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    The Shadow of the Wind
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  1. LFMAC

    Two Steps From Hell

    I love TSFH, they're amazing. They have some of the best trailer tunes out there. And Thomas Bergersen's solo project is actually pretty good. Ocean Princess got me hooked straighaway, it's awesome.
  2. LFMAC

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    I think that's the perfect definition, definitely I'm right now addicted to both Spectres and Black Orchid.
  3. LFMAC

    Game of Thrones

    ^ You scared the hell out of me!! For a split of a second, I believed that!! It would have been the end of GoT!! :P I enjoyed the first episode so far, but... where's Arya??
  4. LFMAC

    Tarja Turunen

    I'd actually like it if she included a show anywhere around where I'm living. God knows I find her stuff boring in general to say the least, but I've never seen the woman live! It's high time!! I'm sure she's actually good! (eventhough her vibrato is sometimes a bit over the top). And one of these Beauty and the beat shows sounds like a really nice experience.
  5. LFMAC

    Most disturbing Nightwish lyrics?

    I never thought of that song like that... I certainly don't like the "rape" theme, hopefully it's not about that. I could take all the molesting thing and the pissing somebody when they don't what (as of what's been said if T wrote it after he had been out with his grilfriend, as I could understand his anger) but I really hope he wasn't thinking of rape or things like that...
  6. LFMAC

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    I'm loving Ocean Princess by Thomas J Bergersen right now. So relaxing, yet so powerful and epic. I absolutely love it
  7. LFMAC

    Anette Olzon

    Mio is quite normal. It sounds quite normal to me, eventhough I speak Spanish and it has a meaning in this language, it doesn't sound bad at all. I mean, I had never heard the male version of the name, even though I have heard Mia thousands of times. I don't like how it sounds. Mio is not a name I'd choose, but... well, nothing wrong with it
  8. LFMAC


    So, now that the album has been released in some countries, does anybody have an overall opinion about it? I listened to the teaser and there are a couple of songs that sound especially promising. Imo, nothing has really beaten The Metal Opera, but I'm kinda hoping there'll be some epicness in the last album. I'm kinda disappointed that they didn't have Jorn Lande this time, though...
  9. LFMAC

    Eurovision 2013

    I will just say: What the heck Montenegro, What the heck?
  10. LFMAC

    Eurovision 2013

    I love Eurovision! I never really enjoy most of the songs and I find the ones that I do enjoy quite boring after a while. But still I have a lot of fun watching it, actually. I don't know how I'll manage this year, since I don't have my own TV, but I'm sure I'll find a way. Hating the Spanish contestants though. Why are they there?? hmmm
  11. LFMAC

    Tarja Turunen

    But that is not true. They never used her backing vocals in their concerts and I still remember that Tuomas came to the old forum and posted that they would never do anything like that. So whatever videos you saw, it wasn't Tarja doing the backing vocals. I remember he was pretty pissed when all that backing vocals issue was brought up.
  12. LFMAC

    Anette Olsson

    Hey, I'm with you. Right now, I couldn't wear something just once! (I did it for a wedding, bought a dress that I never ever wore again and I felt really guilty about it). But what I mean is that she loves fashion and she can afford that, so I don't see it as something wrong. I would if, as somebody said, she wouldn't have the money for basic things, like feeding her family or pay the rent, stuff like that, but otherwise, she is free to spend her money on whatever she wants, even if she only uses those things once. I know I would buy much more clothes if I had the money. Not as much as to wear things only once and then forget about them, but I kinda understand if she likes that. Besides, she might wear them once on tour, but I'm sure she uses many other things more than once (maybe not the corsets and such, but the jeans and the black dresses, etc) She's said more than once that even before becoming famous she used to spend loads of money on clothes, so it's just natural that she does this "crazy" shopping now.
  13. LFMAC

    Anette Olsson

    If I had the money to buy all those outfits, even if only to wear them once, I'd do it all the same. This has to do with what you wanna spend your money on and what you consider is nice to have. She likes to wear different things all the same and if she has the money to do it, why not? I mean, I'm sure the guys also have a ridiculous ammount of certain stuff just because they can afford it (or maybe not, but I tend to believe we'd all have a bit more than we need of certain things if we had the money) On the other hand, she might have gained some weight, but for me, she looks prettuer now. I tend to believe she was excesively thin before and now she looks better. And I, for once, don't think that this "extra" weight is due to her having a child (she already had one during the previous tour and she was really thin), but rather because of all the exercise. Let me explain myself: when you exercise so much, you tend to grow bigger, you look bigger and it's only because your muscles have developed quite much. I think that's the thing with her legs, for example. I might be totally wrong, so don't quote me on that, but I have a friend who used to be really thin and when she started exercising, she really looked fatter on her clothes. Later on you realized that all that extra volume was all the muscle she had developed. I really like that she wears wherever she wants, no matter if there are things that would suit her better. I sometimes find her outfits ugly, some others I just love, but I think she has a really strong personality concerning that and she shouldn't change. And yes, she's a public figure and she's bound to be critisized. But I think that you, CU-voice, are TOTALLY wrong when you say that you have to be appealing. Some of my favourite singers (see Dio or Jorn Lande) are something I would consider (very) ugly. And I don't give a damn because they sing like angels. So, as far as I'm concerned, she could be singing with a rubbish bag on, as long as her voice is good enough for me. All this outfits thingie is just a bonus and something to comment on. And I don't see it wrong, people have different tastes and it's good that we talk about that too.
  14. ^ I squealed when I saw that horrible horrible spider! The interview is 30 minutes long! WHY are we focusing only on the spider?? (and no, the second one is not cute either...) <_<
  15. Like an eight legged puppy... Nothing that is described like that can be cute...