channel who was playing clip Amaranth (sadly on French TV It’s almost impossible to discover a metal band…) and I tell myself “Interesting, that sounds good" 2/ Deepening a relationship Go to internet to make research on you tube (great tool to discover all kind of music) and of course I find songs with Tarja Turunen : “What ? It’s not the same singer ? Operatic voice on metal ? Oh god I like it !” (I resume ) I continue my research to find more informations and I discover that Tarja “left” and Anette is the new singer. I tell myself “pity” (Anette is a good singer, but I prefer Operatic/Rock/Metal voices than “pop” voice). The year after (2008) my wife offers me Dark passion play album for my birthday (good album but not my favorite). 3/ “I love you neither do I” For different reasons I lose sight of Nightwish during several years although I continue periodically to listen old songs from Tarja’s era. And now arrives 2019… 4/ …and the greatest show goes on again I’m surfing on internet, on You tube I’m listening/watching some music video (I watch a lot “reaction video” on metal music). In a commentary I discover that Nightwish has a new singer since 2013 with a link towards The greatest show on earth Tampere 2015. I click and… At the end of video I tell myself “Wonder woman exists and her name is Floor”. I was totally blowing away by : - The song itself (great Tuomas’s composition) - The Floor’s stage presence (this headbanging !) - And her voice ! Less operatic than Tarja but with such versality that you feel there is several singers in the same person 5/ The rediscovery of a loved one On the road of Nightwish again through You tube I search old songs sung by Floor in live and I find Ghost love score Wacken 2013…. This song has always been my favorite from Tarja’s era, this song has always given me chills and goosebumps. With a little worry I click on the video (the fear of being disappointed). To resume my reaction : Me at the beginning of video Me during the Floorgasm Well done Lady Jansen. Since I’m totally Floorized (I’m a simple man) and back to Nightwish again. 6/ To be continued…. To conclude, thanks you for welcoming me in this forum and the most important listen music everywhere (all kind of music) remaining open mind