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  • How Did You Discover Nightwish
    Bought a Soundtrack (The 13th Floor) with Sleeping Sun on it in 2000
  • How Many Times Seen Live?
    9 times
  • Most Memorable NW Memory
    Listening to Sleeping Sun for the first time
  • Best Live Song
    Ghost Love Score
  • Favourite Album
    Dark Passion Play
  • Favourite Song
    Meadows of Heaven
  • Favourite DVD
    Wacken 2013
  • Least Favourite Song
    Slow, Love, Slow
  1. Atlan0815

    The Floor thread

    Yes, you can buy the CDs and MP3 on Amazon, or stream them there if you have an Amazon Prime Music Account...
  2. Atlan0815

    Beyond the Black

    Well, i can compare with BTB 1.0 and the only difference i can really hear is, that the grunts sounded a bit better with the first singer/shouter. But that's nitpicking and doesn't do them justice. Fact is, they deliver, they seem to have fun - what more could you want.
  3. Atlan0815

    Beyond the Black

    It started because they were casted in de beginning and didn't grew organically like Metal Bands usually do. I couldn't care less about that, i was and am glad to have another really good Symphonic Metal Band from Germany for once and not from the usual suspects like the Netherlands or Finland. :-) And yeah, i agree with you, that behavior is childish indeed.
  4. Atlan0815

    Beyond the Black

    You know what the most satisfying thing for me is? Watching BTB together with a huge crowd. Let me explain: From the beginning of the Band there is a shit storm going on in against BTB the german Wacken forum. The so called Tru Metal fans absolutely DO NOT like them there... And then i see them in Wacken live and the crowd and the stages they are performing on are getting bigger and bigger. :-) Amd then i stay there in a sold out Hellraiser and i think: Let them talk shit, we know better!
  5. Atlan0815

    Cellar Darling

    Saw them live yesterday evening, playing before a really small crowd. After the concert i had the feeling i underpaid for that concert, they were that great. Anna even sells her own merchandise...
  6. Atlan0815

    Greetings from Germany

    Hello, i've been Fan for a long time, but never been active in any kind of Fan Forum. Bought a Soundtrack (The 13th floor) back in 2000 and was completely amazed by one Song: Sleeping Sun. And the rest is history. :-) I'm one of those who like all 3 singers, i've seen all 3 of them live at least once. Looking forward to the new Live and Studio Album(s) and discussing them with the rest of the Nightwish Army!
  7. Atlan0815

    The Floor thread

    Attention fans of the programme Best Singers! The popular television programme Best Singers experienced its twelfth season this year and once again managed to attract millions of viewers week after week. That is why a live edition of the programme will take place for the first time on May 23, 2020 during 'Best Singers Live' in Rotterdam Ahoy! Since the first season in 2009, the program has guaranteed spectacular interpretations of great and well-known hits. For many artists, including Glennis Grace and Davina Michelle, their participation even meant an absolute breakthrough in their career. On the 23rd of May next year, many artists who have participated in the program will come together in Ahoy to relive the highlights of the past twelve seasons. Glennis Grace, Floor Jansen, Henk Poort, Emma Heesters, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Julia Zahra and Rolf Sanchez, among others, will be accompanied by the Best Singers Liveband and will present the most beautiful and talked-about moments of the program. And keep a close eye on our website, because in the next four weeks a new artist will be added to the line-up every week! Ticket sales for Best Singers Live will start on Friday October 25th at 10 am. Tickets are available from 33 euro. Translated with Sounds good, that's even on a weekend...
  8. Atlan0815

    Beyond the Black

    Saw them live last week in the completely sold out Hellraiser - really nice show again. Seems to me they are getting bigger all the time. Let's hope they are around for a long time.