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  1. IronMarioAUT

    Endless Forms Most Beautiful (2015) - Pt. III

    The video is okay for what it is. I can't really say anything bad about it. At least it's not one of those eye-damaging lyric videos. One day I hope we get something like Sleeping Sun '05 again with warrior princess Floor in the middle of an epic battle but so far I'm satisfied with what we got for this album.
  2. IronMarioAUT

    Endless Forms Most Beautiful (2015) - Pt. III

    let's not forget they uploaded Élan on more than one official channel (Nightwish, Vevo, Nuclear Blast...). If you combine all three channels the video has ~6,5 million views at the moment. I guess that's a good number
  3. IronMarioAUT


    oops! I'm sorry but hey, there will be a new Gilmour album later this year, yay! Don't worry, I think Roger made it clear that there will be at least one more album. I hope he's already working on it. I'm really looking forward to it. To make it a masterpiece he only needs to find a great guitarist and someone who can actually sing. I know a guy who could do both
  4. IronMarioAUT


    I guess the DVD and Bluray will contain the 5.1 Mix, I don't know anything about videos. With "new" I actually meant Amused To Death 2.0, because it's not really "new"
  5. IronMarioAUT


    @hunebedbouwer: good you mention "Amused to Death" because this album will be re-released in the summer! It's not only remastered but also remixed and there will be a 5.1 version too. CD/DVD/Bluray/Vinyl. Finally! I'm waiting for this already for quite some time. It's also my favourite Roger Waters solo album and if one record deserves to be called underrated it's this one! Roger talking about the "new" album:
  6. IronMarioAUT

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    wow, really interesting! I have a feeling this might be used as bonus content for something else in the future. Maybe an "EFMB Tour Edition with a bonus dvd" at the end of the year or early next year. We all know Nuclear Blast
  7. IronMarioAUT

    Endless Forms Most Beautiful (2015) - Pt. III

    for Billboard it's something like 1,500 song streams = one album sale. I agree with Magnus, I think it's ridiculous too. At least there should be separate sales charts. btw: Billboard still has the "US Top 100 album sales" which are based on sales only, no streaming or other crap and EFMB made it to #23!! there you have it: official Top 200: #34 Vs. #23 on the sales charts
  8. IronMarioAUT

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    I don't blame people who want to see Nemo and Amaranth live. I've stopped counting how often I've seen certain Iron Maiden "hits" live That's the way it is but I always enjoyed it big time. I have never seen them with Floor so I really don't care that much what the setlist looks like. Yes of course I've seen the DVD but that's not the same. I just want to see them live and have a good time. That's it
  9. IronMarioAUT

    Endless Forms Most Beautiful (2015) - Pt. III

    They released in a tough spot for the US charts. I don't think they care enough about charting in the US to plan a release around getting a good position. Personally it's a fantastic spot. That's a lot of US sales. Yes I agree! Just for comparison: Within Temptation's Hydra sold around 15,000 copies in its first week to debut at position no 16. Nightwish sells more than 18,000 and debuts at no 34. . I'm happy for both bands but in the end I think both of them care more about sales figures than chart numbers. Was it really just a tough week or does it also have something to do with the fact that they "upgraded" the whole billboard charts last december? The US Top 200 album charts now also include on-demand streaming and they are not just based on sales alone anymore. I can only imagine this benefits certain mainstream acts and makes it harder for bands like Nightwish.
  10. IronMarioAUT

    Endless Forms Most Beautiful (2015) - Pt. III

    US charts: #34 from Blabbermouth: "Endless Forms Most Beautiful", the new album from Finnish / Dutch / British symphonic metallers NIGHTWISH, sold more than 18,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 34 on The Billboard 200 chart. NIGHTWISH's previous CD, "Imaginaerum", opened with 12,000 units to land at No. 27 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's 2007 effort, "Dark Passion Play", registered a first-week tally of 11,000 to enter the chart at No. 84." ^ This is a good example why sales figures tell you more than chart numbers
  11. ^ excactly! and as I understand it's primarily for people living in the US. Here is a short introduction video from Richard Dawkins for openly secular:
  12. IronMarioAUT

    Endless Forms Most Beautiful (2015) - Pt. III

    no 4 in Austria which is pretty good! considering who is on 1-3 this is the best they could do here . (I think Irum was #9, DPP #5 and Once #4).
  13. great! thanks for posting! just in case someone is interested what this "openly secular" group is all about: It's "a coalition to highlight and overcome discrimination against nonreligious & atheists" formed by the Richard Dawkins foundation and other secular groups.
  14. IronMarioAUT

    Endless Forms Most Beautiful (2015) - Pt. III

    ^ wow, congrats NW. If it wasn't for this popular german rapper they would be #1 but who cares
  15. IronMarioAUT

    Endless Forms Most Beautiful (2015) - Pt. III

    I don't like the fact that the official charts now include streaming and mix it with actual sales. I know that the offical UK and swedish charts count streaming as well. So if you're a band like Nightwish that decides against releasing EFMB on certain streaming plattforms in most european territories (don't know for the US) it seems you have a disadvantage when it comes to charts. It would be really interesting to know the impact of streaming on current chart numbers.