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  1. trinxy

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    I dont know if this is posted here but there was an interview with Tuomas in one of the Finnish magazines last week. One of my fellow discord users was so generous and translated it (Thanks, Gripe). Thought of sharing it here. "Nightwish held a band camp at Röskö in july-september and finished the recordings of their upcoming album. - We were recording at Röskö now for the third time. It's such a pearl of a place, but underappreciated here in Kitee, Said Tuomas Holopainen in an interview last thursday. "We'll get everything out of the singers on the new album" Röskö works well as a whole, the space, the environment and the peace and quiet. We built a studio into the Rauhala -building, and there was plenty of space in the other buildings for the bandmembers and their families. - The camp did wonders for our unity. Being a in band entails other things besides being on tour. It felt good to wake up to a common breakfast and then chill around the campfire in the evenings. For evening fun the group climbed the surrounding rocks and made searches using Emppus metal detector. The Röskö -sessions lasted almost three months and Tuomas was there the whole time. - In the beginning it was like two weeks with the players, and then Floor joined us. Five weeks of hard training and then we went into the recordings. - Music was always there. It felt good to toss around ideas and agree on a playing session later around the fire. The melodies and lyrics on the new album are all by Tuomas. - The songs didn't change that much during the camp. The band was pretty happy with the arrangements i had made. Two weeks ago Tuomas spent six days in London overseeing The London Symphony Orchestra and their choirs recordings for the new album. - The next two months will be spent in Helsinki mixing the album. I'm hoping we get the master tape ready by christmas. After the previous album, EFMB (2015) came out, Tuomas said in an interview he gave to Koti-Karjala, that he felt pretty spent musically, having poured everything into the TGSOE song. - The Auri -project that i made with Johanna a couple of years ago opened the floodgates somehow, and i felt a renewed interest in making Nightwish songs again. The previous albums themes were observing of life's wonders and positive life views. They will continue around similar themes on the new album as well. -We didn't turn over every rock, so some sort of continuum will be there. Every album we make surprises in some way even though familiar elements are always there. There will be Irish influences, and movie music influences. And the singers will be utilized to the maximum. -We noticed how well the sounds of Floor, Marko and Troy mix together. Their singing together has been built up to it's maximum. Composing the melodies and lyrics go hand in hand for Tuomas. -Before i start composing, i always know what subject the fire comes from and what subject the song will be about. The lyrics are formed as the song is composed. - We are doing large themes on this album and i'm observing. The songs are less from my own diary even though they will have a personal angle. Tuomas goes through the lyrics with Floor with care, but doesn't want to explain the lyrics sentence by sentence. -After a certain song Floor said she doesn't really understand what it's about. When i told her a bit more, she had trouble singing it because she was so moved by it. That was probably the best feedback to a songwriter. Sir David Attenborough is one of Tuomas' biggest idols, and his nature documentaries impressed Tuomas when he was young. - For the last album we were able to get Richard Dawkins, and getting to the next level we thought we'd ask Attenborough to read some texts for the new album. He has the most famous voice in the world. I wrote him a letter and explained the concept to him. I was really surprised when he answered a week later with a hand written letter. I was floored by him answering me personally. And even though it didn't work out with him, we did find a mutual charity through his contacts. The FAME music museum opened a couple of weeks ago in the Tripla Mall in Pasila. The honor gallery showcasing Finnish music history has 14 artists in it, including Nightwish. - This has honestly been the best honor we have ever gotten. We are in some big company with Sibelius and others. Tuomas will see the museum for the first time in an invite only showing next week. After the album comes out, Nightwish will start on a tour of around 18 months and four continents. - Touring leaves you with a lot of free time, so some new music probably will come out of that. There's been some wishes for more Auri -project music. Johanna and Tuomas have formed a new hobby of creating crossword puzzles. They've regularly created puzzles for the Punainen Pelikaani -magazine and other papers as well. - I'm fascinated by the combining of picture and music. I have a dream of once being able to do the music for a movie, documentary or perhaps a video game, Tuomas tells of his future ambitions."
  2. trinxy

    The Marko thread

    Here is a bit of what happened last friday (27th of September)
  3. trinxy

    The Marko thread

    Marko's concert in Tavastia was indeed amazing. This man is on the top of his game. And yes. Indeed, we had a Discord meetup together with Marko's Meet and Greet. He was nice enough to agree to meet with us and we raised (some 15 of us) almost 300 dollars for Jampan wildlife center: Here are few pictures about the concert and the meetup: Marko reading discord's meme book. and a video:
  4. trinxy

    Nightwish and humor

    Some more memes for your enjoyment!
  5. trinxy

    Nightwish and humor

    Ive got some more:
  6. trinxy

    Nightwish and humor

    I see that our discord memes have finally reached here. But I raise you the best one yet.