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  1. A nice article for you from touring in the olden days. Scans (check the pictures!!) on Facebook, translation of the article below. BRAZIL, ARGENTINA, CHILE, BOLIVIA, PANAMA, MEXICO Nightwish’s tour diary from the South-American tour Our group, that includes in addition to the five-member band, our roadie-technician Tero Kinnunen and tour manager Mr Ewo, has finally found each other in the Helsinki-Vantaa airport’s cafe. Also the representatives of Nelonen and Yle Yksi newsrooms make it there. The press seems really interested in our tour of the southern American continent. The reporter for Nelonen throws us a bottle of sunscreen as a parting present, we will sorely need it.. BRAZIL July 12th-15th “PEOPLE LIKE THIS DON’T EXIST” Dead tired in São Paulo we discover that most of our instruments have travelled to Paris, luckily the first show isn’t until the next day! After a 14-hour flight, we could really use some rest but the local promoter has booked the day full of interviews, press events, signing sessions and photoshoots. Still that same night we fly to Curitiba, where the show is the following night. Our gear has finally showed up too. The worst is behind us – so we think… It’s winter in Brazil during July which means temperatures below 10 degrees and frosty hotel rooms. Signing session organized in a record shop in Curitiba gave a taste of the much-praised South-American audience. There are hundreds of screaming people and this wouldn’t work at all without security!!! They run behind our cars for hundreds of meters with their cameras! Tarja, who caught the flu on the very first flight, is really sick so the show performed to an almost sold-out venue is a little shorter than usual. Next morning we fly back to São Paulo. We have perhaps one of the best venues of the tour and the biggest audience coming up. And TOM BRASIL is amazing! An incredible stage, top technics, fabulous food & real guys doing the technics! And completely sold out, so 2200 raving mad Nightwish fans sweating! Oh yeah!!! Backstage the group develops the will to show off instead of stage fright… these Brazilians are getting a proper dose of heavy from Kitee, goddammit!!!!! The ticket prices shock the band. 25-30 American dollars, which is two weeks salary for the local worker. The local MusicTV appears to ask about the popularity of salsa in Finland. Interviews, posing and the praise of Finnish music follows. The show itself hits the bullseye. 2200 mouths sing along to all the choruses and when one band member raises a hand, 4400 hands do the same. The only negative is the insane heat that makes five people in the front row lose consciousness, security carries the fainted like back in the day on Beatles shows. Oh my! A big "obrigado" (=thank you!) to local organizers and fans. Right after the show to the hotel and to sleep. The crowd on the yard of the club is still insane. CHILE July 16th-18th ”NIGHTWISH – NO RIFFRAFF HEAVY” Up at four am and on a plane to Chile. The only thing left from the ecstasy and humour of last night is a mention in the tour diary… our group hasn’t gotten more than a few hours of sleep the past four nights. The PR smiles are starting to feel forced… but there’s no use, rock’n’roll things are sometimes like this. Local promoters and the mountainous sceneries surrounded by the Alps greet us at Santiago airport. Only one interview booked for this night. Best news of the day. 16 hours of Sleeping Beauty’s sleep follows, after which everyone has new life and are smiling much more frequently. Locals are truly excited and flattered that we have come all the way to Chile to perform. We feel the honour is all ours. In fact we have a lot to thank to the Finnish embassy whose sponsorship allowed us to be the first foreign band to perform in the country this year (as the Catholic church had denied entry for Iron Maiden only a few weeks earlier). The show goes again nicely even though the audience’s "Naitvit, Naitvit” screams cause some astonishment. We are told that pronouncing the ”shh”-sound in considered a sign of lower education and poverty in Chile. Therefore “Naitvish” is out of the question, we’re apparently playing no riffraff heavy. Local dudes organize a proper barbeque so the grill is filled with meat, sausages & chicken… and Finnish guys & gal are completely full. - I can’t take even one more bite! ARGENTINA July 19th-22nd “YEAH, WE HAVE 20 MILLION PEOPLE HERE, BUT NOT A SINGLE METAL BAR” In the morning, we say goodbye to the superb dudes in Chile and begin our travel towards Buenos Aires, which the travel brochure tells to be the most boring city of Southern America. Hard to say anything about dullness but the local’s life rhythm is quite bewildering to Finns: we eat “an early dinner” at nine pm, (the normal Argentinean dinnertime is between 11 and 12 pm). Tuomas and Tarja do straight radio interviews until four in the morning, as these dudes want to know EVERYTHING about the band and its musicians. And eight in the morning the same hassle continues… when do these people sleep? The streets are filled with people through the night. Locals tell this is normal life to them, so when in Rome… The first venue in Argentina is at least odd. A theater hall with seats for 250 ticket buyers. The sold-out show with overpriced tickets is however an unforgettable experience in its intimacy. So the audience sat for the whole show. And if someone gets excited and stands up, they are immediately shown back to their seat, though kindly and not with an ass whooping… We are surprised before the show the following night by being told that the show will be recorded with four cameras. They could have just not told us. Nevertheless, the audience is again totally ecstatic so you don’t have to look for the right feeling for long. After a successful Argentinean tour leg there’s even a hint of a smile on our overstressed head promoter Marcelo’s face. He tells that everything so far has gone much better than expected. Top-notch! PANAMA July 23rd – 26th “FINNISH BOYS ARE COOKING ON THE BARBEQUE AND WE’D STILL NEED TO PLAY SOME HEAVY” We fly to Panama with Aereo Boliviano airline, the horror stories of South-American flight security come to mind and some of the group are guessing who are the potential airplane hijackers among the other passengers. We switch planes in Bolivia’s Santa Cruz airport, where a press conference has been set up for us. Far out! The heat is already infernal. Help! I’m melting! If the presence of the press and fans on a Bolivian airport raised some surreal amusement in our group, it felt at least as incredible to step onto Panama’s soil. As the infernal tropical heat strikes you in the face for the first time none of us are able to understand what on earth a heavy band from Kitee is doing here in Panama!! And at night an pump-action shotgun armed guard stands in every street corner. You shouldn’t go out of the hotel at night, not even in a group, “you will be mugged”, the locals guide us in a friendly way. Okay, we won’t go then… We later hear that we are the first European heavy band ever to play in Panama, which feels unbelievably awesome. Days go by with interviews and signing sessions. We find a local heavy store nearby with its extensive just released (and heavy) selections. Again, we have to say goodbye to preconceptions and illusions of llama mail… there’s probably metalheads even on the moon, if here too… The show has over 300 people, which apparently doubled the organizer’s target – not bad! And when Tarja gets to say the definite king of stage banter one-liners, “We love you Panama”, the whole group can do nothing but smile. Hey, Panama rules! Sami and Ewo burn themselves badly in the sun on the hotel’s roof – without sunscreen of course… - We were up there for only like 90 minutes and now I can’t walk… The guitarist of our warm up band takes us to his completely obscene beach villa, located far from everything on top of a cliff, like next to the Pacific and the endless sandy beaches, oh yeah! Some of the group immediately head to go swimming and bodyboarding. The day is rated as the most memorable of the tour and the place as paradise. Thank you Peter, Evan & Eva, Tacho & companions. MEXICO July 27th-31st “BITE INTO A TACO, EVERYTHING’S GOING TO HELL ANYWAY” We’re severely warned beforehand that nothing works in Mexico, and by the way it doesn’t. The list of things that don’t work right away includes showers, toilets, music gear, electricity, schedules, car tires and security men. At times one feels that the only things that do “work” around here are local beer and tacos, haha! Both are enjoyed in fair quantity to ease stress. The show towns in Mexico are Morelia, Mexico City and Guadalajara, the first demanding a dose of rock attitude: our gear arrives six hours late, but even after that, nothing really works. There’s barely 200 people in the audience and after playing we travel 400 kilometers in a cramped van on empty tires and the window open (= flu and even more flu) back to Mexico City. And the driver plays the local salsa hit channel with maximum volume. We rate the day as the most futile of the tour. Never coming here again. Dammit! Next night’s show in Mexico City together with Swedish Tiamat promises something better: the stage is big, almost 2000 have bought tickets and the schedule almost holds. But as the gig starts the local guitar equipment break down and the show nears a fiasco. The audience is, incredibly, completely ecstatic and apparently understand technical difficulties, amazing people! Mexico City rules, we’ll come back and bring Finnish electricity with us! It’s always hard to deal with the last show of the tour. You know in advance the melancholy feeling during the last song, the upcoming goodbye and the long plane ride back home. And the added pressure of wanting to leave a good feeling of the tour to yourself and everyone else. The reception in Guadalajara is typically enthusiastic as Latins are – even the security are standing at the edge of the stage with cameras in hand and partying along the songs. Tarja is forced into an embrace with some Mexican fanatic= moron in the middle of a show and the whole gig is in danger of coming to halt. But we get through the songs including the last encore and the security will surely have repentance to last them for a lifetime, considering how badly a few of the dudes took the assault on Tarja… When leaving time arrives at Mexico City airport, the atmosphere is melancholy. Hugs, reminiscing, praising each other and changing addresses with the local folk many times. And promising to come back again, of course. The awesomeness of this three week experience will surely fully hit us after some days or weeks. It’s homely to finally hear news from Finland on the plane and read Finnish papers. And on the next weekend we’ll head for shows in Germany and Belgium. And then a tour in Finland. And then Canada. And in between apparently to Japan… rock’n’roll!!!
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    Tarja Turunen pt. III

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    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Interview clip from 2014 Also something should be coming "very very soon"!
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    The Marco thread

    Marco is performing in Sauna Open Air in Tampere with his solo material in July. This commercial was quite amusing. Jone: "How about it Marco,, will you put on some music if I throw some water to the sauna stove?" Marco: "I sure will. Music!" Jone: "It's cold"
  5. Afrodite

    The Old Era

    This has probably been shared before, but in case someone has missed it. (Ah, dark text on dark background. Here's to help your eyes: Nightwish’s first review was less than praising. One of Finland’s largest music magazines Soundi featured a review on their “Demo effect” of the band’s demo they recorded in 1996, which included three songs (The Forever Moments, Nightwish, Etiäinen). This review caused the band’s proverb “shitty band, shitty equipment, no commercial potential”. The reviewer might have had to since take another outlook on the band, though of course the band’s music on their debut album was largely different from the songs on the demo. Translation of the review below: NIGHTWISH Tarja (v), Emppu (g), Tuomas (s, bv) This is some sort of prog music that combines classical music and ethereal elements. Singing works wonderfully and there’s nothing to criticize in the playing either, but are the songs in their own dexterity and atmosphericity relevant is a harder question. The band writes: “we also wish interest from labels”, but I am rather sure that companies interested in record sales won’t take such marginal music to their repertoire. This has no chance on the radio’s playlist, which is a shame in its own way.)
  6. Tarja and Tuomas were interviewed by Apu magazine in 2000, translation of the article below and all scans in the link. Nightwish’s Tarja Turunen and Tuomas Holopainen are OCEAN SOULS An opera singer’s lovely voice and a dreamer’s equally as lovely world of tunes form the core of Kitee-born Nightwish. The band, which has already taken over the metal markets in Germany, will tour in Brazil, Chile, Panama, Argentina and Mexico during this July. To a casual Nightwish listener Tarja Turunen’s, 22, wonderful voice is just an instrument and the lyrics are covered by the heart-rending beautiful or in turn bombastic notes. The ear seems to catch familiar influences quite frequently. Orff? Vivaldi? Wagner? - That’s right! These comparisons always delight me as a classical musician, Tarja says. - It’s not intentional though, I haven’t listened to classical music after music school, so in over seven years, composer, lyricist and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, 23, adds. If you have to look for idols, they are found in the film music side. Tuomas’ guru is Hans Zimmer, the man whose music plays in the background in for example Crimson Tide, The Rock and the Lion King. - If only I got to compose film music one day! The cradle of life and the great unknown Nightwish became familiar to a bigger audience after winning the popular vote of Finnish Eurovision song contest tryout. Because of the bizarre point counting system they didn’t however, to the annoyance of many, make it to represent Finland in Stockholm. But with music hobbyist Nightwish was known already before. The single release Sacrament of Wilderness from their previous album Oceanborn made it to number one on the Finnish single chart and sold gold, the same happened with the next single release titled Walking in the Air. Addition to that Oceanborn made it to the fifth spot on the Finnish top 40 chart and stayed on the chart for 31 weeks. Oceanborn was released almost worldwide and was given a perfect score on the biggest German metal magazine Rock Hard. Readers of the magazine chose Nightwish as the newcomer of the year and voted Oceanborn on the third place in the category Album of the year. Wishmaster was released in May, it immediately sold gold in Finland and was chosen album of the year in Rock Hard. Nightwish was also in the magazine’s June cover. Oceanborn means born from the ocean. On Wishmaster you talk about ocean soul and you both confess to being one. How does a young man brought up in Kitee, firmly an inland area, fall in love with the ocean? - Maybe exactly because it’s so far away: fascinating, romantic and frightening. I’ve once even swam in the Pacific Ocean, in San Francisco, but I was so young then, that I didn’t really understand anything about it, Tuomas says. What does being an ocean soul mean? - The allure is lost if you interpret the words too much. I want to give space to the listener. - But – all in all – the symbolisms of the ocean is endless. Emotions storm like the sea, peace is calm like the sea. In addition, the ocean is the cradle and source of life and also a big unknown tomb, where everything ends up. Pharaohs, fairytales and stories Wishmaster floats above the oceans and crystal-clear lagoons of faraway lands and Tarja’s soprano echoes in vaults lit by candles, between sleep and reality. The tales of Tolkien and King Arthur and dark fairytales of the Little Match Girl to Beauty and the Beast rattle the imagination, and love always kisses death in a way that makes you forget about the dismal everyday life and dreams have wings. - I don’t make songs for myself, but through myself yes, about things that are important to me, Tuomas says. - Symbolism of different religions is close to my hears, as well as history, the Middle Ages and Egypt. Our first album had a song called Tutankhamon, Oceanborn has Pharaoh Sails To Orion. Tarja, who was raised Christian, had never listened to heavy before Nightwish. How did it feel to sing on Tuska festival to the black metal crowd that always includes also Devil's worshippers? - I don’t individualize the audience. I sing to everyone and try to brighten the souls of listeners with our music, which has nothing bad about it, Tarja says. How does your music react to new age? - Philosophically we have no idea about new age, but I do listen to new age music quite a lot. Oceanic by Vangelis is insanely wonderful! We too want to float in the unknown spheres of the universe, Tuomas replies. South-America awaits This weekend Nightwish will do concerts in Brazil’s Sao Paolo. From there the road continues to Santiago de Chile, Panama, Argentina’s Buenos Aires and Mexico. - Our music has sold very nicely in South-America. I don’t know any figures and you really can’t measure success anyway because of local piracy, Tuomas says. - I’ve gotten many touching e-mails along the lines ”we unfortunately can’t come to your concert because of the long distances and we spend our last money on your album”. That’s why I can’t be opposed to piracy with all my heart, Tarja adds. Tarja plans to in the future pursue into a music school in Middle-Europe after many years of singing studies in the Sibelius Academy. - I’ve given myself permission to start to prepare for it. But why now, when Nightwish is rising to the wave of success? - Everyone of us has done compromises from the start and will do in the future too. You have to after all remember that this isn’t the rest of anyone’s life, Tarja says. Tuomas also confesses about considering a bourgeois profession. He is interested in natural sciences. - I guess I will be a biologist, albeit I’m going to make music for as long it’s possible. (Pictures texts) Tarja with beauty queen looks – who Heli Pirhonen’s aunt thought to be a doppelganger of Heli (note: Heli is a Kitee-born Miss Finland of 1995) on a trip to the sauna – is engaged. Nightwish’s soul Tuomas Holopainen is in turn a bachelor. Tarja is a fierce sight on stage and can take her audience in an excellent way. The German audience differs from Finns in that according to Tarja, in Germany they come to listen to the music where as in Finland the audience bumbles about drunk in the joint festival experience. Guitarist Erno Vuorinen in front.
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    The Old Era

    Nightwish trying Kitee's "white wine" Turn on the subtitles! And easy with the liquor tonight boys and girls. Edit. Oh shoot, this was already posted some pages ago. Well, as we say in Finland, kertaus on opintojen äiti (=repetition is the mother of learning) :p
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    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Old article with Tarja, scans here! Translation below:
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    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Click on English subtitles!
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    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Here's Valkea Joulu (White Christmas in Finnish) and Ave Maria with Tony in Hämeenlinna! Don't get me started on the woman shouting for Antti Railio during those emotional quiet bits when he's not even on stage, jeez!! I also just shared this nice interview from the bangs era. :) Features a performance of YWHLT!
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    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Ah, finally saw Tarja with Raskasta Joulua as the concert in Vaasa last year was less than successful. Setlist for Tarja's part in the FB-post. I won't mention she was gorgeous, you can see that from the pics below. <3 A few videos coming later on.
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    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Interview in today's Ilta-Sanomat: Also Ilouutinen is on Youtube (sang by Tarja, Tony Kakko, JP Leppäluoto and Antti Railio in Mikkeli)
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    Nightwish mediassa V

    Soundi: Nightwish mullisti Floor Jansenin elämän tyystin: ”Silloinen parisuhteeni ei kestänyt sitä” Ja Soundihan referoi tätä haastattelua: Faceculture osa 1 Faceculture osa 2
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    Nightwish mediassa V

    ^ Löytyypi Areenasta: Ensin puhetta chileistä 01:04:21 ja pitempi haastis sitten 01:22:30 eteenpäin. Vähän hymyilyttää kun bändistä näytettävä livemateriaali on niinkin tuoretta kuin 2003 vuoden RMJ:stä. Soundi: Suomalaisen musiikin Hall of Fame täydentyy: Nightwish pääsi Sibeliuksen ja Juicen joukkoon
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    The Old Era

    Throwback Thursday! Subtitles should be on, but if not, you can click them on from the right bottom corner.