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  1. I'm not even sure it was a discussion at all, since everything Stefan24k posts (and not for the first time) doesn't mean he's there to discuss things and exchange opinions. He basically comes here to say everything 'tuomas' (c) and Co have done, does atm and will do in the future is doomed by their personalities and past decisions, and all the things that Tarja have done, is doing and will do, is, obviously, driven by her sane nature and care for her own wellbeing and career. Discussion board means sharing opinions, not saying 'you and you and also you are wrong, you have the incorrect picture of the world taught to you, lemme explain'. It's really pointless. As for the song recorded with Naomi, I'll put my bet on 'Together'.
  2. I'm sorry to interrupt you, guys, but it is obvious to me quite a few people there cannot call themselves non-biased towards one or another party and not to put their thoughts as, you know, universal truth rather than personal feelings on the matter. You can clearly see people have already taken sides and simply cannot get past towards their established feelings. Their arguments and non willingliness to take opponent's opinion into account, even the way some write the name of the band or bandmembers (mistakes, small letters, etc), it says a lot. I guess maybe it is time to throw that hatred towards anyone aside and leave the matter. It's been 12 years, really... Besides, there's a new Tarja record coming, isn't it worth more attention? Rather than some old and heavily chewed dismissal thing...
  3. I won't pretend to be the know-it-all kind of person, first of all. Then, I'd say that judging from the biography book and Marco's words (and also that Tarja later didn't deny any of those claims related to tours, smth that, as nw said, they could prove by letters and documents etc), in the end when the whole question of what to do and how to continue with the band, they felt like Tarja and Marcelo were both trying to sink the band by their deeds like shows cancellations (infamous tour legs in USA which costed NW a records deal with label and promotion in USA with their then most successful album) or those claims regarding higher salary (which once again costed NW a tour leg with Iron Maiden > thus a chance to expand the audience and sell more etc). It felt like if those deeds were to be successful and nw disbanded, fans would have one and only Tarja aka, in the eyes of many, the main success factor of NW, with her glorious solo career and no band stealing the attention. So, the band felt like they were just a career springboard for Tarja. And from human point of view I totally understand that 'cornered animal' thing and, to some point, that letter, which was the coin NW felt they had to pay Tarja in response to her attitude towards her bandmember responsibilities, tour cancellations & whole 'I can leave the band at any time [you idiots, you aren't worth a damn without me] thing. That was nasty, childish (like, "no, she did it first, so we had to respond!" and no pro, but, I believe, both parties have done their share of crap back then.
  4. I think it sounds more like this, the words I seem to distinguish are marked in bold
  5. Yep, +1 for a spooky Halloween record. Judging by the phragments of photo, the talons-nails, the grey like covered in ash surroundings, candles etc, it does seem like a Halloween or witches or vampyres or Dark Aestetics themed album. I'd actually expect to see Tarja red-eyed as a vampyre on this photo and album cover) or with any other unusual makeup, varying from her current stage makeup.
  6. @sahara just recently, maybe 2 weeks ago or a bit more, in her Instagram.
  7. Can't say I didn't like the song. It is pretty decent, but still.. wouldn't call it a triumphant comeback or anything like that. Hopefully the album as a whole will be much more interesting, cause I do miss Anette's voice a lot. As for the possible live shows, I must say I quite agree with what Symphoniker implied. We all know Anette isn't used to touring, no matter how much of it she had experienced with NW. She might have fun for the first 2 shows and then boom, and she complaints about hotel's beds and how she misses her kids and how incompetent show promoters are etc. And to make the tour profitable an artist needs to perform intensively, otherwise it's just a huge loss of money and efforts, unfortunately. It's just about her fickle character and attitude, I think. We've witnessed countless examples of her changing opinions and first being all cheerful and then throwing a tantrum while she was in NW. She keeps doing so nowadays too, just recently she posted smth like 'some guys at work f*cked up the schedule, and I didn't get enough sleep. Made me think if I chose the right job". Anette never changes
  8. Well, Anette's blog is the source for that. Whenever she felt unwell during the tour, she has mentioned it in the blog be it before the start of the show or tour leg or afterwards. I'd even go further and say that probably her health condition was much affected by her phsycogical one. Not saying she's crazy but her nervous system has experienced too much stress in her first years in NW, and it seems to me Anette's body and mind were kind of making her the signs there's smth wrong, or sort of protesting against her singing/performing commitments and hectic tour life. It's like they received the bad aftermath during the DPP tour and has since been like: "Hey, home is best. What, the tour is upcoming? You're once again going to receive some harsh critics from die-hard fans, you'll be nervous regarding your own performance, you'll travel in the bus!!! Stahp!!! Still no? Here, have a sore throat/severe headache/tonsillitis/kidney As far as I remember, there are quite some youtube recordings from Denver show which prove that yes, Tuomas and Troy have come on stage and explained Anette feeling really sick & being rushed to the hospital atm and the guys actually offered the audience a choice between cancelling the NW part of the gig or them performing with a help from Elyze and Alissa. If I'm not mistaken, the crowd was even voting for the decision to take by screaming or clapping their hands or smth like that. I can't provide the link since it's a bit inconvenient to search Youtube atm, but I surely remember watching the abovementioned video on Youtube.
  9. I think I read on their Facebook in the comments section that only Wembley show will be available as Audio version.
  10. From what I got, she won't come back for this year's season due to having a tour supporting the album release. But it seems that her participation in the following year(s) when she has a free time is in the talks, and both Tarja and showrunners are keen on the idea of her comeback.
  11. You know, I follow the band for more that 15 years now I never heard or read in the interviews anything like that about Ocean Soul. The only thing Tuomas says regarding it when answering the question "will you play that song life any time soon?" Is that it's extremely personal and doesn't suite to being performed live for this reason. He doesn't explain it further but I guess it has some psychological and emotional impact on him, puts him in a sort of state he doesn't want to return to when being surrounded by the pack of fans during live shows. The song can be done out of emitions and feelings which are hard to swallow during the "normal" days. And I hardly believe it's all about the song being "his precious baby" from first note to the last bit of lyrics so noone can even get to play it or sing it without his approvement. He doesn't seem to be a Gollum kind of person grabbing all of his songs and hissing "Myyy prrrrrecccciuouuuussss, only mine". So no ban from being acknowledged or people "touching" the composition, at least from what I heard/read. That hyperbole Ahasversus used didn't sound correct at all, tbh. I think Ocean Soul screams about depression, loosing yourself right to the core, getting stuck and hardly beleiving it will pass. It can even walk around the hyperboled idea of getting rid of all ot it by dressing in white and searching the sea to be one with the waves, meaning to drown and die. I confess that for the first couple of years since Century Child release I thought that "being one with the waves" was about the highly romanticed freedom of doing what you want the ways you like it, being free like the wind and etc. but then I recalled all of the lyrics and was quite amazed to acknowledge Tuomas has used his favourite metaphor in a quite dark way this time. Well, no wonder Ocean Soul is personal and doesn't suit to being performed live.
  12. This is so embarassing to read and even more so, it's frustrating to realize this is, well, the real Anette with all her issues and such lack of social skills and ethics and her own delusion regarding the whole fandom hating on her it's killing me. Guess that one funny and bubbly lady laughing and smiling presenting her as a level-headed and down-to-earth tough cookie was a lie? 'Cause I can't beleive she has changed so radically since then. So if it all was pretense and playing a role rather then being herself, no wonder she got out of the band eventually. And no wonder Jukka gave her 7 pages of complaints back then, as she said in that TV show. Really, you can't question him witnessing so much of Anette's spoiled and one-sided seeing of things and behavior of an immature spoiled kid. If that nonsense and rubbish about numbers and fans and questioning Tuomas as the driving force is what Anette has to say in her public blog and instagram, i'm afraid to imagine what and in what kind of language has been said and discussed among band members (when they were still together with Anette), in a circle way more intimate=free. It looks like all her annoying and childish ramblings in the blog are only the top of the iceberg we got to see, and them guys of NW has seen and heard way more that we did... If that's what took place, I'm really sorry for guys. I'm not pleased to say it in any way, but I'm embarrassed I was a fan of Anette. She did wondrous job on studio albums and was lively and refreshing on stage and in the genre as a whole, but I can't stand her attitude anymore. Everyone's guilty and jealous and spoiled and disguisting in their blind hate but not Anette herself, she's always so right and caring about opinions different than hers. Good riddance, really.
  13. Yes, that's correct, there are valid demo-versions of "Reach" (now known as "Amaranth") and "Eva" sung by Marco during album repetitions and demo-recordings (guess in was during the summer 2006), before Anette joined the band. Both of them were released as bonus-tracks on Amaranth 2CD Single.
  14. Add me to the group of those who's not that fancy about the all American sound of this song. Guess the whole album will sound more or less the same on this aspect. While it's nice to see Tarja evolving and getting further in exploring her own vocal abilities (not just hitting the lowest and the highest notes she did before), I'm afraid all these contemporary vocal things won't sound well live in her case. Tarja's live rock singing gets the biggest complaint from me personally. I reallly dont like the way she exagerrates some sounds or gets away with the song and starts quacking on some low notes (with open "a" letter especially) or just doesn't mind the terrible accent she has. So I'm really afraid the more contemporary her new songs are, the more problems it will cause during live shows. At least to my ears.
  15. I didn't find much differencies or improvements between the two above mentioned The Siren performances. Both Floor's renditions of it do sound pretty much the same to me (she did those out of place sounds back in Imaginaerum tour too), and I still can't get used to them or understand them as the new approach to the story. The vocal line Floor follows sounds odd and in a way out of tune, it doesn't get well with the music and seems almost like some slippery notes stuck together. It might have come somewhere, but by the end of her part Floor changes her vocal line back to the album version in order to sound well with Marco, so all the new things do not get any development and just drop out. They do bring even more Eastern colour to the song, esp. teamed with Troy's Pink Floydish parts, but then the whole thing gets back to the Siren we all know and...dunno, it gets messy in a way. There was no need to invent a bicycle here, imo: the song was perfect the way it was, and I bet noone would've said "Floor just copies Tarja!!". There are tons of songs from the back catalogue which didn't get all the new vocal lines approach and do still sound powerful, interesting and Floor still made them hers own and shines in them.