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    Normandy (France)


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    Music video Amaranth in 2007 on tv at the hotel during a trip
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    0 sadly :(
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    My rediscovery of the group thanks to Floor's voice
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    None....for the time being
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    Ghost love score Wacken 2013
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    All live albums
  • Favourite Song
    Ever dream Wacken 2013
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    The greatest show on earth Tampere 2015
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    Showtime Storytime
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    Dark passion play
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    Anywhere with my wife
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    Carpe diem
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    Showtime Wacken 2013
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    Phil Collins
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    Floor (such versatility)/Johan Hegg (best growler)/Till Lindemann
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    Jimi Hendrix
  • Favourite Bassist
    Michael Peter « Flea » Balzary (Red hot chili peppers)
  • Favourite Pianist/Keyboard Player
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    Die Sonne (Rammstein)
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    Made in Germany tour in 2012 at Paris Bercy
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    Mutter (Rammstein)
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    Hans Zimmer
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    Rammstein/Nightwish/Amon Amarth
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    I'm musically polygamous :)


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    Daniel Day Lewis/Charlize Theron
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    Christopher Nolan/Peter Jackson
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    The Dark Knight Rises
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    Game of thrones
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    The last of mohicans
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    Lord of the rings

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  1. Mjöllnir

    Nightwish Album Rankings 2019

    Hi, My personal rank : 1/ Once 2/ Endless forms most beautiful 3/ Imaginaerum 4/ Oceanborn 5/ Dark passion play 6/ Century child 7/ Wishmaster 8/ Angels fall first The second and the third may be swaped, the 5th and 6th too. In fact I have a "problem" with the "old" album but Once : I like the Tarja's operatic voice but I can't listen an entire album with operatic voice because that's boring me. A bit like : - First song "Great operatic voice on metal I love !" - Second song "Operatic voice on metal I like" - Third song "Ok operatic voice on metal nice" - 4th song "WTF, operatic voice again, ok go to listen a death metal song of another band"
  2. Mjöllnir

    Zodiac signs as NW songs

    The poet and the pendulum : Forgive me, I have but two faces One for the world, One for God save me Gemini ?
  3. Mjöllnir

    The Floor thread

    Yet she is not Gemini
  4. Mjöllnir

    Contacting the Mods

    Ok thanks to you for your awswer.
  5. Mjöllnir

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Sounds like a totally acceptable and understandable reason to me Not for me, in martial arts there is the drunk man boxing (Zui Quan), so they can make an album by being totally drunk I don’t see the problem Mod Edit (dragonprincess): Moved from The Floor Thread to The Upcoming Nightwish album thread.
  6. Mjöllnir

    Contacting the Mods

    A warning ?! I presume you mean an "award" ? (or something like that)
  7. Mjöllnir

    Decades World Tour 2018

    As a fan of Rammstein, It makes me smile because between the Made In Germany Tour and the DVD It has elapsed five years (2012-2017) so less than a year between the end of decades tour and the DVD this may seem very short
  8. Mjöllnir

    Contacting the Mods

    I have a question about community reputation score. What is it used for ?
  9. Mjöllnir

    The Floor thread

    Personnaly I want to be incinerate on Feuer Frei from Rammstein
  10. Mjöllnir

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    SWNTOE = Sodom Was Not The Only Experience (that I am turning into a statue of salt )
  11. Mjöllnir

    Nightwish and humor

    Capitain Malcolm « Mal » Reynolds is agree with that
  12. Mjöllnir

    Nightwish and humor

    Hi, Very funny. .I'm proud to introduce you the new frontwoman of Nightwish :
  13. Hi everyone, Is there anyone going to Knotfest 2019 in Clisson (France) on June 20th (the day before Hellfest) ? I will be there. Best regards.
  14. Mjöllnir

    The Floor thread

    It’s because I don’t know you yet but It’s better now In my opinion I think she created this official fan page to separate non-music related things (her life or other personal things) from music related things. To resume in my mind : Her own facebook page = personal things Her official fan page = everything related to her career and music Of course I could be wrong, the only thing she said for the moment is : "Here I will write blogs/columns and share other content" Personnaly, I'm more interested by what she does as an artist but that's nice too to know what she is as a person.
  15. Mjöllnir

    The Floor thread

    Humor is a difficult art