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    Nightwish Album Rankings 2019

    Hi guys! This is my first post, i'm new here! Here you are my ranking: 1) Oceanborn: i love this album. Every song is special, no weak tracks. For me, this is their masterpiece. Love Stargazers, Getshemane, Sacrament of Wilderness and Swanheart! 92/100 2) Century Child: It has some wonderful songs (Ever Dream, Feel for you) and some weak songs (Oceansoul and The Phantom of the Opera) but is a great album overall. 87/100 3) Endless Form Most Beautiful: also if there isn't any particular song very catchy, i find It very balanced in a good way. My favourite songs are Edema Ruh and Weak Fantasy, the worst Our Decades in the Sun. 86/100 4) Once: Very Good Album, with very strong tracks (Dark Chest of Wonders, Creek Mary's Blood, The Siren) and some weak ones (Romanticide, Kuolema....). 84/100 5) Imaginaerum: Really love Storytime and the Last Ride of the Day. Slow, Love Slow Is not my cup of tea at all. 82/100 6) Wishmaster: a good effort, but most of the songs are quite forgettable. Best songs: Crownless, Wanderlust. Worst: FantasMic, Dead Boy's Poem. 80/100 7) Angels Fall First. Nice LP, with some good songs, but overall is between the ones that i listen less. Best Songs: Know why the Nightingale Sings, Astral Romance. Worst: Tutankhamen, Nymphomaniac Fantasia. 77/100 8) Dark Passion Play. Absolutely the worst one. The only song that i really like is Amaranth, and here are there some songs that i don't like at all (probably the worst three Nightwish songs of all time, imho): Master Passion Greed, Whoever Brings The Night and Last of The Wilds. 71/100 That's all. I hope you'll enjoy!