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    Hubby's fault when he gave me Cuntury Child to listen to...
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    They DIDN'T cancel the concert due to heavy rain! One of Tarja's last concerts with the band made it also special...
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    The Pharaoh Sails to Orion, Bless the Child, Ghost Love Score, The Siren, The Islander, SBTB, Weak Fantasy
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  1. Nicky

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I'm so happy that everyone is having such a great time To all of you who will attend a future concert, have a blast too! Now since Greece is omitted from this tour, again (come on, last time they performed here was in March 2008) and since I cannot possibly afford to travel to another country to see them, can we please, please have a live DVD? It's after all the celebration of 20 years and that setlist is Pure Magic, with a few exeptions: I personally can live without WIHAA, Nemo, IWMTB and the Carpenter. I know the Carpenter was released as a single back in 1997 but it’s one of the most unispiring songs Mr Holopainen has ever written (with Endless Forms Most Beautiful second on my list), where as the rest have simply been performed to death. Now I know there are many great songs to choose from, we all have our preferences and no one will ever be pleased 100% by the band’s choices, but how about Angels Fall First, The Pharaoh Sails To Orion, Deep Silent Complete, Beauty Of The Beast, Cadence Of Her Last Breath, Rest Calm, The Heart Asks Pleasure First (can I please, please listen to Floor singing that one), Escapist to name just a few? I know the last two are bonus material but hey, surprise us a bit more than you already have! But I don’t want to sound too ungreatful since Gethsemane (Floor sounds absolutely amazing to my ears & it's my all time favourite song), Devil, Elvenpath, The Kinslayer, Slaying The Dreamer were among the most anticipated songs! We could also have some professional recordings like IWMTB and GLS to promote the tour (and those two were recorded before Floor and Troy were made official members) or the Nuclear Blast promo videos and listen to the band in good quality than YouTube, which I have nothing against since that’s the only way for me to ‘see’ the band at the moment. Sorry for the long post, back to my hole!
  2. Thank you! I also love reading/watching Floor's interviews. She always seemd like a down-to-earth lady, giving insightful answers to even the trickiest of questions. Can I join you for that beer?
  3. There's a new interview with Floor at Here's the translation Sorry for any mistakes, it's google...
  4. Nicky

    The Floor thread

    Oh thank you netsuff so much!!! I realy appreciate it Off to read it then!
  5. Nicky

    The Floor thread

    Just dropping by to ask if someone could post a scan from Floor's MH interview. That would be great Thanks!!! And by the way I find 'Our Dacades in the Sun' to be Floor's most touching performance to date. The first few times I couldn't even finish listening to the whole song... now back to my hole.
  6. Nicky

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Found it at : In December the ice that has lasted for over 12 years will melt between Nightwish and Tarja Turunen, who was fired from the band. Both Nightwish’s Marco Hietala and Turunen will feature on the Raskasta Joulua tour. Hietala will perform as a vocalist on all 25 concerts, Turunen will be heard in the last four shows of the tour. - We’ve performed on the same festivals, but not as a part of the same show, Hietala tells IS. Turunen was dramatically fired from Nightwish in 2005 with a letter right after a concert in Helsinki that ended the band’s long tour. The collaboration’s sudden end was a massive and surprising piece of news, the band did its job keeping up appearances and outsiders didn’t see the breakup coming between Turunen and the band. The matter has been discussed up to recent years in interviews with both Turunen and Nightwish. Turunen, who now lives in Spain, and the band have pursued their careers with new strength, both in their directions. Nighwish’s Hietala think working together will go well now – he says he even expects it. - We’ll now start to do this project. We won’t touch any pointless burdens from the past, he says. - We all have done our careers for ten years here and there. It’s interesting to see more of Tarja this time. We’ve only bumped into each other at some airports for a couple of minutes, when we both have had places to be. Now we’ll manage to talk about things. Hietala believes the tensions have relaxed as time has gone by. - People now are very different, he says and wonders about the scandal the firing caused back then. - That scandal was just scratching the surface, like scandals alway are.
  7. It would be a nice treat if they at least consider the compilation to include live recordings of the songs since the setlist will be a ‘one-off.’
  8. So exciting news!!! Can I have 'Elvenpath,' 'Astral Romance,' ''Angels Fall First,' 'Gesthemane,' 'Sacrament of Wilderness,' 'Swanheart,' 'The Pharaoh Sails To Orion,' 'Come Cover Me,' 'Wandelust,' 'Bare Grace Misery,' 'Deep Silent Complete,' 'Dead Boy's Poem,' 'FantasMic,' 'Sleepwalker,' '10th Man Down,' 'Away,' 'End of All Hope,' 'Feel For You,' 'Beauty of the Beast,' 'The Wayfarer,' 'Creek Mary's Blood,' 'Higher Than Hope,' 'Candence of Her Last Breath,' 'Sahara,' 'Whoever Brings the Night,' 'The Escapist,' 'The Heart Asks Pleasure First,' 'Rest Calm' & 'Our Dacades in the Sun' please? And the 2CD compilation 'Decades' could have all the above songs remastered with Floor & Troy.
  9. Nicky

    The Floor thread

    So touching to see that extraordinary woman crying... A translation would be so much appreciated! Thank you in advance
  10. Thank you whitenoise This was one of the most interesting interviews I've read in a while.
  11. Nicky


    I hope this hasn't been posted From their Facebook Page: I never really understood what the fuss was all about Epica but I decided to give it a try after this one...
  12. I simply have no words & I have been wondering what she might do or say next. What more can she do to surpass that? Now more than ever I'm just glad NW got rid of her; there I said it!
  13. I just love how every time, with every action and every word that comes out of her, Anette proves how ungrateful she truly is. She clearly has forgotten that it was the band & the fans that have brought her to where she is today. to the boys for not commenting any further to her accusations; they clearly have learnt from past mistakes and I hope it stays that way. At the end of the day it's really Anette that losses all her credibility, not only a singer but as a human being as well.