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  1. I think it starts: She lives in me and she lives in you, it is true. It's in our nature, so let her burn. An old ritual, our corruption perpetual. Flesh is always weak, so let hear speak. Would match better with the rest of the verse. Other than that, I understand nothing.
  2. Conquering new ground. Marco will perform with Seinäjoki orchestra, he will sing as tenor in the Lumikuningas ja musta Madonna (lit. translation: Snow king and black Madonna) opera in November. The opera is based on a book by Zacharias Topelius called Välskärin kertomuksia. The peformance at Seinäjoki-sali is a "concert version", costumes will add to the dramaticism of the performance. Zacharias Topeliukseätysnimi-seinäjoen-kaupunginorkesterin-solistiksi-nightwishin-marco-hietala-1.2355342
  3. Miten tämä meni ihan ohi, vaikka on uutisoitu jo elokuun alussa. Siltä varalta että joku muukin missasi: Marco Seinäjoen kaupunginorkesterin solistiksiätysnimi-seinäjoen-kaupunginorkesterin-solistiksi-nightwishin-marco-hietala-1.2355342
  4. I recall Tuomas saying that before he went to that Metallica(/Guns'n'Roses) concert, that made him like metal, the heaviest thing he listened to was Gary Moore. So I guess he is/was a fan to some degree. I also think he mentioned that WWYLN had nice keyboard parts he wanted to play and so they covered it. But probably for lulz too.
  5. Yesterday was Tarja's birthday and to celebrate Tarja Turunen Suomi has a rare interview from 2001. Make sure to like the page, many interesting (some Nightwish related) things coming up.
  6. If you are on Facebook, make sure to go and like There's plenty of nice Throwback Thursdays coming up, so even if you want to see old Nightwish stuff take a look. Like this nice one from 1999 shared today. And they are all translated, obviously.
  7. Marco is featured in Lazy Bonez's new video in honor of Pecu Cinnari.
  8. Retkipaikka: Tuomas Holopainen ja maailman kaunein fakta
  9. Eläkeläisten Elanto-biisi kuunneltavissa:
  10. Freja-tyttö syntyi 15. maaliskuuta. Onnelliset vanhemmat ja lapsi voivat hyvin.
  11. "In perfect health our daughter Freja was born on the 15th of March. We are very happy parents! Thank you for your kind support coming in from all over the world during this time! Hannes, Floor & Freja."
  12. Savonia's county song updated by folk-pop band Jonas and I featuring Marco: Savolaisen laulu (Song of the Savonian) was performed in 1852 for the first time. Savo's Song is a translated version with mostly new composition.
  13. Just a joke:
  14. She posted this today: So I'm guessing the info from Budapest wasn't right and they are still waiting.
  15. ^ Taisi olla uutisankka, Floor päivitti itse tänään (6.3.) että vielä odotellaan: