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  1. Afrodite

    Nightwish mediassa V

    Soundi: Nightwish mullisti Floor Jansenin elämän tyystin: ”Silloinen parisuhteeni ei kestänyt sitä” Ja Soundihan referoi tätä haastattelua: Faceculture osa 1 Faceculture osa 2
  2. Afrodite

    Nightwish mediassa V

    ^ Löytyypi Areenasta: Ensin puhetta chileistä 01:04:21 ja pitempi haastis sitten 01:22:30 eteenpäin. Vähän hymyilyttää kun bändistä näytettävä livemateriaali on niinkin tuoretta kuin 2003 vuoden RMJ:stä. Soundi: Suomalaisen musiikin Hall of Fame täydentyy: Nightwish pääsi Sibeliuksen ja Juicen joukkoon
  3. Afrodite

    The Old Era

    Throwback Thursday! Subtitles should be on, but if not, you can click them on from the right bottom corner.
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    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Last video, I Feel Pretty!
  5. Afrodite

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Tarja performed with baritone Waltteri Torikka in Joensuu last Saturday. She sang some musical tunes, tangos and even metal with OTHAFA and Led Zeppelin-medley. It was a wonderful night!
  6. Thought this would be another nice one for you to read. Translation below link! Nightwish in the tender embrace of mother Russia "Nightwish forever, Mariah Carey go home!" Nightwish, which has climbed its way to the selected group of the most popular metal bands in the world, ends its successful world tour with concerts in Saint Petersburg and Moscow. What did Russia have to offer this time? At least dangerous mosh pits, fanatic fans, big bottles of vodka, worn-out instruments, speedy rides on taxis, pirated products of many sorts, lazy Tupolevs and much more. There’s clearly a good atmosphere in the Nightwish camp. The exhausting Summer of Innocence tour is only missing two final shows. - Even though we take these performances extremely seriously you can tell that people are more relaxed than usual. We have a hard summer behind us, singer Tarja Turunen smiles at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The flight to Saint Petersburg takes a measly hour. One can see the deteriorated nuclear power plant of Sosnovyi Bor from the window as the plane lands. The city mutilated by a great ideology shows its face right at the airport. The landing strip is bumpy, houses are surprisingly run-down and the station building has a strong odor of makhorka. This makes the Finntroll / Sethian-vocalist and Nightwish roadie Tapio Wilska, who has visited Russian often, laugh. - A familiar smell, there’s no mistaking it, this is the great and mighty Soviet Union, the great Russia gave birth to thee, he says adapting the Soviet Union hymn. Getting the band equipment to Russia was a complicated operation. When arriving to the country one has to fill all kinds of forms which can be used as proof that the items haven’t for example been sold when leaving the country. The paperwork at the airport would’ve been a lot harder, if not impossible, without Russian promoter Konstantin Byleev. - The last time I had four guitars with me and the people at customs didn’t believe that I actually needed them all. We talked it over and over until manager Ewo Rytkönen gave the customs officer a copy of Over The Hills And Far Away-single and then there was no problem, guitarist Emppu Vuorinen laughs. With Byleev in the lead things go smoothly. Fans have appeared at the airport, they give drummer Jukka Nevalainen some vodka and to keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen a giant “string of pearls”, the pearls being blond cookies. - When in Rome.., so let’s take some shots, Nevalainen suggests on the way to the sold-out venue. No one objects and even Tarja tastes the local thirst quencher with a wince. The bottle’s drip lock however causes problems, because when poured slowly, barely anything gets through. Bassist Marco Hietala grabs the bottle, tilts it quickly vertically against his lips and the drink flows out nicely. - Amateurs whine, but pro-men have plenty to drink, Hietala interprets the situation. FEELING OF SOUTH-AMERICA As the roadies work hard at the venues hall Tarja tells backstage about an interview she did at Goth festival M'era Luna. - A fine moment! Two reporter men came backstage; one of them was wearing only a pair of leather strings. It was quite hard to answer with a straight face, when I was about to burst into laughter the whole time. - The show in M'era Luna was awesome, we were the headliners. It was dark, 25 000 people were there and the bombs went off… Another show with pyrotechnics in Raumanmeren juhannus on the other hand was probably the worst show of the summer. Yö played too long and we weren’t able to start before 2 am. We had to also shorten our set by fifteen minutes. But if it’s anyhow up to me, the next tour will have a lot more bombs, Tuomas ponders. Nevalainen returns huffing from his exploration of the stage. - The bassdrums don’t match and the stand may be from the 60’s. Well, doesn’t matter, I’ll manage with these. The backup bass drum is also a fun one. I almost burst out laughing when they brought to the side of the stage. It’s probably been with some Russian dance band’s Siberian tour. It’s a bit worn out. - Despite the little things I’m still surprised how well things work here. Before Nightwish’s first Russian shows I was convinced it’s going to be like being in Siberia. But no, things work well here, Tuomas points out. - Security works too. I have my own bodyguard who even sits in front of my hotel room keeping watch all night, Tarja smiles and nods towards a gentleman who looks a bit like Vladimir Putin. Because of soundcheck opening the doors is delayed by fifteen minutes and Konstantin grows a bit nervous. He keeps asking Rytkönen if they could let people in already and Ewo goes to rush the band. Byleev is right; you don’t want to mess with almost 4000 Russian enjoying their Friday night. For example Impaled Nazarene has experienced this first hand when local fans came through the wall during the band’s soundcheck. The doors opening at the hall in Saint Petersburg is quite a sight since apparently everyone who bought a ticket wants be in the first row. Nightwish starts their set at 9 pm sharp. The screaming is downright astounding as Bless The Child begins the 90-minute show. The undisputed highlights of the show are the calmer Sleeping Sun and Walking In The Air and the heavier Slaying The Dreamer and Wishmaster. The show ends with Over The Hills And Far Away loaned from Gary Moore. The roaring Russians demand more for a long time after that. - They were loud, like being in South-America that was. They sounded like 6000 people at least! And when I looked at the moshpit I couldn’t help thinking that someone will die soon, Tuomas shakes his head. In South-America things are actually even a bit wilder. - Outside the venue in Mexico City they had a Nightwish market. They had like twenty stands selling nothing but pirated Nightwish products. We even had to play an extra show there when the organizers feared that people without a ticket would cause trouble, Holopainen tells. - The sellers of pirated products wouldn’t give their products for us as souvenirs. We would’ve had to offer something like drumsticks in return, Tarja adds. Nightwish got to know metal fans in New York and Atlanta too in September. - Both shows in America were sold out. In New York people sang along to songs from Century Child even though the album hasn’t been released there. I really didn’t expect to have any fanbase there, so the shows were happy surprises, Holopainen thinks. - People from Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica and even the Czech Republic came to the show in New York. And Tavastia’s Juhani Merimaa was there too! He was in the city by chance and saw an ad for the show in a newspaper, Tarja smiles. The circumstances in a venue in Brooklyn left something to be desired. - The temperature was about 13 degrees backstage. And maybe sixty onstage, Turunen says. - Us and the warmup act were given two cheese pizzas as dinner. In total. We got ten bottles of water and ten beers and that was it, Tuomas recalls. - There was no toilet backstage. We should’ve gone through the audience and stood in line for thirty minutes. The guys peed in the sink but I didn’t stoop that low. I might have peed my pants during the show… Oh right, Stratovarius’ Jens Johansson lives in Manhattan and came to see us. He managed to steal two cases of Budweiser from the bar. The next morning he send a text message “what the hell, there are two empty cases of Budweiser on the floor, did I steal them”, Tarja laughs. - But Jens is the man! He played Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train with us although we never practiced with him. Not even in soundcheck. I just adjusted the sound right and he began to play. And he seemed to really dig Nightwish, Holopainen thinks. INTO THE NIGHT AND ONTO THE COMPANY’S SLICKS An after party for Nightwish has been organized in a bar “protected” by a motorcycle club in Saint Petersburg but despite the wild expectations the place turns out to be boring. Some of the group leaves to head elsewhere as some retreat to the hotel to sleep. - Into the night and onto the company’s slicks! Meaning let’s go, Rytkönen thinks. The saying is “Ewo-slang”, understanding it is often responsibility of the listener. Byleev leads the group to a place “protected” by a local mob and the atmosphere is quite different in comparison. The hardiest partiers stay in the gloomy restaurant until 5 am. In other words the morning is quite dismal for the more keen barflies after only a few hours of sleep. - Life sucks, but it's free, Rytkönen turns the situation into words. Airplanes don’t wait for anyone though, not even in Russia. A small domestic flight lies ahead and for some reason many start to think about the wildest stories of local airlines. - This one plane had goats on the aisle and no seatbelt for the passengers. No standing places at least, for humans that is. You could of course smoke freely. The best thing was though, when the pilot showed up to sell drinks once the flight altitude was reached. Oh and the body of the airport bus was made of wood, for real, Wilska tells. - Oh Tarja, why are you so pale! Have some red wine to get some color back to your face, Emppu comforts. Nevalainen buys a grand bottle of vodka and a water bottle from the airport’s tax free shop. - Jukka didn’t disappoint again, he always gets a huge bottle like that, Vuorinen laughs. The drummer winces after taking a sip of the water. Apparently you are actually better off drinking vodka or at least beer in Russia if you want to stay healthy, the man agonizes. - Yeah, that is surely bottled water, straight from the river Neva, Wilska knows. The flight from Saint Petersburg to Moscow goes surprisingly smoothly although the Tupolev rises lazily from the bumpy track. The old airplane can’t clearly handle sudden movements. The only bad feeling comes from the completely careless treatment Nightwish’s instruments are getting. Vuorinen and Holopainen climbed aboard the plane’s stairway just conveniently to see how boxes of keyboards and guitars are thrown in a nice arc to the plane’s luggage hold. - They must not understand the English text "handle with care" on the boxes, Emppu shakes his head. - Well, the equipment get to fly in the actual meaning of the word. The bad side is of course that the equipment is worth tens of thousands of euros, Tuomas worries. FINNISH DIPLOMATS Turunen receives letters from Nightwish fans on Moscow airport. Some of the scribblings are sturdy stuff. Constantine from Moscow writes: “Tarja — You are angel, it is real, I know it! Tuomas —You are genius! Jukka, Emppu, Marco — You are the best! Also, hi to Sami". The message distantly resembling English from Innava is left a little unclear: "Dear Nightwish! On September 27, it will be remembered on long, as day of the present pleasure and full happiness. You can present, what was created in soul when you have left on a stage? I do not present from myself a hysterical nature, however in this case there was it. I hope, that you have remained are pleased with reception of Russian fans. We tried to hold a distance but can sometimes lost the control, but it only impulses of a soul... We with impatience shall expext your following arrival tio Russia! My God, when it will be?" Nightwish has performed in Moscow’s culture club Gorbunova before. The band likes the theatrical place even though the last show in Gorbunova ended slightly unpleasantly. Nevalainen went to thank the eager audience after the set but he made the mistake of putting his hand too far into the audience. Security had to work hard to pull the drummer out from amidst the compression. Jukka got a gaping wound on his leg which was harshly cleaned with pure vodka. - I put my hand into the audience too and believe it or not someone managed to slip a black ring on my left ring finger. So I’ve kind of gotten promptly married in Russia, Holopainen smiles. Tarja and Tuomas head to the hotel from the airport as the rest of the band and roadies head for the venue. Jukka and Marco soon get tired of waiting and they leave for the Ukraine hotel. - This driver isn’t too shy. Going about 110 kilometers an hour, Nevalainen points out as the car races on the roads of Moscow. The bassist and drummer enter the magnificent hotel’s huge lobby as tens of Nightwish fans are present. The keen fans nestle against the musicians to for example take photos and security follows the events slightly worried. In the end Nevalainen and Hietala make it to their hotel rooms to get a few hours of sleep and then it’s already time for soundcheck. It goes routinely and Konstantin doesn’t have worry this time, because the doors are opened right on time. The backstage of Gorbunova starts to fill up too. The place is crammed with Finnish diplomats and Russian friends of Nightwish. - They are again selling nice pirated products in the lobby. They are for example offering a taped live show by Children of Bodom with bonuses from other Spinefarm bands. And there was also a recording of Slayer performing at Montreux Jazz Festival for six euros, Rytkönen presents his haul. The show in Gorbunova ends Nightwish rampant tour with the Century Child album. The band puts in everything it has got and the viewers in Moscow get to enjoy one of the best shows the Finnish band has ever done. Nightwish usually returns to the stage only once but to honor the last gig the band surprises by playing Beauty Of The Beast as a second encore. After the show it’s time for familiar ceremonies. Rytkönen, who holds the title of “bartender” amongst all others, mixes White Russians and the musicians’ backs get sore from tens of taps on the shoulders. The Russian promoter wants to also take the band out to eat to celebrate the successful show. Tuomas and Emppu are dead tired and go to sleep at the hotel. Marco and Jukka leave to catch some z's after dinner and some pitchers of drink, so Tarja is the last one up. This hasn’t surely happened in a while… FALLING FALSE LASHES Finnair’s flight to Helsinki doesn’t leave until eight pm the following night and Byleev wants to take the band – surprisingly – out to eat in the afternoon. The upscale buffet type restaurant has many chows to choose from, but at least in the eyes of a Finn some of the meats seem a little iffy. Vegetarian Nevalainen looks especially nauseated in front of the pots. - These foods won’t fill you up even if I eat like a small bird! One and a half times my body weight in a day, Wilska sneers. Eating lasts long, but one thing is a must: visiting the Red Square! There are many merchants on the outskirts of the market and handsome furry caps are bought for a couple of euros. Nevalainen also buys a sizeable spear from a shop nearby because “I already have swords but no spears”! Finally the Finnish group heads for the airport. The transport is done with two cars and people who left in the first car miss seeing Mariah Carey arriving in a huge limo. Nightwish fans notice the American star and star chanting the slogan "Nightwish forever, Mariah Carey go home" quite loudly. Tarja starts to laugh. No major difficulties arise at the airport. Customs officers are dubious about Jukka’s spear but Ewo gives them Nightwish-condoms. And oops, the spear is on its way to cargo hold! Articles in a Finnish newspaper cause some smiles on the airplane. In the story “Metal makes millions” Tarot, established in the early 80’s and having released six studio albums, may be in the wrong place under the headline “promising upcomers”. The funnies story however is “Janina’s hard gig” which tells about Janina Frostell’s performance in Lappeenranta. Sentences like “during the first few songs the audience is at its most observant until some move over to the bar counter and about ten couples stay dancing“ are quite amusing. There are after all actually successful albeit less attractive performers in Finland who never get three pages from a tabloid newspaper. Like Tarot. Another funny comment comes from Janina herself when she analyzes her own performance: “It feels like my makeup doesn’t stay on. Like last weekend my fake eyelashes fell in the middle of a show so this time I didn’t wear them at all.” - Should I invest just a little bit more on myself? If we’d too be popular then, Turunen ponders.
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    Tarja Turunen pt. III

  8. I'll share this here too, since it was quite Tuomas heavy. Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean is back in the setlist again, so makes this almost current? Translation below the link too! Hometown awards Nightwish Not money or house building lots but garment bags Although Nightwish has just finished their third album, Tuomas Holopainen already waits getting started on the next one. One wonders how the man searching for the perfect album can still compose, because two previous albums have been top quality and the new Wishmaster again shows good taste. - After Oceanborn, I had an empty feeling. I was so proud of it and thought that I can never top this. Now that I listened to the new album, I feel like it’s better than the one before. I feel that I can still make much better music. The album has many mistakes, but the next will be good. I am probably the only person who hears the mistakes, but still. I’m not as satisfied with Wishmaster as I was with Oceanborn, although this new one is better. - While making songs for the new album, I thought what if I’m not happy with them. That’s the biggest pressure while making an album. I have to first like the songs myself. It all has to start from there. You can’t think about the audience while writing songs. After listening to the album, I liked the songs and feel very relieved about that. Nightwish’s brand new release doesn’t open as easily as its predecessor, but the songs have a familiar force. Tuomas thinks the band has left its hero heavy days behind it, which is true. Instead, Stratovarius comes to mind in many places. - I think Oceanborn is more Strato than this one. Funny on the other hand to hear a comment like that, since I think this has more symphony. - Sounds are better than Stratovarius’, Tarja Turunen comments. - Whoa, Tuomas puts on the brakes. - The influences are of course clear since we like Stratovarius a lot. Nightwish almost secretly appeared among the stars of metal, but the band has commendably quickly reached the footing it deserves. Last year the band had enough work that Tuomas gave up his work as a substitute teacher and Tarja’s studies have suffered. - I haven’t done the teaching thing for a year now. I mostly had substitutions for the teacher of religion, because (s)he was sick the most. We started to have enough shows that I didn’t have time anymore. We also started to get some attention and building a reputation so I wanted to give the band my all. I don’t miss my students, I do see them in Kitee’s centrum, Tuomas says. - I haven’t studied really anything in two years. The church musicians are talking where am I, you can only see her face on TV. I’m in Kuopio and practicing like crazy. The pressure to go to school is hard and everyone, including the principle, is complaining. (S)he is of course thinking about the department, I’m thinking about my mental health, Tarja ponders. Nightwish was able to show off in Central-Europe last year. Although the tour was delayed again and again, when the main act Rage actually even broke up during the tour preparations. - Originally the tour was supposed to be in April, then June and so forth. Finally we toured for a month and it was a home run of a tour. Rage is really popular in Central-Europe and drew in a good crowd which was better for us too, Tuomas says. What he isn’t telling is that in a few shows the audience walked away from the venue after Nightwish finished their set. So the warm up act stole the show. - In a few shows we had a bigger audience than Rage. In Holland for example. We felt bad for Rage but on the other hand, we were proud of ourselves. We really wouldn’t have been able to headline although there’s been talk of that for the next tour. The Rage guys remarked to the tour organizer because of what happened on a few shows. They had nothing against us, Tuomas tells. - Rage was really popular in Germany but when we went elsewhere the popularity was about the same as us. In Holland after our show only about 50 people stayed to see Rage. That was embarrassing. Great moments in Cologne for example, when 1600 people were watching the show. I lifted my arms up and a whole hall of people did the same. That was an “oh wow” moment, Tarja says. - In Spain too we had 1500 people during the show, hands up and all singing along to the songs. How the hell do they know the band and especially the lyrics, Tuomas ponders. - The greatest thing on that show was when fifteen minutes before the show a whole hall of people was singing our songs. I had tears in my eyes already before going on stage, Tarja remembers. - We had plenty of spare time to do all sorts of other things. You were rushing to wait around like in the military. There was time for sightseeing, which was a good thing, Tuomas praises. - It’s all up to you how you spend that time. Put on your sneakers and go for a jog. There wasn’t time for museums but I did manage to see some churches. It was lovely to wake up on the bus at night driving through the mountains. With your head upside down and feet in the ceiling and the bus was going thirty kilometers an hour. You just walk to the front of the bus to watch the Alps. We had a wonderful bus driver who took us everywhere. He showed us amazing sceneries. In Austria he took us to a lake with the mountains rising behind it. An amazing looking place, Tarja sighs. - Thank god our tour manager was a woman. It was sometimes nice to share a hotel room with her and get to blab about girly things. I did miss the chattering at times. Sometimes I had to put on earplugs or go for a walk outside, when I couldn’t listen to the guys anymore. But I managed well with these ones and the blokes from Rage were real gentlemen. - The tour was at least a small dream come true. There were moments that made it worthwhile to be a musician at least for a moment in your life. Doing Nightwish now feels so right as it can. But we’re aiming bigger all the time and I believe we’ll get there, Tuomas envisions. So Nightwish has plenty of popularity but the band’s works have also raised some suspicions. Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean raised some commotion in Kitee last spring. Tuomas was accused as a devil worship and the local vicar was sent the Finnish translation of the lyrics as a sign what kind of music and lyrics the locals are making. - I talked to the person who started the whole thing and (s)he said that the task was her/his duty. The school’s principal was told that I should be fired because a person who makes lyrics like that can’t teach religion. In the end, everything was on my side. Nightwish’s lyrics are overflowing with nature subjects and especially the sea. Also religion and mysticism show up in the lyrics but the writer of the texts can’t be accused of Satanism. - The sea is dreamy, intriguing, symbolic thing. A huge source of life. All life has originated from the sea. The roaring sea is like roaring feelings and a little of where our music begun. If I wasn’t a musician I would surely be a biologist. Nature has always been close to my heart in a professional and philosophical sense. I’m into primitiveness. Once in a while I go to Lapland to hike for a week without a certain destination and it’s great. - Teaching has effected writing lyrics. The Riddler is a concrete case. I taught and read books where everything is presented as fact. In all the books science expresses things, as everything was already known. It’s really annoying when a person thinks he knows everything, even though we know absolutely nothing. There is nothing certain. If someone had said two hundred years ago that we’d now be watching television or can fly to the moon, think about that situation. If someone now says in a hundred years we’ll fly to Pluto of that other lifeforms exist, the attitude is that science has already proven everything. That’s annoying self-righteousness of man. Man raises himself up as a God. The biggest flaw in teaching today is that you’re only teaching fact. - There’s nothing wrong with religion per se, because religion is people believing in something that can’t be scientifically proven. The world has so many different religions and they are all very fascinating. There’s nothing wrong with believing in something. The problem comes how religions are interpreted. Islamic people interpret the Qur'an so that you have to fight wars and that holy war is justified. Religion is the biggest cause of wars in the world. I’ve been raised Christian but I don’t accept all the teachings it has. Christianity has a lot of good, but so do a lot of other religions too. I think everything is possible, but at the end of the day, I don’t believe in anything. Selfishly speaking that’s the only right way to think, because we can’t know what is right. - Every song topic has started with something weighing on my mind either in a positive or negative sense. It feels like I have to get it off my chest and write it into a song. For example, FantasMic is about Disney, which has been so very important to me my whole life. I’ve collected Disney things my whole life and still read Donald Duck every day. I got the feeling that this need to be turned into a song and get it off my chest. Now that it’s done, I surely won’t do it again. My Disney collection is pretty complete and growing all the time. I’m missing quite many Donald Ducks from the 50s and 60s. Disney has given me so much that I thought I should pay it back, I owe Disney one song. Tuomas has complained that album reviews and interviews never intervene with lyrics. One the other hand he isn’t willing to clarify the purpose or starting point of his texts. - It makes me feel like, misconstrue then, I don’t care. Explaining isn’t for me. Explaining is submission in a way. When the translation was send to the vicar, I called him and explained the meaning of the song, which felt so stupid. I had a feeling of invasion of privacy. I wonder to Tuomas why he so reluctantly explains his lyrics, since he after all has a need to bare a part of his innermost… - To myself. But if that’s the case why does Tuomas publish his innermost in text if he nonetheless wants to keep his thought to himself. He’s kind of playing a game of cat and mouse where the fans will never capture the common thread of the lyrics. - Ouch, that may have a point. I need to think about this. When Tuomas thinks others slowly turn their attention to upcoming shows. Tour starts May 20th from Kitee’s Ice hall, which will be a proper celebration. Many people from the band’s record company are coming and they, with band, have a reception from the city coming up. - The city manager called the other day and asked to come for a meeting. He wanted to set up something for the folk from the record company. He wanted to know if they would be interested in a sightseeing tour of Kitee. I suggested lunch and that’s what we’re doing. Are the present house building lots already on their way? - There won’t be any lots or money. Instead, the city manager was planning to design us some garment bags. They will have the Kitee coat of arms and read Nightwish. After the show, the city manager will come on stage and hand them over to us as a thank you for taking the name Kitee abroad, Tuomas tells. - We could have gotten something more than a garment bag, Tarja snorts. - It’s just a fucking good thing we’re not getting the Kitee pennant they give everyone. And it’s a big deal that the city manager is going to see a gig by a local heavy band. - The guest list already reads city manager plus one. The Mrs. is coming too, Tuomas knows.
  9. Afrodite

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    So being face to face with an idiotic interviewer is her fault? Right. When she doesn't answer questions about NW, people think she's rude, cold and abrupt. When she does, she's what, trying to promote her career by talking about NW? Seems she can't really win at this game.
  10. Afrodite

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Well that's one way to explain it I guess. Though I think Himiko's reasoning about the duet with Marco makes a lot of sense. Also reporters tend to ask questions they know make headlines people click on. Finns seem to still be interested how things are with Tarja and NW nowadays. Anyway, here is the interview I talked about before, click on the subtitles (and prepare to cringe):
  11. Afrodite

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    ^ Idiotic interviewer(s), continuously asking about Tuomas/NW. When every normal person with half a brain would have already understood to stop and move one. Will post it probably after the weekend.
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    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Oh no it wasn't. Not in Finnish interviews. Not even the only one that day. Just wait until I manage to translate the MTV3 interview. That was a horrid one to watch.
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    Tarja Turunen pt. III

  14. Afrodite

    Nightwish mediassa V Soundi: ”Nightwish on se mikä se on Holopaisen säveltämän hyvän musiikin ansiosta” – Floor Jansen hehkuttaa yhtyeensä kipparia
  15. Afrodite

    Tarja Turunen pt. III