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    Can't think of anything special. I like food, that's it
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    All of them, though dogs and iguanas are my biggest fascinations
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    Teas and juices; some wine on special occasions
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    Navy, purple, white, beige, black
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    Basically anywhere I can curl up with a book/ipad in my hands
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    Tried to come up with something clever or witty, but meh...
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    Just recently a mania called "collecting the precious" has found me. It's about getting my hands on as much Tolkien stuff and possible. Mostly various LotR, The Hobbit editions and his other Middle Earth related works, as well as movies and soundtracks
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    Do air guitar and hairbrush count? :)
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    It was through my friend back in 2002, she handed me From Wishes to Eternity DVD and said I might like it. I surely did! :)
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    5 times so far: Helsinki 2008 (Pre-Tuska), Moscow 2009 and the mighty DPP Tour Finale in Hartwall, 2009. Most recent ones are Saint-Petersburg and Moscow 2012 shows.
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    That sweet feeling of discovering the band's catalogue and listening to all their albums for the first (and next, and next etc) time until you absorb them fully, and then your soul will be sold to them :D First show was also an emotional blast.
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    The collection of their CDs and singles and some memorable stuff like special "Mama, I'm coming home!" Hartwall t-shirt
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    Oh... Dead to the World, Sahara, Sacrament of Wilderness, Dead Boy's Poem, The Islander, Ghost River, Come Cover Me, Song of Myself, many more
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    Atm I'd say Century Child and DPP
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    7 Days to the Wolves, The Islander, Fantasmic, Walking in the Air, Astral Romance, Dead to the World, Higher Than Hope, Dark Chest of Wonders, Turn Loose the Mermaids, The Birdie Song, Scaretale, Rest Calm, Ghost Rover, Slow, Love, Slow, Song of Myself and maaaany more
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    DPP and iRum/The Islander and Storytime
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    The Islander, Storytime. The Carpenter has its charm too
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    From Wishes to Eternity
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  • Least Favourite Song

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    The Killers - Spaceman
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    too many to choose from
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    Definitely NW ones, all of them
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    Too many to list
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    James Newton Howard, Michael Giacchino, Hans Zimmer, Aaron Zigman, Howard Shore
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    Apocalyptica, The Killers, HIM, Muse, CoB, Brandon Flowers, Dark Tranquillity, Sonata Arctica, Hurts, Jamie Cullum, Johanna Kurkela, Linkin Park, Rammstein, Rebekka Karijord, Tarot, Swallow the Sun, etc
  • Musical Dislikes (Songs, Bands etc)
    I don't appreciate some of female-fronted metal bands since they seem boring and too concentrated on their oh so metal attitude to me, but there are nice exceptions. The rest is optional, if music/lyrics/composition is good there are no genre/style/performer limits to me


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    Christian Bale, Michael Fassbender, Lee Pace, Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr., Jake Gyllenhaal / Emma Stone, Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, Saoirse Ronan
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    Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, John Favreau, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott, Danny Boyle
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    Lord of the Rings, The Hobbits, Alien Saga, Star Wars, Sunshine, The Atonement, Penelope, Pacific Rim, Shutter Island, Harry Potter, loads of Disney and Pixar ones
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    Doctor Who, Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Hannibal, Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Bones, Dexter, Misfits, The Walking Dead, Twin Peaks, X-Files, Friends
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    The Notebook, Lady in the Water, TRON: Legacy, LotR
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    Ray Bradbury, J.R.R.Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, Harper Lee, George R.R.Martin, Robin Hobb
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    "To kill a Mocking-bird" by Harper Lee, "Dandelion Wine", "Farewell, Summer" and "Summer Morning, Summer Night" by Bradbury, "Watchers" and "Cold Fire" by Dean Koontz, Lord of the Rings, "The Farseer Trilogy" and rest by Hobb
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    Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck :D

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  1. Hevein

    The Floor thread

    I'm quite interested in what songs other participants will choose for their performances for the 'Floor Saturday', but for some reason I don't set my hopes for a lot of interesting NW/AF/Ayreon/Northward/ReVamp covers that high. During previous episodes we've seen that some people do not necessarily choose anything from artist's repertoire, and can get away with smth like "I know your grandmother used to sing this tune when you were little, so here it is." And while it is a nice gesture and all, it is still a kind of cheating, in my opinion I think there will be some material from NW we'll get to hear, most likely Elan and maybe Nemo or Sleeping Sun, though I'm not that sure about the latest. Most recent project of Floor is Northward, and by far it has the most accessible material for non-metal singers, I think. So I'd put some money some song from that album will be performed, most likely 'While Love Died' (and I bet that Tim is gonna perform it!)). And somehow I think Energize Me will be the only AF song presented at Beste Zangers. It would be really great to hear from other participants how far they had dived in Floor's discography in order to find some songs they can perform. Did they go through 2 ReVamp albums and hear Floor growl, e.g.?))
  2. Hevein

    The Floor thread

    I'm almost half way through the translated 3rd episode (how cool is that some great person went so far as to provide subtitles for it? really great!). While it is really interesting to look at and to hear how other singers perform and how they manage to personalize the songs, I keep looking at Floor. And it seems she was a bit more restrained in this episode (though I didn't watch the other ones and cannot really judge, but still it seems that way). Maybe it due to feeling uncomfortable among non-metal people and their deeper knowledge of pop culture? But the more I think about the more it seems like Floor wasn't interacting much with people around because she was trying to use the time left to her performance to ensure she remembers the lyrics? her face ad pose looked a bit stiffed at times, like she was fully concentrated on smth else (like, "C'mon, girl, that particular word is pronounced like that, and the 3rd line in the second verse is that one!") rather than just enjoying other guys and gals performances.
  3. Hevein

    The Floor thread

    I didn't notice Floor being dressed is some historical dress. It seemed to me she was wearing her clothes from Raskasta Joulua/Ayreon gigs (leather pants, top, knitted/embroidery cardigan and that collar). Moreover, she had no special makeup and hairdo, like other ladies like Simone and Tarja did. Just her straight hair and concert makeup. It seemed to me she was caught backstage and did a quick shot, judging from her looks.
  4. Hevein

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    As far as I remember, Imaginaerum has been recorded in studio, at least all the vocals. But everything except for orchestra and choirs for EFMB has been recorded in summer camp to enhance the feeling of a more band-oriented album. As for the forthcoming album hype, I enjoy the little joy I feel regarding all the waiting of the news, the photos, the feeling we're here at last, at the moment when new album takes shape and is being arranged. I'm a very longtime fan, I started to listen to NW back in 2002 or 2003, so it's been, like, 16-17 years I travel along with this band. Half of my life literally. And I'm no longer an enthusiastic teenager, so it has been a bit hard for me to adjust to this new feeling towards the band, that nowadays, in fact, it is not such an important part of my life, and in the end it's just music. While 10 years ago it felt like passionately following the band, surfing the net for live videos from current tour and interviews, doing a lot of stuff for fanclub and etc, was my primary hobby and a way to spend a lot of time. It's a really strange feeling nowadays, but I still like the fact that there's a new album in the making and I have the desire to wait for it.
  5. Hevein

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Well, the idea came from Röskö Camp calendar being busy right from the very 1st of July till 30th of September :) http://www.karhupojat.org/ check VARAUS tab Still I think the guys and gals will spend at least half of the time sunbathing, swimming, fishing and then occasionally arranging an album
  6. Hevein

    The Tuomas thread

    Merry Tuomasmas, guys!
  7. Hevein

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Judging from his Instagram, he was around at least for Decades tour: https://instagram.com/teeceermb?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=jujlubqnwmi6
  8. Hevein

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Tero is still around, he has an Instagram account where he usually posts work and NW related stuff. And if by Tommi you mean Tommy Stolt, than no, he works with Tarja (or at least used to, don't know about now) pretty much from the beginning of her solo career.
  9. Hevein

    Decades World Tour 2018

    To be exact, he said "I also have my doubts that we will even gonna do a music video in the future, because that's also something that I don't feel so comfortable with anymore. So, I think, there might be some new formats to explore in the future, but honestly, I don't know." I think he has a valid and honest point here. I can't say that the kinds of "average" music videos NW usually produces (except for The Islander, which was just art thanks to Mr Harju, and Storytime as well, which was just pure fun) aren't that needed nowadays, when there's so many ways to promote your art (internet and all these social media channels); when the's no "music tv" as it was in the 90s or a bit later in 00s (when pushing your newest music video there was a success and guaranteed you views and increase in audience coverage). Speaking of music videos quality and all that, nowadays you gotta be all creative and bold, thinking outside the box (in terms of approach to scenario and shooting, etc) in order to be 'on point' with various audiencies; be ready to spend quite an amount of money for production; to catch the 'hype waves' as, e.g., Within Temptation does recently (just look at their newest pr campaign). Moreso, I thinks you need to feel comfortable before cameras, be keen on the idea of shootings and posings, acting, dressing up and playing the roles etc. That was never NW's strong point. Most of their videos (and there aren't than many to begin with) are quite...ordinary, and sometimes even awkward (you know, these things like super tragic facial expressions of Tuomas, or heavily rouged Tarja in her gothic gowns, or that cartoonish The Siren video, or that legendary bathtub...). Again, except for The Islander and Storytime. As much as I want it, Nightwish were never this kind of 'breakthrough' in terms of music videos. And I'd say yeah, if the guys and Floor feel they cannot (for any reason) offer us music videos of high quality and filled with great ideas, great acting, costumes and production (which their artsy music and style demands), then thanks, I agree with the idea of no more music videos.
  10. Hevein

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Just as I thought, Floor was referring to the new outfit It might be about streaming their show too, but somehow I wouldn't count on it that much.
  11. Hevein

    The Old Era

    Well, back then, in the very first interviews and as DPP tour progressed, Anette admitted that she wasn't that much into NW and didn't have any idea of how big they were, how extensive and exhausting their tours are, etc. I guess she either thought that her experience with Alyson Avenue live gigs will be enough or that NW aren't that big at all and their tours won't cost her health and that much time. Plus, I guess, we must bear in mind that it was her all-time dream to become a famous and well-known artist, so perhaps Anette just put it all at cost in order to get that once in a lifetime chance. I guess if she had a lot more touring experience back at the auditions time and NW got to know that, her having a kid wouldn't have been such in issue. Like, "ok, you've got a little kid at home, and still, we see you've travelled the world and had your share of experience and know how to handle homesickness, we're really ready to consider your for the position".
  12. Hevein

    The Old Era

    to be honest, quite an amount of those people who came back exactly because of Floor gaining the position of NW vocalist, were rather vocal about EFMB not containing any operatic singing, or Floor's rendition of old songs containing more contemporary style and rockish approach to vocals; they didn't expect that. I think a lot of people saw Floor's hiring as the way for the band to acclaim they were wrong in their decision to move towards more easy-listening vocals and especially as a 'come back to older golden days'. Just remember how much talk there was around EFMB release that it is exactly the time to make Oceanborn 2.0 since there's again a skillfull operatic singer on board.
  13. Hevein

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    I'm not even sure it was a discussion at all, since everything Stefan24k posts (and not for the first time) doesn't mean he's there to discuss things and exchange opinions. He basically comes here to say everything 'tuomas' (c) and Co have done, does atm and will do in the future is doomed by their personalities and past decisions, and all the things that Tarja have done, is doing and will do, is, obviously, driven by her sane nature and care for her own wellbeing and career. Discussion board means sharing opinions, not saying 'you and you and also you are wrong, you have the incorrect picture of the world taught to you, lemme explain'. It's really pointless. As for the song recorded with Naomi, I'll put my bet on 'Together'.
  14. Hevein

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    I'm sorry to interrupt you, guys, but it is obvious to me quite a few people there cannot call themselves non-biased towards one or another party and not to put their thoughts as, you know, universal truth rather than personal feelings on the matter. You can clearly see people have already taken sides and simply cannot get past towards their established feelings. Their arguments and non willingliness to take opponent's opinion into account, even the way some write the name of the band or bandmembers (mistakes, small letters, etc), it says a lot. I guess maybe it is time to throw that hatred towards anyone aside and leave the matter. It's been 12 years, really... Besides, there's a new Tarja record coming, isn't it worth more attention? Rather than some old and heavily chewed dismissal thing...
  15. Hevein

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    I won't pretend to be the know-it-all kind of person, first of all. Then, I'd say that judging from the biography book and Marco's words (and also that Tarja later didn't deny any of those claims related to tours, smth that, as nw said, they could prove by letters and documents etc), in the end when the whole question of what to do and how to continue with the band, they felt like Tarja and Marcelo were both trying to sink the band by their deeds like shows cancellations (infamous tour legs in USA which costed NW a records deal with label and promotion in USA with their then most successful album) or those claims regarding higher salary (which once again costed NW a tour leg with Iron Maiden > thus a chance to expand the audience and sell more etc). It felt like if those deeds were to be successful and nw disbanded, fans would have one and only Tarja aka, in the eyes of many, the main success factor of NW, with her glorious solo career and no band stealing the attention. So, the band felt like they were just a career springboard for Tarja. And from human point of view I totally understand that 'cornered animal' thing and, to some point, that letter, which was the coin NW felt they had to pay Tarja in response to her attitude towards her bandmember responsibilities, tour cancellations & whole 'I can leave the band at any time [you idiots, you aren't worth a damn without me] thing. That was nasty, childish (like, "no, she did it first, so we had to respond!" and no pro, but, I believe, both parties have done their share of crap back then.