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    Through my sister
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    The Metal-Hammer Story :P
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    My signed bass
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    Sonata Arctica - They Follow
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    Imaginaerum Premiere, 10.11.2012
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    Sonata Arctica - The Days of Grays
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    Music that has no deeper meaning.


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    The Lord of the Rings
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  1. JokassaPaikkassa

    World Tour EFMB 2015/2016

    I do not know where else to ask this... but as it is concert-related I throw it here. On 20th of November Nightwish are coming to Amsterdam. My boyfriend basically wants to go but does not want to go without me. The thing is our little son, 9 months old by that time. I do not want to leave him at my parents in law for various reasons and my own mother is not available that day. So now my question: is it even allowed to bring your baby to a concert if you have a place on the balcony and proper ear protection for the little? As a babywearing Mom he would be snuggled up in the sling on either my back or my chest. Or is this a bad idea because of the visual overflow? I have seen people bringing their much younger babies to festivals, that's why I ask this question. Please do not bash me or see me as a bad parent because I consider this, I am just interested if it would be possible to take him. Of course I am choosing him over all else and if we cannot go then we cannot go, perfectly fine. I am just so interested in this matter.
  2. JokassaPaikkassa

    Nightwish Confessions

    My favorite thread! I confess that the line "Mother's milk lays with poison for this newborn" gives me creeps because I am breastfeeding :'D
  3. JokassaPaikkassa

    Jukka forced to take a break

    I miss Jukka sooooooooo much! Every time I see a recent live recording it just looks so unfamiliar and strange to me to not see him behind the drums Not that I do not like Kai Hahto, he is a great guy and drummer and probably the very best replacement they ever could have found, but still it is like... Jukka always has been there and now there is someone else. I really hope he recovers and with the next album we can welcome him back on albums and on stage =)
  4. JokassaPaikkassa


    I use Wordpress for blogging, but I didn't have to install anything before I started using it. Sorry, but I didn't even know that was possible. It is possible to download a software and then use your own domain so the is no more required in your url. I got my blog on blogger nowadays but it is bugging a lot so I have been thinking of moving my blog somewhere else for quite a while. My blog has changed a lot since Tony was born by the way. Every sunday I post about childbirth with special focus on c-sections (I had an unwanted cesarean after 12 hours of labor for no medical reason) and there comes a monthly update about Tony growing. I still try to find other topics to blog about like music or yoga, but I am so busy with life that I am glad if I can keep up my sunday-routine. For German guys on here, my German blog is where I mostly translate my articles from my original blog My last post is an arts/photography project by my best friend and me about a young mother's struggles with postpartum body image and recovery after giving birth. Very raw and deep pictures, I must say I am proud of it. And Callinn, your tumblr is wonderful, very cheerful
  5. JokassaPaikkassa


    I had a great time with some photographer friends which used me and Tony as models haha And we did some serious art in late July which comes online on the blog soon. The photos are pretty raw so I do not know if I am allowed to post them here.
  6. JokassaPaikkassa

    Hey forum, long time no see!

    Hello guys! My name is Wiebke, nickname is Viivi, I am 19 years old and live in Germany. I have been registered on here since 2012 (therefore the strange usernname ) and regularly been posting during 2012 and 2013. In 2014 my interest slowly shifted when I got pregnant in June. In February I delivered a beautiful baby boy called Tony who now is 6 months old and again gives me some time for myself and graduated from high school in July. I have been a Nightwish Fan since 2007 and even though nowadays I do not follow their every step anymore it always is worth a listen. I was thrilled when Floor joined as I always liked her earlier work, though I was a little disappointed by EFMB because it does not bring out all that she can do. I am currently a stay-at-home-Mom but plan on starting to study in 2016. I either want to become a teacher or a doctor, though more likely a teacher because you have to be straight-A to get into medical school. When I am not busy with little Tony I enjoy blogging (, Yoga, time with friends and all things bump, birth and beyond. I also enjoy learning languages. I currently am fluent in German (mother tongue), Dutch (because dutch boyfriend), English, French, Finnish and Swedish. I am happy to be back here and hope I can again post more Take Care & Be Good, Viivi
  7. JokassaPaikkassa


    Sorry for double posting, feel free to merge my posts, my computer won't let me click the edit-button. But I have a question, anyone in here who uses Wordpress for blogging and can help me with the installation?
  8. JokassaPaikkassa


    Putting my new blog here as well. I started it while pregnant. It's mainly mommy-blogging about my pregnancy and the life afterwards, but sometimes I guess it will include all the awkward things I get to hear and see when immigrating to the Netherlands - as (I may say this as I have been in a relationship with my "flying dutchman" long enough) those dutchies really are so strange but so nice people So here it is:
  9. JokassaPaikkassa

    The Floor thread

    On FB she even wrote she added an extra masterclass in Roermond on 30.11. I would have loved to attend once more but I am 30 weeks pregnant by then so I cancelled my space as after all I do not want to take the risk to give birth to our baby on a train or something as I have a 5 hour trainride to the NL and it currently is very stressful as German train drivers really like to go on strike atm and other passengers won't even offer me a seat (did not happen at 16 weeks, did not happen at 21 weeks, so it will not happen either at 30 weeks) in an overcrowded train In addition I wanted to leave the space for people who did not attend any masterclass yet earlier this year as it really is a very very nice and interesting experience. Of course not everyone is going to be into the technique Floor uses afterwards (for example I found that my singing does not profit from using Estil style or CVT) but still it is useful to get an introduction to maybe not learn the complete technique but important elements So guys, go sign in
  10. JokassaPaikkassa

    Nightwish Confessions

    I confess that people who can seriously listen to Nightwish while driving a car scare me. I can't even keep my concentration with the radio on veeeeeery silent, so what would happen if I now started listening to Nightwish?
  11. JokassaPaikkassa

    Nightwish Confessions

    I confess that it just popped up in my mind that Tuomas nowadays is probably glued to his tophat because he doesn't want to Floor to tower over him (I know he is taller than her, but with heels... well xD)
  12. JokassaPaikkassa

    Nightwish Confessions

    I confess that at first, even though I am a Flooriac, I didn't care when NW announced the new line-up. I confess that shortly after that rediscovered what a great role Nightwish has played in my life and that I got very sentimental about it :')
  13. JokassaPaikkassa

    Sonata Arctica

    Pasi is definitely excellent! I worked with him on a choir project in 2011/2012 (as he works in Kokkola's music school where I spent my exchange ) and he is a very warm and fun guy and knows what he does
  14. JokassaPaikkassa

    The Floor thread

    I can't even watch her video-blog entry because of GEMA blocking it for German watchers... grr