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  1. Thank you very much, that's lovely to hear!
  2. Wasn't surprisement, more of showing support I guess. SS was the only song we knew would come in advance! (Underneath) T: A warm thank you. It’s been a while since I last sang the song Underneath. Might have been at Savonlinna’s Opera festival lastly, a long time ago. Wow! (laughter) Wonderful. Oh my. And then, we’ll go really back in time to a ballad that may.. well, let’s see what feelings it will bring to you, this next one. (Sleeping Sun begins) (huge applause and cheers from the audience) Anyway, being there the whole concert was brilliant. Definite chills and some tears I can tell you. Would love to see more of this Tarja in Finland besides the Christmas concerts too. And that tango in the end, did not see that one coming! My concert companion was really impressed, she hasn't seen Tarja live since 2006. Damian already shared my pictures from FB, I'll be adding some more to IG later on so make sure to follow Tarja Turunen Suomi there too!
  3. IS: Iron Maidenin Steve Harris suitsuttaa Nightwishia - "Tuomas Holopainen on nero"
  4. ^ Arto Nyberg show can be watched here: Tuomas appears around 14 minutes. Should work outside of Finland too, I think.
  5. Kuolevainen actually mean mortal, she says that others think her to be a fairy or to have witch powers but she's in reality like anyone of us, a mortal. There is a translation for you here (or even three to choose from) :
  6. Tarja took part in a Finnish TV-program called SuomiLOVE, which is a music program that introduces stories about love and friendship, which have a song related to them. This song is then performed by the SuomiLOVE band or other artist. WitA was dedicated to Otto by his sister Nonna, as the song is a part of their childhood and Christmas. Tarja performed it with Aled Jones, who was introduced as the original singer of the song (as it reads there on the screen), but @NeoGeorg had better info on that, did not know that.
  7. Now there's another duet I wouldn't have seen coming. Merry Christmas y'all!
  8. Unfortenately no substitutive concert, they are refunding ticket prices though. Such a shame that a great tour ended like that, I luckily went to two RJ-shows before that one, but of course it would have been wonderful to hear Tarja. But as mentioned thank goodness nothing worse happened. This is freaking scary when looking at it afterwards: (The original video has been deleted, you can find some of it here: ) Sorry btw that the first post was so short and less-than-informative, I was trying to type something rational on the phone while walking back to the hotel. I saw Tarja at the hotel last night and she was fine, a little shaken like all of the audience and crew, but otherwise okay.
  9. Saw Floor again with RJ on Tuesday in Jyväskylä. She was awesome and lovely and her Swedish sounds really good. She also congratulated Finland and Finns for our 100th Independence day. More concert pictures of Instagram:
  10. Thank you Eilenna! I think it was music by Erkka Korhonen & Elize Ryd.
  11. The last three Raskasta Joulua shows Tarja is taking part in (Turku, Kuopio & Vaasa) will also feature Tony and Elize. Perhaps Doro and Michael will join too? Who knows, I never guess anything from her clues..
  12. Floor is now the go-to person for Swedish songs on the Raskasta joulua tour when Elize isn't there. Saw the show in Pori last weekend and she was phenomenal! Her Swedish pronunciation impressed me too, she sounded really good. As far as I could tell at least, my Swedish is a bit rusty.. Here's a video I found on Youtube, Floor and a song from the new album Stjärnan i min hand (=star in my hand). If there is a native Swedes around I would appreciate if you could write down the lyrics of this new song, they aren't in the booklet and I can't make out all the words. Elize wrote the lyrics and the song is dedicated to her brother who died near Christmas. For better audio visit Spofify:
  13. Raskasta Joulua IV is out and you can check the duet by Tony Kakko and Floor Oi joulunajan ihmiset. I even found a translation online, though it has some mistakes. I think Floor's Finnish pronunciation has been affected by her Swedish studies, she sounds a bit Swedish in that song, to me at least. But it's lovely to hear her Finnish and I applaud her for doing that!
  14. New article: