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    Dorne, Westeros
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    Otters, Metal (Nightwish, Opeth, Eluveitie, Rammstein, Tristania, My Dying Bride, Born of Chaos, Within Temptation, etc), David Arkenstone, Harry and the Potters, HARRY POTTER, A Song of Ice and Fire, Fantasy, Mythology, Writing, Reading, Otters. Also, playing in my band Born of Chaos. \m/

About You

  • Favourite Food
    Sushi, Pasta, Salmon (especially smoked salmon), avocado, tomato, pizza, chocolate, orange, apples, many other things
  • Favourite Animal
  • Favourite Beverage
    Coffee, vanilla coke, Swedish Cider
  • Favourite Colour
    Black, purple, red, blue, turquoise
  • Favourite Place
    Hmmmm.... Sweden where my Bf lives, the most beautiful forests there... and the family holiday house in the Snowy Mountains (Australia) its so calm and relaxing and I love the lake <3
  • Countries Visited
    Australia (duh), New Zealand, Fiji, Denmark (kinda), England (London), Italy (Rome) and my beloved Sweden (a couple other places on flight stop overs, but that doesn't count)
  • Do You Drink Alcohol
    Fo shizzle mah nizzle.... hence Swedish Cider is one of my fav beverages
  • Do You Smoke
    Nej (Nope)
  • Do You Have a Motto
    Otters are better than people, Winter is Coming
  • Do You Collect Anything
    I guess so... band merch being a fav of mine...also, some antiques, i'm an old lady at heart
  • Do You Have Pets
    Yeps, black miniature poodle called Marley <3
  • Do You Play An Instrument
    Yep... I play Keys/synths in a band called Born of Chaos, have been playing piano for 17 years, and i used to play Alto Sax and have sung a fair bit in the past
  • Phobias
    a fair few... cockroaches, birds...


  • How Did You Discover Nightwish
    Nemo video clip on Channel V
  • How Many Times Seen Live?
    2, soon a 3rd time in Finland
  • Most Memorable NW Memory
    Hearing them for the first time, the concert and the amazing friends (and my bf) I've known through the NW forum, and defs seeing them with Troy, cause Troy is amazing :D
  • Most Prized Nightwish Item
    Hmm.... probs the NW DPP tour t-shirt that my boyfriend bought at the Hartwall Arena show in Helsinki, which he then gave to me :D
  • Best Live Song
    Hmmm... dunno... I enjoy The Siren on the End of an Era DVD... but from what I've seen... I Want My Tear Back cause of Troy Troy Troy :D
  • Favourite Album
    Once and possibly Imaginaerum now...
  • Favourite Song
    The Siren, Ghost River, I Want My Tears Back, Scaretale, Turn Loose the Mermaids, GLS, Once Upon a Troubadour
  • Favourite Album/Single Artwork
  • Favourite Music Video
    Nemo... its significant to me and beautiful
  • Favourite DVD
    End of an Era
  • Least Favourite Album
    Oh... crap... probs Wishmaster, but that is a HUGE ask... cause I love them all :(
  • Least Favourite Song
    Swanheart probs... that first line makes me cringe

General Music

  • Favourite Music Video
    Nightwish- Nemo
  • Favourite Drummer
    Martin Axenrot- Opeth
  • Favourite Singer
    Marco (Nightwish obviously), Mikael (Opeth), Mary (Tristania), earlier Sharon from WT, Joakim from Sabaton
  • Favourite Guitarist
    Fredrik Åkesson (Opeth)
  • Favourite Bassist
    Mendez (Opeth)
  • Favourite Pianist/Keyboard Player
    Per Wiberg- ex-Opeth and now Joakim from more current Opeth
  • Favourite Non NW Song?
    Demon of the Fall- Opeth
  • Best Concert Attended
    Toss up between Nightwish/Sabaton and all the Opeth shows
  • Favourite Non NW Album?
    Ahhhh crap... Watershed by Opeth... possibly...
  • Favourite Composer?
    David Arkenstone
  • Favourite Band/Artist?
    Nightwish and Opeth
  • Musical Dislikes (Songs, Bands etc)
    Rap and country music.


  • Favourite Actor/Actress
    Johnny Depp, Sean Bean, Michelle Fairley, Peter Dinklage
  • Favourite Director(s)
    Tim Burton
  • Favourite Movie(s)
    Almost Famous, Harry Potters (especially Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2)Lord of the Rings, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Star Wars, Legends of the Fall, Sweeny Todd, Nightmare before Christmas, Meet Joe Black, others...
  • Favourite TV Show(s)/Series
    Game of Thrones, Spicks and Specks, South Park, North and South
  • Favourite Movie Soundtrack
    Hmm... well, Lord of the Rings soundtracks, BUT David Arkenstone's "unofficial" album Music Inspired by Middle Earth <3
  • Favourite Author
    J.K. Rowling, George R.R. Martin, Christopher Paolini
  • Favourite Book(s)
    Harry Potter series, A Song of Ice and Fire series <3, Inheritance Cycle (Eragon series), Bartimeaus Trilogy, Circle of Three

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  1. em_j_ottermaster

    Poepmonsters Pub

    Memoriesssss light the corners of my minnnnddd...misty water coloured memoriesssssss of the way the forum wassssssss
  2. em_j_ottermaster

    Nightwish Forum Awards 2013

    I have a bone to pick with Ms Angel Heart. We're were rules stating I could not vote myself? Hmmmmmmm??? I don't think so! (Unless there were and I just didn't read it) so you could totally discount my self votes but to be honest, I only voted for myself when I totally deserved to win it. My name pic and sig has otters and NOTHING beats otters. If it does, it's stupid and doesn't deserve life. And next year Serious Sam will get blondest poster from me for not realising in the votes that I am in actual fact, not a male. Seriously, you stick around for like, 6-7 years and people still don't know you...nutty nutty world
  3. em_j_ottermaster

    Game of Thrones

    Jeeeezzzeee some people have a LOT of time on their hands! But very interesting points, a lot of them, actually. But if thats the way it ends up, that would be really disappointing...
  4. em_j_ottermaster

    Poepmonsters Pub

    Yayyyy!! Instagram buddies! Its really really weird that I was feeling the exact same the other day...like, talking to people here was always more different to how it is on FB. Like here you don't get interrupted by your RW friends saying stupid things in the middle of you and your NW friends having super fun happy joking times.
  5. em_j_ottermaster

    Poepmonsters Pub

    We all lobe you nabs <3 and I enjoy stalking your amazing art on Instagram
  6. em_j_ottermaster

    Nightwish Forum Awards 2013

    ^ if you came back here earlier you would have been nominated as blondest poster as per tradition
  7. em_j_ottermaster

    Nightwish Forum Awards 2013

    Someone called me "intelligent" and also "best" poster? What kinda drugs are going on in this place? I wouldn't know cause I'm too busy being all intelligent and best.... Ahhhh nostalgia.....I remember that once upon a time when le bf and i were always 2nd place for cutest couple, and when i got nominated for funny posting rather than intelligent posting and nabs was always the drunkest and blondest and stuff.... ah stuff...i remember stuff...when stuff was things. 01. Lost in Cyberspace: Like, everyone. Like me, uh, but i'll give this to Yappo cause he doesn't seem to be on often unless thats just cause i'm not on often.... 02. Blondest Poster: someone i'm sure but ehhhhh 03. Cat Vs Dog: Mods vs everyone....cause you know, swears and general crankiness on their behalf cause of things... it could also easily be mods vs anette but she isn't a member here...OH SNAP 04. Least Favourite Mod/Admin: Carol 05. Favourite Mod/Admin: HooPee cause she likes Opeth 06. Most Annoying Member: Some fangirl i'm sure... 07. Gimmick of the Year: "its fun to be a ***** about Anette...not that we respected her when she was in the band anyways" (yeah yeah, i know things weren't peachy keen, but still, respect people, respect. She is a person with feelings, nothing excuses being a rude pig about all the drama) 08. Best Double Act: Ex Romeo and Juliet, ex Morcambe and Wise - Nocturna and Lanky 09. Most Intelligent Poster: angel_heart cause she's always my pick for this one 10. Funniest Poster: snowhite 11. Best Artist: Your favourite author, musician, etc. on the board. Yappo cause one can not simply write "A Modern Nightwish Forumer" and not be the world's gift to music-kind 12. Best Username: Mine. Take that society. 13. Best Avatar: Mine. Ohhhh yeahhhh 14. Best thread: Express Yourself 15. Worst thread: dunno... 16. Band Stalker: dunno, don't keep up to date in the latest fangirl/boy robotic engineering 17. Best Newcomer: I know there is someone but I can't think so eh 18. Best Sig: Mine...duh. 19. Biggest Spammer: Baki 20. Most 'in your face' poster: Snowhite if she were to still participate in hard hitting threads if we still had them, which we don't seem to... 21. Best Quote: n/a 22. Best alternative swearphrase: Unicorn turds, because that was my best alternative when we had no place to express our little swearsies but now i can say my little swearsies in the privacy of a little corner of magic and sunshine and rainbow unicorn turds 23. Biggest Drama Queen: The mods. All of them. Lighten up and chillax, explore the scenery and sample the native wines and we'll all have a good time. If you don't pizza and french fries, you're going to have a bad time. 24. Biggest Music Freak: Snowhite cause duh. Captain obvious right there. 25. Changing Face: Baki. He/she/whatever is far more amusing than before. The humor has been perfected. 26. Most Flirtatious Forum Member: null and void cause we don't have stuff like that anymore 27. Best poster: angel_heart cause she tries bloody hard at staying here and being awesome and smat and whatnot. Aaand the community awards: 1. Best Film 2013 (i don't know if i watched a movie from 2013...) 2. Best Book 2013 (dunno...) 3. Best TV show 2013 GAME OF THRONES cause duh! 4. Best Live Gig 2013 OH MY DEAR GOD HOW CAN I PICK???? Nightwish + Sabaton on Sydney..... or Sauna Open Air.....yeah, Sauna, cause of NW and Opeth and Sabaton and meeting band and Mendez and Floor on the plane and long convos with drunk Troy in the hotel lobby and Mendez was on my plane and Mikael trolled the Finns on their own home turf and the bf and i laughed....oh did we laugh... 5. Best Album 2013 (i don't think i listened to a new album....weird...)
  8. em_j_ottermaster

    Anette Olzon

    Jeeze. Anyone would have thought hell had frozen over. Oh look at that, hell is still stinking hot. The split with Anette was inevitable. She came into a highly established band and had to step into the shoes of a "goddess". The formula of the band totally changed, including the fact that it was no longer 100% a Finnish band. There is no point denying it, Anette was NOT treated nicely by a huge chunk of NW fans out there. It is actually incredibly disgusting the way some fans spoke about her, treated her, threatened her (including some people with prominence within the fan community who should have known better than flush their supposed professionalism down the drain). It was a sensitive time for her to step into the band and she did not have enough professional experience to handle it. And the guys really didn't know how to handle it either. Thing going downhill for the Anette era I think, would have fallen apart. The fans still could not accept her and get over it, and no one handled it well. She had the right to feel pissed off when she realised she would be "replaced" and lose her source of income. I think most people would freak out. And no one likes being replaced. Its also sad that STILL in this day and age, a woman can not have a child without being financially set back. She had the right to speak out about what happened, personally, I don't know who to totally believe. I wasn't there, I won't know the truth so whatever. I wasn't impressed by the NW statement, it was a tad immature and bitchy sounding, not what I expect from a statement by the band. Anyways, I think NW is in a good place, I think Anette is moving on, I just don't think either parties had cause to blow this out of proportion, but drama is drama is NW. Floor works so well with the band because she is more like "one of the guys" (something very helpful in a metal band) and she is professional and experienced. NW couldn't have had a well established singer step in after Tarja, but now, it works. I just hope that both parties involved like, get over it? Wow, i'm fatigued by NW drama, maybe hell has frozen over?
  9. em_j_ottermaster

    Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire series

    SooooooooI just heard GRRM read 2 chapters of Winds of Winter. They were super strict and you weren't allowed phones or anything in there for recording. It was so epic. To hear him read it. One of the bestest things ever in the history of things.
  10. em_j_ottermaster

    The Troy thread

    Because he's awesome. Thats why. So pfft on you
  11. em_j_ottermaster

    The Troy thread

    XD What is it with you and Troy's soft hands... Anyway, I'm super happy to have him as an official member. I didn't used to have a "favourite member of NW" (well, except maybe Marco's Beard) but now I definitely do! He's from Cumbria and plays pipes and whistles and other things and is awesome and from Cumbria When you get the chance to shake his hand, you'll be as amazed as I was. How someone can have hands THAT soft, is beyond me.
  12. em_j_ottermaster

    The Floor thread

    When Nightwish brought Sabaton out here (Australia) for a couple shows, that worked brilliantly, and shock, Sabaton isn't female fronted! I don't really like the idea at all of lumping one female fronted metal band with another for a tour. I prefer similar styled bands, or bands with friends/members in common, like NW & Sonata Artica, or if NW was to tour with ReVamp, although, I would rather experience ReVamp as ReVamp only not "Hey, here is that other band that Floor sings in after NW" because I think ReVamp deserves more than that, and that would be too much vocal duty for Floor as well. And I totally agree with Snowhite's post. I find lumping female fronted (metal bands, in this case) bands into one group based solely on the gender of the singer, not only totally sexist and insulting as females that they can only find themselves recognised in a musical genre based purely on gender. Also, it's totally insulting to the bands themselves, that their only "marketable" aspect is the gender of the singer. I don't mind the metal female voices festival because it seems more "celebratory" of women in metal (who can face a lot of sexism from other metal fans/bands) and that women are just as capable of creating awesome music. BUT lumping female fronted bands together is just stupid. Wooowww that rant was a little OTT....
  13. em_j_ottermaster

    The Troy thread

    Wellllllll the fact that he is so heavily involved with NW and has been for the past few years, I don't think he'll just be off to the side, I think he'll be a lot more musically involved, but most likely only with his on instruments. He's already heard some of the new album stuff anyway, so he's been just as involved and included in the band as the other guys I'm sure. And he is super nice and super awesome and super talented and has super soft hands.
  14. em_j_ottermaster

    Contacting the Mods

    it used to not happen though, and its not like its blocking the site there....its really really strange, but if its not a firefox thing, it might be a computer problem or something
  15. em_j_ottermaster

    Contacting the Mods

    Hi mods, So, when I access the forum from home, I use Google Chrome and its always logged in, no problems or anything. I sometimes log in at work on Firefox, and even if i tick the "keep me logged in" box, it won't keep me logged in, and i'll have to keep logging in every time i look at a different topic (mostly in the speakers corner) or want to post something (it comes up with the error message saying I don't have permission to do that action,as in, looking in the speakers corner or posting). I have no idea why this is happening, do you guys know what might be going on? Is there a problem with viewing the forum on firefox?