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    Broomfield, Colorado
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    Firearms and sports shooting, music, animals, food, movies, diesel engines, heavy equipment, and regular day-to-day dealings of myself and others.

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    Can't pick just one.. if it's meat-based (excluding seafood) and extremely spicy, there's a substantial chance I'll like it.
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    Mountain Dew
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    Darker colors in general.. black by itself is boring
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    I suppose it would be my workplace. My coworkers are the only people I really find it easy to socialize with.
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    Canada, France, England, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Great Britain, Mexico, Kosovo (a joke of a country... I still support Serbia's claim to the region), Republic of Korea, Iraq, South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho
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    Very rarely
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    Still prefer smokeless tobacco, but trying to kick the habit altogether
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    I suppose there's a jumbled collection of thoughts which could be transformed into a motto if I cared to take the time to do it.
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    Peanuts items - particularly with Snoopy and Woodstock, firearms and militaria, shot glasses, various souvenirs of my travels.
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    Two cats, and I don't trust either one of them.
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    Used to play drum kit. Haven't in some years now.


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    Word of mouth, back in 98
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    Twice. First time with(out) Annette at the ill-fated 2012 Denver show, and again with Floor in 2015.
  • Most Memorable NW Memory
    The NW forum meet we had in 2006
  • Most Prized Nightwish Item
    Just the CDs. I'm not that big a fanboy.
  • Best Live Song
    Don't know.
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  • Favourite Song
    Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean
  • Favourite Album/Single Artwork
    I kinda like the Imaginareum artwork
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    Only ever seen two, and wasn't thrilled with either
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    Only saw End of Innocence.
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    That abomination of a cover they did of Megadeth's "Symphony of Destruction"

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    Pete Sandoval
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    Albert Witchfinder, Marianna Holmberg
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    Too many to pick just one... Pagan Altar - Samhein, Warning - Footprints, Bunkur - Bludgeon, Mercyful Fate - The Witches' Dance, King Diamond - A Mansion In Darkness, Portishead - Wandering Star, Orne - I Was Made Upon Waters, Orne - Lighthouse, Reverend Bizarre - Funeral Summer, Reverend Bizarre - The Gate of Nanna, Electric Wizard - Return Trip, etc., etc, etc...
  • Best Concert Attended
    Doom Or Be Doomed at the Sidebar Tavern in Baltimore, April of 2007.
  • Favourite Non NW Album?
    Witchfinder General - Friends of Hell; Bunkur - Bludgeon; Angel Witch - Angel Witch; Orne - The Conjuration By the Fire; Orne - The Tree of Life; The Puritan - Lithium Gates; EyeHateGod - Take As Needed For Pain; Slow Horse - II; Pagan Altar - Judgment of the Dead/Volume 1; The Gates of Slumber - Conqueror
  • Favourite Band/Artist?
    Far too many to name. Can't pick just one.
  • Musical Dislikes (Songs, Bands etc)
    Lacrapna Coil, the whole nu-'metal' thing, most false Metal in general, most Pop with very few exceptions


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    James Stewart, Clint Eastwood
  • Favourite Author
    Tom Clancy

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  1. jefftheterrible

    Theatre of Tragedy

    It seems Raymond and Liv have made some amends, and have done reunion shows together. Don't know how frequently it happens, or if it's a continuing thing, but who knows what could happen from there?
  2. jefftheterrible


    This used to be a really active topic, at least in previous incarnations of the forum. Kinda disappointed to see how this one has died out. But, just for funsies, the cats at feeding time:
  3. jefftheterrible


    Well, I'm just touched that you thought of me. I'm assuming you're referring to the forum awards when you talk about nominations? To be honest, I don't participate anymore because I can't keep up with who's who on the forum anymore. Back on, I was one of the top three posters... now, I stop by occasionally and usually don't see anything I feel like responding to when I do come on here - you may note my last post on here prior to this one was from October. Maybe some of it has to do with being older now than I was then, plus working typically six days a week plays into it, I'm sure. But I suppose it really all started with the first forum migration from to A lot of the people who'd been present on the previous forum either didn't feel like it was worthwhile to transition to the new forum, or else they were put off by reports from people who had, and who told them about how that one kicked off with a period of ridiculous strictness. I originally had abstained from joining that one until Svetlana (can't remember her screen name anymore... the 6'3 Serbian woman, if you remember) convinced to come into the IRC room, then that became a regular thing and eventually led to me registering on that forum. Then there was the migration from that forum to this one. It's just not the same for me as it once was, and between my work schedule and the greatly reduced motivation to follow this forum closely, it just became a burden to be on here and post with any regularity. I'm less active on forums in general, and spend most on my online time on the Q&A website Quora now.
  4. jefftheterrible

    Eurovision Song Contest 2017

    I really liked the Belgian entry, but her stage presence kinda sucked. She stood there, looking like she had crapped herself, and she seemed like she was gonna have a complete nervous breakdown in the semifinal. I like her singing, I like the song, I liked the Romanian entry... I liked half the Romanian entry, anyhow. I liked how they incorporated the yodeling. Wasn't too crazy about his contributions to the rest of the song. The UK, Azerbaijani, and Greek entries, I'm a bit undecided how I feel about them. I think I'd be interested in hearing some of their other material. There were quite a few finalists where I didn't care for the songs, but they were fun to watch... Belarus was a nice break from the first two entries. Poland.. she wasn't a bad singer, but what a boring song and performance. I'm kinda undecided how I feel about the Armenian entry. Moldova... fun to watch, I kinda feel like the sax player was the highlight of the performance. Azerbaijan... is one I was initially convinced I didn't like, but hindsight is changing my perspective a little. Not sure what's up with the guy with the horse head, though (nor the gorilla costume in Italy's entry). For the life of me, I can't get what's so great about Portugal's entry. Must be a European thing... I got a kick out of watching that guy run up on the stage, moon the crowd, then get taken down by security.
  5. jefftheterrible

    The Numbing 90's

    The 90s were interesting for me, as well. My musical tastes up to that point had been largely formed by my cousin, whose LP collection had been my introduction to Metal... ranging from Black Sabbath to Tygers of Pan Tang to Possessed... well, he got into the whole Grunge thing in the 90s and strayed away from Metal... I, on the other hand, did not, so I got more into Hardcore Punk and variations of it, Death Metal, Black Metal, then the late 90s saw me willing to tone it down a little bit... I started getting into bands like Theatre of Tragedy, Nightwish, and in particular the Fevered album from the highly underrated Left Hand Solution really stood out for me (their first album had Kikki Hoijertz - later to be of Siebenburgen - doing vocals in a really androgynous style. While, stylistically, the music appealed to me, her vocals on Shadowdance made that album really hit-or-miss for me. The 90s and the Internet also really did a lot to make 'obscure' bands a lot more accessible, especially with the various webstores which had opened up. was one I used to buy from a lot, and a lot of the bands I got into were just bands I'd read about on their site, the description would make them sound interesting to me, so I'd buy an album. It was kinda fun and exploratory, because I didn't necessarily know what the next package would contain... I mean, I'd know the albums I'd ordered, but I'd typically buy them on a whim. Good times.
  6. jefftheterrible


    I just hope Bono outlives us all, just so I don't have to hear all the pseudo-martyrdom crap after his death. It'll be like the fetishization of Cliff Burton, only 100x worse. But yeah, U2 has put out some songs I like. Not a band I'd consider myself a fan of in the big picture, but I won't necessarily rush to switch the radio station if I'm flipping through and catch one of their songs. Apple and U2 did kinda piss me off for obvious reasons, though. I haven't forgotten about that.
  7. jefftheterrible

    Poepmonsters Pub

    Hope for the best, anticipate the worst.
  8. jefftheterrible

    What's cookin'?

    Yeah, they are very different. One of the shops we liked to go to (which has locations in Denver and Boulder) sells a bunch of small batch/specialty sodas, imported candy bars, and also stuff made here more from smaller companies and also rehashed products for nostalgia's sake (e.g., Big League Chew gum). And a lot of their imported goods from the UK got halted because of the lawsuit Hershey's filed against a company called Let's Buy British Imports. That one really pissed me off, especially when you consider how absurd the basis of the lawsuit was. Anyhow, it makes me think to some years ago, when I was a truck driver and heavy equipment operator for a road construction company in North Carolina. When we were bought out by a Swiss corporation, they sent a bunch of representatives that we had to meet and pretend like we cared (and one them later told me how surprised they were by the lukewarm reception they'd gotten, because the Internet had led them to believe that America was full of Euro-fetishists... I got a good laugh out of that one) and they gave us all some chocolates from Switzerland. Well, a lot of people didn't really like them, and it might seem odd, but I think back to an article I read from of all places, and it was a guy who had been dirt poor, and one of the things he talked about was that, even though his financial situation had improved considerably, he'd been so used to the cheap, processed food he'd grown up eating that he actually preferred it... a specific example he cited was macaroni and cheese, and how he'd never eat it homemade. And I think the same principle applies insofar as that people tend to end up developing a preference for what they're used to. And I get it. I mean, Kit Kat bars... first time I had one from outside the US, it was very strange to me. Or when I was deployed, and we'd have Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola which had been made in the Middle East... it just wasn't the same, and a lot of us were averse to it.
  9. jefftheterrible

    What's cookin'?

    Excuse you? Most Americans consider Hershey's as, "oh, it's there, it's readily available, ah what the hell", and certainly not the epitome of chocolate by any stretch of the imagination. We have chocolatiers here who make 'fancier' chocolate, and we have importers (although one not too long ago had their legs chopped out from underneath them by Hershey's, which is why I won't buy anything from Hershey's anymore), but, if you're looking for a candy bar real quick, or you're at a convenience store and you suddenly decide you want one, you're going with what's available, and that's typically going to be Hershey's and M&M/Mars. For just a quick snack, you're not going to go too far out of your way.
  10. Christ on a bike, I fail to see how what I said relates to this in any way at all. (Also, I'm not 18, not sure if that's what you were implying). I have a problem with people getting slammed for liking music that isn't "pure metal" or that fans of music outside that definition are "posers" or "bad" or whatever. I was referring my only to things said in this thread, not to the culture in general. But, if you don't like that music evolves and think genre lines should be stringently adhered to and kept separate from one another -- well, we're never going to agree on that. Not to worry - I'll clarify the matter for you. To be honest, I don't even remember making that post... went out for a couple drinks with a coworker last night, a couple turned into how many? and I'm not even sure how I got home. Regardless, I can still stand by what I say. You're familiar with Godwin's Law? Maybe nobody's put a name to it, but you could coin a similar law for pretty much any Metal forum.. two fans disagree, one is going to throw out the word "elitist" like it's some kind of magical card which ends the argument then and there. 99 times out of 100, that's how it gets used. So, yeah, I don't hide my contempt for those folks, especially since it's the Johnny-come-lately sorts who usually end up being the ones to do it. Are there legitimate instances? Sure, but, for the most part, people use it as an emergency exit. So, I feel I'm in a position to be dismissive of it, and I'm going to be. Doesn't matter if they're 18 or in their 40s.. all age groups have their fly-by-nighters, whether it's the 15 year-old who downloaded the entire Darkthrone discography and decided he was suddenly the most evil thing since evil itself, or the 30-something who jumped into it in the midst of a midlife crisis.. "umm... yeah, sure, I was always here.. no, really". It's not to say that they should be excluded, but both sorts seem hell bent on taking a mile for every inch given. As for music evolving, there's evolving, and there's watering down. When music scenes which are basically a continuation of the Alt/Grunge scene from the 90s are suddenly flooding these 'Metal' publications, that's not Metal evolving - that's the music industry trying to force it in because they figure they can turn a buck by calling it 'Metal' and passing it off as something more extreme by having that label attached to it. Same thing with bands which basically play pop music behind a thin veil of guitars.... if rejecting that is elitist in your eyes, I'm not really inclined to give two *****. More than likely, you and those who object so adamantly will have jumped ship and gone onto other things five or ten years from now. So, those who find themselves dismissed in such a way like to call it elitism. The reality of it is, we've seen you people come and go, so why are we supposed to suddenly expect otherwise? And, as for Floor, I can stand by what I said in my post last night, as well. If it's not her thing, it's not her thing. Those of us who've been in it for more than day realize that not every band is going to sit the right way with everyone, and aren't going to be upset in any way about it... personally, I've been lukewarm at best about everything Slayer's released since Divine Intervention, and I mean lukewarm only at absolute best on a good day, and a lot of others who were into Slayer before that album are going to feel the same way... do you really expect that those who have such sentiment and aren't particularly bashful about expressing it are going to suddenly be upset that someone shares in that same sentiment and decide they need to go on the warpath over it? Color me skeptical on that. I expect it's going to be mostly the Johnny-Come-Lately folk like the aforementioned kid who found his 'inner Satan' by downloading the Darkthrone discography and now feels like they have something to prove to the world. The reality is, many of us who get slammed as elitists for not walking lock-in-step with the newcomers who think they're Metal gods or whatever are every bit as opposed to this ***** as those of you trying to pin the blame on us for it.
  11. You know, I don't really care what Floor has to say on the matter, for various reasons, and I'll get into some of those later. It's comments such as yours which do more to burn my ass than anything she could say. See, some of us were around and stuck to our guns as Metal fans at times when you were more or less expected to be a 'cowboy bepop' sort and listen to Garth Brooks and carry on about Country you were even though you lived in the suburbs or else sag your pants below your ass and - in spite again of being white and from the suburbs - talking about how you "da illest gangsta in da hood". Some of us can remember Tipper Gore and the PMRC, and how they poisoned the minds of parents and the general public with the notion that, if your kid listens to Metal, they're going to join a cult and torture small animals, and we had to weather a whole rash of ***** we caught for it. Now, it's a scene flooded with trendwhores, bandwagon jumpers, fly-by-nighters, and all other sorts of "just add water" Metal 'fans' who, if the tide suddenly shifted and Metal fans found themselves again under the same sort of scrutiny, would be among the first to jump ship. So no, I don't have much regard for those people, and many of your most admired artists in the scene nowadays came up from that, Floor included. And it's not that I don't respect them as artists, but I don't heed their opinions on these matters any more than I do any other fly-by-nighter. She's more than free to think whatever she wants of their music... there's no obligation to like every band out there - even the pioneering bands of their times. But Floor and others need to also realize that, had it not been for the bands who took groups such as the PMRC and even the courts - as is the case with Judas Priest - head on, Metal would never have the level of acceptance it has today, and the stigma behind it - even though it's not entirely nonexistent now - would remain so much more prevalent. Had Judas Priest not won that civil case against them in 89, musicians - not just Metal musicians, but any considered in any way to be controversial - would be wide open to frivolous lawsuits attempting to ultimately bankrupt them, their labels, publications which promoted the bands, etc. It sort of is a big deal. So, when I see some 18 year-old emerge out of nowhere, trying to tell me what's up, because they've gained such credentials for writing a couple reviews on Metal Archives or whatever (some forum members here might remember who I have in mind specifically), yes, I'm going to dismiss them without a second thought. If that to you is elitism, well, so be it... I'm not really inclined to give a *****, nor would anyone else who actually had to earn their stripes be. We endured, the fly-by-nighters did not and would not, so we're not gonna put up with a bunch of crap from them. As for Floor's comments, whatever. No band is going to do it for everybody. I kinda doubt Tom Araya would have much more to say about After Forever or Nightwish.. as the adage goes, different strokes for different folks. I am a bit worried that she's gonna get trolled by a bunch of jackasses, and I certainly don't condone that. Unfortunately, the Internet makes for an excellent platform for people to show their asses with an expectation that they'll never be held accountable for it, but don't for a second think it's exclusive to Slayer fans - anyone who was on this forum when Tarja got kicked out certainly saw the worst attributes of the 'Tarjaholics' and the 'Tuomasholics' alike emerge, and the forum became a REALLY inhospitable place for a lot of people. I think a lot of people are going to say that most of the backlash she would receive would be on account of her being a female in the Metal scene... I don't really think I would disagree. As pointed out before, this quote of hers is being milked.. in retrospect, Phil Anselmo saying he'd like to see Darrel Abbot harmed (which, by the way, did happen, as the latter was murdered in 2004) caused some controversy, but for the most part just kinda seemed to be dismissed, came back up again briefly in 2004, then went away again.
  12. jefftheterrible

    What's cookin'?

    Cooking is fairly new to me... I've always been able to grill stuff or cook on a campfire, but in a kitchen, I'm just shy of being worthless. But, recently, I made some green chili stew which I thought came out really well... I went off a recipe and modified it how I saw fit to, including adding two habanero peppers on top of the one jalapeno pepper the recipe called for. They do a chili cook off every year where I work. I think I'm gonna enter next year, though I'm trying to work out a pepper mix I'm happy with... I've been playing around with scotch bonnets, habaneros, serranos, and even a little ghost pepper salt, trying to find that right blend where it fights back, but doesn't kill all the flavor of the rest of the dish in doing so.
  13. jefftheterrible

    The Dancing 80's

    The 80s in music was pivotal not just for the music itself... I mean, that was the decade when the PMRC reared its ugly head, a landmark case in which Judas Priest had a civil suit filed against them was dismissed (had it not been, that case could've had some extremely severe repurcussions against artists, the music industry, and really free speech as a whole), censorship became a thing, MTV became a thing (and not too long thereafter stopped playing music), lots of stuff worthy of note aside from the music itself in that decade.
  14. jefftheterrible

    The Numbing 90's

    94 was the year two very different bands came into my radar and have stayed at the top of my list since.. the first is the NOLA Sludgecore band EyeHateGod, and the other, in a very stark contrast, is Portishead. Like any other decade, the 90s had its ups and downs... IMO, crappy Pop music wasn't any more of a thing then than it was at any other time... it just became more widespread because of advances in communications... the Internet did a lot to shape how news about bands, new releases, etc. became disseminated. Now the most obscure band playing in a garage in the Lousiana backcountry could quickly give themselves exposure to a worldwide audience. On the downside, it signaled the end of the tape trading networks and print fanzines, and opened up a lot of music scenes (not just Metal) to a renewed gentrification effort by the music media and industry, always looking for their next cash cow. As for 'boy bands' and such, it wasn't a thing of the 90s - it was just another revival. You talk about 'boy bands', that actually dates back from the 60s, though, stylistically, they followed more closely the blueprint put into place by New Kids On the Block in the 80s. Swearing edited out. Please remember that there is no swearing outside of the Speaker's Corner - WhiteRaven
  15. jefftheterrible


    Knowing you're a fan of traditional metal, you are gonna like it. I agree about their subsequent output. And Jeff, say, have you ever heard of All About Eve? I'll have to find that album. Is it one that's readily available, or is it one which the trader on GEMM like to try milking you for? No, I haven't heard of them. I'll have to give them a listen sometime. It's 0115 here now, so a little late for playing music.