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  1. Juna


    I can attest to the danger of OCWN - that turned me from 'this guy has an unusual sound and style but I'm a bit on the fence about it' to the living heart eyes emoji 🤭 Regarding the Shadow Theory, well... It is boring IMO. They're still trying to bring out Karma/TBH hybrid #3, just without any inspiration left this time. All those interviews after Roy left were a warning sign after all. The only thing still really good is Tommy's singing, although the songs also still seem to be written for Roy, so uff (and honestly, this is really baffling for me too. Both Thomas & Oliver commented after Roy left how the style switch in GO & PotP was forced by Roy's "declining range" and that it is cool to tour with Fabio, since he can handle the old songs Roy couldn't anymore - and now they have a guy with a higher range and somehow... don't really use it. That makes no sense). Honestly I hope it was just a one time thing, but I've kind of given up hope about them not staying just in their comfortable range :/
  2. Juna


    While Epica is my personal fave, if you're going to see them live starting with Haven probably makes most sense. It's the album they seem to play the most songs of these days and it's IMO by far the best one out of their new albums. But Epica + Black Halo are definitely worth checking out too (well and Karma IMO :D).
  3. Juna

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Regarding the operatic vocals - I really doubt they'll ever be a major fatcor again, but I'd love it if they made a few appereances here and there, maybe for contrast. Both Floor and Marco are very versatile and I'd love it if both could really play around with the new songs and try out different styles. I loved what Marco did on Scaretale for example. As for expectations, I think they might go for a bigger change again (like with CC and Image), just because of the longer break, Tuomas probably having a better handle on Floors voice, and all that. Which is also when Tumoas is at his best IMO, so I'm actually pretty excited. I have no idea what exactly will come around, but I'm optimistic it'll be good
  4. Juna


    I'm still hoping Roy will be on Ayreon at some time point, and if Tommy would return again too, it could happen. Not very likely, but not impossible either, so one can dream xD
  5. Juna


    Tbh I'm not sure I can really give you an answer to that - but you could contact the guys? There's a mail address in case people have questions, and from what I heard they're pretty responsive and nice, so maybe just ask them the things you're unsure about. Regarding they're showing at Rock the Coast, quite a few videos were posted on facebook, but most in closed groups (although often not full length), and I hope they make it to youtube soon. There were a few technical problems, but the guys sounded great - Parallel Minds sounded so amazing, especially Roy!
  6. Juna


    There's a new pledge campaign for a new album, planned for early 2020! It seems the fans crashed the system with "too much" response shortly after the start so it didn't work for a while 😂 I'm glad they're doing this again - and I decided to get a lyrics sheet this time, I do love Roy's lyrics too much. 2020 looks even more exciting now! Edit: Guess who Roy ran into at Rock the Coast: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2458901730837275&id=193600967367374&ref=m_notif&notif_t=group_activity They apparently posed together for pictures too, Avre took them. That's just cute and warms my heart 😍
  7. Juna

    Within Temptation II

    I didn't want to get into this, but... How are anti-LGBT people often the minority? How is intolerance thrown at them? And honestly, I don't mean to be offensive, but I have no other way of saying this - this is one sick way of twisting this. No, you are not a bigot for calling out a bigot. Who else are we going to call bigots next? Victims of sexual abuse speaking up or people of color that had to fight oppression speaking out against it? Because that's what LGBT people are in the face of anti-LGBT people - victims. They have their basic human rights denied by that group, and they have the right to defend themselves. And that's what's calling their actions out is - self-defense, not an attack.
  8. Juna


    Roy clearly had vocal troubles at the end of his Kamelot days, you don't even need live recordings, it's already noticeable on the Ghost Opera CD (it's hard to tell with Roy because he seems to downright use strain on purpose some times, but it's arguably already there a bit on the Coldest Winters Night DVD I think). Might have been voice fatigue simply from overuse, which happens to a lot of singers. But AFAIK it can happen to different extents - you might shot your voice down completely, or you might recover. Personally I don't think Roy damaged his voice that much, if only for that video of him singing A Sailorman's Hymn at a wedding not that long after leaving Kamelot. And he sounds amazing in that. IMO, he also seems to be taking more risks again then he did in GO or PftP, and he always gave me an impression of being very well aware of his state and potential problems, so I'd think Roy considers himself in better shape now too As for his current style, I have a hard time seeing past and current Roy as the same person even - he looks so different. But I like the current style, shaved head and all, and I love the skirt 😁
  9. Juna


    Conception are one of my favorite bands right now, and most certainly one I'm most excidetly waiting for any form of news from. I only got into Kamelot after Roy already left, but really fell in love with all their stuff from 4th Legacy to Poetry for the Poisened and always regretted not knowing about them sooner (and never seeing them live). Conception are very different, but I really love them too - Flow is probably my fave from the old albums, and the new EP + Feather moves are amazing too. They have such a unique style, very melodic, atmospheric, they are willing to experiment but their songs sound very whole. Hopefully we'll really get a full length album and even a tour in the future! In case some of you didn't catch it yet, there are a few videos from their 3rd gig (at Karmøgeddon Festival) on youtube too - and the improvements on all fronts are very obvious. Here's the Opening + Grand Again: The way Roy sings the "under whatever name I am" part is giving me goosebumps. There's a loooooot of comments about his singing right now, including a few about him regressing a lot, but I honestly can't hear it. He still struggles a bit with some of the older songs (like Roll the fire), but those were written for him 20+ years ago and his voice has changed quite a bit - that'll just take time. Plus, the man has been gone for so long and said himself he barely sang for 7+ years - kinda normal if he isn't exactly in prime form right now. Whatever smaller issues there are will IMO improve once he's just had more practice again. But it's the internet I guess Besides his voice, I really missed Roys lyrics too. Does anybody else feel like "Quite alright" is about Roy leaving Kamelot? She = Kamelot; the lyrics even change to "They're doing quite alright without me" at the end. The whole second verse ("I know time is going to heal your soul, she prayed.Try to lay it down and think it over again. But my heart came undone so long ago") sounds like Kamelot reacting to him telling them he wants to leave - saying maybe it'll just take a bit of rest, a break and he'll be fine again. But Roy knew it wouldn't work like that - like he said in an interview. Even this part: "Even cold winter days come bright" gives me that feeling, given that "Cold winter night" was such an often used phrase in Kamelot, with their live DVD even named like that. Like his time in Kamelot is the winter night, and the time after he left the day. And thinking like that, the brigde is downright heart breaking. "Don't waste your better days, head away from me" & "Either way there's conflict, loss and pain", like Roy felt he was in such a bad state he couldn't have been a valuable and supportive member of the band anyway, and he would have weighted them down with his problems, so that they're better of without him. That all is to say, this song makes me a bit emotional ^^" (PS: Sorry for the wall of text ^^")
  10. Juna

    Nightwish Album Rankings 2019

    Echoing what most people already said, it's super hard to rank these albums and NW really have a strong body of work overall. My top 2 are my definite top 2 though. 1. Century Child. First NW album I ever heard, and still my favorite. I like pretty much every song on here (EverDream, Beauty of the Beast and Dead to the World most of all), it includes Marco, Tarjas vocals were best on this album to me, and it includes some of the most beautiful lyrics. 2. Imaginaerum. Honestly when DPP came out, I wasn't fond of Anettes singing - but boy did she shine on this one. Turn loose the mermaids is my favorite ever NW ballad, and Ghost River and Storytime are among my fave NW songs too. The second half is a bit weaker IMO, but still really good, and the variety on this album is just great. 3. Once. This one is really hard to place. Like others said, it doesn't feel like one cohesive album, and I rarely listen to it as a whole. But many of these songs on their own are just way too good to place it lower (GLS, Planet Hell, The Siren, Romanticide). (4. - 7. are pretty interchangeable and might be different if you asked me on a different day) 4. Wishmaster. I know most people prefer Oceanborn, but Wishmaster just grabs me a bit more. Two for tragedy, She's my Sin and the Kingslayer are my faves from this. 5. Dark Passion Play. As said before, I really wasn't fond of Anettes vocals on here, but there are still some great compositions - and when Floor sings some of these live, they really hit home. Poet & the Pendulum as amazing of course, but Sahara, The Islander and 7 Days to the Wolves are my faves. Plus I have a soft spot for The heart I once had, pure kitsch that it is. 6. Endless Forms Most Beautiful. I basically worship the ground Floor walks on (I mean not really, but you get the idea), but she's just so under used on this (which I'm sure will be better with the next album, when Tuomas knows Floors voice better). Many of the lyrics are lovely, and I do like to listen to it - it just doesn't really have stand out songs that grab me, like the other albums have. 7. Oceanborn. This is a bit of a hit or miss for me. This one contains some of my all time fave songs (Gethsemane, The Riddler, Walking in the Air), but also the most songs I never warmed up to. Plus, I can't really listen to this on repeat. I can understand why others would love it more and place it higher tough. 8. Angels Fall First. Really a bit more of a demo. The talent was obvious, it's just not as developed as all the other ones.